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Greetings from J-List October 12, 2002

Hello again from your friends in Japan!

Our family has four cars in Japan, one for each of us. My father-in-law drives a Daihatsu Sambar for making deliveries of beer and sake from his liquor shop, and my mother-in-law has a Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, the first car made after Nissan joined with Renault. My wife drives our Saturn (we have the first Saturn sold in our prefecture), and my car is a Mazda Bongo Friendee, a large van with a top that opens to make an extra room for the kids, great for watching fireworks. It's a nice car, and I love the silly name.

It can be quite interesting to analyze Japan's car names. Above all, car names must sound "kakko ii" (cool, sylish), and since nothing sounds cooler to the Japanese ear than English, most cars here get their names from English words -- like Honda Life and Subaru Legend, or Nissan's Sunny and March (March is sold as Nissan Micra in Europe). But many other names come from slightly altered English, so that they cause the same emotional response while being original. Words like Carolla or Tercel or Sylphy or Premacy sound like English, but car companies can still "own" the original names. Also, names taken from Spanish like Daihatsu's little van Vamos (love that one) or Mitsubishi's Diamante are getting more and more popular with car makers here.

Japanese cars must never, ever have Japanese names, since that would be "kakko warui" (un-cool, bad style) -- Japanese are always amused to learn that the Suzuki Jiminy was sold as Suzuki Samurai in the U.S. However, there are some cars whose names started out as Japanese words before being "English-ified." Toyota Camry, for example, gets its name from "kammuri," which means crown in Japanese -- which is funny, since Toyota sells a higher-priced sedan here called Toyota Crown, and in the past as sold the Toyota Corona, which means crown in Spanish. Other names that have a "Japanese" feel to them are Daihatsu's Mira (sort of sounds like "mirai" which means "future") and Mitsubishi's Minica (which sound like what it is -- a very small "mini car").

For bishoujo gaming fans, we're happy to announce two new preorder products. First, JAST USA Memorial Collection is a total re-engineering of three classic games: Three Sisters' Story, Season of the Sakura and Runaway City. The new game collection features a completely updated game engine with new effects including anti-aliased graphics, re-sampled music and many new features. You can get all three games in one package for $24.95. Then, Milky House Memorial Collection brings you three more classic titles: Nocturnal Illusion, May Club and the original Borderline Collection, all for just $19.95. All game work with modern Windows, including Windows XP. Preorder for free shipping on these titles (US/Canada; half price for international shipping) when they come out! (There's a $5 rebate for people who have purchased these games before, too.)

For the new update, we've got some really nice items for you. The new products posted to the site include a great soft vinyl figure of Shrek, sold only in the Japanese market, a fantastic deluxe Totoro music box for serious collectors, new Japanese Hot Wheels cars, two great new all-purpose bento boxes, cute Hello Kitty and Hamtaro items, new "Ochaken" (Tea Dog) keychains, Black Black candy and Meito green tea powder, a super sexy Race Queen trading card series, and more. For our adult customers, new posted items include the beautiful Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, a great Soft on Demand catalog that's just 25 cents, several nice new and restocked hardcover photobooks including the excellent "Zenkai," great new erotic DVDs including the stylish Akira Watase and Ryoko Mitake and a super new Lesbian Kiss Collection from Deep's, and many newly restocked DVD titles (Azumi Kawashima, 24 AV Idols, Lesbian on the Beach in Guam and many more).

One of our most popular products are our wacky Japanese T-shirts, which are printed on 100% cotton T-shirts and printed in the USA. We carry a full range of sizes so we can please every customer, from S all the way up to 3XL. Unfortunately, some shirt colors aren't available in 3XL, however we have added 3XL for our newest shirt release, the yellow "Twenty Years Old" shirt.

The J-Mate site has been updated with two new reviews of DVDs by Akira Watase and Maiko Kazano. Be sure and read part 2 of the "long interview" with Indies Queen Ai Nagase if you haven't yet, it's very interesting.

Greetings from J-List January 12, 2002

Greetings from J-List January 12, 2002

Hello again from San Diego. I head back to Japan tomorrow, but I'm outside in my backyard, enjoying the warm weather, able to work remotely courtesy of Apple's Airport.

