Saturday, January 19, 2002

Greetings from J-List January 19, 2002

Hello and Happy Saturday from all of us in Japan.

We're often asked, when coming to Japan, what kinds of items are good to bring as gifts? In the past we've recommended cigarettes, Starbucks coffee or just about anything from your unique home town, be it St. Louis or San Diego. Since the Japanese really like the United States, any of the gazillion items with the Stars and Stripes is a good suggestion. If your intended recipients have been to America before, they may know about American's unchallenged lead in the world of breakfast cereal, and a box of some cereal might be an amusing but appreciated gift. Finally, my bother in Lake Tahoe sent us some graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows so we could make that all-so-American treat, S'Mores. They were such a big hit with our staff here, that we have to add graham crackers to the list of things to bring to Japan when visiting.

Everyone knows that the Japanese take their shoes off when they go into a house. To the Japanese, shoes, and anything to do with the feet, are inherently "dirty." When you enter your own home, you take your shoes off at the lowered foyer, called "genkan" in Japanese, and leave them there. If you have a lot of shoes on the floor of the genkan, you can store them in the handy and stylish shoes holder (geta-bako), which stores your shoes for you. (This is a good thing. Like American women, Japanese women love to accumulate shoes, my wife included.) Leaving your dirty shoes near the front door means that the house is much cleaner, and much easier to keep clean. For inside the house, Japanese always wear slippers, and if a gaijin goes to a Japanese person's house, the Japanese person will give him slippers to wear, even if they're much too small for his feet. It's always sort of "funny" to see people in American TV and movies wearing shoes indoors (kind of like seeing Pocari Sweat for the first time). Although we try to "live like Americans" when we go to the U.S., most of my Japanese family (including myself) quietly leave our shoes near the front door when back home.

I fondly remember my days at SDSU, studying Japanese with the text my professor, Higurashi-sensei, had written. It was third year Japanese, and quite difficult -- we were expected to master 100 kanji per month, which was difficult, although I had an advantage over most of the other students because I actively read manga to improve my reading skills. In the text, the American John Smith comes to a Tokyo university to study architecture, and meets his homestay family, including his homestay brother and sister, Taro and Hanako Yamada (Taro and Hanako Yamada are the Japanese versions of John and Mary Smith, i.e., the "most vanilla" names you can think of). Each chapter features John or his friend Mary getting into some misunderstanding that needs to be resolved. In one chapter, Mary got her sneakers dirty, so she washed them in the washing machine. Well, since shoes are seen as incredibly dirty things here in Japan, Mary's host mother got really angry, and had to buy a new washing machine. I thought that was an exaggeration, but my wife told me no, she would do the same thing if I tried to wash shoes in our washing machine.

We've got a bunch of nice items for you this weekend on the J-List site, with fresh stock of magazines, manga, DVD and other items, including a special treat for hentai doujinshi fans, the very cool busty doujinshi by Blue Eyes creator Tohru Nishimaki. Please check out the new and restocked items.

We're glad to see sales of the new English-language adult manga magazine, AG, taking off. We think this is a great concept, and we're going to support AG with articles on Japan and more. We offer this magazine as an automatic subscription (we'll send you each new issue as it comes in from our warehouse in San Diego). We'll also carry individual issues on the J-List website, too.

Want to take a VR tour of the "real" Tokyo? We found a really cool virtual reality site that lets you enjoy many interesting parts of Tokyo from the comfort of your computer room. Check out (Quicktime required).

Friday, January 18, 2002

Greetings from J-List October 18, 2002

Hello and TGIF from all of us at J-List!

Japan is in the middle of a "Minus Ion boom" right now. Although were not sure what it's all about, virtually all manner of products being advertised on TV in Japan boasts "minus ions" as a major benefit to improving your life. Refrigerators produce "minus ions" to clean themselves and be more energy efficient, air conditioners spread them in your room to relax you, and vacuum cleaners spit them out to clean the air you breathe. We're pretty sure it's a lot of marketing silliness, but there's not a single category of product that hasn't latched onto the term.

