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Greetings from J-List October 30, 2002

Hello from all of us in Japan!

First, about the site: some users did have some display problems after all, which cause images to not show up in their browsers. We've tweaked the site and think it should be working now for everyone -- if it's not, please contact us ASAP.

When you learn a foreign language, you have to get used to concepts that just don't translate comfortably into words in your native language. Four words used a lot in Japan are: oniisan, oneesan, ojisan and obasan (note: short vowel on ojisan and obasan). They mean, respectively, older brother, older sister, uncle and aunt. But the words have a different nuance when applied to people who aren't related to you. Oniisan and oneesan can be applied to any friend aged 12-28, while ojisan and obasan are generic words for "middle-aged man" and "middle-aged women." Whether a given adult is an "oniisan" or an "ojisan" (i.e., perceived as being young or old) depends on the person who is talking, and sometimes it can be a grey area. At 34, I consider myself quite young at heart, certainly nowhere near middle age, yet from Japanese kids' point of view, I fall squarely into the "ojisan" demographic. A cornerstone of Japanese humor falls around these concepts -- for example, a young woman who is called "obasan" by a child, when she considers herself to be an "oneesan." It comes up in anime all the time.

It sounds corny, but as a foreigner living in Japan, I try my best to project a good image of Americans to the Japanese. I never throw trash on the ground, and even take trash bags to the park sometimes to pick up trash we see on the ground with my kids. (Note about Japan: there are never enough trash cans.) I do my best to make sure my kids follow "bath rules" when we go to the public bath, since their actions reflect on my country. And whenever I find myself around children when I'm wearing sunglasses, I take my sunglasses off no matter how bright it may be outside. This is because, to Japanese kids, a big foreigner wearing dark sunglasses like a yakuza is likely to be a little scary for them, in the same way that, say, a group of large black men from the 'hood might make white, suburban kids uncomfortable. It's not due to any lack of political correctness or anything, it's just the way it is, and when you're going to live in a foreign country it's best to be realistic.

Halloween is right around the corner. Japanese know about the festival as an American tradition, but it's not celebrated here at all. The closest thing the Japanese have to Halloween is Obon, a three-day holiday in August during which Buddhists believe the spirits of a family's ancestors return for a visit. Since it's a long holiday, Obon is an excuse for people to go home to their parents' house and reconnect with their families, in a way very similar to Thanksgiving in the U.S. During a visit home, Japanese would likely do "haka-mairi" or make a visit to their family grave to pray, bring flowers and wash the gravestone with water. My own kids didn't know anything about the American tradition of Halloween until we took a special trip home so they could experience it. They loved it.

First, we have another *huge* volley of calendars, with another six large boxes delivered. We've processed the preordered calendars and will get them out ASAP. We've got stock of many great calendars for you now, including JPOP calendars (Ayumi Hamasaki), anime calendars (Tenchi Muyo, Totoro Desktop Calendar), bento calendars (a big hit this year!), Japanese scenic and traditional calendars, sexy idol calendars, and more. Also: we've added many pictures to existing calendar images so you can get more information on them. These calendars make unique and thoughtful Christmas gifts, too!

For the new update we've got a lot of great items for you, including:

  • If you love Japan's lovely swimsuit idols, we've got more items for you, including a beautiful special issue of Sabra magazine that you must see
  • Also, enjoy the pure, youthful hardcover photobook of cute idol Sayaka Taniguchi
  • If you love Japan's highly developed Race Queen culture, we've got some nice items, including Toko Ushikawa's excellent DVD
  • For Hamtaro fans, a super photograph book that holds 40 photos -- very cute
  • We've got some nice Japanese Transformers toys from Takara, which transform into guns, cars and more
  • Also, a cute Snoopy lighting keychain that lights up when you press Snoopy's head
  • For Hello Kitty fans find new items including Hello Kitty cupcake papers (useful as food separators too), as well as fresh stock of many items
  • We have a handy set of Japanese writing instruments, including pen, "rocket pencil" and colored grease pencil, very cool
  • If you love Thunderbirds, we've got a very cute "Thunderbirds Capsule" series from Yujin (full sets are available, too)
  • For bento fans, we have a major stocking of bento box and bento box sets, courtesy of Mayumi
  • We've got fresh stock of the fun Japanese notebooks that are very handy to have around the house -- and they've got funny English on them!
  • Finally, see a great shoulder and foot massager, more Japan-only Hot Wheels toys, a nifty condiment holder from Japan, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For magazine fans, we have the new Urecco, which is overflowing with beautiful girls like Ryoko Mitake, Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Hitomi Hayasaki and more, all with the incredibly high Urecco quality
  • Also, several new amateur adult magazines
  • If you love Japanese panty stocking fetish magazines, we've got the dynamite new Panst Best in stock, and it's really nice
  • We love the glossy Japanese photobooks, and have several nice ones for you, including Senna Kurosaki's dynamite nude and a hardcover offering from Masako Umemiya -- incredibly beautiful
  • For fans of Japanese adult toys, sold in the Japanese market, we've got a nice new personal massager that can be enjoyed by two people at once, and a real stethoscope for couples who want to play doctor
  • There are many magazine + DVD or VCD combination items, and we've got a nice new one: DVD Wow, featuring 2 hours of DVD footage and a full color magazine (region free)
  • Of course we love hentai manga, and we've got a superb lineup of hentai comics for you, including a great work by Mercy Rabbit, creator of the Legend of Fairies and Fairy Nights English bishoujo games
  • Also see many restocked items including the Vaginal Lovea and Vaginass series, Suddenly Cat Tale, and many other items, in stock for you
  • For "dick girl" fans, we've got two "She Male Behavior" doujinshi by hentai doujinshi artist Amanojack
  • For DVD collectors, we've got a great selection of items for you, starting with a super parody of Ayumi Hamasaki, the red-hot JPOP singer who sets the pace of fashion for young people all over Japan -- see the new Ayu Cosplay DVD (region free)
  • Next, enjoy three full hours of top-notch AV starring Bunko Kanazawa, Akira Watase and Nana Kawashima, from VIP (region free)
  • Enjoy the erotic performance of Momo Sakura in a new Double United series DVD, with 150 minutes of satisfying AV for you (region free)
  • From SOD, a great "soft breast fetish" offering featuring Kyoko Ayana's lovely body (region free)
  • From Deep's see a great "lesbian training" performance in Bishoujo Lesbian Soapland (region free)
  • Finally, Moodyz has made a name for themselves with the "Japanese girl vs. black man" featuring real black amateur actors from the USA -- now see a great compilation of their best works (region 2)
  • Finally, find many restocked DVD titles, including the Complete Compilation of Ai Nagase, Obtain Future Memorial, Eating Sperm 3, the very popular Skirt Diving (!) and American Hardcore 2. Enjoy all the new items!

The J-Mate site has been updated again, with a review of several of the Adult Video Wrestling DVDs, which accurately recreate the thrill of professional wrestling with sexy results when one team loses. Don't forget to browse the English interviews with famous AV idols on the site, too. The URL is

Want to see everything that's been recently updated at J-List? Click the "three day" link on the J-List front page to see products added or updated in the past three days.

Greetings from J-List January 30, 2002

Greetings from Japan, where the "silent E" in English is known as "mahou no E" (Magic E).

Japan is quite nippy in the Winter, especially when the kara-kaze, the famous "empty wind" that blows through Gunma in the colder months, kicks up. Most gaijin from warm places like me (San Diego) either learn to dress warmly or go home after a year. It's not just a matter of dressing in layers like my mother always told me -- because Japan lacks some core comforts like central heating, Japanese houses are usually colder than God's Icebox. When relaxing at home, it's quite common to stick your legs inside the kotatsu, a table with a blanket over it and a heater inside. Rooms are heated using small kerosene heaters called "stoves" (suto-bu in Japanese). When these heaters are turned on or off, they release a smell which is quite unpleasant at first, but eventually grows on you as all part of going through Winter in Japan, and you become "natsukashii" (nostalgic) whenever you smell it. For someone from San Diego like me, long underwear is a serious requirement for living in Japan.