If you spend any time in Japan, you're likely to notice that the Japanese really love florescent lights. Because they're very bright, and because they use less power than normal lights, the Japanese use florescent lights for almost any kind of lighting, even in residential homes -- quite different from how lights are used in the U.S. When you build a home in Japan (you almost always build a new home rather than buying a "used" house that someone else has lived in), a lot of the fun is going through the National/Panasonic lighting catalog and choosing what kind of lighting to install in each room. When the Japanese put their minds to designing something beautifully, they really go all out, and the quality and variety of lighting you can choose from is great. The long-life florescent bulbs for normal lamps, which have been getting popular in the States, have been around in Japan for 15 years or more.

It's quite interesting to analyze how Japanese name their cars. First of all, names given to Japanese cars must sound "kakko ii" (cool), and since nothing sounds cooler to the Japanese ear than English, most cars here get their names from English words -- like Honda Life and Legend, or Nissan's Bluebird and Sunny, or Mazda's Roadster (aka the Miyata, although all Japanese think it means "road star" just as they think Pizza Hut is really "Pizza Hat"). But many other names come from slightly altered English, so that they cause the same emotional response while being original. Words like Carolla or Tercel or Soarer or Sylphy or Premacy sound like English, but car companies can still "own" the original names.

Japanese cars must never, ever have Japanese names, since that would be "kakko warui" (un-cool) -- Japanese are always amused to learn that the Suzuki Jiminy was sold as Suzuki Samurai in the U.S. However, there are some cars whose names started out as Japanese words before being "English-ified." Toyota Camry, for example, gets its name from "kammuri," which means crown in Japanese -- which is funny, since Toyota sells a higher-priced sedan in Japan called Toyota Crown. (Incidentally, the Camry is not popular at all in Japan -- too boring.) Other names that have a "Japanese" feel to them are Daihatsu's Mira (sort of sounds like "mirai" which means "future") and Mitsubishi's Minica (which sound like what it is -- a very small "mini car").

For the new update, the J-List team has added another large volley of new products to the J-List website. For adult customers, we've got new magazines (amateur, kogal), new photobooks (including our last restock of I Mai Me by Mai Hagiwara and Emily Yoshikawa's very nice photobook), new manga (including new Rei Nekojima and other titles), a restock of our popular Lunatic Party hentai Sailor Moon manga, excellent new DVDs and some videos (including new "Penis study" fetish titles from Soft on Demand), new doujinshi, and more. We've also got cool new "traditional" Japanese items including stylish chopsticks and dishes, new Japanese snack items including delicious soft, shreaded ika, new Morning Musume cards, Hello Kitty and Hamutaro items, fresh stock of Godzilla items, more Buddhist Prayer Beads, and a restock of the positively beautiful extra-large cold cast "completed figure" of Urd from Ah My Goddess and Love Hina SkyLuv Project toys.

At J-List, we have a great selection of DVDs from Japan. Nearly all our DVDs are "region free," meaning you can play them on any DVD player in the world, but an increasing number of "Indies" DVDs, as well as all anime and "hentai" DVDs released in Japan, are encoded for region 2 (Japan and Europe). The simplest way to view region 2 DVDs is to buy a region free DVD player, and we recommend the Sampo DVE-611 (which can be made region free via a simple hack). And we found a source for these players for just $109 -- we've bought two ourselves. Since you need a region-free player to view many of the recent Indies DVD releases, and all anime DVDs from Japan (including the Miyazaki films, which will all be released in 2002), it's our sincere hope that everyone will get one of these players and oppose the anti-globalists who thought of the DVD regions in the first place. The link to the $109 Sampo players is here.

Are you interested in learning Japanese? Our friends over at YesJapan ( have such a good online course, allowing at-your-pace study, thousands of audio files, and an "ask-a-teacher" service, that we wanted to plug them on the list. We think this is a great way to learn Japanese and we hope you'll give them a try.

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Greetings from J-List October 10, 2002

Hello again from Japan, home of tako-yaki, delicious batter-balls with tako (octopus) meat inside!

