Saturday, March 30, 2002

Greetings from J-List March 30, 2002

Hello on a warm but windy Saturday from your friends at J-List!

Soccer fever continues to grow in Japan as we approach the World Cup, co-hosted by Japan and Korea, and soccer fans in Japan are getting more and more excited (our own Harumi-chan is one). The sport has managed to work its way into about a quarter of all TV commercials shown in Japan. To the Japanese, the most "kakko ii" (KA-koh EE, which means "cool") player is by far Nakata, who quit Japan's soccer league and is now a world-class soccer player in Italy. He's also fluent in Italian, and video of him speaking at press conferences are aired almost nightly here. Japanese love to have one of their own accepted internationally, especially in Europe. Remember that part of Peter's Unified Theory of Japan is that they secretly wish they were part of Europe -- why else would they make the DVD region codes for Japan and Europe the same? You can see pictures of Nakata at his official site here:

Part of coming to live in Japan from the U.S. means getting used to the metric system, the system in use pretty much everywhere in the world except America. It's quite easy, really -- you just learn to gauge what centimeters, meters, kilometers, and kilograms are in your mind, and you'll be used to it in no time. I've lived in Japan so long now that I only know my shoe size in centimeters (26.5 cm), and I don't know my weight in pounds at all (not that this is always a bad thing). They also use the Centigrade scale for measuring temperature, which means that when it's 3 degrees outside, it's just a little above freezing, and when it's 40 degrees in the summer (with matching high humidity), it's time to get indoors and find some industrial strength air conditioning.

The poor cherry blossoms are really taking a beating this Spring. Blossoming a full 17 days earlier than the normal date due to warm weather, they were subsequently frozen by below-zero temperatures, doused with cold rain, frozen and rained on again, and now we've got a strong wind to blow the flower petals away. We'd better hurry and do our "hanami" (flower viewing) before the fleeting existence of the sakura disappears for good this year.

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That's all for today's update -- we hope you are having a great weekend, wherever you are in the world!

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Greetings from J-List March 28, 2002

Greetings to all of you from J-List!

Japan has changed in many ways in the almost ten years that I've lived here. One has been the elimination of Saturday as a day of half-attendance at work and school. In the "old days" (1992), many companies as well as all government offices and public schools had required half-day attendance on Saturdays, which seemed very alien to my American sensibilities. During the 1980's, Japan realized it was not an up-and-coming nation that had to work extra-hard to rebuild itself in the world economy, but instead had "arrived" and could take it easy. Half-days for government offices and public schools were phased out, and the "era of leisure" was declared. (Most private schools still elect to keep required Saturday classes, to avoid having their academic standards eroding.) Compared with what Japan was like at the beginning of the 1990's, when salarymen worked through holidays and rarely saw their families, I'd say it's certainly a change for the better. On the other hand, the economy here has gone through three plodding recessions in the past decade. One way to look at the present lack of growth in Japan's GDP might be that it has been caused partially by extra emphasis on working less and "taking it easy."

Japan has a national network of freeways, but they're quite different from what you might be used to in the U.S. or Europe. First of all, they're not free at all -- you pay a toll to use them, about $5 for us to drive 20 km to the next city over, or around $25 to go the 100 km into Tokyo. Paying to get to where you're going faster isn't much fun, but if they didn't charge the tolls then everyone would be using the roads, which would defeat the purpose. Unfortunately Japan's freeways are not linked up with each other very often, so it's quite common to have to drive a ways on one road, get off and drive on normal roads for two hours, then take the next freeway. Japan's freeways are very well designed and easy to drive on, but if you're visiting from overseas and want to drive around Japan, there's one potential challenge awaiting you: virtually all major roads are named with long, difficult kanji names (when they are named at all), rather with, say, easy to read numbers, as the interstate freeway system in the U.S. The freeway nearest our house is called the "Kita Kanto Odan Doro" which means the North Cross-Kanto Road. To get to Tokyo we head south on the "Kan-Etsu Kosoku Doro" which means the Kanto-Niigata Freeway. It's just part of being in Japan.

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Monday, March 25, 2002

Greetings from J-List March 25, 2002

Hello again from that fun and wacky place, Japan.

Before I started J-List back in 1996, I was an English teacher, and spent several years teaching ESL -- that's English as a Second Language to us teacher types. Although teaching English was often very challenging and difficult, it was fun because I got to meet so many Japanese people of all ages, and learn from them. I was immediately surprised by the strong impression that America was a "free" country, unlike Japan -- although none of my students had much idea what free really meant. One of my students wrote, "Japanese teachers always want children to be the same. But America is more free. They don't have school uniforms and strict, strange rules." By far the biggest question I was asked was, Did I have a gun when I lived in America? Of course the answer was no, but Japanese were interested in America's fixation with guns. I remember struggling to explain English grammar in ways that were useful to my students. They wanted explanation of gerunds and particles and infinitive verbs, and me saying "Mm, that sounds right to me" is not what they wanted to hear. If you are interested in seeing some of the collected (and silly) writings of my former students, I've posted some on my personal homepage at

Each country has what the Japanese call a "kokumin-sei" or "national personality" -- the various things that the French do, or the British, or Americans, which each group generally has in common. A major aspect of the Japanese national personality is called "seiyou suuhai shugi" which means "worship of the West," a hopeless desire to be like America and Europe. This is expressed in many ways, but mostly in the way they imitate the West, both in various institutions, as well as in less subtle ways. Tokyo Tower is, of course, a giant recreation of the Eiffel Tower (they made it 33 meters higher), and the large mountain range going through the main island of Honshu are known as the Japanese Alps. The current Crown Prince of Japan supposedly lives in a palace that is perfect scale model of Versailles in France. If you go to Chiba Prefecture, you can see "the Dover Cliffs of Japan," an area that is said to resemble the beautiful Dover Cliffs in England. And one day I was walking up the Spain-zaka ("Spanish Hill") in Shibuya, in Tokyo, and I realized that they had lifted the name from the famous Piazza di Spagna in Rome. Japan's great love and respect for America and Europe manifests itself in interesting ways.

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