Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Greetings from J-List March 13, 2002

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you from all of us at J-List.

Well, Spring has sprung here in Japan, and it's starting to get downright warm around here. Although early Spring in Japan can be a little difficult to read -- warm days followed by cold, bitter days, and the strong winds that blow all the time, called "Haru Ichiban" -- there's no doubt that Winter's hold on Japan is fading fast. Already the ume ("oo-meh") trees are blossoming, which means the Season of the Sakura can't be far behind. As the days have warmed, we've been fortunate enough to hear the lovely calls of the Uguisu ("oo-goo-ii-soo"), a bird that symbolizes Spring to the Japanese, right outside our window while we work. You can hear it too, at this site:

Tomorrow is White Day, a unique Japanese event in which men who received chocolate for Valentine's Day must give a gift in return to the girls who gave him chocolate on February 14th. It's a blatant invention of the chocolate industry in Japan, but as time has progressed, it's woven its way into Japanese culture just the same. Popular gifts to give to girls are white chocolate, flowers, and perfume. Tomo, Yasu and I are giving the girls in the J-List office fingernail polish (called "manucure" in Japanese) in return for the chocolate they gave us a month ago.

For the new update this evening, we've got a great selection of cool items for you, including:

  • First, we've got some great new magazines, including the new Suppin and various kogal/amateur magazines, too
  • For photobook lovers, see the beautiful new hardcover photobook of Minori Aoi, along with the sensual "Lady Bomb" of Rika Akiyoshi
  • Also, for fans of Japan's highly-developed leg, stocking, panty and high-heel fetish, we bring you Miho Mochizuki's very nice "Noble Doll" erotic photobook
  • Also: a rare and special item, a beautiful photobook dedicated to Japan's famous "shunga" or erotic ukiyoe artwork of the Edo period
  • If you like Japanese hentai manga, we've got several new volumes in stock for you, as well as restocking of the popular "dick girl" stories in EX Comics' Neo Half
  • If you love Japan's unique yaoi comics, we've got a nice new manga work from Chocolat Comics
  • We've also got a very nice erotic hentai doujinshi work in stock for you, a new underground coming in "The Great Work of Alchemy" series that features beautiful color!
  • If you love erotic DVD from Japan, we've got some fun items, starting with "Copying the Breasts for the First Time" in which girls photocopy their breasts with a color copy machine (a new fetish is born?)
  • There's a new Stark Nakedness Sports Series DVD, with 3 full video releases for you on one DVD, for 150 minutes of fun
  • Enjoy great erotic AV performances with three lovely idols in Cuties Premium, Smiles of Angels
  • We've got a new Moodyz Collection DVD, featuring a staggering 4 hours of sampler footage from 119 titles, a great way to learn about this great company's bold productions
  • For Ai Nagase fans, see her in two new productions from Dream Quest, including her very cool all-tekoki special production
  • Finally, we've got another great set of videos for collectors of M's Video Group, the last word in high-end Japanese bukkake
  • For fans of Japan's bishoujo games and characters, we're carrying several new items, including two beautiful fabric wall scrolls we're stocking in San Diego for your ordering convenience, as well as bishoujo cards for the future Peach Princess game Little My Maid
  • We've got a major update to our anime & toys pages, including fresh stock of several cool items, including the Japan-only Hot Wheels (Speed Race Mach 5, Ultraman's cool vehicles and more Masked Rider Hot Wheels)
  • We've had a general restocking of the Totoro's Wonder Tin Toy Collection, with fresh stock of the very collectible tin Totoro, Cat Bus and deluxe Bus Stop
  • When I was a boy in Maryland, I loved the Shogun Warriors toys they released in the U.S., although I didn't know anything about the original anime shows they were based on. We've got some cool new anime phone strap/keychains for fans of this era
  • We've got some nice authentic Japanese chopsticks in stock for you, and a great way to make temaki sushi (rolled sushi)
  • We've got a major restock of our Japanese snack items, including fresh stock of Shigekix (the super-sour "hard gummi candy"), Tomato Pretz (tomato flavored pretzels, they're really good), Green Tea Pocky, the ever-popular Sushi Gummi, and more
  • Also: fresh stock of the Captain Harlock figures from Furuta, which are beautifully painted figures from the universe created by Leiji Matsumoto (full sets are available)
  • For fans of tasty Japanese gum, we've got stock of Free Zone from Lotte, in lemon and "hi mint" flavor, which won't stick to your teeth
  • If you love Inuyasha, you'll enjoy the new series of trading cards we've posted -- they're really cool
  • For Love Hina fans, we've also got fresh stock of the extremely popular SkyLuv Product figures, which are incredibly detailed and fun to play with or display -- get them before we sell out again
  • For bento lovers, we've got one of the coolest Japanese bento boxes we've ever seen, with not one, not two, but three levels -- one for rice, one for your main meal, and a built-in water bottle that is just too cool for words
  • Finally, look for new Super Deformed Star Wars toys, a thoughtful item that guests staying at your house will appreciate, fresh stock of Japanese miso soup, a great way to experience a Japanese onsen hot springs in your own bath, real Pocari Sweat powder that you can enjoy at home, and more!

J-List has many unique and fun products that aren't available anywhere else. One of the hardest to find items are the authentic Japanese loose socks (those baggy socks high school girls here wear). We know they're hard to find because we looked for nearly two years before we found socks good enough for J-List's customers. We have them in 80 or 120 cm lengths (if you search for "loose socks" on the J-List site you can see pictures of what each side looks like, using Kaori's legs as a model). We've also got the "socks glue" that goes with the socks, to hold them up.