Because the names of foreigners are rare in Japan, they can tend to become larger than life to the Japanese. You might know several people named Jason, but in Japan, there's only one: the famous killer from the Friday the 13th movies. If your name is Jason and you introduce yourself to Japanese people, they're likely to associate you with the films and giggle. While Japanese pop singer Seiko Matsuda was in New York trying to break into the American music scene during the early 90's, she had an affair with a man she met in a restaurant named Jeff. The affair became public knowledge, and suddenly everyone in Japan knew about Jeff, to the chagrin of a friend of mine with the same name, who had to endure the giggles of high school girls for months whenever he mentioned his name. Even my own name is famous, thanks to a show from the Golden Age of anime, Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Heidi's friend is named Peter (although it's pronounced "Peh-tah" in the anime as it comes from German).

Japanese names are interesting to study. Japanese put their family names before their first names, so that Ai Kurosawa's name is Kurosawa Ai if you're speaking Japanese. It can be confusing, which is part of why we developed the J-List search engine to bring up the same results no matter what word order you use. Japanese female names often have "ko" in them (Keiko, Miko, etc.), which means "child." Boy's names, on the other hand, often reflect their status in the family. If a boy is the oldest son, he'll often have a name that indicates this, by having the number 1 or the word "first" in it. I can tell that baseball star Ichiro and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi are the oldest sons in their families because ichi is "one" in Japanese. The second son in a family will often have a name like Koji or Kenji -- the "ji" character means second or next. The most "vanilla" sounding names in Japanese (i.e., the names that correspond to John and Mary Smith in English) are Taro and Hanako Yamada. Japanese names are nearly always written in Chinese characters (although they can be written in hiragana), and just as there are various spellings for Western names, there are often many ways to write a person's name in kanji.

For the update, we've got some great new items posted on the site for you. They include:

  • First, two special items for collectors of only-sold-in-Japan Star Wars toys, we've got the soft vinyl figure of Obi Wan Kenobi from Attack of the Clones in stock, and for preorder, the very cool Mace Windu/Yoda figure set (due out in November)
  • For our wacky Japanese T-shirt fans, an alternate color of one of my own favorite shirts, the "You must be 20 to purchase tobacco and alcohol" shirt
  • Like Totoro? We've posted the very large (17") plush Totoros to our site today
  • We're closing out several of our shirts, including the "Root" shirt and our Peach Princess full color shirts -- they're just $9.95!
  • We love Japan's famous swimsuit idols and Race Queens and have some nice new items for you, including a deluxe Scholar Idol Special
  • For Hello Kitty fans and collectors, we've got some beautiful items, including high-quality silk handbags and coin purses, a Hello Kitty study set and more
  • Also: a great item for your bathroom, a Hello Kitty floating tumbler, featuring Kitty and her friends floating at the beach
  • Fans of our Japanese snack pages will enjoy some new items, including Super Strawberry Shigekix (sour hard-gummi that are fun to eat), and two new flavors of Candy Bubbles -- bubbles you can eat!
  • We love wacky parody goods from Japan, which are really popular now -- the latest item are keychains (also okay to use as telephone or camera straps) with delicious Lotte gum -- pull the string and a stock of gum pops up
  • We love to carry traditional Japanese items, and have some new ones for you, including Japanese miso soup bowls, new chopsticks, and a great folding fan
  • For fans of Ojamajo Doremi, some cute dress-up dolls that are fun to play with
  • For fans of Takara's fashion dolls, we've got the very nice Blythe dolls, which feature incredibly detailed fashion clothes -- a great item for collectors
  • Another popular category of item only available in Japan: fude-pens, pens that write like a beautiful Chinese writing brush -- and we've refreshed our stock of these items
  • Japanese love to put fun and stylish straps on their phones, and we love to carry these wacky straps. We've got limited stock of an out-of-production set of straps based on famous American horror films (rare)
  • Finally, find a handy all-purpose zippered pouch, new Hello Kitty bento items and other cute Sanrio items, new Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) items, Totoro magnets, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. The new items include:

