Saturday, January 27, 2001

Greetings from J-List January 27, 2001

Hello from a very wintery J-List. For the third time this month, the Kanto region of Japan (where Tokyo is) has had a ton of snow piled on it -- an unprecedented amount of snow for this part of Japan. I wouldn't mind much, but I've got to get to Narita Airport Sunday morning for a hop Stateside. I hope the snow lets up...

Alcohol is very important to social life in Japan. The Japanese even have a word for it: "nomunication, from nomu" (to drink) and "communication." Last week was the annual school show at my childrens' preschool, an incredible pageant in which the kids perform many acts for parents. After the show there was a raging drink party where parents could get drunk with the school staff, including the preschool teachers (some of whom are really hot, I can tell you). After months of preparations for the school show, the drink party was a Japanese way to say "Otsukare-sama deshita" (Thanks for your help) and cement relationships at the same time.

Drinking is so important in Japan, it's often required that you drink, at east in tiny sips, in order to enter certain groups. I've had several gaijin friends over the years who did not drink at all, and subsequently found getting along in Japan somewhat difficult and cold. If you don't want to drink in Japan, the rule is to keep your glass full. When someone comes by to fill your glass, touch it to your lips but only drink a tiny amount; then he can fill your glass for you, ad tradition demands. Also, there are alcoholic drinks with very little alcohol in them available, too. Foreigners who refuse to drink in some situations are in advertantly making it difficult for Japanese to approach and become close.

For tonight's update, we've posted the excellent Peach Princess bishojo games for preorder. These games will ship over the next couple of months, and you can reserve your copy by preordering it -- plus, we give you free shipping, too! See them on the new Peach Princess Hentai games page.

In addition to posting the PeaPri games, we've got our usual excellent bunch of Japanese stuff for you, including:

  • Several great Japanese erotic magazines, including a new EX CD-ROM (magazine and CD ROM combo at a great price) and Iketeru Momo-jiri (ass fetish magazine)
  • Also for magazine fans, we've got some very special back-issues of some premium magazines, featuring Tohno Natsuko and more -- see the Magazines page 2 and Photobooks pages before these items are sold
  • We have more stock of the excellent "Body Poster Actress" featuring some of the most popular erotic AV stars in Japan
  • Hentai fans should check out the in-stock issues of several hentai magazines we've posted, including the new E-Login, the #1 hentai magazine in Japan
  • Like dojinshi? So do we, and there are several new single-issue dojinshi posted to the dojinshi page
  • For our manga fans, we've got another excellent volley of manga for you, with a half-dozen all-new postings as well as fresh stock of some of our best titles
  • DVD fans should check out Akina Rika's lovely "complete collection" DVD, with 120 minutes of performance by this lovely girl
  • Also for DVD fans, a new "Lesbian File" with 2 hours of excellent Indies lesbian fun
  • Ever wanted to date Morishita Kurumi? Now you can in her latest release from SOD, Private, in which you you become her virtual lover, go on dates, eat ice cream
  • For anime fans, limited stock of a lovely doll figure from Graduation
  • Like Pokemon and the other excellent shows from Japan, or know someone who does? Then check out the issues of Yochien we have posted -- this is a kid's magazine that is literally overflowing with toys, cardboard robots or masks, stickers, and more. Very fun and highly collectible
  • New "Wacky" items from Japan tonight include a handy "idea pocket" (a wall pocket for storing all sorts of things), the world's greatest "white out pen" from Japan, the only utensil you'll need to fry fish, and the enigmatic "scale keychain" (only the Japanese could have thought of this)
  • Finally, we've got a fresh infusion of Japanese snacks, with more stock of all "wata-gum" (cotton candy gum), sake-ame (with real sake in it!), kuro-ame (the surprisingly popular traditional Japanese sweet), Pocky, and more.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Greetings from J-List January 24, 2001

Hello again from your friends in Japan!

Akebono, the first Hawaiian sumo wrestler to achieve the coveted rank of Yokozuna (Grand Master), is retiring, due to ongoing problems with his knees, which is not surprising considering the man's size. See a picture of Akebono at the Sumo World website ( Akebono is one of three Hawaiian sumo wrestlers (the others being Grand Master Musashinomaru, and Konishiki, who has retired from sumo and is now a celerity idol in Japan) who are quite famous in Japan, and was the first foreigner to achieve Sumo's highest rank.

When an English-speaker reads French, it's quite easy to pick up much of the meaning from the similarities of the vocabulary words, especially longer, more difficult words, many of which come from directly from French via William the Conquorer. In much the same way, Japanese people can read Chinese and pick up much of the meaning, even if it it is sometimes like trying to open a Word file in Word Perfect -- a lot is lost in the translation, but the general meaning gets through pretty well. I can read most of the "joyo kanji" which are the 1800+ characters you need to know to be able to read to be considered "literate" in Japanese (and a requirement if you want to attend a Japanese university), so when I went to Hong Kong a few years ago, it was great fun to try to puzzle out all the Chinese around me. All throughout Asia

We'll, I'm happy to be able to announce the opening of Peach Princess, the newest company to bring Japan's excellent bishojo games out in English language, with full uncensorship. We've been very hard at work, translating and making plans, and getting our website up, and we're very glad with the excellent products we'll be able to bring you soon. The four games announced on the Peach Princess site are X-Change, Snow Drop, Tokimeki Check-in and Little My Maid -- all fantastic titles from Japan which will be available soon. You can pre-order them, too

The JAST USA homepage ( has also been completely updated and reworked, with many excellent features. You can check out all the excellent English-language adult anime games, download uncensored sample images, and buy online. JAST USA is the premier distributor of English-language, with dozens of uncensored English hentai games available. Please see our newly reworked site!

