Thursday, March 08, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 8, 2001

Hello and "Hoppy Thursday" from J-List!

Has a Japanese ever told you are "good head"? If so, it's a complement, although it might not sound like one. In Japanese, the phrase for "smart" is "good head," which sometimes gets carried over into English. The English words "smart" is used in Japanese to mean slender, well proportioned (as in, "That girl is very smart and stylish"). Other words are used in English in interesting ways. For example, when a man wants to win a woman's love, he prepares to "attack" her -- the English word attack means "to vie for the affection of another" and doesn't carry the violent connotations it can in English. That's good.

Near our house, we can see the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, and many other interesting wonders. These are pachinko parlors, a major source of entertainment for many Japanese men and women in Japan. An odd game which I don't pretend to understand, you basically buy a bucket of balls for $50, then sit for hours trying to hold a controller in just the right position to make most of the balls go into certain holes in the pachinko machine. Since "gambling" is illegal in Japan, except for certain events like horse, boat and bicycle racing, you don't win money if you get more balls than you started out with -- you get valuable prizes which you redeem at a shady building next to the pachinko parlor. Pachinko is quite competitive, and operators (who always seem to be getting involved with some crime or another) work very hard to bring in the newest machines (with little video screens, for example), and interesting names to attract customers (there's one a few miles from here named Al Pacino). Despite the efforts of the pachinko industry to make the activity seem like a friendly and family-oriented thing to do, pachinko always seems to go hand in hand with the yakuza, and people who engage in pachinko don't seem to be the brightest or most savory. (A while ago, a woman left her baby in the car while she played pachinko; the baby died.)

For this evening's update, we've got some special items for you, including:

  • First, some excellent new magazines, including the Urecco -- it's a fabulous issue this time, featuring many charming models and "fresh nudes"
  • We have several other interesting magazines, including "Lip Mate," a popular item
  • For photobook fans, see several new items posted, including Yano Emi's "El Amor" and Ayami Shiho's "Elopement," both very beautiful
  • Also, we have fresh stock of some wonderful photobooks including Kawashima Azumi's "Flow Out" and "Azumi II," new stock of the dynamite "Sweet Trap" deluxe hardcover photobook, more stock of Futari and Love Session, and mor!
  • We've got a positively wonderful photobook for leg fetish fans, Hyper Low Angle, on our unique Japanese leg fetish page
  • For dojinshi collectors, we've got a few single issues posted to the dojinshi page now, including some nice items from the 1990's
  • For manga fans, we've got our usual strong update of manga, half a dozen or more excellent items back in stock, and several more all-new offerings -- including Tanuma Yuichiro's excellent Princess of Darkness
  • On our DVD (Main) page, a nice new erotic DVD fraturing the sultry Sakura Makoto's erotic performance -- and this one is subtitled in English and Chinese!
  • Also newly posted, a selection of rare and bargain Video CD titles, including some by Miura Aika (we only have one of each though, so they will go fast)
  • We'e got some nice new AV videos in, including some nice S&M offerings from the excellent AquaWave
  • If you love Japan's erotic bishojo games, check out Bishojo Wonder Land, a CD-ROM + magazine combo with many samples and demos on the disc
  • For anime fans we've got some nice anime items, including Dengeki Animation Magazine, filled with pictures and images from Love Hina, Sakura Wars, Card Captor Sakura, and more
  • On our popular Japanese snacks page, we've got the all-new Pokemon Gummi candies, featuring Pikachu and Pokemon, in two tasty flavors (we've found that if you hate Pikachu it can be fun to eat his gummi body slowly
  • Finally, on our Wacky Things from Japan page, including some cool stainless steel "cooking ring" to make pancakes and eggs in various shapes, an ultra-cool "parasol type" Japanese hanger that allows you to hang all your clothes in a small space, as Japanese do, and the ultimate Japanese address and "print club" book for you!

    Due to a mail server glitch, the update went out multiple times to some people on the list last time. Very sorry about that -- we'll watch it and try to make sure problems like this don't happen again.

If you haven't seen All Your Bases yet, check it out. It'll get in your head! The URL is

Monday, March 05, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 5, 2001

Hello again from your friends in Japan, J-List!

The Japanese use a lot of English words in their daily life, and depending on your age, spoken Japanese is often peppered with English words like stance, better, pretty, and so on. But when speaking Japanese, you have to "convert" the "English" words a bit before using them. The word "energy" is used in English, but it's pronounced with a hard G -- if you want people to understand you, you learn to pick up the new pronunciation, although it sounds odd at first. "Vitamin" is pronounced "bitamin," with a stress on the second syllable. Sometimes words come in via England, so they're unfamiliar to Americans like me -- a car's hood (bonetto), for example. And some "English" words aren't even English, but come from other languages, such as arubaito (part time job), anket (questionnaire), karte (a medical chart), and ruksak (a backpack). Because all foreign words are written in the Japanese katakana writing system, Japanese people tend to think that all these words are English.