  • For magazine fans, we've got the new Urecco Super Beauties, a special all-star issue of Urecco that's just overflowing with the most famous and beautiful AV idols in Japan -- virtually all the top names are here
  • We've got some beautiful photobooks, including a new issue of Smart Girls, featuring incredibly stylish and artfully photographed nude models, and other new hardcover photobooks as well
  • Fans of older ladies will enjoy the Jukujo No. 1, which features very experienced ladies and married women
  • We've got a huge offering of great hentai manga for you, including all-new comics from Japan's top manga studios
  • Also, another excellent volley of new doujinshi on the site, obtained at the past Comic Market (stock is limited, these items will go fast)
  • For adult DVD aficionados, we've got some killer new items for you, starting off with a "4 in 1" with four individual video releases of Hitomi Hayasaka -- 4 hours of her best AV on one disc! (region free)
  • From Million, one of our favorite AV studios, enjoy a great offering of huge breast fetish fun (region free)
  • From Soft on Demand, Sally Yoshino will assist your masturbation and fulfill your erotic dreams (region free)
  • Hitomi Yuuki, who I once met at a Macworld Expo in Tokyo, was one of the top AV stars of the Gilgamesh Night era -- now she's back, in a great new release from SOD (region free)
  • Enjoy the tender lesbian kiss and romance of Akane Ono in a great lesbian offering from Moodyz (region 2)
  • From Aroma Planning, a new fetish for you to enjoy -- "Skirt Diving" or men burying their faces inside the skirts of beautiful women (region 2)
  • Finally, we've restocked several DVD items, so check through them to see what's added!

Remember that we're right in the middle of the very busy 2003 Japanese Calendar season! Japan is a very seasonal place, and the "season" for getting 2003 calendars is now until the end of this month or so. Because the window is so tight, if you want to guarantee that the Joy of Sushi or the Domo-Kun calendars you want will be available, you need to preorder them. Because we love all Japanese pop culture, we go out of our way to carry virtually all the 2003 calendars, even some rare ones like anime shows that are popular in Japan but aren't known overseas yet. Remember: order 4 or more calendars and you get your mailing tubes free!

J-List love the line of Japanese plush dogs called "The Dog." (The Japanese really love the word "the" and use it all the time.) We still have stock of many different plush dogs in various sizes, from the small keychain versions to the super-huggable plush Pug and Wesh Corgi. Stock of these items is limited, so please check out what we've got on the page now. They make unique Christmas gifts, too! (We even carry The Dog and The Cat 2003 calendars.)
You've got a friend in Japan at J-List. å

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Greetings from J-List October 8, 2002

Hello again from all of us in Japan!

Japan can be a funny place. Although it's one of the most pro-American countries in the world, at the end of the day, Japan really loves Europe, and secretly wishes it could be a part of that continent. During the Meiji period, when Japan was looking to other nations as it modernized its institutions, they chose many elements from Europe to incorporate here. The French prefectural system, for example, was used as the model for Japan's internal organization; they modeled their military on Prussia's, and their Diet on Britan's Parliament, the Mother of Parliaments. In much the same was as the British will jokingly pretend they're not part of Europe (since they're an island nation), the Japanese seem to pretend they're not a part of Asia, and actually say "Asia and Japan" as if one were not part of the other. The fact that Japan and most of Europe are grouped in the same DVD region (region 2) area speaks volumes about how Japan perceives itself.

As part of their ongoing efforts at "internationalizing" Japanese young people, Japanese must study six years of English by the time they're 18, and more if they go on to college. But there's always a subtle conflict that no one openly acknowledges: do they study American English or British English? The Japanese have always had great respect for England, and have copied them in many ways (including their penchant for Empire-building) during the past 150 years. Still, the Japanese tend to study American spelling ("color" not "colour"), as a general rule. The problem is, it's not a fixed rule -- British English is sometimes used in schools, but other times American English is used: just enough to confuse and frustrate the poor kids. When my wife was in Junior High school, she took part in a pronunciation contest. She practiced and practiced the text she was supposed to read, but unfortunately, the teacher who helped her with the material had learned British English, and the two accents confused her terribly.

We were surprised to hear that Ultraman Tiga is being shown in the U.S. on Fox. Ultraman Tiga is the first of the Ultraman series made in Japan after the long gap between the "classic" Ultraman series of the 1960s and 70s. I've been a big fan of Ultraman ever since I was a child and saw the original on TV, and I've enjoyed a fun second childhood, watching the newer Japanese series with my son. We carry some nice items for Ultraman lovers, including the 2003 Ultraman calendars, and the Eiji Tsuburaya Anniversary calendar, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Tsuburaya, the Father of Godzilla and Ultraman (we highly recommend it). For a fantastic page documenting everything there is to know about Ultraman, see

We've received some questions about how the ongoing dock closures along the West Coast might affect J-List shipment delivery. Happily, all SAL, airmail and EMS shipment are all sent via air, so only seamail shipments should be affected by the delays.