For this evening's J-List update, we've got some extra cool items for you, including:

  • Great new magazines, including the deluxe Super Lipmate and more
  • Several really excellent all-new photobooks, including Hagiwara Mai's absolutely fantastic "Maichy" photobook, photographed by Tennyo photographer Miyazawa Masaaki
  • Also for photobook fans, some excellent premium backissues of Nowon, the "special photography magazine" from Eichi Publishing -- very cool
  • If you're a fan of Japan's unique S&M and bondage fantasy photobooks, see the new issue of Slave Mania, posted to the Gouka-bon page
  • For leg fans, we have fresh stock of several of books we've sold out of in the past, including "See Through Fetish" (pantylines and more), beautiful legs club and more
  • For manga fans, we've got some great all-new erotic offerings from Hit Comics, Angel Comics and more, as well as fresh stock of many excellent past titles -- Innocent Age, Nurse DX, Excellent Female Slave (gotta love those names)
  • For our loyal yaoi fans, we've got two nice new items for you, excellent works by contemporary yaoi artists in Japan
  • We've got some excellent video offerings from SOD and their Deep's label, including Sperm Lesbian with the lovely Hirosue Nao (a great offering!), the Best of Zamen series (super 120 minute sperm fetish video), and long requested, a super "perverted women on a train" video featuring women who grope other women on crowded trains -- very cool.
  • For DVD lovers, a fantastic 120 minute collection of great lesbian performances -- Lesbian File (zoned for all countries, too)
  • We have fresh stock of several cool Wacky Things from Japan items, including notebooks, socks glue (to hold up your loose socks), Japanese study cards (we keep selling out of these things), deluxe bamboo cooking chopsticks, and more
  • We have fresh stock of our silly stickers and signs, including the popular "Looking or a beautiful woman" florescent sticker (you might just get lucky)
  • Newly added items to the Wacky Things from Japan page include florescent tape (highlight passages in books with this cool bright yellow tape instead of using a pen), several all-new popular Japanese notebooks (perfect bound, with funny English on them), and Japanese "shitajiki" plastic under-sheets which protect the sheets below the one you're writing on -- again, with funny English. Very cool!

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Monday, January 22, 2001

Greetings from J-List January 22, 2001

Hello again from Japan, where a condom is also called a "skin."

Have you ever wondered what all the suffixes on Japanese names mean? Well, I'll tell you. The most well-known Japanese suffix is -san, and it goes on the last name (sometimes the first name) and works like "Mr" or "Mrs." It's a polite term, and places a degree of distance between you and the person you're speaking to. In Japanese organizations, or in school settings, lowerclassmen would use "-san" when referring to their upperclassmen, or "senpai"; senpai would tend to use "-kun" when referring to students younger than them. In business settings, you treat a company as a person, when it comes to speaking. If I called Million Publishing to check on J-List's latest magazine order, I'd refer to the person I was talking to as "Million-san." Two more suffixes are "-chan" and "-kun." These are "cute" suffixes which are used when talking to children. In my children's school

For tonight's update, we've got an extra special bunch of new items for you, including:

  • First, several excellent new magazines for you, including the new Urecco (an excellent issue!), the new Peach Water, and a super all-new erotic magazine, Million Publishing's Extreme Love (recommended for Hazuki Arisa fans)
  • We've got some great photobooks for you, both new items as well as some great back-in-stock items -- Asagi Sumiere's lovely "Umteen" erotic nude photobook, fresh stock of Miyazawa Rie's "Santa Fe, and more
  • Also on the photobooks page, we've got great fresh stock of the most popular photobook in recent J-List history, Ohura Anna's iNude"
  • We've got a bunch of really excellent erotic manga posted to the adult manga pages, including two volumes of the super "Kangofu Rock" series (fantastic erotic nurse manga) and several other great items
  • We've got some copies of Comic Jumbo, the popular large bust manga, on the manga page, too
  • If you love dojinshi and fan-produced dojin-soft (including CD ROMs of computer images), we've posted another volley of a twenty or so all-new dojinshi books -- with some very cool items for you
  • We have two fabulous erotic videos from SOD's "Deep's" label -- Cosplay Doll Special, a *90 minute* video featuring the best cosplay performances of this great series; and Les Hospital 2, with the super Hazuki Arisa (directed by female AV director Kaori Kobayakawa)
  • For our DVD customers, see the lovely new 100 minute DVD by Akina Riko -- a wonderful production for DVD
  • Another dynamite item -- Deep Kiss Best Selection, a fantastic collection of SOD's most popular erotic video series, on DVD (region 2)
  • For fans of the lovely AV idols of the past, we've got another great video featuring the pure and angelic Ikegami Misa
  • For fans of Japan's lovely Race Queens, see our idols page for a nice photobook
  • We have some great in-stock issues of Japan's most interesting magazines, including Kindai (current JPOP scene), JJ (a fantastic Japanese fashion magazine, posted to the Anime -> Anime & JPOP magazines
  • On the Japanese snacks & food page, we've got authentic Japanese wasabi from Japan!
  • On our Wacky Things from Japan page, we've got fresh stock of many cool items, including our our best-selling perfect-bound Japanese notebooks (complete with funny English on them), a "back roller, the plug extender" (handy extension cord for those annoying power bricks), and Japanese warming pads for your shoes
  • New Wacky Things from Japan items include a cool item for Hello Kitty fans -- paper lunch bags, beautiful full-color paper bags with beautiful printing of Kitty-chan on them
  • Finally, when the Star Wars Special Edition was re-released on video last month, it was re-released on Laserdisc here in Japan. We've got this wonderful set of CLV LDs at J-List, a wonderful item for collectors. See it on the DVD page!

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