The J-Mate homepage has been update, with new reviews of cool things from Japan for you (the new photobook by Minori Aoi, and Viper V16, the best-selling two-disc game from Hobibox). You can also read English interviews with Sally Yoshino, Ai Nagase, Mai Hagiwara, and many more. You can access J-Mate at

Monday, March 11, 2002

Greetings from J-List March 11, 2002

Hello again from Japan, where drivers turn off their headlights at intersections to be polite to other drivers.

Japan is not, all things considered, the country you should come to if you're disabled in some way. Standards about wheelchair access are haphazard all around the country, with some cities trying to modernize their facilities, especially publicly sponsored places like parks, so that people with disabilities can use them. Some platforms on some train stations have some kind of wheelchair access, but if the station you're going to doesn't have the same access, it's quite difficult to use the train. One of the primary motivating factors for the progress of Japanese society is how their country looks in the eyes of the foreigners who visit or live here, and Japanese are aware that North American and European foreigners tend to look down on Japan's record when it comes to dealing with its disabled citizens. As a general rule, though, many Japanese will tell you that Japan is a small country without much land (Japan has a population density of 335 persons per square km, vs. just 29 in the U.S.), and just can't have the same amount of access that people in wheelchairs enjoy in the U.S. Most foreigners living here, especially Americans, don't buy this and tend to look on Japan's lack of handicapped access as a big minus, despite the invention of words here like "barrier free" (which means, life free of barriers for all citizens, be the disabled or aged and so on).

Then again, it's extremely easy to find one's self looking at Japan from the standpoint that everything in your home country is the "way it should be," and that's of course not right. If you're from the USA, then the way things are done at home naturally seem to be best; ditto if you're from France or South Korea. It's quite difficult to avoid this tendency to be judgmental of other countries and cultures, and lord knows I have failed at this many a time myself. This is one reason I recommend to young people that they should live for a year outside of their own country, preferably while in college -- you will never look at other countries or your own home country quite the same way.

Everyone who is disabled in Japan has certain benefits that the Japanese government sets up for them. There are special health and rehabilitation facilities all around Japan for them to use -- I used to volunteer my time teaching English conversation at a facility for handicapped persons that is just up the road from my house. Companies above a certain size are required to hire handicapped people to work. If they don't want to do this, companies can instead pay a penalty, and this money is used to benefit support programs. The government assists handicapped people purchase special equipment like cars that don't require legs to operate, too.

For the update this evening, we've got a bunch of excellent items for you, including:

  • First, we've got some new magazines for you, including the excellent Gal's Shower (bukkake magazine), and the new Urecco Gal, which captures the lovely "bad girls" of Japan
  • We've got some excellent photobooks, including the lovely swimsuit grace of Emi Ito
  • Also: fresh stock of several of the very erotic "Strawberry Diary" photobooks which feature extremely high quality glossy photographs of beautiful Japanese angels
  • For bondage lovers, we've got the elegant magazine with dual Video CD combo SM Desire, with tons of images and video for bondage and S&M lovers to enjoy
  • We have many nice new items on our erotic manga comics page, including new "wide manga" from Japan's top studios, as well as many restocked manga titles (about a dozen overall)
  • For yaoi fans, we've got the new b-Boy Zips, as well as fresh stock of several others in the series
  • If you are into doujinshi fans, we've got fresh stock of new items for you, as well as several restocked and popular books
  • For DVD fans, we've got wonderful new items for you, including the new No Cut!! release of Ichigo Milk, featuring 180 minutes of great AV by this lovely bad girl (region free)
  • For lovers of adult video history, enjoy the excellent Alice Japan 2002 Special, with 30 AV idols and a whopping 4 hours (240 minutes) of AV for you! (region free)
  • If you love Cosplay, with such erotic costumes as race queen, nurse, bus guide and so on, enjoy Cosplay Royale from Kuki (region free)
  • Soft on Demand has a new turn on cosplay, with the lovely Itsuki Kinoshita in a fun anime bukkake DVD, as she takes 100 mens' ejaculation on her while wearing various anime costumes (region free)
  • Fans of the G-Taste erotic anime DVDs will enjoy the new Director's Cut, featuring the lovely nurse training of Nana Morimura and Mai Kannazuki (region 2)
  • Finally, we've got two more titles by the oh-so-hard-to-get Milky Cat
  • We continue to get great feedback from customers who have purchased The Dog plushes, and we thank you for you warm comments. We've got a bunch of new "The Dog" items for you, including fresh stock on the sold-out set 1 of the normal size plushes, a giant-size extra huggable size of the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever
  • For fans of the bishoujo game "Air," we've got some very cool collectible cards that are really stickers, so you can use them as either
  • Also: a metal "The Dog" dog dish for your dock with the cute dogs printed on it and very cute "The Dog" coffee cups with fish-eye dog images printed on them
  • For fans of our Japanese snacks, we've got a new taste of baked pretzels from Glico, the delicious Grilled Cheese Pretz
  • Also, fresh stock of one of the most popular snack items we've ever sold, Sake Hard Candy from Japan
  • Fans of anime should check out the very cute Totoro white board and magnet set, as well as a rare item, Sailor Moon gum with little "kisekae" dress stickers
  • Finally, look for many other neat items, including new bento boxes, Kero Kero Keropii watercolor paint sets, cute hamster items, a great toothbrush for your tongue, and more!