It sometimes seems to outsiders living here that Japan is a very death-oriented society. Don't give gifts in multiples of four because the number four is read "shi" in Japanese, which also means death. Don't put you chopsticks straight up in your rice, since that's only done as part of a ceremony for the dead. Likewise, don't sleep with your head facing north, as bodies about to be cremated are laid facing this direction. Yes for all the customs that have to do with death, nearly all of which spring from Japan's various versions of Buddhism, the Japanese have almost no concept of estate planning. As far as I can tell, virtually all the things we do in the States to prepare for the event of one's death, from writing wills to making living trusts to investigating how to avoid death taxes are not practiced here in Japan at all. Since my parents have some land that will be transferred to my wife's name at the time of their death, I brought the topic up with them, but it seem like something you just don't talk about. Likewise, I asked our accountant to recommend some options we might want to keep in mind, but he said no one really did anything to prepare for death estate-wise. Even the concept of drafting a will is not really practiced here. Because all Japanese have strong "common sense" built into them, a natural sense for the "way things should be," wills are not as necessary here. If I were to die, common sense dictates that my wife and children would receive my property, and this logic is rarely contested here.

At J-List, we carry all English-language bishoujo games in the world, including JAST USA, Peach Princess, Hobibox Europe and Himeya Soft. A highly stylized genre of interactive "love simulation" game from Japan, we've worked hard to help make these games available in English to fans. And, our games are uncensored. We received quite a few questions about compatibility with Windows XP, so we've gone through and updated all our bishoujo game product pages with XP information. The good news is that most games will work with XP, either as-is or with by running them in Windows 95/98 compatibility mode. Three Sisters' Story and some of the older Himeya games are among the few that won't load in XP. Also: we've finally gotten in stock of the last of the Himeya Soft games which we had not carried before, Love Potion. Great for fans of the classic games from Himeya!

For the mid-week update, we've got a bunch of very nice new items for you, including:

  • First of all, some great new magazines posted, including the new Gal's Dee, the magazine for fans of Japanese women who are all size "D" cup or larger
  • Also posted are some new kogal magazines, for fans of amateur sex in love hotels
  • We've got some rare items, some collections of some issues of Dick and Up! You, two magazines that specialize in American and European pornography -- it's quite interesting to see this world through the eyes of the Japanese
  • For photobook fans, check out the new items, including a new erotic photobook by Aida Garo, and fresh stock of many nice books, including the "A Trip Of Beautiful Russians" photobook that sold out so fast last time
  • For those interested in harder core items, we've got fresh stock of the Aika Miura bondage photobook and DVD combo item
  • For hentai manga fans, we've posted new books for you, including very erotic manga volumes by LE Comics, Angel Comics and other studios, as well as a good restocking (a dozen or so volumes) of previously out of stock manga books
  • Also, a treat for doujinshi collectors -- another volley of all-new recently released hentai doujinshi works from the past winter Comic Market
  • We've got a bunch of very nice new DVDs for you, starting with "My First Experience," a fascinating lesbian DVD with three girls who engage in "penis band" (strap-on dildo) fucking through holed panties, thus there is no mosaic on this DVD (region free)
  • For fans of the lovely and pure Rin Tomosaki, enjoy her very nice new Soft on Demand DVD project (region free)
  • Those who remember Fumie Hosokawa, the Big Breast Queen from Gilgamesh Night, check out her very nice erotic DVD release (region free)
  • We love the Let Fetish World series from Wanz Factory, and the latest release starring Manami Yoshii is great for all leg, foot, stocking and mini-skirt fetish lovers (region 2)
  • The popular Dream Gakuen orgy series continues, with two new releases for a total of 360 minutes of killer action (region 2)
  • Volume 5 of the very erotic Night Shift Hospital hentai anime is in stock, and is highly recommended for nurse fetish and hentai DVD fans (region 2)
  • We've got a big restock of DVDs, too, with fresh stock of Black Shower, Aika Miura Perfect Eternal Edition, SOD 5 1/2 Year's Special and much more
  • Finally, Tomo has gone through and discounted a bunch of DVD items for you, so you can get them and save some money -- check out the newly reduced items
  • For anyone who's ever loved the incredibly cool Captain Harlock characters from animator Leiji Matsumoto, we've got the Captain Harlock Saga toy series, 7 different figure/toys created with the direct oversight of the creator
  • For lovers of beautiful Japanese swimsuit idols, we've got the hardcover photobook of Yoko Mitsuya, one of the most beautiful busty idols to appear in Japan in years
  • For those who like our unique Japanese snack and food page, we've got melon-flavored carmels (yes, you read right), fried udon snacks, and the famous Sakuma Drops, which appeared in the happy anime film Grave of the Fireflies
  • Also, delicious Japanese senbei (hard rice cracker), and for babies, very delicious milk-flavored Hello Kitty baby senbei (it's for babies, but Kaori loves to eat these)
  • For lovers of Japan's very sexy Race Queen idols, chec out the new Gal's Paradise Super Graphic cards we've posted
  • Lovely "traditional Japanese" items include a "faux" lacquerware bowl, plate and spoon set, Japanese coasters, and some nice crane food decorations
  • Many new cute Japanese items, including a cardboard box for Hello Kitty fans (you can put anything it, it's very stylish), a Hello Kitty lunch box/food container, and new Hamster Club cute items
  • For toy fans, we've got a very nice new soft vinyl figure set based on the Sunrise Heroine toy line from Yujin, and a beautiful Kimono Licca-chan doll from Takara
  • Finally, see funny Japanes signs, handy protective bags that you can keep your laptop in, a cool Japanese world map, several new bento boxes for those in love with Japanese bento culture, and much more. Check out all the newly posted items!

Remember that you can find things on the J-List site using the handy "quick search" function. The search searches for any items containing the words you enter, in any order -- thus you can search for actress' names in Japanese word order (e.g. Nagase Ai) or English order (Ai Nagase). The search engine is smart, too, and snows that "bishoujo" and "bishojo" are the same thing, although some names that have multiple spellings (such as Yuna Akimoto, whose first name can be written as Yuna, Yuuna, or Yuhna) won't come up if searched. Since J-List has 1500 products in stock at any given time, there should be something for everyone!

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Greetings from J-List October 28, 2002

Greetings and salutations from your friends in Japan!

First, notes on the site. J-List may be experience some minor problems with some users, who try to view adult items on the site (but are unable, they are stuck in "PG" mode), and with some other users, who are unable to view product images. If you have any problems with our website, please email us right away and we'll help get on of the problem.

When you become bilingual in a language, you learn a lot about how your own brain works, what processes go on when you learn new vocabulary words (every act of learning involves a physical change in your brain, the creation of a new synapse from one cell to another), and so on. It makes you think about the nature of language in general and consider deeply parts of your own native language that you've taken for granted all your life -- in short, it's really cool. The act of translation from one language to another is really something, too: it takes place deep inside your brain, on a level below your conscious thoughts, like a process in a computer that's running in the background. You place some English in the "buffer," and then something happens in your brain, and in a few seconds Japanese is waiting for you to retrieve it. You can almost hear the "ding" in your mind as the translation "cooks" and is done, without any conscious awareness, at least as far as I've experienced.

