Saturday, December 09, 2000

Greetings from J-List December 9, 2000

Hello again from Japan, the country where a car's turn signal is known as a "winker."

There are many things that Japan has that I'm sure would be a big hit if introduced outside the U.S. One are little faucets at the top of toilets, which allow you to wash your hands with the clean water flowing back into the tank after flushing. Then there are these spring-loaded toilet paper holders, which allow you to remove them by just lifting up when the roll is spent. But one business model I'm sure would be a hit are "daisha" or "replacement cars." Basically a taxi with a second driver, daisha are the people you call when you've had a little too much to drink, but don't want to leave your car. One call to a daisha company, and the taxi with the spare driver will come and get you. You ride hope in the taxi, while the second driver drives your own car home. it's a great way to improve road safety, and might be a workable business model outside of Japan, too.

Japanese anime is famous throughout the world, but there are many shows which don't make it out of Japan, or which are shown in some parts of the world, but not the U.S., perhaps because they didn't seem "right" for the U.S. market according to someone. While the anime they make today is very good, sometimes it seems that something wholesome has been lost as anime has gotten as popular as it has. Nearly all Japanese in their 30's watched and cried during the sad and moving ending of Flanders no Inu (The Dog of Flanders), when Nello and Patrasche ascend into heaven amid the angels. (Note: has this on DVD if you want to check it out.) Then there was Haha wo Tazunete 3000-ri (3000 Leagues in search of Mother), a touching story of an Italian boy March who travels to Argentina to find his mother. There's a touching scene when March finds a dying old woman who thinks he is her son; to comfort the woman, he lets her believe this. But of course the most popular anime from this period has to be the anime version of Heidi, which won the hearts of girls all over Japan.

For this weekend's update, we've got some truly excellent items for you, including:

  • First, lower prices on our great stock of 2001 calendars, and to help you help us get rid of our stock in time for 2001, a new offer -- buy any two or more calendars, and get your mailing tube free!
  • We've got a great magazine that's new to J-List -- Do Pink!, a wonderful "sperm and soap girl" fetish magazine with dozens of lovely gals
  • Also very cool, the new issue of Multi Boy, which features a full color magazine and Video CD filled with all-pro Japanese AV footage and more
  • Hentai fans will want to see the new issue of Colorful Pure Girl, the Digital Cute Girl Magazine, on the Magazines (hentai) page
  • For our photobook fans, we've got several back-in-stock items, including more stock of the "Wonderful" series, Toyama Maiko's popular "Fairy Girl" hardcover nude photobook, and more
  • We have a bunch of great erotic manga volumes posted to the manga pages, with new and recently added items on the Manga (new releases) page and back-in-stock classics on the Manga (bestsellers) page
  • For fans of Soft on Demand's fantastic approach to eros, we've got two new videos in the "Stark Nakedness Sports Series, including the very cool 64 all-naked girls in rock-paper-scissors contest" -- see who will be the last one wearing clothes!
  • For DVD & cosplay lovers, we've got a new Costume Play Perfection series DVD, this one featuring erotic anime cosplay featuring Yamato, Captain Harlock, Gundam Wing, Galaxy Express, and more!
  • For JPOP fans, in-stock issues of Zappy, the super JPOP and J-Rock magazine with photos, music and messages from Japan's hottest stars (on the included CD
  • On our Anime Toys page, several new trinkets, including fresh stock of the Alien "face hugger" keychain, and a hopelessly cute "rolling eraser" that picks up eraser chunks after you use the eraser -- nice and neat!
  • On our Japanese snacks page, we've got fresh stock of a favorite of mine, dried, shredded ika (squid)
  • On our Wacky Things from Japan pages, we've got more of the cute "Hello Kitty mayonnaise cups" (but you can put anything in them you like), and fresh stock of the traditional Japanese oil-removing paper
  • Finally, another really special item from Japan I've loved for years, and am now happy to be able to bring to everyone: Japanese hot pockets. A truly magnificent invention from Japan, this is a wonderful little cloth bag that gets hot when you open the plastic wrapping. It gets hot, and stays hot, for up to 18 hours, actually, and is a wonderful way to warm up if you're cold. Being from San Diego, I find the Tokyo winters uncomfortably cold, and use these great heating pads to warm myself during the day. Great for skiers

The J-list shopping cart was experiencing some difficulties on Thursday evening, California time, but everything is fixed now. If you ever have any problems with the shopping cart and your browser, remember that you can submit orders via the secure email link on the J-List site, too. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 06, 2000

Greetings from J-List December 6, 2000

Happy Wednesday, from Japan, where a cup of "American" means a weak cup of coffee.

Now that the 1990's are over, it's fun to look back and see the various words that enjoyed a boom over the decade. "Nowey" (the English word "now" with "ey" added) was popular near the start of the 1990's, and meant "new" or "cool." 1993-4 saw a boom in women trying to keep in shape, which spawned the sexy term "body conscious" or "bodycon" for short. This is not to be confused with "mother complex" or "mazacon, which is the Japanese term for Oedipus complex. When people didn't like something, they would say gero gero" which literally meant "barf barf." The word for "of course" in Japanese is "mochiron, and this was abbreviated to mocchi" during the early 90's. These terms have all passed into popular history, and are no longer used, but if you want to have fun with a Japanese friend, give them a spin.

