Saturday, September 30, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 30, 2000

Hello again from Japan!

Japan can be a funny place. At the end of the day, Japan really loves Europe, and secretly wishes it could be a part of that continent. During the Meiji period, when Japan was looking to other nations as it modernized its institutions, they chose many elements from Europe to incorporate here. The French prefectural system, for example, was used as the model for Japan's system as they redrew their own internal boundaries in 1860's; they modeled their military on Prussia's, and their Diet on Britan's Parliament. In much the same was as British will jokingly pretend they're not part of Europe (since they're an island nation), the Japanese pretend they're not a part of Asia, and actually say "Asia and Japan" as if one were not part of the other. The fact that Japan and most of Europe are grouped in the same DVD region area speaks volumes

Speaking of DVDs and region codes, we've carried Japan's adult DVDs ever since they started appearing back in 1997, building a huge selection of great titles. While nearly all of Japan's adult DVD titles are zoned for "ALL" regions, meaning that you can view them on any DVD playback device, we've noticed that more and more titles we want to carry at J-List were zoned with region code 2 only. Rather than deciding not to carry these DVDs, we've created a new DVD page for region 2 discs, to offer you the best choice of products. Even if you don't have a code-free DVD player, you can view region 2 DVDs with virtually any DVD playback software on your computer, if you have a DVD ROM drive.

For this weekend's update, we've got some very nice new items, including:

  • First, some excellent new magazines not regularly seen on J-List, including new issues of Ok and Lip Mate
  • For photobook fans, we've got fresh stock of both of Yuka's recent idol photobooks (on the photobooks pages)
  • We have a dozen or so nice new "gouka-bon" format photobooks, the high-end S&M books that deal with various deeper forms of fetishism (Photobooks -> S&M)
  • For manga fans. we have a half dozen all-new releases, with some really nice new adult wide manga that will go fast (Manga -> New releases)
  • Also for manga fans, stock of Sadistic Angel, one of the most popular manga at J-List in recent months (Manga -> Bestsellers
  • We've added more stock of the Kakyusei art book from the excellent Pink Pineapple production based on one of the most successful bishojo games of all time
  • For video fans, we've got some nice items, including a really excellent Aoi Minori offering (ahh...Minori-chan), Kanazawa Bunko's debut as a SOD AV performer (very cool!), and a great new "tekoki" video featuring former Panasonic race queen Kanno Yukari!
  • We have a bunch of all-new dojinshi, including both adult dojinshi and yaoi dojinshi -- and yes, we have Gundam Wing books
  • Finally, on our new "Region 2 DVD" page, we've got the excellent Uchu Kikaku 120 minute Special, a wonderful selection of top-notch performances by the cutest AV gals today, including some of our favorites
  • On the also-new "DVD Discount & Overstock" page, we're closing out several of our DVD titles, as well as all our stock of VCDs.

Remember that J-List carries delicious Japanese gum, like Lotte's Black Black, the spicy, caffinated gum recommend by truck drivers in Japan. See the Japanese Snacks -> Gum for everything we've got available.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 28, 2000

Greetings from Japan, the country with the highest per capita number of vending machines in the world! (I think it's something like, 3.6 vending machines per person...)

The drama of the Olympics continues, with the Japanese teams taking the glory of victory and the agony defeat when they can. Korea defeated Japan at Baseball on Wednesday in a hotly contested battle. Actually, the relationship between Korea and Japan is one of the most complex in Asia, after hundreds of years of battle and competition -- think England and Ireland, but with chopsticks. Like many countries, sports are a healthy way to get a rivalry out of your system, and Korea is always ready to play hard against Japan.

A few months ago, there was an episode of that TV show "Japanese! This is different!" (which allows foreigners from different countries to debate issues on life in Japan, in Japanese) devoted entirely to the relationship between the two countries, and it was quite interesting to watch. From the Japanese point of view, Koreans are overly angry about the many transgressions of World War II and before, and Japanese surveyed for the show wondered why Koreans couldn't get over what had happened a long time ago. (Japanese seldom say this about Hiroshima, however.) Japanese young people knew practically nothing about the two Koreas (one cogal interviewed thought that the Nanking Massacre had happened in Korea), yet 59.2% Koreans surveyed for the show thought that the possibility of Japan invading Korea again in the future was likely. Japanese were rightly concerned about the numerous kidnappings of Japanese by North Koreas over the past two decades. In the current Japanese history textbook for elementary school students, 1 1/2 pages was devoted to the atrocities committed by Japan in Korea; the same subject in the same book in South Korea covered 10 pages.

