Saturday, March 17, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 17, 2001

Hello, and "happy weekend" from Japan and J-List!

One thing I've noticed about Japanese, especially Japanese in Gunma Prefecture, which is a rural prefecture right in the center of Japan (population 2 million), is that they tend not to move. Aside from moving because of changes in jobs, Japanese tend to stay where they are. This creates some interesting differences, when compared with the U.S. In San Diego, there are different "levels" of neighborhoods, depending on the age and income of the people who live there. Poor college students will live in one area of the city, then move to a slightly nicer area when they start to work, move up again when they buy their first house, and so on. But in Japan, where people rarely move and almost never want to give up land they own, you find newly rebuilt houses next to much older homes and even some run-down shacks.

My mother has spent some months adding on to the house in San Diego, and it's been interesting to observe some differences between the US and Japan, too. In Japan, when you have workmen working for you, you're required by unwritten custom to bring them something to drink (coffee, green tea) at 10 am and 3 pm. After all, they're working hard, and you want to keep goodwill between the workmen who are building your house. Of course, they don't have any Shinto groundbreaking rites in the U.S. either -- when we built the J-List office, for example, we had a Shinto priest come out and consecrate the ground in an interesting ceremony to bring good luck.

Our "top 5" has been updated for the past week. Peach Princess's premier release, X-Change, is selling very well!

For this evening's update of cool stuff from Japan, we've got some really cool items, including:

  • First, killer new issues of Japanese magazines, including the new Bejean (features Fukada Miho and more!), the excellent new Gal's Shower, and a great new issue of Waffle (which should go fast)
  • For photobook lovers, we've got several excellent all-new hard- and soft-cover books for you, as well as fresh stock of some old favorites
  • We've got more $5 magazine for bargain hunters, on magazine page 3
  • If you love Japan's erotic S&M photography, we really recommend Bondage 17, which features 17 fantastic Japanese ladies in exotic and erotic poses -- includes Hosho Nana, Shimizu Kaori, Inoue Chihiro and more!
  • For leg lovers, we've got a killer new item -- Panst Best, a Photoshot-format glossy photobook-magazine with great and erotic images inside
  • Fans of AV sampler products should check out fresh stock of DVD & Video CD Soft Catalog, on the magazine and CD-ROM pages
  • For hentai fans, the new issue of Tech Giant, a fantastic gem of a magazine that includes a CD-ROM with demos and game images
  • We've got some great all-new erotic manga posted for you, including "Rugged Relation," an interesting title from Hit Comics -- also, fresh stock of some popular manga volumes on the Bestsellers page
  • Also for manga fans, we've refreshed our stock of the excellent Lunatic Party and Paradise Lost series, from Fusion Product -- however, the stock we have now will likely be our last, so complete your collection of these excellent Sailor Moon and Evangelion parody dojinshi anthologies soon
  • For yaoi fans, we've got a nice new title posted for you
  • For DVD collectors, two excellent items: the very lovely Kawamura Risa's Bondage DX, a Race Queen/S&M exploration; and Big Morkal's DVD Anthology, with an amazing *3 hours* of footage featuring *124* lovely AV actresses, for just $20
  • For SOD lovers, a fresh new twist on the Stark Nakedness Sports series: the All Nude Challenger series, where 108 all-nude Japanese girls compete in various sports for cash. Features nude bicycle tricks, nude 100 meter dash, and trying to see how many nude Japanese girls can fit into a phone booth
  • If you love 90's AV, you must love Iijima Ai, an elegant woman who helped make the AV world what it is today. We've got a great title from her glory days!
  • I love anime, and one of my first loves was Yamato, aka Star Blazers. We've got fresh stock of the very cool die-cast Yamato toys, including the Andromeda, on the anime toys page
  • We've restocked our Wacky Things in Japan page with several items, including the very popular Japanese "kairo" warming pads, and more
  • For Japanese snack & food fans, some all-new items: a new flavor of furikake (wasabi flavored, for those who love wasabi), a great curry powder that helps you make curry fried rice easily, and a favorite of mine, Japanese "sauce" (that's it's name, just "sauce"), a delicious thick sauce that goes with many foods (but not, IMHO, eggs)
  • We've got a new silly Japanese sticker -- "No drunks allowed"
  • Finally, newly posted items on our Wacky Things from Japan page include an authentic Japanese bento box, buddhist incense and special gold sand (to stand your incense up with), and something really cool: Japanese "noren" door curtains, to add a touch of Japanese color to any room.

Remember that J-List has a great assortment of interesting and bizarre gum from Japan, from the runaway best-selling gum Black Black (per number of units, the best-selling single product in J-List's hitory) to refreshing Green Gum (to give you the "freshness of the forest"), exotic fruit flavored gum like La France and Pepino, and more. Check out the Japanese Gum page now!

