Friday, September 01, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 1, 2000

Greetings again from Japan, the original home of the Bongo Friendy, a fairly cool camp-car from Mazda.

Translating a word from one writing system to another is known as transliterating. Most of the the time it's an easy thing to transliterate Japanese into English, as Japanese is made up of easy syllables that consist of either a vowel (a i u e o) or a consonant and a vowel (ka ki ku ke ko, ra ri ru re ro, etc.). There are three syllables that don't fit neatly into this system though -- shi, chi, and tsu -- which, because of the way they're pronounced, can't be written with the convenient consonant+vowel system (i.e., si, ti and tu). As always

For this weekend's update, we have an especially large selection of cool stuff for you, including:

  • First, we have super new magazines, including a wonderful new Gal's Dee (gotta love Kajiwara Mayu as the busty young wife) and Do-Up!, a super new all-amateur magazine
  • The new issue of Wonderful is in, and it's a hot one, featuring sixteen different lovely AV stars, including Kusanagi Jun and Hoshino Marin
  • We have some killer one-shot magazines from 1995, on the magazine "backissues" page -- including some extremely cool premium issues which have to be seen to be believed
  • We have a great volley of new photobooks, including two of the *extremely* beautiful Tennyo series by master photographer Miyazawa Masaaki -- featuring lovely angels Morishita Kurumi and Hagiwara Mai
  • As usual, we've got additional copies of very special photobooks that have sold out in the past -- including the lovely Genji Shana's "Mezame" photobook
  • We have some groovy new videos posted on the SOD page ((36 Naked Girls in Private Interview") and on the Japan AV Today page (several great new in-stock titles)
  • A real value item is the DVD & Video CD Soft Catalog, which provide 2 full VCDs of great sampler footage, nearly 2 hours, along with a full color magazine. See the new item on the MPEG CD ROMs page (in the VCD and DVD master category)
  • For fans of Takara's "anti-Barbie, the demure and cute fashion doll Licca-chan, we have a selection of circa-1970 Licca-chan stationary items that are very cool, on the Anime (fashion dolls) page
  • In an entire new product category for J-List, we now sell everything you need to take up classic Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) -- brushes, ink, stone ink dish, paper, and more. Find these cool items on the Fun Stuff" page
  • We have more stock of some of our most popular items, including some great wacky headbands, new stock of the "Plus Cord" Magic Extender, fresh stock of the surprisingly popular Buddhist beads, and new Japanese congratulations envelopes
  • For the ladies, something only Japan could invent -- Japanese facial oil wipes, which soak excess oil from your face and leave you feeling clean and refreshed
  • If you're part of the Yamato generation, we have more stock of the die-cast Yamato completed models on the Anime Toys page
  • Finally, something for the hobby fan in everyone -- Uchusen, the quarterly magazine of hobby, Godzilla and Ultraman, and the Garage Kit Catalog 2000, a super color book filled with pictures of the current leading edge in these cool PVC models.

Can you translate from Japanese to English? We're looking for J-E translators who can help us bring out the next generation of excellent bishojo games. If you're interested, please drop us a line -- thanks!

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 30, 2000

Hello again from your friend in Japan!

Summer is always fun in Japan. It's a time of memory-making and trips to Wild Blue Yokohama where you can swim and beat the heat. The hotter is gets, the less clothes the girls in Tokyo wear, which always makes my business trips more interesting, too.

Summer is also a time for "booms, and it's always interesting to see what will be popular. This year the word that was on everyone's lips has been -- Vietnam. Vietnam has stealthily invaded Japan's fashion and shopping world, bringing everything from interesting furniture and jewelry to Vietnamese traditional clothing (think of a China dress with pants), and it seems all the women in Tokyo are interested in Vietnam. Vietnamese style coffee and Vietnamese restaurants are booming, and airline ticket sales to the country are at an all-time high.

For tonight's update, we've got a fresh selection of fun items for you, including:

  • Cool new magazines, including Pine, a wonderful all-color magazine featuring 14 of your favorite AV idols -- like the cover says, girls are so fresh in Pine"
  • New backissues of older magazines, including a very special premium issue of The Best featuring Fubuki Akira (!)
  • If you love Japanese lovely ladies showing their sexy, stylish legs, the very special new issue of Mini-Suka Deluxe is in, and it is really a great issue
  • The wonderful sexy model trio Mini-Suka Police are wonderful to behold in the new photobook on the photobooks and idols pages -- Asakura Megumi is just lovely in the great photos in this book
  • Our buy-3-get-1-free sale on gouka-bon books ends tomorrow, but just for you, we've got a nice new addition -- Piss Freak, featuring 73 Japanese girls in a unique Japanese fetish book
  • Do you like "Polygon girls"? See the interesting all-polygon CG and hentai magazine & CD ROM, on the CD ROMS page
  • On the erotic manga pages, we've got a great new erotic title, Tsuyudaku, as well as fresh stock of many of our most popular titles, like Alice First, Love Doll, and more -- see the new releases and best-seller manga pages
  • If you're a fan of Japan AV videos, there are a dozen or so new titles, mostly "one shots, on the discounted videos page
  • For our loyal DVD fans, we have fresh stock of some of our best-selling titles, including the Kuki 20th Anniversary DVD (Black), Aika Loves You 2, Kawashima Azumi's dynamite Memories" and "Excellent Double Bomb" -- all in stock, and completely zone free!
  • Also for DVD fans, the fantastic Kuki 20th Anniversary DVD (White), with 15 of the most popular and lovely AV idols and *200* minutes of great action! (please note, however, that this title is zoned for region 2, unlike all of our other DVD titles)
  • Just when you think J-List has run out of wacky new things to bring you, we've got classic Japanese "emergency exit" sign-plates, suitable for placement in any room
  • Finally, our traditional wooden Japanese chime sold so well, we're out of them. We've got a wonderful replacement, though -- a classical Japanese metal wind-chime, which makes a lovely sound when wind blows through it. See it on the Fun Stuff page!

Remember that you can find great discounted prices on higher-numbered pages, like Magazine page 3, Photobooks page 2, and so on.

Monday, August 28, 2000

Greetings from J-List August 28, 2000

Greetings once again from your favorite volcanic nation, Japan.

Japanese people love little gadgets, and no gadget in recent years has attained as much popularity as the cellular phone. The Japanese cellular market is dominated by NTT"s DoCoMo subsidiary, with other players competing on price and features as best they can. One of the features in NTT's crown is iMode, an Internet-like system that allows you to access many convenient features through your phone. AU, a new company formed by cellular provider Ido, and long distance companies KDD and DDI, will bring a new feature: phones based on Qualcomm's CDMA standard, allowing a traveler to use his normal phone in Japan, America, Hong Kong

One thing that's hard to get used to is seeing Japanese people rapidly typing emails on their phone's keypad. Based on a code that's quite easy to learn (if you're used to Japan's system of 46 syllable-based sounds) -- 11 through 15 is the A line, 21 through 25 is the KA line, etc. -- Japanese seem to get along fine without a full keyboard. With the popularity of mail-enabled cell phones, the image of the tired commuting salaryman or board young people listening to music while on the train have been smashed. Now everyone's playing with their "keitai, sending email.

For tonight's update, we've got a ton of great nice items, including:

  • First, new magazines, including two popular items, Cho Very Good!! and OK, the magazine for beautiful Rapeman life"
  • If you love sexy Japanese women in silky stockings, high high heels, and short skirts, the new Super Legs is up, too
  • We have some wonderful new photobooks, including the "commercial film special" photobook of the wonderful Yuka, Tamura Ayumi's lovely "girl of summer" hardcover photobook, and more
  • Also, we have more copies of a dozen or so great photobooks that had gone out of stock, including the popular "Nude Grand Prix" by Aida Garo
  • There's a great new erotic wide manga on the manga (new offerings) page, Cosplay Heaven
  • On the Dojin Soft page, we've got several really excellent new one-shot DVDs, with fabulous dojin erotic works on CD ROM
  • We've got three dynamite and very classy new videos for you: Japan AV's "good girl" Kawashima Azumi's "Promise, busty dream Yumeno Mariya's H cup Explosion, and a super *90 minute* Contrary Soap Heaven" special
  • For our DVD lovers, another great long-playing featuring *16* lovely AV idols and *120 minutes* of super erotic performance -- see Obscene Venus Ecstasy Collection on the DVD (Gallery) page
  • If you're a member of the Macross Otaku Generation, there's a great new "Macross Perfect Collection" card series, on the Anime Cards & Puzzles page
  • Want the ultimate Bruce Lee phone strap/key holder? We've got a cool one on the Anime Toys page
  • For our loyal JPOP fans, we've got a dozen or so new CD singles and maxi-singles, including new music from Uehara Takako, T&C Bomber, and Da Pump
  • On the "Trendy Stuff" page, we've got another slew of wacky, fun stuff -- today we've posted Japanese study cards, the little cards held together on a removable plastic loop. Use them to study Japanese vocabulary!
  • Finally, for fans of fun Japanese snacks, we've got a new "charcoal roasted" traditional coffee candy, on the Japanese snacks page. It's delicious!

Do you read Pulp, by Viz? If so, please shoot us an email -- we'd like to ask you're opinion on this publication. Thanks!