Friday, December 15, 2000

Greetings from J-List December 15, 2000

Hello, and Happy Friday from your friends at J-List!

There are some things from the U.S. that Japanese just can't handle. Mexican style beans are one -- Japanese nearly always hate these at first, until they get used to them, as beans in Japan are sweet. Another is root beer, which is detested universally by Japanese, who think it tastes like the muscle medicine "Salonpas" (similar to Ben-Gay). We brought some root beer back for Tomo from the U.S., and sure enough, he couldn't stand it. My son Kazuki loves it through, and was very happy. "I can drink root beer, I must be an American!" he said.

It's great fun watching all the nifty things that Japan comes up with. In Goods Press, a magazine that tracks everything that's trendy in Japan, from electronics to DVD players to men's shoes and the latest G-Shock watches from Casio, we always find cool things we want. Sony's come out with a portible phone that takes a memory stick, and doubles as an MP3 player. They've got color display for phones, including phones with a camera in the back so you can send your picture while you're talking. My favorite are the PHS (PCS) phones that jack right into your Powerbook's PC card slot, giving you 64 kbps of data transfer while on the road.

Tomo is happy -- he's got a new car, his first new car ever. It's a Honda Life, a cute "K" car (the word refers to the smallest class of car in Japan, which have an engine size of less than 1000 cc) that resembles the "one box" style that's popular in Japan these days. See a picture of it at . The slogan used to sell this car is "Hondaful Life."

Well, for the weekend, we've got a great selection of new items for the J-List site for you, including:

  • First, the excellent hardcover photobook of the new sensation in Japan AV, Oura Anna (also written Ohura Anna), the fantastic *I* cup lovely
  • We've got several new magazines in, including the new issue of Beppin School, filled with lovely Japanese gals for your enjoyment
  • The excellent "OL Woman Hunting" is on the photobooks page, for fans of OL rape-play
  • Fresh stock of several of our popular photobooks, including more copies of the excellent Miyazawa Rie's "Santa Fe"
  • Another magazine + CD-ROM combination item, DVD Heaven, with excerpts from dozens of currently popular DVDs (on the magazine page)
  • Cosplay fans will enjoy Cosplay Angel, an anthology DVD with many excellent costume themes (stewardess, Sailor Moon, willing maid, and so on)
  • From our good friends at Soft on Demand, an excellent new item -- "Insert vibrator into hole of panty" in which the lovely model Katayama Sarina has sex and enjoys the "Love Gun" through a hole in her panties (very, ah, interesting)
  • We've got a major update to the adult manga page, with many nice new volumes from Hit, Ex, Fujimi Publishing, and more -- see the new releases page for these items
  • Also on the manga pages (best sellers page), see the excellent manga volumes of the talented Tanaka Yutaka, who draws very romantic yet very sexual "boy meets girl" stories, without "dick girl" or weird themes
  • Yaoi fans should check the new issue of Gust, a super 575 page yaoi dojinshi anthology for fans of these compelling themes
  • For fans of the undying Godzilla, find a super camera/phone strap (also useful as a keychain) on the Anime Toys page
  • For those who don't get enough vitamin C, we recommend the delicious C1000 Vitamin Lemon Candy, a tasty lemon candy made from real fruit juice
  • Cool new items on our Wacky Things from Japan page include a fun oversized eraser, shaped like a fat pencil (for those who want to have cool things from Japan with them while they study), as well as a handy "wet suit" style case for your portable phone
  • Finally, the ultimate item for anyone with small kids who hate shampoo -- a handy "shampoo cap" that goes over the top of your child's head, and effectively keeps shampoo out of their eyes. A great new invention from Japan!

Our stock of 2001 calendars is moving out nicely, and we're starting to run out of several of our titles. We still have many excellent anime calendars (Ruro ni Kenshin, Ah My Goddess, Evangelion, Gundam Wing), JPOP calendars (Hamasaki Ayumi, Max), idol calendars (Yuka, the lovely Mitsuya Yoko), and nude calendars (Kanazawa Bunko). Check out our remaining stock of excellent calendars -- thanks for your help!