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 14, 2001

Good evening from Japan, where calories are always "kikocalories."

The social phenomenon known as "kogals" (Japanese young girls who wear outrageous fashions, with blonde wigs and silly elevator shoes and tan their bodies nearly black) has brought about a new consequence: the "gal mama." Silly gals who wear flamboyant fashions can now be seen pushing baby carriages in front of them. Sexually active kogals have accidents just like everyone else, and they want to do right right thing and raise their babies -- but not at the expense of their fashion and style. Seeing two "gals" exchanging child-rearing tips while they put on their thick make-up can be quite a sight.

Living in Japan, there are certain things you learn by watching the people around you, little wisdoms that accumulate. One is that Japanese almost never sleep with socks on. I don't know why. Japanese women always have a shoe size of either 23 or 23.5 cm, so if you're ever in a pinch and need to buy shoes for a Japanese woman (say, on a trip to Rome), you can guess her shoe size and be right half the time. They never turn their headlights on during the day. All Japanese have brown eyes, of course, but the Japanese insist they are "black." And if you ask a Japanese with a high school level education how many years they've studied English, they will dutifully count out six years on their fingers -- three for junior high, three for high school -- and then tell you "six years" -- despite the fact that everyone here studies six years of English minimum.

The J-List homepage was broken for a few hours today, very sorry for the inconvenience. The problem was due to an overfilled hard drive, but the problem has been fixed. If you ever experience problems with the J-List order system, feel free to use our secure email form at to submit your order.

For this evening's update, we've got some very nice items for you, including:

  • First and foremost, some excellent magazines for you, including the excellent new issues of Gokuh (with a special on Japanese & Korean Race Queens and more), and the excellent new issue of Dela Beppin
  • For fans of Video CD + magazine combinations, we've got a great new issue of Ex CD-ROM, containing tons of sample footage of your favorite AV gals
  • We've got some excellent photobook items for you, including fresh stock of several of the Bishojo Memorial photobooks
  • For lovers of Japan's amazing erotic wide manga, we've got some all-new issues, including some positively wonderful erotic works by Angel Comics, Ex Comics and Fujimi
  • Also for manga fans, a large volley of fresh stock of some of our popular manga, including From the Bucho with Love, Kozue, Professor the Cow God, and Shiwasu no Okina's "Get or Die"
  • For fans of erotic parody works, we've got some very nice dojiin-soft CG image collections on the dojinshi/dojinsoft page
  • Fans of pro AV actresses should check out the shockingly cool offering from Inoue Chihiro, A-Class Busty Criminal, on the in-stock video pages (remember, if we run out of stock you can find this item on the special order video page)
  • Fans of SOD's Stark Nakedness Sports Series will be happy to see two new "Zenra" series videos on the SOD pages
  • We've got a very nice item for DVD collectors -- two awesome DVDs re-released at lower prices by their studios: Ozawa Madoka's "Pure Love" and Kanazawa Bunko's "Sweet Eighteen" (both code-free!)
  • For fans of lovely Japanese "kogals," we've got a new item for you via our monthly resolving "reserve subscription" -- Egg, a kogal fashion & social magazine that captures the current style and trends of Japan's young kogal medium. Get this magazine sent to you every month from J-list!
  • For fans of our Japanese snacks and food page, we've got a classic Japanese item for you: pickled "umoboshi" plums, which are delicious but very tart. Also, fresh stock of a favorite of mine, wakame soup
  • We have fresh stock of several items on our Wacky Things page,. including our popular hiragana and katakana notebooks (great for learning to write Japanese), our affordable maps of Japan, our wacky Japanese days-of-the-week magnets, and more
  • New items on the Wacky Things from Japan page include a great letter-writing notebook in traditional Japanese fashion, colorful wire-ties that help you arrange your ugly computer wiring, and a "pig bag" that is just so Japanese
  • The #1 most popular funny Japanese T-shirt J-list makes is our "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" kanji T-shirt. It's so popular, we had run out of several of the sizes before. But we've gotten a large shipment in, so we have all sizes of this great and wacky T-shirt in again.

Although most of the DVDs J-List sells are zoned for all countries, meaning that there is no region encoding to them, certain DVDs are zoned for region 2 (Japan and Europe) only, namely anime, bishojo/hentai and some adult DVDs from SOD. There are some helpful hints for people who want to get around these anti-globalizing region codes posted at the top of the region 2 DVD page. Thanks to a customer, we've posted a link to DVD Genie, a nifty program that removes region code checking in several software-based DVD players for Windows. We've also got some links to region reset hacks for Macintosh DVD-ROM drives. We love watching (and selling) cool DVDs from Japan, and hope you will find these links helpful.