"You've been in Japan too long when you're speaking English with your gaijin friends, but all references to money are in Japanese." This is a funny phenomenon, but true: even when speaking English, gaijin living in Japan will tend to use Japanese for numbers and yen money amounts. The reason is that the Sino-Japanese numeric system, which came from China, is clunky when converting to the Arabic numeric system. The number system revolves around the unit 10,000 ("man," pronounced "mahn"), rather than 1,000; thus, the number 10,000 is "1 man" (ichi mahn), 20,000 yen is "2 man" (ni mahn), 100,000 is "10 man" (juu mahn) and so on. The conversion from one numeric system to the other is just frustrating enough that most foreigners will be happy to leave their numbers in Japanese, if the person they're talking with understands the words. Thus a gaijin living in Japan is likely to say, "I bought a new cellular phone, but it cost me 2 mahn en" (20,000 yen), or, "My car broke, and it's going to cost 10 mahn en to fix it" (100,000 yen).

Sales of our 2003 calendars have really exploded since we got our stock in on Wednesday. The J-List staff has worked hard to get all the preordered calendars out the door quickly, so customers can get their orders in a timely manner. Please look through the anime, idol, JPOP and nude calendars we've gotten in stock and see which you'd like! Happily, items ordered by our three most popular shipping methods, SAL, airmail and EMS, are all air-based shipping methods, thus there should be no delay from the dock closures. Preorders for calendars are still being accepted, too, if you want some of the items that are still being printed. But time is running out, so please get your order into us soon. Thanks!

We posted a link to a page with pictures of Yasu performing many Japanese gestures. Unfortunately our mailing list server software "cleaned" the link, breaking it, sorry about that. The link is here.

Well, the upgrade to the J-List website is complete. The new system loads pages significantly faster, and we think you'll like it a lot. As always, if you experience any strange behavior from the J-List site, please let us know right away. Thanks!

For the new update, we've got another great selection of unique products from Japan for you, including:

  • First, we have some great and rare Japanese toys in stock, including a die-cast toy of the Yamato from Yamato/Star Blazers, a super music CD and Kubrick figure set for fans of Kamen Rider
  • We love Furuta's series of Captain Harlock toys with candy inside but our stock of them is finally on its last legs. Because most customers want to know which toy they're buying, we organized the remaining Harlock toys into sets so you can see exactly what you're getting -- check out these excellent items before they're gone!
  • Korean women are among the most beautiful on the planet, and Japanese photographer Yamagishi Shin captured 30 of them in a new photobook we've got
  • Also very lovely, we have not one but two great photobooks for fans of the lovely former Race Queen Fumika Suzuki, which really captures her grace and sexy style
  • J-List stocks all the excellent Studio Ghibli DVD releases, which feature English subtitles and other great features! We have gotten in fresh stock of Kiki's Delivery Service and Whisper of the Heart (aka If You Listen Closely) (region 2)
  • The Uniforms Around Town art book that shows famous Japanese waitress uniforms (including details on how to make them) was such as hit that we got more stock in -- on the site now
  • New rare Hello Kitty items include a new bento box that's really nice, a cute kitchen party set for your little one, and more (we do have about 300 different Hello Kitty items in stock at any given time)
  • For Hamtaro fans, we've got more only-from-Japan items for you, including cute "print sticker gum" that comes with a sheet of green apple flavored gum and fun stickers
  • For fans of the very cute line of plush dogs from Japan called "The Dog," we've gotten in a major restocking, with many cute pets in stock for you, including small, medium and large sizes, and many different breeds (also, Yasu is proud of the new photos he took of these little guys...)
  • We always sell a lot of Japanese fude (FOO-day) pens, which allow you to write as if you were writing with a beautiful Chinese writing brush
  • Also, we love to promote the study of Japanese, so we've restocked the Check Set (a Japanese system of memorizing anything using colored sheets and special pens) and other great items
  • Finally, look for a handy map of the Tokyo area, more Japanese days of the week magnets, and fresh stock of the always popular Japanese beginning driver magnets you stick on your car.

