Friday, April 26, 2002

Greetings from J-List April 26, 2002

Hello again from Japan!

In Japan, the oldest son in a family has certain responsibilities to their household and parents, and as a general rule, will stay at home even after finishing school, taking over the family business (if there is one) and taking care of his parents as they get older. When a son in this situation gets married, the woman he marries has to agree to live in his house with his parents, which is called "yome o morau" (to receive a bride) -- she then is listed on her husband's family register and is completely a part of hew new family, and when she dies she is buried in her husband's family's grave.

If there is a son and a daughter, the responsibility to take over the household usually falls on the son, even if the daughter is older than the son. If there is no son, or if the son is unable to take over the household, the daughter must take care of her parents, and must find a husband willing to come and live in her family's house -- called a "muko" or "son who comes from another house to live." In cases where a man comes and lives in his wife's family's house, he generally takes his wife's last name. Because my wife is an only child, she was in a similar situation -- she really wanted to live in America, but had to return to Japan because of her parents. I married her and live in her home, however I didn't legally take her last name but kept my own. This makes me a "Masuo" (named after the husband of Sazae in the long-running anime Sazae-san).

A J-List customer from Germany has sent us the correct versions of some of the non-English words the Japanese use in their daily lives, and the original words they come from. Here's a list:

randoseru <- raenzel = bag (German)
arubaito <- arbeit = work (German)
anke-to <- enquete = inquiry (French)
karute <- karte = medical records (German)
karuta <- carta = letter (Portuguese)
pan <- pan = bread (Portuguese)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Greetings from J-List April 24, 2002

Hello again from all of us at J-List!

The big event has finally come -- my son has started his first day at Japanese elementary school. School in Japan is a very complex thing, really a very structured machine designed to create happy, productive Japanese citizens who get along with each other, something important in a country in which half the population of the U.S. is crammed into an area smaller than California. Also, Japan's education system aims to eliminate differences between the kids so they can all be on the same level, another important aspect to life in this country where 80% of people describe themselves as being middle class. The wearing of school uniforms, which is done in Junior High and High School, also aims to remove distincations between rich and poor in public schools.

To build "chowa" (harmony) into the kids, the Japanese educational system makes sure that everyone does things the same way -- the kids wear the same yellow hats, carry standard backpacks (red or black, and although other colors are available, the only colors I saw were red and black). The focus on conformity can freak out Westerners, who can't understand why people would strive to be so similar to each other. I had a British friend who left Japan to return to England, mainly because he was not comfortable having his kids become the same as all the other kids (like baby ducks following their mother, he said). In the end, all these rules and having exactly one way to do things aims to make a strong feeling of being part of a group, something that's very important to the Japanese. Since we take frequent trips to the U.S. with the kids, we're hopeful that we'll be able to get in lots of individuality-building while we're home, to counter the Japanese school system.

The school Kazuki is going to is Misato Elementary School, and this is the school that Kazuki's mother went to 30 years ago...and also the school that his grandmother went to! That is so far outside the experience of my American mind I can't describe it. I've moved many times during my youth, living in on the East Coast, in New Zealand for a year, finally ending up in San Diego, and the idea of going to the same school as my mother, much less my grandmother boggles the mind.

Anyway, if you'd like to see pictures of my son in his new school, the URL is (click on "Pictures from Japan" and choose the "first day of School" link).

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