Today is our designated Yukara day. Yukara is a bit of a local cult, a Chinese restaurant that's open between the hours of 11:30 pm and 4 am. Frequented largely by college students from Gunma University, the delicious food served up by the slightly quirky master (owner) is just fantastic.It's so popular, in fact, that it's customary to wait an hour or more to get in to order -- and that means waiting outside in the cold December air. I'm going to order the stir-fried meat with garlic buds, but Tomo is partial to the kara-age (Japanese-style fried chicken) and gyoza. Eating your fill of delicious, greasy food at midnight isn't probably the most healthy thing to do, but we love Yukara so much, we can't help it.

We've got an extra-special update for you this evening, with items such as:

  • First, new magazines, including the new issue of EX CD-ROM, an all-color magazine with a Video CD with 64 minutes of great pro AV footage
  • By customer request, we've got many new $5 and $6 magazines on magazine page 3 -- check them out now!
  • For photobook fans, we've got many excellent new items, including former Race Queen Suzuki Manami's excellent "Queen" photobook and more
  • For leg fetish fans, an elegant "costume play" photobook on the leg fetish photobook page, featuring four lovely and elegant Japanese leggy models
  • We've got a bunch of new additions t the adult manga pages, both all-new manga volumes, as well as back-in-stock classics, with fresh stock of great books by Chattaro and others -- see the manga pages, now!
  • For fans of the wonderful and bold Soft on Demand, we've got a great video: an 80 year old Japanese man couples with two lovely AV idols -- go, ojiisan!
  • Also ranking very high on the very cool meter, a swimsuit idol video with a twist: the idol is the naughty Hijiri Sayaka, and she has a great sexual adventure by the shores of pleasant Okinawa
  • For fans of the lovely AV idol Iijima Ai, one of the most important AV actresses of the 1990's, will love her debut on DVD -- See Charisma Venus, on the DVD Main page
  • Fans of the works of animation creator Matsumoto Leiji will love the fresh stock of die-cast toy versions of his greatest ships, including the Andromedia, Captain Harlock's Arcadia, and more -- see the anime toys page
  • We've got several interesting items on the Wacky Things from Japan and Signs and Stickers pages, including an authentic wooden Japanese ladel used at shrines and temples, as well as several new amusing slogans on stickers
  • Finally, one of the reasons we just to run J-List is, we get to evangelize various things that we love about this country. One thing I love is the delicious wakame (seaweed) soup that's available in Japan, and now you can get it, too! See the Japanese snacks page for this great and healthy soup from Japan.

A member of our little J-List family, Tetsuya, recently tried his hand at Bungee jumping, because he wanted to try something new. (While living in Florida, Tetsuya decided to go to Peru and see the sky-pictures of Nazca and went to Machu Pichcu. See his death-defying dive at (Quicktime 4 required).

Monday, December 04, 2000

Greetings from J-List December 4, 2000

Hello and Happy Monday from Japan, where screwdrivers come in "plus" and "minus."

Whenever I go to the U.S., I stock up on all the comforts of home: Pop Tarts, Cocoa Puffs, exotic herbal teas, salsa, you name it. Japan is a great place, but nothing ever supplants your home. I think that living away from your home country is a wonderful way to appreciate the little things that everyone else at home takes for granted, and whenever possible, I advise young people to experience life abroad for a year or more in their teens or twenties. When you visit a country for a week or two, you see a lot of the people and places

When learning any language, it's fun to compare what's similar and what's different compared with your native language. In Japanese, the names of the fingers are cute. They are, the pointing-at-people finger (hitosashi-yubi, the forefinger), the middle finger (naka-yubi), the medicine finger (kusuru-yubi or ring finger), the little finger (ko-yubi), the the parent finger (oya-yubi, or the thumb). In case any of these comes up in Trivial Pursuit.

For this evening's update, we've got some great items for you, including:

  • First, the excellent new issue of Urecco, the wonderful magazine filled with lovely Japanese women
  • For photobook fans, we've got several all-new titles in, including limited stock of Tani Risa's beautiful My First Heart
  • J-List has the best selection of Japan's unique leg, mini-skirt and "panty stocking" fetish photobooks, and we've got fresh stock of several new items, including "Legend of Stairs - Peeping Inside of Mini-Skirt"
  • For more refined fetish tastes, we've got a nice color photobook for fans of "medical fetish" images, entitled "Medical Accident File"
  • Manga fans will enjoy the all-new titles posted today, including books by Tsukasa Comics, Mujin Comics and our #1 favorite, Hit Comics
  • We've got another excellent "sperm fetish" video from the fine folks at Soft on Demand, the new Sperm Angel, featuring the lovely Wakabayashi Juri
  • Also very cool, a super DVD featuring the erotic performance of the lovely and busty Japanese AV idol, Yamasaki Akari
  • For fans of "dojin-soft, the fan-created CG images and more, we've got a volley of new items on the dojinshi page
  • One of the least known but coolest robot anime shows of the 80's was Aura Battler Dunbine, a show that's enjoying quite a comeback in Japan today. We've got two very rare robots from this cool show on the Anime Toys page
  • One of the most popular categories in our Wacky things from Japan" pages are our wooden signs with wacky Japanese messages on them. We've got several more posted!
  • Also on the Wacky Things from Japan pages, several cool new items, including stylish bamboo forks (great for when you have guests over and want to impress them with your Japanese stuff) and a new non-stick rice scoop, with matching holder (just stick it on the side of your rice cooker)!

Well, I'm off to Tokyo now for another night in a Japanese capsule hotel. Arrrgh!!