Thursday, August 23, 2001

Greetings from J-List August 23, 2001

Hello again from Japan, the home of words like "virgin road" and "shutter chance."

Part of the Japanese sense of "joshiki" (unifying common sense) can be understood through the word "chanto." Meaning "properly," the Japanese use this word to grant a higher status to "the way things should be." When I went to pick up my daughter from her preschool, I watched the teacher showing the kids a "kami-shibai" (a story told to kids using sheets of cardboard with pictures on them) about the proper way to brush your teeth, the proper way to greet others, and so on. The word "chanto" was thrown around a lot. Of course teaching kids is one thing, but it's interesting to note that the concept of there being "one" correct way to do things is quite important to the Japanese. Almost without fail, those who don't follow that one path -- young people who drop out of school and play guitar in front of the train station for money, couples who live together without getting married -- are seen in a negative light.

One of the challenges for me as an American, living in rural Japan, comes from having no native speakers of English around me. It's amazing how much having other native speaks affects your own speaking. If I lived in New Zealand (as I in fact did for a year when I was a child), I'd naturally pick up a Kiwi accent. If I moved to India, I'd start talking like Apu from the Quik-E-Mart. Because there isn't much use for a gaijin who talks with a Japanese accent, or who goes around saying things like "Almost people in America drive a car," I have to constantly check my English to make sure it doesn't erode too badly. Another challenge: swearing. In Japan, English swear words carrying none of the shock or negative implications that they do in an English-speaking country. Thus, it's quite easy for foreigners living in Japan to lose the subtle mental checks and balances that govern the use of swear words, if they're not god damned careful.

Kaori's taking the day off today, to go to the new Disney Sea theme park that opened near Tokyo Disneyland (which isn't actually in Tokyo). Actually, it's not really open yet -- Kaori received a special invitation to go to the park before its official opening. She's been sending us digital images from her portable phone (which has a digital camera built into it). It looks like fun, but I detest all theme parks in Japan: the density of people in this country (320 per square mile, vs. 26 for the U.S.) guarantees that any day at a Disneyland-type theme park will be eaten up by waiting in lines.

Well, our air conditioning is back on -- yaay! If you want to see the charred motherboard that game out of our air conditioning unit, it's at .

For this afternoon's update, we've got another nice bunch of items for you, including:

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  • Also for fans of Japan's unique doujin-world, we've got some excellent CD-ROM compilations of "doujin-soft." These are CG collections put out by circles, who do computer graphics work instead of publishing book-format doujinshi comics. The quality of the CG is very high and very unique. Stock is limited, so check the doujinshi page fast...
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We've updated the J-List glossary of terms again, with some suggestions from readers. We hope it's helpful! Also, Yasu will be in Tokyo tomorrow, so we've updated the week's "top 5" lists a day early.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Greetings from J-List August 21, 2001

Greetings on a rainy Tuesday in Japan!

It looks like the Japanese may finally adopt a system that allows married people to have separate last names, a new change for a country in which virtually all married women take their husband's names (or in some cases, when the man goes to live in the woman's house, vice versa). A wife not taking her husband's name unheard of except among famous singers and actors, although Japanese who marry foreigners may opt to become "bessei fuufu" or a married couple that don't have the same last name. My wife and I fall into this category: I am universally called Yanai-san my the mothers at my kids preschool. It causes some confusion, as the city we live in often assumes she's a single mother, and sends social workers around to see if she's doing okay. When she filled out her update card for her high school reunion, she wrote "Payne-Yanai" as her current name -- she didn't want the people she went to high school with to think she had never gotten married. In Japan, when a woman gets divorced, she nearly always takes her maiden name back.

Part of my Unified Theory of Japan is the concept of "joshiki," a word which translates to "common sense" or knowledge that everyone has. The Japanese all seem to have a built-in common sense, ideas about the way things work, and they are very much in harmony with it. It is "joshiki" that all kids will go to school to be taught and brought up as happy citizens of the society, and so there is homeschooling in Japan. It is common sense that babies be born in hospitals, and so there is very little in the way of alternate birthing here. This "all powerful common sense" that the Japanese seem to possess is part of the why Japanese society seems, from the outside at least, over-organized in some ways.

Well, Tokimeki Check in! has been shipping for ten days or so now, and our customers are telling us they really love this game (one customer swears he played it for 24 hours straight). We're glad to hear it, since we think it's one of the best games ever ported to English. We hope you'll check out this very excellent "pretty girl" game.

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We had a few problems with the site over the past 24 hours, which mainly resulted in some images not showing up. Everything should be back to normal by now, sorry about that.

For today's update, we've got some excellent new items, including:

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J-Mate ( has been updated, with a new interview by the saucy Izumi Morino, as well as reviews of Snow Drop and Viper M1.