Saturday, August 04, 2001

Greetings from J-List August 4, 2001

Greetings from your friends in Japan, at J-List!

Today is Hiroshima Day, the 56th anniversary of the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima. My son, who is half Japanese, asked us about it this morning, and my wife told him that America dropped the bomb to try to get Japan to stop fighting. It was kind of an out-of-body experience for a moment there: American me, sitting in Japan, talking about Hiroshima with my Japanese family (while eating Pokemon Pop-Tarts®, no less). As a child of 6, he's used to thinking of conflicts in terms of the "good guys" (ii hito) vs. the "bad guys" (warui hito), like Star Wars or Yu-Gi-Oh. He wanted to know which side was the "bad guys" during the war, but it was kind of hard question to answer.

I've talked with many Japanese in the nine years I've lived in Japan about the war, and I've had many interesting discussions. Almost all Japanese are glad that Japan lost the war, since it paved the way for equalization of Japanese society and real Japanese democracy. Once, in rural Toyama Prefecture, I was drinking with an old man who started sobbing: "Why did giant American bring war to little Japan?" In Hiroshima, they have a beautiful memorial park and museum commemorating the atomic bombing (you can go and see the famous "A-Bomb Dome"), but they treat the event like a lightning bolt that came out of nowhere, without nine years of warlike history on the part of Japan preceding it. My wife said it best, perhaps, while watching Fantasia: while Japan was melting down pots and pans to get steel for their airplane parts, America had the leisure time to produce a masterpiece of that scale. What was Japan thinking? I've never encountered a Japanese who was angry at me over the events of World War II, and actually, I've encountered almost no Japanese who disliked Americans at all: it's really the one country in the world where being a Yankee will get you a warm welcome and just maybe free beer. Happy Hiroshima Day.

For the first update of the week, we've got some great new items for you, including:

  • First, some great new magazines, including the new issues of Video Boy and Best Video, a new Aishite Ageru ("I'll Love You," sperm fetish magazine), and more
  • If you love the very cool DVD & Video-CD Soft Catalog, a sampler magazine with 2 VCDs including 2 hours of AV quickies and a full release title, too, we have fresh stock of the May 2000 issue
  • For fans of the dynamite Anna Ohura, the massively popular AV idol with a 101 cm bust, we have her latest hardcover photobook in all its erotic glory
  • Also new for photobook fans, wonderful hardcover photobooks featuring Erika Ito and Satomi Yoshida
  • Of course we have lots of new manga volumes for you, including erotic offerings by some of Japan's most talented hentai artists, with both new volumes and fresh stock of many popular titles (including the Erotic Heart Mother series)
  • Since the doujinshi we posted last week were so popular, we have -- more doujinshi for you, including hentai parodies of game girls and more!
  • For fans of Japan's erotic video, we've got a superb cosplay video, which features the lovely Ami Okina perform six different "naka-dashi fucks" each in a different erotic costume
  • We've got two excellent DVDs for SOD fans, too: the Masterpiece of Tekoki-kokikoki DVD (featuring 2 hours of SOD's best hand-job AV ever), and both sides of the wonderful Kurumi Morishita in "Omote Kurumi, Ura Kurumi"
  • For collectors of AV actress cards, we've got fresh stock of the Crystal Card series, which keeps selling out every time we turn around
  • For fans of Japan's cool anime toys and more, we've got several new items, including some cool new Final Fantasy figures and an extremely rare item for Ah My Goddess fans
  • For fans of Japan's sexy idols, we've got an interesting new item: a photobook which includes a pull-out poster, which as four packs of trading cards inside a cardboard protector -- great for fans of the lovely Haruka Igawa
  • We have even more items on our Wacky Things from Japan, including interesting Buddhist prayer beads (very fashionable too as a bracelet), new wacky Japanese square-back notebooks with funny English on them ("From Africa"), and fresh stock of our most popular Wacky wooden sign ever, the "It is forbidden to urinate here."

To see all the new products at J-List at once, click this link:

The newly added Wacky Japanese T-shirts are selling well. "Dirty American Devil" (kichiku beihei, the word the Japanese used to refer to us when we were calling them "Japs") is the clear leader of the pack so far, with "Proud of my big root" coming in second. The esoteric design of "Hiragana Man" (a happy face made from Japanese hiragana characters, a famous doodle that all Japanese know) is picking up third place.

AMPalace, a site set up by some friends of ours, is now open. It's a very nice news and information site dedicated to Japanese AV. We think it's great, so check it out at

We had some problems with the test mail server we were using, so we've gone back to the more reliable server. Very sorry if you received multiple copies of the last update (or no copies at all). We'll keep swinging away at the mail server problem until we get it licked. If you experience any odd problems with the list, by all means please let us know -- thanks!

Monday, July 30, 2001

Greetings from J-List July 30, 2001

Hello from the New J-List! We're happy to take the wraps off the all-new J-List homepage!