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. The new items include:

  • For fans of Urecco Gal, the magazine that captures the stylish and erotic Japanese "kogal" style so well, we've got a great new issue
  • Also, we've got several nice amateur magazines featuring real couples in real Japanese love hotels
  • For fans of Japanese hardcover photobooks, the dynamite offering by Hikari Kisugi is not to be missed -- it's got some of the best erotic photography we've seen, and we should know
  • J-List carries many interesting items from Japan, including Russian nude idol Yulia Nova's photobooks and videos, which are not available anywhere but Japan (go figure)
  • For hentai manga fans, another volley of excellent books, including Mizuki Sasaki's Vibration, an extremely high-quality adult comic work
  • Also, a major restocking of popular comics that had sold out, with more than a dozen titles back in stock for you
  • For yaoi fans, we've also got a great new anthology style comic, for fans of Japan's famous homosexual comics
  • Before there was hentai manga, there were erotic ukiyoe paintings, known as "shunga" or spring pictures. We've got a nice erotic ukiyoe work in stock for you too
  • For fans of our unique Japanese adult toys, we've got some new items for you, including a uniquely Japanese vibrator (complete with fine-tip brush), and a replica of the inflatable "lotion mats" seen in Japanese soaplands
  • Also, a very interesting latex "clitoral cap" that's a popular item among females in Japan
  • For adult DVD fans, we've got some great items for you, starting off with Akira Watase's very erotic new offering from Million, very sexy and nice (region free)
  • A great sampler DVD from Hot Entertainment brings you 4 hours of adult releases on one disc for just $15 (region free)
  • From Soft on Demand, enjoy the sperm lesbian and nakadashi performance of Aki Okina, a fresh and lovely AV idol (region free)
  • From Dogma, Ran Asagawa and Aki Sawamiya show you how female doctors and nurses relieve their sexual tension (region free)
  • Wanz Factory puts the lovely Aki Sawamiya through "special AV idol training" intended to make her a better adult video actress -- the results are very satisfying (region 2)
  • From Pink Pineapple, we've got vol. 2 of the popular Let's Go Marine-chan Japanese hentai offering (region 2)
  • Finally, look for several restocked DVD items, including the excellent Rio Sannomiya Double United, the "Latina" Japanese star Emily Yoshikawa's Poison and the 24 Faces of Sayaka Tsutsumi.

Like Star Trek or the Lord of the Rings? Then logic dictates that you see the video of Mr. Spock singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins if you haven't yet. I found a link here: (not sure if it will stay up when everyone on the list accesses it, but search Google if it stops working). Quicktime required.

If you like these little updates from Japan, they're archived at my personal homepage, (all the way back to 1997, wow...). I've added the updates for the past three months to the site, in case you missed any and want to check them out.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Greetings from J-List January 17, 2002

Hello again from Japan, where a movie release is called "road show" for reasons that are completely unfathomable to me.

It's been four months since the World Trade Center tragedy, and many are still in shock over the horrible events. The Japanese underwent a not unsimilar tragedy in 1995, when the city of Kobe and parts of Osaka and Kyoto were destroyed by the Great Hanshin Earthquake. (Hanshin means "Kobe and Osaka".) Today is the 7th anniversary of that awful day, and I still remember getting the urgent beep on my "pocket bell" (everyone carried pocket bells in those days, cellular phones were too expensive). 6000 Japanese lost their lives in the quake, as broken water pipes left fires to burn uncontrolled, with no water to fight the fires. Citizens took to the streets to try to reach loved ones, which made it impossible for emergency vehicles to reach those hurt. Before the quake, the Japanese had been silently smug about their ability to engineer buildings to withstand earthquakes, but the Kobe disaster was a big lesson in humility for them. Although the disaster was a terrible one, it was fortunate that it hit at 5 am -- if it had been just two hours later, with the freeways and trains full of rush hour travelers, many more would have died.

I had visited Kobe myself just two months before the tragedy, to see the city and also to add another notch in my Old Spaghetti Factory belt -- whenever I travel to a city that has an Old Spaghetti Factory, I am compelled to visit the restaurant (there's one in Tokyo and Nagoya, too). It turned out that the manager of the Kobe branch had done a year of management training at the OSF in San Diego and we became friends, and he drove me around the city. I was happy to hear that the old restaurant (which was formerly a brick warehouse used to store torpedoes during World War II) suffered some damage, but none of the staff was hurt in the quake.