Monday, March 12, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 12, 2001

Hello again from the country that invented curtains for cars, Japan!

Japan has some interesting customs regarding the signing of official documents. For example, when we went to fill out the forms for our Bongo Friendee, we had to make sure we had our dually registered name stamp ("hanko"), which is used in place of a signature as a way of verifying a person's agreement. In order to officially stamp something, you often need a "stamp proof of registration" paper which you get from the local city office. Only stamps that are registered with the city are legally binding. The use of these stamps is somewhat puzzling to foreigners -- what's to stop someone from mugging you and stealing your stamp, then withdrawing all your money from the bank. For reasons that only the Japanese can probably understand, this nearly never happens. As the Japanese economy takes more queues from the outside world, credit cards are becoming carried more and more; since the credit card system uses handwritten signatures as verification, the Japanese are of course familiar with western-style signatures, too.

The Kyokucho (manager) of the Kotobuki Post Office is retiring, at the age of 62. An interesting man whose been an incredible help to us at J-List from the beginning, setting up ways to send packages through the post office much faster. J-List repaid his kindness by rocketing his tiny post office to the #1 stop for orders shipped (J-List edged out Sanden, a large manufacturer based in Isesaki, as the biggest user of postal services in the city last year), earning him a big bonus, we hope. He said he's retiring early so he can spend his time traveling the world and doing interesting things. A very "genki" man who loves Japanese onsens and N-gauge model trains, we feel like we're losing a member of the family.

For this evening's update, we've got some very nice items for you, including:

  • First and foremost, I'm very glad to say that Peach Princess's premier title, X-Change, is now shipping. This is a wonderful "sex change comedy" bishojo game that's been eagerly awaited by fans for many months -- get your copy now!
  • We have a bunch of excellent erotic magazines from Japan, including the new issues of Video Boy and Best Video -- take note Ohura Anna fans!
  • The new issue of DVD Soft Catalog, renamed to reflect the changes in the Japanese marketplace, is posted
  • If you love great hentai-related magazines from Japan, check out Tech Gian, an excellent magazine that comes with a CD-ROM
  • We have some new items on the gouka-bon page, for fans of high-end Japanese bondage erotica
  • We've got some powerfully beautiful photobooks for you, including a new one from the lovely Tanaka Rena, and Hoshina Rie's "Afternoon Face"
  • Also for photobook fans, a treat -- stock of a great issue of Photoshot, the glossy photobook-quality magazine with the oversize format
  • If you love Japanese angels with long legs, check out our surprise: fresh stock of Mini-Suka Deluxe, our #1 leg-fetish item
  • For manga fans, we've got a nice item: fresh stock of many issues of the excellent parody manga from Japan's Fusion Product: Lunatic Party (erotic Sailor moon) and Angelic Impact and Paradise Lost (erotic Evangelion)
  • Also for manga lovers, we've got some great back-from-the-dead manga volumes in both the Manga (new releases) and Manga (classics) pages
  • We've got some new dojinshi posted, too, although they will likely sell out quickly (sorry
  • For girls, check out the stock of the latest Shojo Kakumei (Girl's Revolution), a very interesting erotic comic for girls
  • If you love cute Japanese gals, check out the 4th video in SOD's Puchi Angel, featuring the lovely Hayakawa Yu-chan
  • Fans of the popular bishojo game Kanon should check out the very nice art book on the art books page
  • We've got two killer items for region- free DVD collectors: Hell of Lesbian, a refreshing lesbian DVD performance; and the excellent My Little Sister, a *4 hour* DVD featuring excellent erotic works by four lovely AV actresses, including Ijiri Sayaka -- this cool DVD comes with a business-card size CD-ROM for Mac/PC with extra goodies
  • We've got some nice items back in stock on our Wacky Things from Japan page, including some excellent new funny Japanese notebooks
  • If you love Japanese tea, we've got an item for you: Japanese mugi (wheat) tea bags that are extra long and thin, so you cna easily brew mugi-cha in any narrow PET bottle. Convenient and delicious!
  • Finally, we've got some great new Wacky Things for you, as we always do: today we have a deluxe canvas backpack (very popular among Tokyo gals), a super-hanger that allows you hang tons of cloths in a small space, and a niffty Japanese "shoes box" for your car -- keep your car clean by having your guests take their shoes off in your car.

I must apologize again to the people who got multiple copies of the J-List updates list last week. Very sorry about that. The offending list server has been punished, and we don't think the problem should occur again.