For the new update, we have many cool products for you from Japan, including:

  • First, a very special item that we just love: the limited-edition Laputa Collector's Box, a massive box filled with tons of goodies for fans of Hayao Miyazaki's famous film, including the English DVD, soundtrack and image album, novelization, and a very detailed Laputa robot from Cominica
  • Also, we've got a very cool limited-edition die-cast Arcadia, from Leiji Matsumoto's famous anime series
  • For fans of Snoopy, we've got a rare item that's not available outside Japan: beautiful Chinese tea cups with images of Snoopy, which we think is really cool
  • For Macross/Robotech fans, a very special item: the Macross Design Works, featuring all design sketches and color illustrations of mecha designed by Shoji Kawamori
  • For fans of Japan's breathtakingly beautiful idols, we've got a great item for you: Yellow Girls, a collection of photos by the three most famous idols in Japan
  • Also, a hardcover photobook for fans of the very popular Rei Kikukawa, an incredibly beautiful starlet in Japan who is a very interesting persona: despite her incredibly beauty, she attends Tokyo University, the top-rated school in Japan (see her 2003 calendars too)
  • For Hello Kitty fans, we've got several fun items that you can't get outside of Japan, like a cute Kitty stamp set with 30 rubber stamps of Kitty and her family
  • For manga lovers, we've got another selection of adult comics from Japan, including the very erotic Melt-Down by Angel Comics
  • Also, for fans of Japan's popular yaoi (homosexual) comics, we have a nice new anthology work for you, with great romantic stories by some of Japan's top artists
  • For fans of sexy Race Queens, we've restocked the popular Miho Yoshioka and Mario Racing Girls title for you (region free) and the very nice Fumika Suzuki Trading Card Bible
  • Just in time for Christmas, we've got a super-cute Gremlins plush, little Gizmo dressed up as Santa
  • For our snack fans, enjoy Japanese animal cookies, bean snacks and fresh stock of Pocky, which was starting to sell out already (it's very popular)
  • Speaking of Pocky, we've got stock of a great "parody pen" that looks like dark and white chocolate Pocky -- it's wacky!
  • For fans (or parents of fans) of Yu-Gi-Oh, we've got a neat item: Yu-Gi-Oh Dual Monsters chocolate wafer cookies, which come with very cool collectible stickers
  • We've got some cool anime toy items in, including the Kiki's Delivery Service figure set, fresh stock of the Spirited Away figure set, new Japan-only Hot Wheels, and a rare item we were lucky to get: stock of the Giant Robo "Robot Wars" strap
  • We've added stock of our popular Japanese notebooks with funny English on it, for people who want to write on a quality Japanese notebook with funny English
  • Finally, see cool "super deformed" figures from Ojamajo Doremi, a great soft leather case that can be used for just about anything (I use mine as an iPod case), erasers that look like toilet paper, a fun way to separate egg whites and yolks, a great item for fans of Pom Pom Purin, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. These new items include:

  • For fans of Japanese magazines, we've got some new ones for you, including amateur and "hitozuma" (married women, a major Japanese fetish) for you
  • Also, we've got the new MPEG Typhoon, which features a full magazine and two video CDs of great AV "quickies" -- a fun sampler item
  • Something very cool from Gal's Dee: the Gal's Dee DVD, a 2 hour DVD that comes with a full color magazine, and at a great price!
  • Japan has a very highly developed sense of bondage photography, and we've posted the second volume of the Heisei Bondage Deluxe, a great collection of 15 top-quality bondage models
  • Fans of Japan's leg fetish photography will enjoy the new Mini-Suka Queen, featuring five lovely Race Queens who show you everything
  • Enjoy our stock of hundreds of Japanese photobooks, including the new "Seaside Erotica" by photographer Fujio Saimon
  • For DVD collectors, we've got a great selection of items, starting with a great "3 in 1" offering from Hitomi Hayasaki -- 3 hours of her best works! (region free)
  • Another great DVD from Kuki, enjoy Mayu Yoshino's No Cut!! DVD, with three full video releases collected in this DVD for you, 240 minutes (region free)
  • We love Bauhaus's soft porn DVDs, and there's a new one in their "Bishoujo Sonata" series, starring the beautiful Yui Kawai (region free)
  • From SOD, the lovely Kokoro Amano receives "bukkake" constantly over the course of 24 hours, while eating, sleeping, even brushing her teeth (region free)
  • Another great volume in the Obscene Kiss of Amateur Girls series, see the tender and erotic kissing of Japanese girls (region free)
  • For indies fans, there's a new "Hip and Vagina" offering from Wanz Factory, starring the beautiful Miyuki Hourai (region 2)
  • Finally, restocked DVDs include the great DVD releases of Emily Yoshikawa (Japan's "latino" AV star), the venerable Akira Fubuki Special, Rio Sannomiya's great Double United release, and more!