Do so sleep in a bed or on a futon? Both are popular in Japan, although the trend is definitely towards beds among young people. In Japan, futons are large pads large enough to sleep one person comfortably. They fold up into three sections for easy storage, and are useful to keep around when guests drop by unexpectedly. No bed for them? Just pull your spare futon out of the closet. Futons must be hanged out to dry every few days, or they will accumulate moisture inside, which is unhealthy. The Western "futon" is usually comprised of a large stuffed pad and a wooden frame, but like California Rolls, this is a completely made-in-the-the-West concept.

There's a new manga magazine dedicated to "art, sex and CG culture," and it's called AG. A monthly publication from Icarus Comics that will feature English-translated Japanese hentai manga as well as erotic manga from independent artists in the U.S., this is an excellent new publication for adult manga lovers everywhere. The premier issue will be appearing in a few weeks -- you can get it at your local comic shop, or from J-List (we're making it available through automatic subscription, and we'll carry stock of each issue as well). Since AG is only $4.99 per issue, we hope all manga fans will support the new magazine and make it a success.

We've posted a link to a "faxable order form" for those customers who are more comfortable ordering from a form rather than through our website. You can fax the completed form to us and we'll process your order. We still recommend the normal shopping cart of course -- items you buy are reserved for you right away, rather than the next day -- but the faxable form might be better for some customers. As always, please make sure you reserve items from J-List first before sending payment (some customers do this, and are disappointed when the items they want are sold already).

J-List customers have been responding to our across-the-board price cuts on manga, DVD, video and other items, and we've been very busy trying to keep up with the orders. Be sure to check out all the reduced prices on these hundreds of items.

We've got a special present for Soft on Demand fans, a limited edition Kurumi Morishita desktop calendar. It's really cool -- each side of each calendar page features a different picture of Kurumi-chan, one nude and one fully clothed. Anyone ordering Soft on Demand's DVDs will get a free calendar (while supplies last) included with their order.

For the new update, we've got a truckload of cool new products for you, including:

  • For adult magazine fans, we've got great new items for you, including the new Urecco Gal, the very erotic Do-Up and more
  • Also, the premium magazines from the 1990's sold out so fast, we've posted more for you -- we've got some great issues of magazines that feature girls who are long since retired (see magazine page 2 for these)
  • For Beppin School fans, we've got a rare treat -- a selection of long sold-out issues (from 2000) which we were able to make available again for you. When they are gone they will be gone for good
  • We have several beautiful hardcover photobooks featuring dynamite ladies like Fumika Suzuki and Miki Munemasa
  • If you love manga, we've got another volley of new books for you, including the very erotic "Lewd Miracle Fairy"
  • Also, a bunch of all-new doujinshi, never before seen on J-List and all obtained from the past Winter 2001 Comic Market, as well as a special treat: the Blue Eyes 2002 calendar featuring all of his wonderful busty female creations
  • We've got a great selection of erotic DVDs for you, including the lovely Semen Paradise, performed by an adult video actress from mainland China, Emily (good for bukkake fans)
  • For lovers of the sweet Ai Nagase, enjoy a *4 hour* "Thanks, Ai-Chan" erotic DVD, presenting 240 minutes of her best performances
  • For Indies DVD (region 2) lovers, enjoy the very nice Nanami Nanase BeJean erotic offering from Monroe (which was accidentally not posted on Tuesday, sorry for the mistake)
  • The bold and sexy Sally Yoshino is back, and looks damned good on her cowboy hat in "Hot Western"
  • We have stock of both video and region 2 DVD of a superb new erotic performance by Aika Miura from the talented Moodyz
  • Finally, in the "from Russia with Love" department, a very rare DVD for fans of Russian AV, which is quite popular here in Japan for some reason, a selection of 10 drop-dead gorgeous Moscow women performing with Japanese AV actors
  • We've updated our Japanese snack and food pages with new items, including tasty Lamune candy and a cool "sampler" of various flavors of miso soup mix
  • Also, we've got a delicious new flavor of Japanese Mousse Pocky, Matcha (slightly bitter green tea)
  • For idol card lovers, we've got fresh stock of the Last Alive sexy idol card series
  • For fans of cute things, we've got new Hello Kitty onigiri makers, chopsticks, mayonnaise holders and more, as well as some cool things for your desk (or your kid's desk)
  • Newly posted "wacky" items include oil-removing sheets disguised as a student's notebook, a great way to measure rice for cooking, a classic wooden Japanese butter knife (yes, we thought so too, but it's really cool), fresh stock of our incredibly popular ear cleaners with light, and a great way to get rid of cooking oil
  • We've sold dozens of the Japanese warming pads, little packets that get very warm through a chemical reaction with the air around them and keep you toasty for up to 24 hours. Now we've gotten in stock of a deluxe 10-pack at a great price
  • Finally, the ultimately cool tin toy item for Totoro fans, the deluxe "bus stop" wind up toy that will surely be a treasured item in your home -- it's very cool.
  • The J-Mate homepage has been updated with reviews of DVDs by two long-selling actresses, Akira Fubuki's DVD Special and Bunko Kanazawa's venerable Go Go! Kanabun Land (which is subtitled in English). See J-Mate for product reviews and English-translated interviews with all the girls we sell at J-List. The URL is

