Saturday, June 09, 2001

Greetings from J-List June 9, 2001

Hello again from Japan! It's good to be home, but the humidity of June in Japan is not exactly welcome...

One of the most unique and complex aspects of Japan is its education system. Ever since "discovering" outside culture through Korea and China, including Confusionistic ideas of appointing government officials according to academic rank, rather than who was who's son, Japan has thought deeply about the role of education in its society. Although it was held up during the late 80's as yet another area in which America lost to Japan, it's important to understand what the good and bad parts of the education system in Japan.

There are two "halves" to education in Japan. Throughout elementary and junior high, the goal of education is to create happy individuals who harmonize with each other through shared experiences -- a sports day here, a classwide field trip there, and most of all, the systematic learning of kanji. In each school year, students are assigned to a certain class, and are in that class all the time -- the teachers come and go as each hour goes by -- which is probably done to build social skills. In junior high school, there are "clubs" (volleyball club, ping pong club, English club, manga and anime club) and every student is required to join a club as a character-building excercise. Compulstory education in Japan is extremely centralized -- for example, there is one and only one textbook for students at a certain level to use, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. The keyword for the first half of education in Japan is "uniformity."

High school is not compulstory in Japan -- everyone is free to go or not go, although "chu-sotsu" (those who graduated from junior high school, without going on to high school) are seen in an extremely negative light here. For high school and college, the main idea is "competition" -- since there are many high schools and universities that a student can choose from, depending on his level of academic ability, students must study hard to get into the school of their choice. The extra work that students headed for high school or college put into their studies is one of the main benefits of the Japanese system -- nothing makes a student buckle down and study like having a goal. As Japan's population of children shrinks, however, making it possible for more students to go to a four-year university even without extra studying, this beneficial mechanism is at risk of breaking down.

Japan is taking a lot of flack these days for having some textbooks that gloss over Japan's attrocities during World War II. It's a shame that Japan lacks a greater awareness of what they did wrong during the war, but on the other hand, they're only human, too. All countries have national pride, and how they express history tells a lot about this. I was in college before I realized that even my own country has bent plenty of history in the name of citizenship, starting with George Washington and his cherry tree and ending with the glorification of certain parts of history that happen to give Americans a "warm, nationalistic feeling." Unfortunately I see no end in sight to the ongoing fight over Japan's self-awareness issue, and Korea and China will still be at odds with Japan on the "textbook issue" well into the future.

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