The new J-List site represents many months of hard work, and it includes some features we've wanted to incorporate into the site for years. First and foremost is the #1 request from customers -- full product search -- allowing you to search for just products with the keywords you want. The search is smart, too, allowing you to search for either "Bunko Kanazawa" (English name order) or "Kanazawa Bunko" (Japanese word order). Similiarly, you can search for "bishojo" or "bishoujo" and get the same results. When you add an item to your shopping cart, the new J-List site will make suggestions for other items you may also be interested in. By popular demand, we've brought back the thumbnail, full size and text viewing options while viewing, and now they're "sticky" -- choose one viewing option, and that option stays "on" while you view items. The way you view the various categories and sub-categories has been improved, too, and we've done away with the frames as well. Your address information is saved for you, allowing you to check out quickly without typing your address after the first time, and when you check out, you'll be presented with accurate shipping charges for SAL, Airmail, EMS and seamail. As we created this new site, we tried not just to add new features, but to keep things that should be kept the same untouched. While the new site is being tested and put through its paces, we've left the old site up, in case you ever try to access the new page and find it inaccessible (say, because we're recompiling the shopping cart program). You can access the old J-List pages from the index page at . Please let us know how we've done!

Well, the textbook issue continues to cause tension between Korea and Japan, with a few in Korea calling for the severing of relations with Japan. The relationship of Japan and Korea is an incredibly complex one, that can't be easily understood by outsiders. I've always thought the two countries were quite similar to England and Ireland in many ways -- the power in the East tries to colonize the weaker country to the west, trying not just to conquer it, but to erase its native language and replace it with Japanese. If you'd like to read up on the individual issues that Korea and China have objected to in Japan's latest history textbook, see this article from the Korean Herald: .

Since we love DVD but hate the anti-globalistic efforts of DVD machine makers to divide the world into exclusive DVD regions, we've

For this first official update of the All New J-List, we have some very nice items for you. They include:

  • First of all, we're happy to announce that the third bishoujo game release from Peach Princess, Water Closet, is now shipping! This is a great exploration of various fetish themes, with a hilarious story in which you play from the point of view of one of five female characters (including the first-ever Canadian bishoujo game character). We think Water Closet is a great game!
  • We've got some excellent magazines, including the new Urecco, with one of the most lovely cover models we've ever seen -- Megumi Yasu
  • Also popular with J-List customers, the lovely new Cream, featuring sweet Japanese sailor uniform models and more -- this issue is extra special because it features the "first nude" of Yuina Mizuki, age 18, and more
  • For fans of classic magazines, we've got some mid-1990's issues of Urecco posted for you (see magazine page 2)
  • If you like Japan's hentai games, see the new issue of Push, which is extra-cool because it features a CD-ROM with game images and demos to play with
  • Also a popular item: fresh stock of the August 2000 DVD & Video CD Soft Catalog, a nifty magazine + dual VCD magazine that gives you up to 2 hours of cool AV fun for a very low price
  • For photobook fans, we have a super item, Back Yellows, featuring 47 lovely amateur Tokyo girls exposing their nudity for you, as well as some classic issues of Nowon
  • G-Taste is a fantastic series of erotic color art books by Hiroki Yagami, and feature his wonderful and highly erotic characters. We've restocked most of the G-Taste books for you!
  • We have a rare and cool erotic ukiyoe photobook, filled excellent 19th century erotica (we only have one copy though)
  • If you love our manga selection, we hope you'll like the new search features, which make it easier than ever to find the manga you want. We've also posted some great new volumes, as well as fresh stock of a dozen popular (but previously sold out) items, just for you
  • For yaoi fans, we've got some nice items, including Be Boys Zips 26 and Slave & Master (wow, such interesting titles)
  • If doujinshi is your true love, we've got the new TGWOA manga ("The Great Work of Alchemy"), filled with great hentai doujinshi themes
  • We've got some nice erotic videos for you: Sanity or Insanity (an exploration of masochism among Japan's female college students), and Junna Shiina's great "Lovely Days" video
  • For DVD lovers, we've got some excellent items for you too: Miho Fukada's wonderful sexual performance in 5.1 Dolby surround with super multi-angle, as well as Manami Yoshii's super cosplay performance as "Heart Captor Manami"
  • Also for fans of rare hentai DVD from Japan, we've got vol. 1 of the Night Shift Hospital hentai anime by the former doujinshi artist Tachibana Seven
  • If you love Japan's wonderful anime characters, we've got two excellent magazines available by monthly revolving subscription. Megami Magazine is a fantastic anime magazine that is literally overflowing with fantastic presents for you -- 13 double-sided color posters, stickers, punch-out desktop characters, and more. Then, Ultra Jump is a super monthly manga magazine with 450 pages of great manga for all manga fans, including the popular Bastard!! series, and more
  • By customer request, we've gotten in fresh stock of the Love Hina "bilingual" manga, which feature both English and Japanese -- a great way to enjoy these great manga stories
  • We've organized the Wacky Things from Japan into several sub-categories, for your browsing convenience. If you love Hello Kitty, check out the very cool Watercolor Set we've got on the Cute Things from Japan page
  • Finally, announcing the Wacky Things from Japan $1 sale! We've gotten some really bizarre and wonderful Wacky items over the years. We're having a super $1 sale to allow you to get some cool things from Japan and help us make room for even more Wacky stuff.

Okay, come see us on the web!