Products by wholesale: Because J-List is has unique access to many products from Japan that aren't available to the outside world, we've always gotten many requests to make our products available on a wholesale basis. If you've got an established retail shop or online business and want to carry some of the products we sell, please see our wholesale page at

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Greetings from J-List January 15, 2002

Hello again. I am back in Japan after a fairly uneventful flight from Los Angeles. I got up at 6 am, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, but now that the evening is wearing on my jet lag is starting to bring me down...

First of all, a most sincere apology for those who got multiple copies of the J-List mailing -- which seems to have been everyone on the list. Unlike the mailing list problems we had had in the past, this time it was all my fault -- a 100% Peter-related error due to erroneous mouse clicks. I'll be very careful to make sure the problem isn't repeated ^_^;;

As I was waiting in line to check in with Varig, I spied one of the most famous Japanese professional wrestlers alive today, Antonio Inoki, who was checking into first class. I went over and humbly asked him for his autograph -- humility comes easy in Japanese, it's built into the language -- and he gave it to me. Tomo, who is a huge fan of "pro-wres," was green with jealousy. Besides being famous for his famous fighting performance and his "cobra twist," he's also the Japanese man noted for introducing Tabasco sauce into Japan.

As I was flying back to Japan, thousands of young people in Japan were celebrating Coming of Age Day (Seijin no Hi). A nationwide ceremony in which everyone who turned 20 that year (they go by the school year you're in, not the actual calendar year) attends a ceremony at their local City Office, celebrating their newfound adulthood. The men wear sharp suits, and the women rent gorgeous kiminos. It's a real "shutter chance" (i.e., an opportunity to take lots of photographs). In past years, rebellious young people have caused problems, shouting and being rowdy while the mayor gave his long, drooling speech (which is a big part of any ceremony in Japan), but this year, participants were very well behaved. Since nearly all Japanese have the same friends through elementary and junior high school, but go their separate ways for high school, Coming of Age Day is a chance to catch up with all the kids you went to school with but haven't seen in years.

Announcing reduced prices on all manga, DVD and video products! J-List is happy to announce that we're reducing prices on all our erotic manga, DVD and video products, to enable us to bring more of these great items to you from Japan. The average reduction is 10-15% off of all products -- this is just our way of saying thanks for making J-List such a success.

For our first update of the week, we've got a bunch of excellent new products for you, including:

  • First, we've got several great magazines for, including the new Urecco (the "Hybrid Skin Magazine"), filled with lovely idols for you to enjoy
  • For lovers of bukkake, that uniquely Japanese erotic genre, the new Gal's Shower is in, and it's great
  • Finally, for lovers of older idols of the 1990's, we've got some very rare issues of Goro and Boyes, two extremely rare magazines that are totally out of print now
  • If you're a fan of Japan's high-quality photobooks, check out Queen's Nude Photograph Collection, featuring erotic dominatrix and lingerie photos, as well as stock of other photobook items
  • For fans of bondage, we've got some nice bondage photobooks as well as fresh stock of the popular bondage magazine + DVD combo items
  • For manga lovers, we've got a great volley of new hentai comics for you, as well as fresh stock of several sold out books -- and all at our new reduced prices
  • Also: a restock of one of the most popular titles we've carried over the years, the Paradise Lost hentai doujinshi anthology series by Fusion Product
  • Also, for doujinshi lovers, we have an extra treat -- a bunch of excellent *brand new* doujinshi which we got from the Winter 2001 Comic Market. These great books are really going to go fast, so please check them out soon
  • For DVD collectors, we've got another great selections of items, starting with the fourth and final Mai Hagiwara erotic DVD (which features no mosaic -- it's a full "hair nude" DVD)
  • If you love Soft on Demand's lesbian offerings, you will enjoy the new Do Lesbian! featuring two lovely actresses who fulfill your "cat girl" fantasies
  • From the Bejean series, the very erotic Nanase Nanami, who performs wearing a variety of sexy uniforms and costumes
  • Finally, a very special treat for indies DVD collectors, a *4 hour* sampler DVD from Moodyz, great for anyone wanting to see all the products of this super company
  • A big close-out on all our long-selling Zenra Sports series, for fans who want to pick up the "all nude sports" videos from Soft on Demand
  • Nearly all of our 2002 calendars are gone, but we've posted the ones we've got left on the normal products pages at a flat price of $5 -- it's way below our cost, but if you've got some blank wall space, why not take one off our hands?
  • For fans of the idol group Morning Musume, we've got fresh stock of the very cutely named "Puriname Petit Cards" featuring all the lovely members
  • For our Japanese snack and candy lovers, we've got fresh stock of the delicious "roasted coffee candy"
  • Also, we've got Hello Kitty candies, a traditional Japanese sweets, wasabi flavored furikake, and an interesting traditional Japanese flavoring, Shiso-ume (basil & pickled plum)
  • If you're interested in taking a bath at a Japanese onsen (hot springs), J-List has just the ticket for you, and you can do it in your own bath
  • We have a new bento box, and some cute Hamster containers that can hold just about anything for you want, new chopsticks and other traditional items from Japan, and more
  • Finally, limited stock of the incredibly beautiful cold cast figure of Belldandy, my Ah My Goddess, an incredibly detailed "completed model" for serious fans.

The Area 450 site ( was down for a few days, which made it difficult for some customers interested in region free DVD players like the $109 Sampo DVE-611 to get information on the players. The link is back up now, as is the Sampo Zone ( The DVE-611 is a very affordable player that can be made region-free (enabling you to watch all the region 2 DVDs that J-List sells) via a hack that entails downloading a file, writing it to a CD-R and "flashing" the player with new firmware. I've ordered two of these DVD players for myself. The link to the $109 players is on the Region 2 DVD help page (

Monday, January 14, 2002

Greetings from J-List October 14, 2002

Hello again to everyone from J-List!

Japan's name in Japanese is "nihon" which is written with the characters for "sun" and "origin" since, seen from China, Japan seems to be where the sun originates in the sky. (China's name for itself means "middle country" since they believed they were at the center of the world.) An alternate pronunciation for the same characters is "nippon," which was the name for Japan used during World War II and it still used today (kind of like the difference between "USA" and "US of A"). The Japanese often create new words by combining characters, and many companies get their names from Chinese character combinations. Nissan is written with the characters for "sun" and "production" (and hence it literally means "Made in Japan" since the sun characters also means Japan). Nisshin, the noodle company, is written with the characters for "sun" and "pure" (implying "purely from Japan").

The sun character has come to represent Japan, but all countries have kanji characters assigned to them, an arbitrary Chinese character which is assigned to represent that country. This system appears to be a holdover from World War II, when Japanese resisted using the languages of the "dirty foreign devils" and instead wrote everything in Chinese characters. Rather than say "America" they would refer to the Chinese character for America, in this case the character for "rice" (usually pronounced "bei"). Now having a system of referring to countries with a single character is handy -- you can make express big concepts with just a few characters. To see a list of some countries and the Chinese character and what each character means, see this graphic:

Today is a holiday in Japan, Sports Day. In Japan, autumn is peppered by a strange mix of holidays scattered here and there, like Culture Day and Respect for the Aged Day and Labor Thanksgiving Day (i.e., a day to give thanks to workers). Unlike American holidays, I've never seen a sign that Japanese care about what day a holiday is, or do certain things to commemorate the holidays. I've not noticed Japanese going to the seaside on Umi no Hi (Sea Day), or do something especially culturally important on Culture Day. But people don't mind a day off, no matter what the day is. Incidentally, there are no war-related holidays in Japan, no equivalent to Veteran's Day or Memorial Day (honoring veterans or war dead).

