Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 28, 2001

Greetings once again from Japan, where we've taken time out from tinkering with Mac OS X to bring you another (hopefully) interesting update!

An interesting aspect of the Japanese language is that there are multiple words for "you" and "I," and which one you use speaks volumes about how you perceive yourself. The basic word for I is "watashi" but not used all that much. Words that boys usually use are "boku" (a soft word, usually polite) or "ore" (a rougher word, which can be rude depending on the setting you use it in). A girl who is somewhat tomboyish might use the former, or if she's really tough, she might even use the latter; similarly, a young boy (like my son) might show how grown-up he is by using "ore." The "girl's" word for I is "atashi," and a homosexual speaking in an effeminate manner would use this word for himself. Words for you include "anata" (a somewhat formal word, it's also used by a wife when addressing her husband), "kimi" (a close term, used among friends) or the rougher "omae," used when talking down to someone, or among male friend showing their manliness.

When foreign visitors come to Japan, one observation make is that there's not that much that's written in English. I speak and read Japanese, so I don't think about it much, but it's true -- there are many times when Japanese aren't considerate enough of English-speaking visitors. At least there are many English newspapers to choose from in Japan. The most famous is the Japan Times, which has a long history -- I used to read old newsreels from the World War II years, when I worked in the library back in my SDSU days. I prefer the Daily Yomiuri, however, which has an interesting feature: they cycle in opinion pages from the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Independant, for a variety of interesting viewpoints from the U.S. and Europe.

For tonight's update, we've got some truly excellent items for you, including:

  • First, we've got two positively wonderful magazines from you: the new Gokuh and Bejean, both oversized and filled with lovely Japanese angels, like Hagiwara Mai and Ohura Anna -- very nice!
  • For photobook lovers, we've got some excellent items for you, including a great selection of our popular leg, stocking and "low angle" photobooks, and some great high school uniform photobooks
  • For dojinshi fans, we've got limited stock of some excellent all-new items
  • If you are a manga lover, of course we've got new erotic wide manga from Japan for you, including several all-new manga offerings by Hit and several other comic houses
  • For fans of Japan's erotic DVDs, we've got a super DVD in the "Pure" series, featuring three lovely contemporary Japanese girls who express their sexuality in really interesting ways
  • For collectors of region 2 encoded DVDs, a superb item featuring 120 minutes with six lovely AV stars, including Yoshino Sally, Suzuki Manami and Komuro Yuri
  • For fans of our popular discount videos pages, some great titles from the J-List vault, including some Miura Aika and Yoshikawa Minami -- all with free SAL shipping!
  • For Japanese idol card fans, fresh stock of the Bururun Club II series
  • We've got fresh stock of some of our popular Wacky items, including wooden Japanese signs (our most popular is "It is forbidden to urinate here"), and more blank Japanese vocabulary study cards
  • A neat new item Wacky Things from Japan page, a collection of highly useful zippered pouches, which you can use to protect your camera, CD player, or any similar device
  • We've got limited stock of the very cool Domo-kun phone/camera strap on the anime toys page
  • For Japanese snack & food fans, two delicious boil-in-bag spaghetti sauces: pasta cream (mmm), and "bongore bianco" (I know I've got that spelled wrong, I've never seen the word written in anything but Japanese ^^), complete with delicious clams!
  • We have a very nice Hello Kitty letter and postcard set on the Cute Wacky Things page
  • Finally, look for beautiful stickers from the Edo period, Japanese sushi decorative grass, a super item for cleaning your shoes, and the ultimate room freshener for those who like to read...

Remember that J-List has a full line of unique and interesting snack foods, from traditional Japanese Pocky to Gummi Pikachu to the excellent Crunky Crunch Chocolate. Check out our excellent items now!

Monday, March 26, 2001

Greetings from J-List March 26, 2001

Hello again from J-List

Breakfast cereal is one of the major staple foods in the U.S., and it's slowly growing in popularity here in Japan, too. It was slow going, though -- Japanese consumers preferred Japanese food, like fish, miso soup and natto (fermented soybeans), to what looked to them like "bird seed." Now, several brands of cereal compete for share the Japanese cereal market, lead by Kellogg's, who markets Corn Flake, Corn Frosty, Choko-wa (chocolate loops), and All-Bran. Unfortunately, Kellogg's products are very expensive here -- about $4 for a box that contains only 2-3 American-sized bowls of cereal, so I usually choose Ciscorn or Calbee's cereal products. Amazingly, Japan is a huge consumer of rice, but no one sells Rice Crispies or a copycat product here.