Well, White Day is approaching. This is a silly Japanese day in which men must give a gift -- usually white chocolate -- to women who gave them chocolate on Valentine's Day. Convenience stores jump on the occasion to sell all manner of silly gifts, including many forms of chocolate. Men have an obligation to give chocolate back to people who gave them something, and shops know that they will sell a lot of "obligation chocolate" (giri choco) by March 14.

After several years of mocking Mazda's Bongo Friendee mini-van for having the strangest English of any Japanese car (right up there with the Mitsubishi Thanks Chariot and Toyota's Super Saloon), the versatility of this interesting, fun car finally wore me down, and we bought one. The continuing poor performance of the Japanese economy means that auto makers have to work hard and compete on price, so that helped our decision. The way you buy a car in Japan is quite different from how it's done in the U.S. Here, you always order a car and pick it up in 2-3 weeks, rather than getting it off a dealers' lot that day. Virtually all dealers are operated by the auto makers directly -- thus, you find only Mazda's at the local Mazda dealer (or maybe some Fords, since Ford owns most of Mazda). And as with deciding the date of your wedding, it's important to pick your car up on a "lucky day" according to special Buddhist calendar, to avoid problems and unhappiness. You can see the Bongo Friendee at

For this evening's update, we've got some very nice items for you, including:

  • First, some excellent new erotic magazines from Japan, including the new issues of the all-Japanese Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, which feature all Japanese models photographed by Japanese photographers, and more
  • For fans of the popular magazine + Video CD combo items, we've got a special item for you: the DVD & Video CD Perfect Guide IV, a massive all-color magazine with three VCDs filled with great erotic clips and "quickies" from a variety of genres
  • We've got more one-shot issues of older magazines at the of Magazine page 2
  • For leg fetish fans, we've got fresh stock of several items for you on the Leg Fetish photobooks page -- including a great new item, Costume Play Sisters, featuring a slew of erotic leg fetish cosplay
  • If you love Japan's unique S&M photobooks and related items, check out the new items on the Gouka-Bon page, including SM Net, a magazine + dual-Video CD combo item for S&M and bondage lovers
  • For photobook fans, we have several very nice all-new hardcover photobooks, as well as fresh stock of some popular items that had sold out
  • There are several excellent new erotic wide mangas posted to the manga pages, including new titles from Tsukasa and Hit Comics, as well as fresh stock of several popular items (including some great large-breast manga items)
  • Love dojinshi? We've got three, count them, three great erotic dojinshi from the Angel Pain series, including stock of the popular all-color Angel Pain vol. 5
  • For yaoi lovers, we have the handsome new Be Boy Gold, the deluxe erotic yaoi manga monthly with nearly 500 pages of great artwork for you
  • The "Puchi Angel" offering from Soft on Demand, featuring pure, pretty Japanese girls and lots of wonderful sailor school uniform themes, was a big hit -- so we've added two new videos in this popular series. See them on the SOD Main page (for the ones we have in stock) or the SOD special-order page (if we run out of stock on hand)
  • For fans of the lovely Morishita Kurumi, there's a super erotic release on DVD (region 2), the Bright Blue Wood, with *90* minutes of excellent erotic AV by this special lady
  • By customer request, we've created a great new page for you -- Anime DVDs, where we'll carry the unique anime DVDs released here in Japan. these anime DVDs are always of the highest quality, and while they are expensive, they give a lot of value (6 episodes per disc, long playing times). For starters, we've got the first two discs of Mach Go Go Go, the original series known as Speed Racer outside Japan, and the fantastic OVA Complete Collection of Iczer One -- with the entire anime series on one DVD!
  • We love updating our Wacky Things from Japan pages, but unfortunately, we got so much cool, bizarre stuff in stock that the page got overcrowded. So, we've made a Wacky Things (Cute) page to go with our Wacky Things (Main) page. We've added some great items to this page, including a super Hello Kitty box with lid and drawer (so cute for your desk) as well as fresh stock of many popular items
  • Finally, our popular Wacky Things from Japan page has also been updated, with a spiffy back massager (great for people who get itchy backs), the ultimate milk carton sealer (certified as being "really cool" by my mother, who bought them as gifts when she came to Japan), and more.

Remember that you can get any three of our $24.95 bishojo anime games for $70, shipping in US/Canada included. This is like getting $20 off, and it's a great deal. You can choose from Hentai Anime Poker, Three Sisters' Story, Season of the Sakura, Runaway City, Nocturnal Illusion, May Club, or even the enigmatic Transfer Student (which really, really come out some day). These games are in English, and are uncensored, so they're really cool.