Friday, November 17, 2000

Greetings from J-List November 17, 2000

Greetings from J-list, the country that invented curtains for cars.

Every languages has its interesting idioms, which are fun and challenging when you're learning them. In English we've got phrases like, it's raining cats and dogs, and in Japanese they have a similar set of interesting phrases and idioms. If you love some food, you "don't have eyes" for it (~ ni me ga nai). If you really want something badly, a hand may come out of your throat (nodo kara te ga deru). If you're trying to hide your true form from someone, your "tail might pop out" (shippo ga deru) -- imagine a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing, trying to keep his tail from giving him away. And if you have a really adorable child or puppy, it wouldn't hurt, even if you put it in your eye (me ni iretemo itaku nai), implying how cute and lovable it is.

Well, we're off to the U.S. on Saturday, finally getting time to take our "summer vacation" in November. It'll be my first Thanksgiving home in eight years, and the kids are really looking forward to going. The kids are lucky that they get to enjoy the best of both Japan and America -- Time Ranger and Masked Rider Kuuga in Japan, big parks and trips to the beach in the winter in the U.S. I've sensed some nervousness on the part of Kazuki, who has forgotten -- or simply put away for later use -- all the English he picked up during his month in San Diego this summer. While we're in the U.S., the competent J-List staff of Kaori, Tomo and Harumi will make sure everything runs with clockwork smoothness.

Just in time for the weekend, we've got some excellent new items for you, including:

  • First, we've lowered prices on nearly all our excellent stock of 2001 anime, JPOP, idol and nude calendars, so we can move them out in time for you to get them before the end of 2000. We have an excellent stock of excellent calendars, so please check out the great items!
  • We have a host of excellent adult magazines, including the new Gal's Dee, as well as several single issues (see magazine pages 1 and 2)
  • For photobook fans, we've got some more really excellent items, including more of the Bishojo Nude Gallery series
  • We also have some interesting S&M and fetish photobooks on the gouka-bon page, including some hardcore books featuring some seriously sexy women
  • For fans of the very nice MPEG DVD & Video CD Soft Catalog, we've got a new issue from 1998, with some cool AV idols that you can't find easily anymore -- on DVD -> MPEG & CD ROMs
  • There are a half-dozen all-new manga posted to the manga pages, including great new offerings by Hit Comics, AV Comics, and DNA -- see the new releases, best-selling and parody manga pages
  • If you like the unique art styles and themes of Japan's yaoi (homosexual) comics, see the new items on the yaoi page, including the new B-Boy Zips
  • For dojinshi fans, we've got another volley of very nice books for you, so check the dojinshi pages soon if you're interested
  • For DVD fans who can view region 2 DVDs on either a code-free player or their computers, we have a very special surprise: the debut of SOD's excellent productions on DVD! See the new tekoki, Fuckin' On and other titles on the DVD (region 2) page
  • Also for DVD lovers, we've got fresh stock of our most popular DVD items, including Fubuki Akira's new title, Kano Mizuho/Shiina Mai's "Excellent Double Bomb, Kawashima Azumi's Memories, and more -- and all are 100% region-free
  • We've got some new videos in stock, including Hitomi Ryo's excellent Lesbian Triangle" and a new video in the "Slut" series from SOD
  • On the Stickers & Signs page, we've got two new version of our popular "Japanese wooden sign" line -- "Baby's Room" and "Secret Room"
  • On the Wacky Things page, several new items: a great new foot roller (to gentle massage your feet after a tiring day), cute little Japanese tin cans with figures of rabbits and frogs on them (which Kaori recommends), and a cool new item, Zabu Zabu Ball, a set of three plastic balls which aid your washing machine's function.

The J-list site was down for several hours on Wednesday evening, due to a router problem in our ISP's backbone (sounds like a serious health problem). Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Greetings from J-List November 16, 2000

Hi again from Japan, where you bow to drivers when they give you the right of way.

America is divided up into various sections, which reflect the industries that are strongest in those areas. Idaho is "potato country, and the south is the grain belt that feeds most of the nation, for example. These patterns are a little difficult to figure out in Japan, but they're there. First of all, the northernmost island of Hokkaido is the breadbasket of Japan, providing corn, potatoes, and dairy products, many of which use the shape of Hokkaido to sell themselves. Shizuoka Prefecture, next to Mt. Fuji, is known as the Green Tea capital of Japan, but also for its factories and industry. If there's a Bible Belt in Japan, it'd have to be the westernmost island of Kyushu, which was the first to be Christianized back in the 16th century, and is home to some of the oldest churches in Japan. And I've always though that the Tohoku region of Japan, the prefectures north of Tokyo was sort of parallel to the American South, which had to play catch-up with the rest of the U.S. during the hundred years after the Civil War.

Every November there's a mini-event for parents called Shichi-go-san, which is just the numbers 753 in Japanese. Originally a Shinto ceremony celebrating the health of boys (who celebrate Shichi-go-san at the age of 5) and girls (who do it twice, at the ages of 3 and 7), it's evolved into a glorious reason to have studio photos of your children taken. Virtually all parents take advantage of this time to get professional pictures taken of their kids, and Chiharu and I are no exception: since my son is 5 and my daughter is 3, we couldn't let the chance to show what oka-baka" we were. (Oka-baka literally means "stupid parents, this term refers to parents who love their kids so much they post pictures of their kids on their websites.) See our 753" pictures at .

Since this year's calendar preorder season was so short, we made sure to order lots of the most popular 2001 Japanese calendars so we could make them available to you now. We've got dozens and dozens of calendars in stock and ready go to out without delay, so please check our selection. We've got dozens of calendars in stock, from Miyazaki's popular calendars to Ah My Goddess and Ruro ni Kenshin, JPOP and swimsuit idols, and the excellent nude 2001 calendar of Kanazawa Bunko. All are ready to go out with no waiting, so please check our list, before our stock starts to run out.

