Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Greetings from J-List May 22, 2002

Hello again from Japan, where Velcro is known as "magic tape."

What color are your eyes? All Japanese people have brown eyes, although if you ever ask them what color their eyes are, they'll tell you "black" (because the center of the eyes are black, as opposed to the iris). Japanese are often interested in the eyes of foreigners, since they come in different colors, something totally unknown in Japan (although they do have color contact lenses here). Yet when I tell them that my eyes change color depending on what I'm wearing, changing from green to hazel to blue (they do), they usually don't believe it's possible. The other night, my wife and I went to our Spanish class, and my teacher, a Japanese who grew up in Peru, asked me if I saw the world through a blue or green tint because of the color of my eyes.

One of the social elements at work in Japanese daily life is the "myth of Japanese uniformity." Just as Westerners who haven't had much experience with Japanese people might say "they all look alike" to them, Japanese have a tendency to act as if the Japanese race was completely pure and unified, with everyone looking pretty much the same as everyone else. Japanese all have the same color eyes, it's true, but their other features can be extremely varied -- hair color and texture, skin shade, shape of the nose and face, height, and so on. Inside the "unified" Japanese gene pool there are genes from the Ainu, the original inhabitants of Northern Japan, as well as Korea, China, Russia, South America, and increasingly, America and Europe (like my kids). All of the genes create more and more variation in what Japanese people look like, yet Japanese tend not to "see" these differences, and go on believing that Japanese all have very similar features. This is quite a useful thing, since it removes internal strife inside Japan, although it's an odd concept to get used to.

We're happy to announce that we've gotten in fresh stock of one of most popular T-shirts, the blue and yellow "Hen na Gaijin" (I'm a strange foreigner) shirt. For whatever reason, one of the first phrases a foreigner learns upon coming to Japan is this one, so we made one of our famous funny Japanese T-shirts out of it. We're also happy to announce new sizes available for our funny Japanese T-shirts -- we'll now carry size S through 3XL, so our smaller and larger customers can wear our unique shirts as well.

For the new update, we've got lots of new items for you (surprise, surprise), including:

  • First, we have some really nice new magazines again, including amateur, kogal, and hitozuma items, as well as more discounted magazines for you
  • For photobook fans, we've got some positively beautiful new items, including the first hardcover photobook of Ruri Anno, and beautiful hardcover photobooks by Naomi Toki and Garo Aida
  • Also, a major restock of many popular photobook, including Tennyo (Ichigo Milk, Koharu Tohno), and the extremely popular new photobooks of Rio Sannomiya and Megumi Osawa
  • J-List carries some excellent "gouka-bon" books, or high-end bondage photobooks, and we've gotten some excellent items for you
  • Also: we've gotten in another great panty stocking fetish book, Panst Best, with some extremely lovely, leggy gals
  • If you like playing authentic Japanese bishoujo games, we've got another complete game plus artbook for you, the popular game Hyakka Ryoran
  • We have excellent new manga for you, including The Queen Bee by Kira Hiroyoshi, as well as another restock of popular hentai manga for you
  • For doujinshi fans, we've restocked our popular TGWOA hentai doujinshi for you -- check them out
  • For DVD collectors, we've got some more excellent items for you, starting with Maiko Kazano's very erotic new soft porn release from Bauhaus (region free)
  • From Soft on Demand, a DVD release starring Haruna Miwa exploring improper sexual love (region free)
  • Another great item for fans of Sexual Adult Westling, see the new 210 minute production with some excellent hardcore, in and out of the ring (region free)
  • A new series from Zone Works brings you 2 hours of high-quality adult video performances by Japan's top idols -- see Yuna Akimoto, Kaori Shimizu and Bunko Kanazawa, in stock now! (region 2)
  • Another great indies release from the bold and sassy Wanz Factory, see a new performance by Nao Oikawa (region 2)
  • For hentai anime fans, we've got a new hentai DVD by the creator of Let's Go Marine-Chan! (region 2)
  • Finally, Tomo has restocked many DVDs, including the How to Perfect series, All Nude Soccer, Ai Nagase's dynamite 3-hour DVD and many more titles!
  • Japan is getting ready for the World Cup, and J-List has cool new items for you, including the official FIFA World Cup trading cards (with players from all over the world), another set of the Japanese players (including Nakata-kun), and an incredibly cute "International Soccer Mascot" toy created by Jun Planning
  • For fans of collectible trading cards, we've got the ultimate "character card guide" which contains character information on hundreds of popular anime, bishoujo anime and game card series
  • For fans of the lovely idol and actress Yumiko Takahashi, take yourself back to the Golden Nineties with a great movie data photobook of her
  • For fans of our idol and Race Queen items, check out the newly restocked products, including Yuko Ogura's lovely photobook
  • A very cool item: authentic Japanese "tatami cushions" featuring Hello Kitty and Totoro images
  • J-List stocks from-Japan anime DVD releases, and we've restocked all the Hayao Miyazaki titles we carry (all of which have English subtitles and soundtracks on them)
  • We have some nice Japanese snack items in stock, including all-new furikake, rare "salt candy" from Okinawa, delicious Strawberry Milky candy, and one of my own favorites, chocolate-filled fish-shaped pretzels, Pucca
  • Also, a deluxe giant size package of Japanese mugicha (barley tea), the #1 drink enjoyed by the Japanese in the summer
  • We have some excellent robot toy items for anime fans, including a Bandai Patlabor mech, a deluxe robot tank from the Another Age Playstation game, and a die-cast Getter Robot limited edition toy!
  • Also: a plush little sea lion that's also sushi (hard to explain, but very cute), and several cute pretty anime figures
  • We've restocked our kitchen and bento items, adding fresh stock of several bento boxes, new tofu and "ham and cheese" boxes (yes, a special container just for ham and cheese), and more
  • Finally, look for a handy way to carry your portable phone with you, and an extra-cool safety strap for your wrist, fresh stock of several popular Hello Kitty items, and more!

The J-Mate site has been updated again, with a new review of Hitomi Hayakawa's excellent softcore DVD release. You can read the real English-translated interviews of dozens of the most famous AV stars here, so as well as read reviews and see screenshots from J-List products. See it at

The Peach Princess webpage has been totally redesigned, so if you enjoy the excellent English-language bishoujo games they sell, we hope you'll check out the new site. You can also participate in discussions about bishoujo games and anime on their excellent BBS. The URL is

Monday, May 20, 2002

Greetings from J-List May 20, 2002

Hello again from all of us in Japan!

One of my first instances of "culture shock" upon arriving in Japan was seeing Japanese toilets. While most toilets in homes or restaurants are the standard Western toilets you are used to, many in public places are Japanese style, which means a toilet without a seat -- just a long, oval toilet that you squat over. Using them is quite a challenge, especially the first time, when you're not sure which direction you should face (for the record, face the raised part). For some reason, all the toilets on trains are Japanese style, which means that if you ever have to take a long journey by train in Japan, you'll have to contend with a seatless toilet while on a jerking, moving train. Japanese universally prefer seatless toilets to the sit-down kind, because no matter how dirty the toilet may be, no sensitive area touches your body. Toilets here have handles that move two ways, with the characters for "small" and "large" on them. If you've only got a little, turn the handle towards "small" to let a little water out. Later, I learned that the words for No.1 and No.2 in Japanese are shouben (or "small convenience") and daiben ("large convenience"), which solved the riddle of the small/large characters on Japanese toilet handles.

Soon Japan will enter its rainy season, a month-long period when it will rain most every day and be very gloomy. The rain is funny, too -- rain during rainy season falls in larger drops, which seem to be designed to get you extra wet when you're running out in it. In fact, the word for rainy season, Tsuyu, is written "plum rain" because the raindrops are the size of plums falling from the sky. We bought our car, a Mazda Bongo Friendee, which has a foldable table and chairs inside, specifically with rainy season in mind. Rather than moping around the house during weekends, we can take the kids out in the car to have an in-car picnic, even if it's pouring outside.