  • There are new photobooks, including the new Cho Mach!! (very erotic cogal book), the lovely seminude and swimsuit photos of Hoshino Aki and Saitoh Nozomi, and a very interesting item for piercing fetishists
  • For our special-interest photobook fans, we have new stock of several very nice let & panty stocking books (Photobooks -> leg fetish) and the Anal-ko Club (Photobooks -> Bondage & Fetish)
  • We sell more adult manga than just about anything else here at J-List, and we've got some more cool items for you -- a half-dozen all-new items (Manga -> New releases)
  • Yaoi fans, find two new wide manga yaoi works posted for you, too
  • For our Japan AV video customers, a very special item -- Morishita Kurumi's "Fuckin' On" release, from Soft on Demand. A dynamite video that put you in the picture through use of rich 3D sound, Soft on Demand recommends listen to this video with headphones -- see this item on the SOD video pages
  • Also for video fans, two excellent lesbian videos (Videos -> Lesbian)
  • For DVD lovers, two very special items: Kawashima Azumi's extremely "Sexia collection" DVD, and our first offering of the hopelessly cute Shibuya Marina (see them both on DVD -> Main)
  • For Pocky lovers, we've got more excellent chocolate covered pretzel sticks -- the lovely Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry Pocky (with real bits of strawberry) and Men's Pocky (Pocky made especially for men)
  • We've got several of our popular wacky headbands back in stock, on the headbands & stickers page
  • Finally, more stock of the surprisingly popular "It is forbidden to urinate here" wooden sign that keep going out of stock, on the Wacky Things from Japan page. So cool!

Okay, see you on the site!

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Greetings from J-List September 26, 2000

Hello from your favorite island nation, Japan!

Olympic Fever continues to grip Japan, as everyone watches the various events taking place in Australia. Japan has won 5 gold medals as of Monday night, including the first ever marathon gold medal by a Japanese female runner. The most famous Japanese athlete at the Olympics, Tamura Ryoko (nicknamed "Yawara" after the famous manga series), was finally able to get a gold medal in Judo after eight years of enduring of silver and bronze. Being able to hold their own in international competitions like this is very important to Japanese, and they're pleased with their standing at Sydney.

Thanks to a reader in France for filling us in on the meaning of "gravure, which is used in Japanese to mean a busty, buxom idol (Yuka is a good example of a gravure idol"). The original meaning in French is "printing" or "engraving" -- a far cry from the meaning the Japanese have assigned the word. I've been in Japan so long, of course, I forget what words are English -- therefore you'll see us use "gravure" in our product descriptions sometimes. It can be funny that way -- for whatever reason, I never encountered the English word "cover" (as in, to cover a famous person's song, to sing a version of the song) before coming to Japan. I remember how careful I was, asking if I could use the word in English, as I wasn't sure if it was a Japanese word or not...

When we started our unique line of wacky Japanese T-shirts, with funny Japanese slogans on them, we had no idea how that they'd be a runaway success. It's been an interesting year, and we've had a lot of fun thinking of funny and esoteric things to put on our shirts. To celebrate the first anniversary of our T-shirts page, we're happy to be able to announce our Baby Doll T-shirts for girls! Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, the three Baby Doll shirts we have are colorful, cute, and are guaranteed to cause confusion and fun when you run into Japanese people. See the new shirts on the Wacky T-Shirts page!

In addition to our new T-shirts, we've got a huge number of other new items this evening, including:

  • First, more of what we do best, Japanese magazines -- find the new issues of the best-selling Dela Beppin and Beppin School, as well as the new Pink Gold (Kurumi-chan fans, take note) and a new issue of Momo-Mizu, the popular "bathing suit only" magazine
  • For photobooks, we recommend the lovely photobook "Cupid, by Sawada Yuri, a really nice and elegant collection of hairnude photos in a nice hardcover book
  • Also for photobook fans, several back-in-stock items, including Wonderful (vol. 3 and 4), Secret Idol, and several books for leg fetish fans
  • We have an excellent new Multi-Boy issue featuring many lovely performances, and a special DVD version of Cho! Very Good!! (on the CD ROM and MPEG page)
  • For fans of Japan's unique AV videos, we have a host of new in-stock items for you. Look for new videos posted at the top of the Classics page (Miura Aika & Fubuki Akira compilation videos), on the New Releases page (Sakurai Fuka's Violent Lips" and more), and on the Theme Videos page (an interesting ass-centric new release)
  • Also for video fans, a first at J-List -- female-to-female molesting videos, an interesting category of Japan's ever-creative SOD. See this video on their in-stock page, or on the Special Order Videos (SOD) page if the ones we have in stock sell out
  • We have many excellent volumes of manga for you, both popular items we've gotten back in stock (Rich Girl's Specialist, Teaching the Virgin Boy and more) as well as several beautiful volumes that are new to the list -- please see the manga pages (especially New Releases and Best Sellers)
  • J-List customers ask for more anime cards, so we've obliged: see the new cards from Kanon (a wonderful bishojo game that's taking Japan by storm this year) and Gundam War (featuring all Gundam characters and mechs) on the Anime Cards page
  • Speaking of anime, we've got stock of the new Pokemon Choco Snack, a delicious chocolated maltball snack that comes with one of sixteen chromed cards -- very cool. See the Anime Snacks or the Snack pages for this item
  • On our Wacky Things from Japan page this evening, please see two very cool items. One is a handy wooden back massager, which allows you to really relax the muscles of your back. Also, for those with "ear cleaning fetish" (people who love having their girlfriends or wives clean their ears for them), we've got a great Japanese-style ear wax pick that has a built-in flashlight, so the person doing the cleaning can see what they're doing
  • Finally, fresh stock of some items we just couldn't keep in stock: more loose socks, socks glue (to hold up your loose socks), Japanese vocabulary study cards (for studying vocabulary words, use them to learn Japanese), and one of our best sellers, the Hello Kitty printed chopsticks.

Please remember that we're looking for J-E translators who are interested in working on exciting projects involving translating of games and manga. If you've got these skills, please drop us a line. Thanks!