Friday, December 01, 2000

Greetings from J-List December 1, 2000

Hello again from Japan, home of such baseball teams as the Daei Hawks and the Hiroshima Carp.

Japanese is an interesting language, filled with interesting features and quirks. One of the reasons why Japanese seem to have such thick accents when they speak English is that Japanese is a syllabic language with a limited range of sounds that are used. There are only five vowels in Japanese (A I U E O, the same as in Spanish), versus up to 11 in English, and because sounds always come in syllables -- ka, ki, ku, ke or ko, for example, never k by itself)

Words that are difficult for Japanese to pronounce correctly include words like jewelry, which have a lot of phonetic twists and turns. The words "curb" and "curve" are both used in Japanese as English loan words, but the difference between the two words becomes very vague in Japanese. Ear and year, and east and yeast become quite difficult for Japanese to catch or pronounce. The other day I was tormenting poor Tomo with the words crash, clash, and crush, which all become exactly the same in Japanese.

In Japan, whenever you go somewhere, you're required to bring back a souvenir of your trip, called an "omiyage." I brought an espresso machine for the office, and now the J-List staff members have caught the coffee bug in a big way. At least six times a day the sound of milk steaming can be heard. Starbucks is all the rage in Tokyo these days, but in rural Gunma Prefecture, where we are, there's no good coffee to be had for love or money. So we've got a little piece of Starbucks at work.

For the weekend's update, we've got some really great items, including:

  • First, fresh stock of calendars! We've posted fresh stock of many of our most popular calendar items, from World of Sushi to Japanese Gardens to the nudes of the lovely Hazuki Riona to the excellent Japanese imagery of Morita Haruyo
  • For magazine fans, find back-in-stock items on the discount magazines page
  • We have excellent new photobooks, including the lovely *first* photobook of Minori Aoi, the lovely good girl of the Japanese AV world
  • Also for photobook fans, we've got a super new issue of the popular Photoshot, filled with lovely glossy photos of your favorite AV idols and models (including Kawashima Azumi)
  • We've got limited stock of Bug Bug, the premier hentai news magazine
  • For leg fetish lovers, we've got a super issue of Mini-Suka Max, featuring the dynamite Izumi Maki (also known as Matsukawa Ayumi) -- Mmmm
  • For fans of Japan's erotic DVDs, we've got two excellent items: Hirosue Nao's dynamite "Mermaid" erotic DVD offering, and Lesbian Girls' School, a wonderful lesbian DVD title
  • We've got back-in-stock items on the dojinshi and manga pages, too
  • Also very cool, we've got the first DVD release of the G-Taste anime (!), featuring the wonderful artwork of Yagami Hiroki -- it's a region 2 DVD, so it's on the region 2 DVD page
  • For Japan adult video fans, we've got two killer new videos in: Akina Riko's "Lovely Poem of Riko" and the extremely erotic debut video of busty Oura Anna
  • For anime fans, we've got a rare item -- a sample "Dolby Demo LD" for Tenchi In Love (rare)
  • By request, we've got more stock of what is far and away our most popular "Wacky" item, our authentic Japanese loose socks
  • And finally, a cute twist on the popular T-Cat/T-Dog robot pet toys we've carried -- T-Zaurus, a robotic toy dinosaur that move around your room, turns when he hits a wall or other object, and more!

Okay, that's all for now...

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Greetings from J-List November 29, 2000

Hello from J-List, safely back in Japan this time. It was a pretty routine hop across the Pacific, this time taking Malaysian Airlines, instead of Korean (no more spoons for my KAL silverware collection).

Part of my "Unified Theory of Japan" is that anything that can be different between the West and Japan, will be different. Take companies, for example. For the most part, companies in America do one thing, and don't stray too far from their core business. Apple sells computers, but they don't sell consumer electronics. Goodyear makes tires, but they don't sell auto insurance. In Japan, this is not the case at all, and companies can be found in a wide variety of businesses. Japan Tobacco, the huge tobacco company that was directly operated by the Japanese government before it was privatized a decade ago

We seem to be having a streak of bad luck here at J-List. In July, Kaori's Nissan Cube was hit by an elderly man, causing $4000 worth of damage. Two weeks ago a man rear-ended my wife in our Saturn, causing minor whiplash and doing some damage to the car bumper. And last night, Tomo's Honda Civic was also rear-ended (the color term for this in Japanese is "Okama-horu" which means "screwed in the ass by a homosexual" by the way). Poor Tomo took the day off today to see a doctor and talk to his insurance company. Since this is my wife's "yaku-doshi" (unlucky year) according to the Chinese sexagenary system, we think maybe her bad lucky is making its way through the company.