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Greetings from J-List December 13, 2000

Hello from J-List, now officially banned in all Santa Cruz city facilities and Saudi Arabia!

One interesting aspect of the Japanese people is their developed sense of humility. If you've ever complimented a Japanese person and had them deny the compliment (most likely with an accompanying gesture of waving their hand back and forth in front of their face, meaning "no"), you've run into the Japanese habit of "kenson" or humility. It shows itself in many forms, but one of the most odd and interesting is when a Japanese person gives someone else a gift. They'll often say "This is an uninteresting gift, or if it's food, they'll say, I'm not sure if this is delicious or not." I remember the first time I was complimented on my Japanese. I was happy, and thanked the person, but I should have disagreed with them.

If you've ever been to Japan and used a toilet here -- either a Western one or a Japanese-style "no seat" toilet (which is a shock to use for the first time), you may have noticed the Chinese characters for "small and "big" which are and respectively. The toilet handle moves two ways: if you've done just a little "number one, turn the handle towards small" and hold it for a few seconds while the water flows. If you've done the other thing, push the handle towards "big" for a full flush. It took me a few months of living in Japan to figure out that these characters stood for the words for "number one" (shoben, or "little toilet") and "number two" (daiben, or "big toilet"). Another mystery solved.

For this evening's update, we've got some very special items for you, including:

  • First, to help you help us move our remaining stock of excellent 2001 Japanese calendars, we've done two things: one, made one final round of price cuts, dropping the prices on all remaining in-stock calendars; and two, we've taken digital shots of the insides of all remaining calendars, so you can see a little better how good the inside photos are -- so please check out our dwindling stock of calendars, as they are going fast!
  • We have many excellent new magazines on the J-List site, including the excellent new Sennin Giri (kogal erotica) and "Go! Go! Delivery Busty Girls" (love that English)
  • For hentai lovers, we've got several items for you, including the new Bug Bug (very nice!) and the excellent current issue of Kairakuten, the wonderful erotic manga magazine
  • For our photobook customers, we've got several new items, as well as fresh stock of several of the "Bishojo Nude Photo Gallery" series photobooks that have such high quality photos inside
  • For our leg fetish customers, the Day and Night Lives of the Rich Girl OLs (gotta love that)
  • Speaking of manga, we've got a wonderful new volume in by the highly talented and stylized artist Doman Seiman, by our favorite adult manga publisher, Hit Comics
  • Yaoi fans should check out Dear Plus, a super 500+ page yaoi manga anthology for fans of "boy's secret love"
  • For Japan's erotic adult video fans, we've got the Distinguished Private Girls' School of Adult Video, a super offering with nine lovely cosplay lovelies playing out an erotic fantasy -- on the videos (new releases) page
  • Also new, we've got a super new "tekoki" (hand job) video in from Soft on Demand, featuring seven lovely nurses in the "Tekoki Clinic"
    oFor Japan's erotic DVD fans, a super item -- a 110 minute anthology of the best moments in the "Give Up Human Being" erotic series, featuring Kano Mizuho, Miura Aika, Yazawa Yoko, Komuro Yuri and Wakana Sena! On the DVD Main page
  • For those looking for beautiful Japanese girls, make your message seen with our latest wacky Japanese sticker -- on our Stickers & Signs page
  • We've got several new items on our Wacky Things from Japan page, including a super new version of our popular Buddhist Beads, which are useful as cool jewelry, too!
  • Finally, a super cool new item -- Lotte's delicious Japanese "umeboshi" flavored gum, with the tart and tasty zest of pickled plum. It's a delicious and uniquely Japanese taste, available now on J-List's snacks and gum pages!

Kaori is taking the day off to go to "Nezumi Land" tomorrow. This is a joke in Japanese -- "nezumi" means "mouse" or "rat, and Disneyland is home to the most famous mouse in the world, ergo the nickname for Tokyo Disneyland. We hope she has a fun date with her boyfriend.