Japanese is an interesting language grammatically. In Japanese, you have various "particles" which you use to mark words -- a subject particle, an object particle, and so on. Related to this are the many Japanese "counters" you use to count things. There are hundreds of these counters, each used with different kinds of objects. To count thin, flat objects like cards or sheets of paper, you use "mai" (e.g. ichi mai, ni mai, san mai). To count long, cylindrical objects like an umbrella, you use "hon" (ippon, ni hon). There are special counters for birds (wa), small animals like dogs (hiki), larger animals like cows (tou), and so on -- similar to words like "gaggle" "herd" and "flock" in English, but extended to virtually all countable nouns. It's quite fun to try to learn them all.

Japan had a large quake on Saturday which destroyed thousands of homes and left several dead around Hiroshima and Ehime Prefecture, on the smallest Japanese island of Shikoku. J-List is about 1500 km from Hiroshima, so we were quite far from the damage -- I didn't even know about the quake until I read it in the Daily Yomiuri. It was a terrible tragedy, but we're glad there wasn't more loss of life.

We had some server problems on Saturday, Japan time, which resulted in the shopping cart not adding items that were added to the cart properly. We are very sorry for for the inconvenience. The site is working fine now, and we think the problem are over, but if you have any problems with the J-List cart, you can order via our secure email form at . Currently, most of the larger images have been removed from the server to keep he drive from filling up while we move servers, so please use "thumbnail view" when browsing the J-List site.

For the new update, we've added some excellent items for you, including

First, some excellent adult magazines from Japan, including the stellar new issues of Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, a super new Gal's Dee for fans of busty Japanese girls, and the very erotic amateur magazine High-Teen Nessha Boy

For photobook fans, we have A5 format color photobook of the popular CD-ROM series Yellows 2.0, Yellows 3.0 ~ China and Yellows 1.0 ~ Americans, which are mostly out of print

Als for photobook lovers, a special item: From the Bathroom with Love, which contains fabulous nude shots of Japan's most famous AV gals, but also pictures of their own homes with maps to their homes -- features virtually every popular AV girl in Japan today

For bondage and discipline lovers, an interesting magazine + dual Video CD sampler item with footage from Brain Trust and others

We have two excellent new dojinshi in stock for you: the very sexy 12 Kaiten, an exploration in Japanese "waitress fetishism," and Energya's fabulous new collection of hentai Sailor Moon

We've got a bunch of excellent erotic manga that have been posted, with many new all-new volumes, including books from IC, Do and Oak Comix -- also a super new issue of Electric Fighting Daughters, the "game girl" hentai parody dojinshi anthology manga

Also for manga fans, we have fresh stock of the truly excellent Paradise Lost erotic dojinshi anthologies from Fusion Product

For DVD lovers, another excellent re-issue DVD for fans of classic gals -- Ozawa madoka's sexy "18 Dreams"

Also for DVD fans, we've posted the Masterpiece of SOD collection DVD, which features killer samples from 64 titles released between May and August of 2000

If you love the pure and virginal Minori Aoi, check out her "Lucky Creamy Girl" video offering, from the famous Uchu Kikaku, on our video pages

From Soft on Demand's Deep's label, an excellent compilation video featuring 120 minutes of their excellent tekoki, cosplay and other video works

For fans of Takara's very lovely Licca-chan doll series, we've got a cool set of keychains featuring Licca dressed for a summer festival -- Asakura Licca-chan -- on the anime & toys page

We've got fresh stock of one of my favorite foods from Japan, konnyaku jelly, on the Japanese snacks and food page. Konnyaku is a vegetable-based food that is very solid and firm, and is used as a diet food here because it fills you up while providing very few calories. Check out our konnyaku jelly items before we sell out again

Also on the snacks page, a delicious new twist on furikake: kimchee flavor (yum)

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