Friday, September 22, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 22, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 22, 2000

Greetings again from that wackiest of places, Japan.

The movie Schindler's List was a very touching story. Japan had their own little-known Schindler, a man named Chiune Sugimoto, a Japanese consulate in Estonia who used his special status to grant tens of thousands of travel visas to Jews who were fleeing the coming Nazi terror. Ignoring orders from his home country, he issued visas relentlessly in the months before the Soviets invaded, allowing refugees to travel first to Japan, then onto their final destinations in Canada, the United States and South America. His efforts allowed over 40, 000 people to reach safety.

The Japanese are great innovators, and they've really picked up the DVD ball and are running with it. Now Hitachi (whose slogan in Japan is "Inspire the next") has made the first DVD video camera, a video camera which records onto a DVD-RAM disc. It's being marketed by star pitcher Matsuzaka Daisuke of the Seibu Lions, the baby of Japan's baseball league because he's a good pitcher and he's got such a cute face. You can see this camera at (Japanese site).

We have some very nice new items for you this evening, including:

  • Several all-new magazines, including two ones that I like a lot, Video Boy and Best Video, which offer great birds-eye views of the entire Japan AV world, and all currently popular AV stars
    For photobook fans, we've got the wonderful first photobook of one of my favorite idols, Tanaka Rena -- on photobook page 1
  • Also for photobook fans, we have several back-in-stock items, including some really excellent leg fetish books that had sold out before -- see these books on the photobooks (page 1) photobooks (leg fetish) pages
  • We love Japan's unique hentai manga here at J-List, so we've got more manga for you: on manga (new releases) we've got several excellent new adult manga, and on manga (best-sellers) you can find fresh stock of some of our most popular books, including the dynamite Innocent Age 1-3 sets
  • Yaoi fans, we've got great new items for you -- see the 12+ new yaoi works posted to the yaoi manga & dojinshi page (but remember we have limited stock of each one)
  • For bishojo game fans, find more copies of the excellent E-Login (the best-selling bishojo game magazine in Japan) on the magazines (hentai) page, and also more copies of Ohno Tetsuya's "Pussy Cat" hentai artbook
  • We have fresh stock of some of our most popular adult videos from Soft on Demand, including the very popular Idol Shower "bukkake" theme video series
  • Also for video fans, we have a dozen or more new items posted to the special order videos (new releases) page -- you can browse these great titles and pre-order the ones you want, and we'll send them to you as soon as they come in
  • We love those funky reflective Japanese stickers with silly slogans on them. We have a new one that features a picture of a cute car and warns drivers to "drive safely"
  • There's a new, longer version of the "plus cord" that lets you bridge bulky power supplies so they don't take up too much room on your power strip -- this one is 1.5 meters long (very handy to have these around your computer setup)
  • For fans of our unique Japanese gum, a cool new item -- Xylets, a delicious sugarless gum bursting with flavor, made with xylident, a new product that fights cavities as you chew. As the package says, Xylets is your teeth friendly, with fresh and juicy flavor.
  • Finally, autumn is here, which means it's time for a great new lineup of one of our most popular categories, Glico's delicious Pocky snacks! Two new flavors of the excellent "Mousse Pocky" have been added to the Pocky & Pretz page, chocolate and white. They're both delicious, and since they're incredibly popular in Japan this season, we aren't sure if we'll be able to keep them in stock. Check them out!

Okay, let's go see the site!

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 20, 2000

Hello again from Japan!

On the Japanese TV show Denpa Shonen, singer Kahala Tomomi is still plugging away, trying to break into the American market. Now she's trying to find a band that's looking for a vocalist, but her English is really tripping her up: "I am Japanese singer, American debut please" just isn't good enough for the competitive American music world. Meanwhile, on another segment of the same show, a student who wants to get into Tokyo University, the most prestigious university in Japan, is locked in a room for 24 hours a day with a teacher, where he studies math

As the Japanese economy continues it lackluster performance, certain types of business models are proving wildly successful. One area that has shown solid growth is the used car industry, a complex network of dealers that form national networks, allowing a customer to easily find exactly the car he wants, even if it's located a thousand miles away. One dealer, T-Up, has an interesting twist on this system: they deal only with buying and selling Toyota cars. With a bright green and white sign that's obviously stolen from the 7-Up logo, they've found that by specializing in one category and doing it well, they can build a successful business even during a faltering economy.