When it comes to translation, though, there's one direction to go: from your second language to your native language. If I am translating from Japanese to English, I'll be able to do it just fine; but woe is me if I try to translate from English to Japanese. I know this because I tried it once. My father, who was a nautical engineer who built advanced hydrofoils, had to get a patent of his translated into Japanese, so he asked his Japanophile son to do it for him. Wanting to impress my Dad, I agreed, and two months of hard labor later had produced what had to be the most tear-jerkingly hilarious patent translation ever seen in Japan. I learned my lesson and now politely refuse any requests for translations into Japanese. I believe that 90% of the "wasei eigo" (literally "made in Japan English"), the silly English words the Japanese come up with, are inadvertently created by Japanese asked to translate from Japanese to English -- they are doing their best but are basically translating the wrong direction.

We've mentioned some things that are especially nice in Japan before, including the extra-soft and very warm acrylic blankets they have here. Well, we've finally got some for the list, very nice Hello Kitty half-blankets (or lap blankets) that are very soft and warm and are also very cute. See them on the page! If there's interest in these items, we'll get more in the future.

For the new update, we've got some great items from Japan for you, including:

  • For fans of lovely swimsuit idols, we've got several nice items including the very lovely hardcover photobook of "Chisato" and more
  • For fans of wacky Japanese signs and other items, we've got some more for you, with Japanese plastic sign plates with many uses
  • Show your love of Japan or of your home country with the cute cloth flags (Japan, USA, Germany, France, Canada) we've got in stock
  • We restocked some of our favorite items, the only-sold-in-Japan Sesame Street pens and mechanical pencils, very cute and great for collectors (or those who just want something special from Japan)
  • Also, fresh stock of another popular item, the cute plush Totoro magnets
  • For fans of the Dirty Pair, we've got extremely limited stock of the Dirty Pair figure sets (including a complete set)
  • We've restocked many fun Japanese items for your kitchen, including onigiri makers and several new bento sets with everything you need to enjoy Japanese bento
  • For fans of our Japanese snacks, some nice new items, including Every Burger (chocolate cookies that look like little hamburgers, fun to eat), gummi pizza, fresh stock of Japanese miso soups, and more!
  • For Japanese toy fans, we've got a great Ultraman item, the cool Kubrick Green Hornet and Kato set, and more
  • For Hello Kitty lovers, a great Kitty item for your car, some fun Kitty stamps and magnets with bobbling heads, Kitty chopsticks, and more
  • Also: the really soft acrylic blankets (mentioned above) with cute images of Kitty on them
  • Finally, find more Japanese fude pens (which let you write as if you were writing with a Chinese writing brush), a handy "package opener," a super-fun dress-up-doll set for Hamtaro lovers, and more!
  • For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:
  • For magazine fans, we have more excellent magazines from Japan posted, including new issues of Let's Do Something Good and I'm Sure I Love Married Women After All (we just love these titles)
  • For fans of kogals, those lovely Japanese bad girls, we have the new Cho Mach, filled with lovely girls in love hotels for you
  • We have more great hardcover photobooks from Japan for you, including a new Garo Aida work that's lovely, and the super sexy leg fetish photos of Aki Mizuki
  • For bondage fans, don't miss the excellent Maiko Yuki photobook we have -- it's wonderful
  • For hentai manga fans we have even more great works for you, including Muchan ga Kitayo, about an sexually active little animal who has many adventures with beautiful women, and more
  • For doujinshi lovers, we've got a great new book by Kenix, Orange Pie 2 (great One Piece hentai!)
  • For adult DVD fans, find many nice items in stock, including a new Big Morkal Cosplayers release featuring Sayaka Hagiwara as super-cute Japanese game girls (region free)
  • Ryoko Mitake is a red-hot Japanese nude idol who recently began career as an AV performer, and we've got her newest hardcore work -- it's great! (region free)
  • Nao Oikawa is a "virgin hunter" who hunts inexperienced boys and steals their virginity in a new SOD release (region free)
  • There's a nice new Man's Juice release from SOD featuring Mayumi Yoshida in a great festival of bukkake (region free)
  • From Moodyz, enjoy the hardcore debut of the lovely An Namba, a sexy new AV actress who's eager to please you (region 2)
  • A great lesbian offering from Wanz Factory, two card-carrying lesbians show the secret of lesbian sex to Kyoka Usami in a great "lesbian training" production (region 2)
  • Finally, a big restocking of DVDs, including new No Cut!! titles, Sora Aoi's Happy Go Lucky, The girl scouted in the Cake Shop, lesbian kissing DVDs and more!