J-List loves wacky things from Japan. One thing we love is Japan's bento culture, that is, attractive boxed-lunch that can be very beautifully decorated. Not only do we carry authentic Japanese bento boxes, but we also have the cool 2003 World of Bento calendar, which shows some incredibly beautiful ways to make Japanese bento.

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Greetings from J-List January 7, 2002

Hello from J-List, this time coming to you from Las Vegas! It's one thing to go from Japan to San Diego, which can really give you a sense of reverse culture-shock even when you're used to it, as I am. Going from small-town Isesaki to the garishness of Las Vegas in less than 24 hours can really make your head spin. We're here attending the Internext show, although happily we're done with the convention tomorrow, and I can get back to San Diego.

I flew over on Varig, this time, the first time I'd flown the Brazilian carrier. Seated next to me was a mother and her cute daughter. Since the woman did not speak any English and my Portuguese is nonexistant, we had to speak Japanese to each other. Two gaijin conversing in Japanese is really funny, and quite difficult to get used to. The Japanese around us thought it was funny too. While boarding the plane, I was greeted by David, a J-List customer who managed to recognize me from my "about J-List" graphic -- that was really a trip. David was in Japan for his girlfriend's "Coming of Age Day" celebration. Hello to Dave, and congratulations to his girlfriend.

In Japanese, the word "sake" refers to all alcohol, as well as the rice wine that it's most famous for. Alcohol is a big part of Japanese society, a lubricant that allows people to remove stress and deal with the pressures of this "vertical" society (with many levels above and below you). The Japanese have some great unwritten rules when it comes to alcohol, too. For example, if you're out with your co-workers drinking, it's perfectly permissible to get anything off your chest about your boss, and be critical of him -- if you overstep the normal bounds of what is okay to say, it's dismissed the next day because alcohol was involved. If you embarrass yourself by confessing your love to a female co-workers, it's also generally forgiven the next day -- because you were drunk at the time, it's "sho ga nai" (it can't be helped). And Japan is the only country I've seen where you can go to work with a mild hangover and receive nothing but sympathy and understanding. Japan is a very flexible place in some ways.

Want to know a Japanese joke? In Japanese, the word for Prime Minister is "sohri," which sounds like the English word "sorry" (kind of like "don't touch my mustache" sounds like "Dou itashimashite," which means 'you're welcome'). Japanese kids say stupid things like, "I'm sorry, hige sori [beard shaver], jori jori [the sound of rough, unshaven whiskers]," (hee-GEH SO-ri, jo-ri jo-ri). If you're ever talking to a Japanese person, and they apologize to you for something, come back with "hige sori, jori jori!" and watch them jump out of their shoes.

For the update today, Yasu, Tomo and Mayumi have been working hard to post new products into the J-List site for you. The newly posted items include new magazines (Penthouse, as well as breast, ass and kogal fetish), new hardcover photobooks, many new manga items, new DVD/videos (Bunko Kanazawa, Aika Miura, Maria Yumeno and more). For our non-adult customers, we've got lots of new items, too, including rare Hello Kitty and Hamster Club items, anime toys, traditional origami and other items, fresh stock of many snack and food items, and a totally cool Gummi Sushi candy (really bizarre and fun). Please check out all the new items!

While I'm here in the U.S., the J-List team will work hard to make sure that orders are processed and shipped out quickly. We'll see you on the web!
Everything, we do mean everything, that is cool from Japan.

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