In addition to our calendars, we have a bunch of nice new items, including:

  • First, we've got new magazines for you, including the new Gal's Shower, a deluxe size (twice the thickness of a normal magazine, and perfect bound) book for sperm fetish fans
  • We have more copies of the excellent Ike Ike vol. 3, as well as other value-priced magazines, posted on magazine page 3
  • For photobook fans, we have several excellent new books, including Toyama Maiko's "Virgin Nude, Yoshinaga Chinatsu's elegant Queen" and several excellent photobooks from the Bishojo Nude Gallery series
  • Leg fans should check several back-in-stock items on the leg fetish photobook page
  • Gouka-bon fans should also check out our unique Japanese bondage & fetish photobook page, for fresh stock of several sold-out items
  • Also for photobook fans, a great -- more issues of Cosplay Cuties and Enra, the excellent kimono-erotica photobook
  • For dojinshi lovers, we have a major update of older books, including a large number of really excellent and rare dojinshi that will no doubt go fast -- see the dojinshi page soon!
  • Also on the dojinshi page, new dojin-soft items, fan-created CG collections and more
  • Of course we have more of our patented Japanese erotic manga -- a half-dozen new items, posted to the manga page for your enjoyment
  • For art books fans, we've got fresh stock of the excellent Twinkle Review, the Viper Fan Book, and Kakyusei
  • Anime fans should check out the fresh stock of the Space Battleship Yamato "fixed data" art book on the anime toys page
  • Lovers of the elegant Yoshino Sally will love her cool DVD, Sally is Perfect!, posted on the DVD (Main) page
  • In addition to our new "wacky" section (see below), we've got a great new Japanese wooden sign -- "Benkyo-chu" (Now studying), a perfect little sign to hang on your door when you want some quiet time.

Finally, a dream come true for me: J-List finally sells one of my favorite categories of "cool things" from Japan, Japanese car goods! In Japan, because land is so expensive, many younger consumers give up on the dream of buying a house someday, and instead plow their excess spending money into their cars. Japan is a car-lovers dream, with tons of beautifully designed accessories for your cars -- fancy interior lights and pen holders, holders for your portable phone, with English on them that say things like "Excellent amenity collection." We hope to see our selection of fun Japanese car interior accessories grow in coming months, so please check out our new section now -- on the Wacky Things from Japan master category!

Monday, November 13, 2000

Greetings from J-List November 13, 2000

Hello from Japan, on this Monday morning. I'm posting the update a few hours early today, as I'm off to Tokyo.

You've been in Japan too long when you get a 'nihongo ga jozu' and feel really insulted. It's an odd fact of life in Japan, but foreigners who are learning Japanese strive for that magic moment when Japanese will stop complimenting them on their Japanese. Being told "You're Japanese is very good" ("nihongo ga jozu") is a sign that your Japanese is good, but not "good enough" for the person to just shut up and talk to you as if you were Japanese.

Ichiro Suzuki is the next Japanese pro baseball player to go up to the "big leagues" in the U.S. The handsome centerfielder is the most famous baseball player in Japan, as measured by his CM appearances (everything from Mitsuya Cider to Tongari Corn to Nissan) -- far more famous the Nomo. In addition to making the Japanese people giddy with pleasure to see another famous son make it in the U.S., Ichiro is going to cash in something big: the Seattle Mariners have bid $13 million to talk to him and see if they want him for their team. Baseball players in Japan earn tiny salaries, compared with their American counterparts. Ichiro bat .387 this year, and has a career average of .353.

For today's update, we've got some very nice new items for you, including:

  • First, new magazines, including two rare and very nice items, Cho Very Good!! (which shows the modern Japanese animal known as "kogal"), and our second issue of the very nice "Yanchex"
  • For photobook fans, the excellent 4th "Tennyo" photobook is available, featuring the positively lovely nude photographs of Shiina Hikaru, as captured by Japanese photographer Miyazawa Masaaki
  • Also for photobook fans, fresh stock of several sold out items, including Wonderful vol. 3 & vol. 4, Takamatsu Ai's lovely "Cosmos" photobook, and the excellent "Tropic of Maiden" nude photobook
  • For leg fetish fans, a super new "Race Queen in Boots" fetish book, as well as fresh stock of "Legend of Stairs - Peeping Inside of Mini-Skirt"
  • We've got another major volley of excellent adult manga on the manga pages, with six all-new titles, including works by Hit, Mujin and Hot Milk Comics.
  • For yaoi lovers, we've got stock of Boy's Anima, the "boy's love saga comic, for you
  • If you love busty Japanese AV queens, check out Oura Anna's excellent Remix Special" DVD, featuring 180 minutes of her excellent AV works (zoned for ALL countries)
  • For region-2 DVD fans, an excellent compilation DVD featuring excellent works by the wonderfully erotic Yuki Maiko-chan
  • We've got more of our extremely popular $5 magazines posted to magazine page 3
  • For fans of J-List's unique Japanese candy products, check out the delicious Cola Lemon Candy, a treat from Japan that's been around since Kaori was a little girl
  • For those with back or foot pain, we've got a great "bumpy roller" that stimulates your back, neck or feet with soft rubber spikes. Feels wonderful! See it on our patented Wacky Things from Japan page
  • Also on our Wacky Things page, some cool new items, including a handy "bath net" that allows you to clean hair and gunk from your bath without touching it, and cute "Hello Kitty" tupperware containers, which you can keep anything you like in.

We hope you have a good Monday. See you on the web!