J-List sells a great item for DVD fans: low-cost region-free DVD players which will play DVDs from all over the world, no matter what region they're from. They even play PAL discs, in case you want to view DVDs from Europe. We're happy to announce that we've lowered the price of the Lasonic player, a very handy portable player that you can put anywhere (even in your car) to just $109!

For the new update, we've got a huge number of cool items from Japan for you, including:

  • First, we have some nice new idol photobooks in, including lovely swimsuit idols and a great new offering by Yuko Nakazawa, former Morning Musume member
  • We've restocked our cool Japan-only Hot Wheels cars, with new Speed Racer, Night Rider and Japanese-themed cars
  • For snack fans, enjoy several new items, including Caplico, the fun to eat ice cream cone that's got chocolate on top, rather than ice cream, as well as many other items
  • We have the large-size versions of the chic Blythe fashion dolls from Takara, based on a minor doll manufactured for one year in the U.S. -- they're really cool
  • If you are a member of the Ultraman Generation, run, do not walk, to see the excellent resin statue we've got in stock -- unfortunately we have only one of these
  • A great love of mine was the Gamera movies, starring Japan's most famous monster turtle -- and we've got limited stock of a really cool Gamera toy on the site now
  • We love the new show Tokyo Mew Mew, about five cute girls who transform into cat girls and protect their boyfriends -- we've got some high-quality metallic stickers from the show in stock now
  • For fans of Hayao Miyazaki's films, a super cute Totoro plush keychain, and a 4-figure Spirited Away keychain that is fabulous
  • We've got some nice rare phone strap items, including an out of print Fist of the North Star item
  • For Sailor Moon fans, we've also got the last available stock of the excellent Mini Collection Doll from Bandai (personally recommended by Peter's daughter)
  • Finally, we have handy Japanese bamboo chopsticks (a set of 10 pairs), a great Hello Kitty ceramic rice bowl for little ones, a cute way to organize business cards, fresh stock of The Dog toilet paper (display it in your bathroom), and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. These include:

  • First, for fans of Japanese adult magazines, the new issue of the oversized Gokuh, and a rare treat, the new Dela Beppin
  • Also, we've got new amateur magazines, including several nice amateur and love hotel magazines in stock
  • One of our favorite items is DVD Catalog, a magazine + video CD sampler item that lets you enjoy many different "quickie" clips from different AV studios -- now we've got the deluxe 3-disc DVD Perfect Guide, with over 3 hours of AV for you
  • We love Japan's photobooks, and have some nice ones in for you, including the very lovely Defiance, featuring the nude of the lovely Nana Chihara, and several other items
  • Of course we have great hentai manga for you, including one that I really loved, a fantastic sex-fantasy Inspection from the Alvireo Observatory and more
  • Also, fresh stock of cool doujinshi from the TGWOA people
  • A unique item for fans of the Japanese inflatable "Love Pillows" based on famous AV idols, two new ones: Kurumi Morishita and Maiko Yuki!
  • For fans of Japan's excellent adult DVDs, We've got a cool item for fans of Japanese cosplay: a super 200 minute cosplay DVD for you (region free)
  • For Nao Oikawa lovers, we've got the new Other Side of Nao from Million, featuring her first anal sex ever (region free)
  • Another great item, we've got a special *4 hour* DVD with the best performances of the lovely, busty Miho Fukada (region free)
  • Another really cool offering, Akira Watase filmed having sex outdoors at night, shot with special night cameras for a really thrilling performance (region free)
  • A great new lesbian offering from SOD features Rika Uemura being subjected to a "yuri" sexual experience (older, more experienced girls taking on young, shy girls) (region free)
  • Finally, from Moodyz, a great erotic DVD featuring top stars like Bunko Kanazawa and Maiko Yuki and Aika Miura, all having sex while still wearing clothes (interesting Japanese fetish) (region 2).

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