J-List carries many cool things. One item we like are the bilingual manga which feature Japanese comics (Ah My Goddess, Cardcaptor Sakura etc) with both English and Japanese in them. They're great for anyone wanting to pick up some Japanese, and also fun to read. We're closing out our stock so our prices are great, check out what we've got for you (try searching for "bilingual").

Greetings from J-List January 28, 2002

Hello again from Japan, the birthplace of canned coffee.

Although Japan's version of Christmas is slightly different from other countries, many customs related to the giving or receiving of gifts abound in Japan. First of all, there are two gift-giving seasons, in July and December, when you give gifts to various people who are "sewa ni natteiru," a phrase which describes people who are helping you out in some way (professors, teachers). Companies exchange gifts in these seasons, too, and J-List exchanges gifts with the distributors and other companies that we deal with -- it's always fun to see what this or that company will give this year. In many cases when you receive a gift, you're supposed to give an "o-kaeshi" or a gift in return, which is supposed to be equal to half the value of the gift you received. At weddings, all guests bring about $200 in cash as a wedding gift, and the leave with about $100 in gifts in a big bag -- rice with red beans, katsuobushi (similar to furikake), and other items. Similarly, at funerals, well-wishers arrive with a cash gift in an envelope; they leave with small gifts such as green tea. In years past, it was customary for people to give a gift (cash or some other valuable item) to doctors when their loved ones were in the hospital, although this has been banned by the Japanese medical board within the last decade.

Sometimes you can get yourself caught in a "gift war" with Japanese people -- they give you something, you give something back, intending it to be an "o-kaeshi" (oh-KA-eh-shi), but the next thing you know they've gone and given you another gift. For the first few years of my marriage, my mother and my wife's mother would engage in this kind of gift battle, each trying to get the last word in. My mother finally gave up, I think, resigning to let the balance of gift giving go in favor of my wife's mother. When my wife and I went to Spain, we brought back some salt from the Mediterranean to a couple who run one of our favorite restaurants. They showered us with wine and other gifts in return, despite the fact that the salt cost less than $1, but we knew not to get into a gift-giving war. If you do want to give a gift to a Japanese person and avoid the embarrassment of return gifts, just tell them up front that you don't need an "o-kaeshi"

Tokyo is an interesting place, although I tire of all that concrete when I'm there on businss, and am happy to get back to quiet old Gunma at the end of the day. Some of the more interesting points to check out if you're ever in Tokyo would include Ameyoko, an interesting collection of alleyways full of small street shops selling interesting clothes, food and accessories. It grew out of a major black market that flourished during World War II, and it's quite fun to wander around and see what you can see. Another popular spot with tourists is Akasuka, a large shrine that has many interesting shops around it. If you like electronics, and what gaijin visiting Japan doesn't, be sure and hit Akihabara, home of the "Electric Town" where there are hundreds of shops selling just about anything you can want, and if you've got your passport you can get it tax-free, too. To check out "kogal" culture, just take the Yama-no-te (the loop line that goes around Tokyo) to Shibuya and get off at the Hachiko exit (Hachiko is the famous dog who waited faithfully for his master to return every day, until one day the master died, yet the dog continued to wait faithfully until he, too, died). You'll find a vibrant area of street musicians as well kogals and men trying to hit on them around the famous "scramble intersection" (called this because you have to move your butt quickly to get across in time). For night action, go to Kabikicho, although gaijin should watch themselves as it can be a little rough, and some establishments won't let foreignrs in at all. Tokyo Tower and the massive Tokyo Municipal Government Office are also good to hit if you want a view of the city from above, or find one of the companies that will take you up for a helicopter tour.