For our first post-vacation update, we've got some nice items for you, including:

  • First, the new issue of the very popular Aishite ageru ("I'll love you"), the magazine that features "pheromone onesan gals who hunt for male virgins" (and other stuff)
  • Several excellent photobooks, including more copies of the previously sold-out "Bishojo Photo Gallery" series books "Light Value" "Daydream" and "Honeydew"
  • Also for photobook fans, fresh stock of several popular leg and mini-skirt fetish books
  • On the high-end S&M photobook and MPEG & CD ROM pages (under the DVD category), a new "medical fetish" item. You can be a gynecologist, too (features video CD)
  • Also on the MPEG & CD ROM page, two very cool past issues of the highly cool MPEG Soft Catalog, which gives you two full VCDs of great sampler AV and a color magazine for a very low price
  • We have several excellent new erotic manga volumes from Japan, including the excellent three-volume Victory Wave manga by Ataka Atsushi, and several other great manga for you
  • We've got fresh stock of the excellent erotic game art book, Hiyoko Voice, filled with excellent erotic imagery
  • For dojinshi fans, fresh stock of the popular English dojinshi Under the Influence (Gunsmith Cats, Gunbuster, and more)
  • For DVD fans, we have fresh stock of some of our most popular "gallery" and compilation DVD titles including Kano Mizuho and Yoshino Sally
  • For anime fans, we've got several cool items, including a great "anime strap" for your keys, camera or portible phone, featuring Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury
  • Robot pets seem to be all the rage this Christmas, and we've got some cool ones from Japan, with fresh stock of our best-selling T-Cat 2000, on the Anime Toys page
  • On our Wacky Things from Japan page, we've got fresh stock of Japanese Calgary supplies, including solid and liquid ink
  • Also on our Wacky Things page, the ultimate aloe bath powder to give your bath the classical scent of Japanese aloe, more Q-tips with cotton rings around them (for extra comfort), and more
  • Finally, on our Japanese Snacks pages, fresh stock of several popular gum and snack items, as well as fresh stock of the sold-out Japanese "persimmon seed" spicy rice crackers -- mm, mm, good.

That's all, see you on the web!

Sunday, November 26, 2000

Greetings from J-List November 26, 2000

Merry Christmas! Christmas isn't for another month, but today was our "uso no kurisumasu" (fake Christmas), since this was the last day we could have Christmas with all of us here. Kazuki and Rina loved Christmas, American-style, and now are quite willing to live in the U.S. forever.

It's funny that California can feel so "close" to us -- actually, San Diego feels much closer to my wife than Tokyo, since she can relax and shop to her hearts content while here, without stressing about the crowds and people in Tokyo. We're extremely lucky to live on either end of the LAX-NRT flight corridor, a huge market that dozens of airlines serve. Because the Los Angeles-Narita corridor has so much competition, we can generally fly round trip for around $400 per person, which is often less than it costs to fly domestic.

While we've been in the States, life in Japan has continued. The biggest news is the announcement of the "dekichatta kekkon" (a marriage that's the result of an accidental pregnancy) of singer and "talent" Kimura Takuya (the Brad Pitt of Japan, known universally as "Kimtaku") and singer Kudo Shizuka (one of the "big four" idol singers of the 1980's). Kimtaku has been dating the older woman, much to the consternation of millions of young Japanese women, who would love to be dating the most handsome man in Japan. It's very "Amuro" of them (singer Amuro Namie married TRF member Sam when she got pregnant, putting her career on hold to have the child).

For today's update, we've got a nice update of new items to the J-List site, including:

  • First, new magazines, including a new item for J-List fans, TV Pic, a magazine filled with great color photos of Japan's most popular idols, singers and talents
  • Some great new photobooks, both hardcover and softcover, including Eichi Bauko's excellent "H" photobook and Endo Akiko's excellent "Shining" erotic photobook
  • As always, fresh stock of some of our best photobook items -- including the lovely Hoshino Aki's "Tomorrow" offering
  • For leg fetish fans, some positively incredible new items, including the dynamite Fetish Hip Club, a wonderful tribute to the female ass, and more
  • Two great past issues of the excellent MPEG Soft Catalog , which offer great video on two VCDs with an all color magazine
  • For fans of Soft on Demand's great new DVD offerings, we've got several great ones, including the Best of Tekoki, Hand Job Play vol. 1 and 2, and the best hits of the highly erotic 30 year old AV actress Makihara Reiko
  • Some great new erotic manga, including a super new volume by the extremely popular Azuki Kurenai, creator of the excellent "It's a wonderful feeling" (one of the best-selling erotic manga works we've ever had).

By the time you're reading this, we'll be hopping over the Pacific on our Malysian Airlines flight. We'll wave to you as we fly by!