For this evening's update, we have some very nice items for you, as usual, including:

  • First, we have two great new magazines, the new issues of Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, two lovely examples of the excellent Penthouse Japan edition, which feature only lovely Japanese models shot by Japanese photographers
  • We have several lovely back-in-stock photobooks, more copies of the wonderful "Legend of Love 2000" hardcover photobook
  • S&M lovers should check out the new issue of Slave Mania, now posted to the photobooks (high-end S&M) page
  • For fans of elegant leg-oriented manga-style artwork, artist Yagami Hiroki's popular G-Taste photobook is in stock, on the art books (hentai) and photobooks (leg fetish) pages
  • Speaking of art, we've got a great new shipment of some of our most popular manga in, with a dozen or so new and back-in-stock manga. Look on the manga (bestsellers) and manga (new releases) pages for the newly posted items
  • There are more in-stock copies of the popular Comic Jumbo and Kairakuten erotic comics, on the magazines (hentai) page
  • For dojinshi lovers, there are a half dozen excellent one-shot dojinshi newly added -- these items are only available in limited numbers, so look at the new items quickly
  • We have a very special 120 minute DVD for fans of large breast AV angels -- Ultra Bust Legend, featuring 20 different wonderful AV actresses for you
  • Also for DVD lovers, more stock of DVD Wow, a full color magazine and 120 minute sampler DVD, featuring wonderful AV performances from some of J-List's most popular actresses
  • We have more adult videos in stock -- including the silky Nishihara Kyoko, the pure Kawashima Azumi and one of our all-time favorites, the sexy Yoshino Sally
  • For the anime fan in you, we have limited stock of a cool item -- a "seal collection" (i.e., stickers) of the popular anime and game Sakura Wars
  • Finally, from our "wacky, wacky things from Japan" corner, we have a handy "hand roller" to massage your neck and back, and a real Japanese wooden abacus -- cool!

Remember that hentai game fans can take advantage of J-List's popular "Threepack" special, of any three hentai games for just $90, including shipping to the US or Canada. This allows you to save up to $35 on our great English-language hentai RPG and advanture games. Check them out on the Hentai Games pages now!

Monday, September 18, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 18, 2000

Greetings from Japan, where Pocari Sweat is always fresh and cold.

Well, we're extremely glad to say that Japanese Calendar has begun again at J-List. Japanese Calendar Season is a great time when stores in Japan can order the large-size unique Japanese calendars for sale close to the end of the year. J-List makes these really cool calendars available to you, so you can join in on the fun and take a piece of Japan with you through next year. You can preorder the calendars you want between now and around the end of October, and your calendars will come in, probably around a month after you order. When calendar season ends, it ends -- calendars completely disappear from Japan until the same time next year.

If you haven't seen these calendars before, they're really something special -- most are "A2" size, which translates to 23 x 16 inches approximately, and are basically large posters attached by a spine at the top, seven pages (two months per page, with a cover page). One thing they have in common is the beautiful printing on heavyweight paper, which add color and life to any room.

It's always fun to see how the various singers and idols move around the list, indicating how their popularity has risen or fallen during the past year. Singer and CM queen Hamasaki Ayumi bagged the coveted CL-1 position, replacing Suzuki Ami, Glay, Puffy and Amuro Namie as the #1 popular entity in Japan in past years. The ten-member singing group Morning Musume, idol Fukada Kyoko, the individual former members of Speed, and the incredibly popular busty smiling girl Yuka also made strong showings. Anime calendars that J-List readers might like include Card Captor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon (yes

Incidentally, we apologize for the smallness of the calendar pictures. Unfortunately, all we currently have to work with is a small poster with tiny pictures of the calendars, which we've spent time scanning and polishing as best we can. The calendars are actually large size, beautifully printed works of art, yet the scans on the site (which show the front pages of each calendar) are quite small.

In addition to the full listing of 2001 calendars, we have a bunch of great new items:

  • First, tons 'o brand new magazines, including the new Bejean (Kanazawa Bunko, Kawashima Azumi, Kusanagi Jun), the bold Gokuh (very artistic nude performance by Kumano Pu-ko), the delicious new Gal's Dee ("busty revolution"), and the pretty new Suppin
  • We have a fantastic new photobook in the Tennyo series, by the incredibly talented Masaaki Miyazawa, this time featuring the angelic Aoi Minori -- this book is so good, it's got both me and Tomo stopping work to steal glances at it
  • Three more copies of Fubuki Akira's dynamite photobook "So Long"
  • There's a new adult dojinshi on the dojinshi page, featuring great King of Fighters, Viper and Battle Athletes erotic play
  • There are several new erotic manga on the manga (new releases) page, including a new release in the "Meganekko DX" series by Tsukasa, featuring all hentai stories about girls wearing glasses (the Japanese have great imaginations)
  • Finally, a very cool video item from SOD, Morishita Kurumi's "Lesbian Love Hell, in which she boldly explores the world of lesbian sex and more. It's 100 minute video that looks to be extremely interesting for fans of Kuru Kuru" (to use Kurumi's nickname). (We have only one in stock currently. If it sells out, remember that you can find it on the SOD Special Order videos page.)

Well, thanks for checking out J-List, and please see the new 2001 calendars, now!