For the first update of the new week, we've got a very nice selection of new products for you, including:

  • First, the new Urecco is in, and it's a very nice issue, capturing lovely Japanese models like Ichigo Milk and Natsuki Abe in startlingly beautiful photographs
  • If you're interested in discount magazines, we've got a bunch posted for you, starting at $5-6 (see magazine page 3 for all discount magazine items)
  • The very nice Gal's Shower Live, a combination bukkake magazine and dual-Video CD combination item, is in stock
  • For photobook lovers, we've fresh stock of some great items, including leg and stocking fetish photobooks, as well as the beautiful new hardcover photobook of lovely swimsuit idol Yui Ichikawa
  • If you like hentai manga from Japan, we've got a very large update for you, with a half-dozen newly posted books as well as fresh stock of many popular books (including the best-selling Fetish Doll dick girl manga series)
  • Also for doujinshi fans, good stock of three excellent hentai doujinshi for you -- a new Girl Power, featuring Dirty Pair, Gundam and other themes (including naughty tentacles), and two new game girl books from Kenix featuring the best Capcom vs. SNK hentai (all very nice)
  • For DVD fans, we've got some nice new products for you, including an interesting "Couple Kiss" DVD in which male/female couples step inside the Magic Mirror Bus and demonstrate their kissing style, then an experienced "kissing girl" comes and kisses both the man and the woman to show how it's done (region free)
  • A busty and lovely new face in the indies AV world, Reiko Matsushima, appears in her first AV release ever, a very nice DVD from Deep's (region free)
  • For bondage fans, we've got "A Moisten Maid Sisters," the story of two sisters who works as French maids, who have very interesting sex lives (region free)
  • For Madoka Ozawa fans, we've got a great all-new AV release showing the "private sex" of Madoka-chan, what she doesn't show to the camera (region 2)
  • Finally, for loves of lesbian DVDs, check out Mami Gotoh and Milk Asakura in a very erotic lesbian and hardcore sex release from Waap Entertainment (region 2)
  • If you love cool Japanese toys from Japan, we've got a really elegant anime figure of Fujiko Mine from the Lupin III TV series (complete with cloth kimono and 34 points of articulation in her body), as well as limited stock (as in one each) of the very cool Macross transformable Valkyrie toys
  • Also: limited stock of the very nice "You're under Arrest" cards
  • For fans of our Japanese snacks and food page, we've got fresh stock of the delicious Strawberry "Tsubu" (bits of strawberry) Pocky, as well as fresh stock of delicious slightly spicy rice crackers with peanuts
  • We have some health-related items, including fresh stock of the excellent Japanese hand warmers, a very nice brush to clean your feet in the shower or bath
  • Japan is the birthplace of "cute" and we've got more Hello Kitty toilet paper (they make a great for anyone who either loves or hates Kitty-chan), new stickers for Hello Kitty fans, and even more stock of our #1 selling authentic Japanese bento box, Hamster Club
  • We've restocked many sold-out sizes of one of our most popular T-shirts, the white "Looking for a Girlfriend" shirt -- now all sizes are in stock, size M to XXL
  • We've got fresh stock of our popular wacky Japanese signs, including a sign that says "Please take your shoes off" in Japanese, as well as a Japanese emergency exit sign
  • New "traditional Japanese items" include some of those classic sushi erasers, self-inking Japanese stamps, and more Japanese "happiness beans" that you can throw at your doorway in Japanese tradition to chase away devils
  • Finally, see Japanese "days of the week" magnets, cool regional maps of Japan (Shikoku, Hokkaido, Northern Japan), fresh stock of our blank vocabulary cards so you can study like Japanese students, and more! Lots of fun stuff for you!

We're happy to see the Hello Kitty vibrators that we got stock of selling at a fast clip -- we sold 20 of them in two days! We have about a hundred in stock, which is a lot, but if they continue to sell at that rate we might run out in a few weeks. If you want your own Hello Kitty mock vibrator, be sure to get yours before they are gone. We just love bring able to bring wacky stuff like this to you!