Apologies for my SOV/SVO goof. That's what I get for working too hard. English is indeed a SVO language (subject, verb, object). As they say in Japan, "Even monkeys fall from trees."

For the first update of the new week, we've got another excellent volley of items from Japan for you, including:

  • First, we have new magazines, including some excellent amateur, kogal and hitozuma magazines for you
  • We have some great new photobooks for you, including the great new hardcover work from Maiko Kazano, showing her erotic "Memory of Nineteen"
  • For fans of older magazines, we've got more classic and premium back issues in stock for you, including some issues of Boyes, which are always very rare and in demand (see them on magazine page 2)
  • For bishoujo anime fans, two item, the Bishoujo Anime Collection art book capturing virtually all hentai anime in the past 3+ years, and a beautiful second La Blue Girl erotic art book
  • Also, we have new and restocked erotic manga, as usual, including some excellent new works we think you will love
  • We have some great new erotic DVDs for you, starting with a great erotic new performance by Sally Yoshino as the "enslaved secretary" (region free)
  • SOD's Deep's label does its bid for Korean-Japanese relations with a new erotic Korean AV release (subtitled only in Japanese, unfortunately) (region free)
  • For fans of sexy anime cosplay erotica, enjoy the Sexy Girl's Cosplay War by Big Morkal (region free)
  • Another very nice title, Aika Miura is a "female prisoner" in a very erotic hardcore bondage release (region free)
  • The sweet and lovely Hikari Kisuki has charmed J-List readers in her nude magazine appearances, and now you can buy her softporn from Eichi Video (region free)
  • For fans of "OL" fetish, i.e. office ladies who look so sexy in the workplace, enjoy the new release from Dream Ticket (region 2)
  • Another great Indies release, Super Violent Shoot, puts three "semen girls" against dozens of men in a festival of bukkake (region 2) -- comes with a free packet of "love love lotion"!
  • Finally, for M's Video Group fans, enjoy another incredibly beautiful, hardcore video release from this, the most famous name in bukkake in Japan (VHS)
  • Finally, we've gone through and discounted many of our indies and pro adult videos, so you can get them for a great price, and free SAL shipping too!
  • If you love Japan's elegant Race Queens as we do, we've got some new items for you
  • We have more cool items in the series known as "The Dog," including really cool stickers of your favorite doggie!
  • For Totoro fans, see the very soft, very touchable Neko Bus plush we've just gotten in stock
  • Also, really cool new Sailor Moon dolls (with outfits you can change), and a very rare and very cute Cardcaptor Sakura poseable figure from Bandai
  • We've restocked many popular toy items, including the Japan-only Hot Wheels from Bandai, as well as the very cool sushi lights (little sushi keychains that really light up!)
  • Look for more Hello Kitty items, too, including the popular toy refrigerator and food set, as well as a Hello Kitty herbal garden and very fun "popping straw" set
  • We've got many new snack items in, including new delicious fried rice mix, new Pocky (both large and small)
  • We gotten in fresh stock of the very cool Tomy "mini car" toy cars, which are standard Hot Wheels scale -- they are so unique and fun to play with
  • If you ever loved Ultraman (as I did), we've got some very cool items for you -- recreations of the most famous battles from the Ultraman universe, with our rubber hero fighting famous monsters
  • Finally, look for other very cool items, including a Thunder Bunny contact lens case (but we've got very limited stock), new bento boxes and sets, sushi and onigiri makers, and much more! Enjoy all the new items!

We're happy to announce that we've been able to find a new manga distributor, which helps us get books for you faster and more efficiently. Since Japan is a very regulated and organized place, still with many levels of distributors between end-user and manufacturer, we hope our new distributor will help us bring many more items to you.

Although we've gotten more stock of delicious Pocky in today, the stock we have now is just about our last before summer arrives. Unfortunately, Pocky melts in the heat and high humidity of Japan's summer, and so we don't reorder it in the summer months. If you'd like to get some of our delicious Pocky, you should hurry!