Friday, June 14, 2002

Greetings from J-List June 14, 2002

Hello again, this time from the Old Country in Koblenz, Germany! We're here for Animagic, the largest anime convention in Europe (or so I am told), and we're having loads of fun. If you're in the neighborhood, we hope you will drop in and see us before the convention is over.

But first, a note about the site. The J-List site has been moved to its new server, and there are a couple of glitches. Currently, I am not sure if images are displaying normally, as many images seem to be not coming up (it could be something to do with my connection from Germany). Also, unfortunately, new customers are not able to check out currently (they get an error 1001), although existing customers should be able to check out normally. Rest assured that we're hard at work on both problems and should have them solved very soon.

This is our first real trip to Germany (although I'd driven through before), and we're learning a lot about the country, as we soak up the differences between Germany and Japan and the U.S. They don't put syrup on their waffles here, and of course you never get ice in your drink when you order it. They have the greatest cottege cheese, and so many beautiful castles it's almost hard to believe it. I've been surprised at all the pretty dogs I see being walked around town, which may explain why our "The Dog" Japanese plush toys are popular in Germany. As in my previous trips to Europe, I'm mildly surprised to really see almost no advertisements for Japanese companies or general Japanese commercial presence -- Korean companies seem to be much more active here. And everywhere you go, there are Nestle products!

The con is a great one. There are lots of good fans from all around Europe, gathering to share in their common enjoyment of Japanese popular culture. My wife is especially impressed with the ability of Germans to communicate in English, which is very convenience for us since my German all comes from "Hogan's Heroes" and "Die Hard." My wife is somewhat ashamed at the Japanese education system that has students learn 6 years of English (if they graduate from high school) or 10 years (if they go all the way through college) but usually doesn't give them any real competence in English.

The J-List site has been updated, thanks to Tomo and Yasu and Mayumi in Japan, with a large number of new products, including DVDs, magazines, photobooks, toys and other items, and much more -- about 50-60 new items posted. We certainly hope you will stop by and check out the new items! If there are any problems with the site, either with images displaying or check out problems of any kind, please email about them and we'll take care of them right away.

Well, that's all for now. We'll talk to you after the convention!

Monday, June 10, 2002

Greetings from J-List June 10, 2002

Hello again from all of us at J-List!

All of Japan is gripped in World Cup excitement as the games progress. Harumi-chan, the biggest soccer fan here at J-List, was crying tears of joy because of Japan's 1-0 victory over Russia. America is also making a good showing, and everyone is hopeful that they'll get to the finals. I am an American, and soccer is not really a part of my blood and culture as it is with most of the rest of the world, but I found myself quite on the edge of my seat during the game last night, cheering especially for the most popular Japanese player, Nakata, who plays professional soccer in Italy and is fluent in Italian. The game last night was watched by a staggering 65 percent of all Japanese.

My wife Chiharu and I will be going to Germany, to attend our first anime convention in Europe. We'll be in Kolbenz for Animagic, June 14-16, so if you're in the neighborhood, we certainly hope to see you there. We'll be laden with interesting items from Japan, including our Hello Kitty vibrating shoulder massagers, Japanese gum and snack goods, lots of doujinshi, and our popular English-language bishoujo games. The homepage for information on the convention can be found at . This isn't my first trip to Europe however. Back in 1995, I went on a "Pulp Fiction tour" of Europe, silly American that I am, and had a Royale with Cheese with beer at McDonald's, enjoyed a glass of beer in a movie theatre in Amsterdam, and so on. Also, my wife and I were fortunate to be able to go see beautiful Malaga and Barcelona two years ago.

For the new update, we've got a bunch of excellent new items for you, including:

  • First, we've got great new magazines, including a great new item for followers of Japan's indies studios and idols, DMM, which is value-priced, as well!
  • Also, several new amateur and "nampa" (how to pick up girls and take them to love hotels) magazines in stock
  • There's a great new concept in adult magazine, too: complete issues dedicated to just one lovely AV idol, as in the new Urecco Hardcore, featuring a complete issue dedicated to the beautiful Kaori Nakatani
  • For fans of Japan's sexy leggy gals, a new issue of Minisuka and Panst Collection (that is, Mini Skirt and Panty Stocking Collection)
  • Also, a new issue of Digital Jukujo, a magazine and dual Video CD combo item that is great for fans of "jukuko" (mature ladies)
  • From our office in Japan, we've got limited stock of some rare photobooks that we're posting to the site, including the Hit Fetish photobook (one of the most interesting ass-centric photobooks we've ever carried)
  • We have a half-dozen or so excellent erotic mangas for you, including the very nice "Milk Slave" by Belle Comics and Branshea, as well as a general restocking of popular items
  • Also, more volumes of the popular "Electric Fighting Daughters" manga, which are anthologies of the best erotic "game girl" doujinshi
  • For DVD collectors, we've got a great lineup of DVD releases, starting with the lovely Pure Fresh Date with Megumi Osawa (now a confirmed hardcore AV actress) (region free)
  • The brazen and erotic Marina Matsushima has a massive pair of breasts -- 105 cm J cup -- which outshines even Anna Ohura. Now we have her excellent DVD release! (region free)
  • A nice item for fans of amateur Japanese girls, we've got the massive i-Club, featuring a 240 minute "perfect collection" with 36 models (region free)
  • Another great long-playing DVD, enjoy 4 hours of the best of Big Morkal for a great price, which is not to be believed (region free)
  • A fun experimental adult production, three lovely Office Ladies play dress-up with a male coworker, turning him into a "Compulsory Mannequin" for their sexual amusement (region free)
  • If you love the charming style and erotic good looks of Ai Kurosawa, then enjoy her new soft porn DVD release from Bauhaus, which includes much imagery of Ai-chan, including her uncensored hair nude (!) (region free)
  • Tomo has also updated the entire DVD pages with fresh stock of some popular titles, including Bondage Battle 4, Ai Nagase's excellent "Love Day After Tommorrow," the excellent AV of Japan's "Latino" AV idol Emily Yoshikawa, titles by Ichigo Milk and Aika Miura, and new stock of "Street Fucker" (Street Fighter sexual parody)
  • We always carry lovely photobooks and DVDs for fans of Japan's JPOP idols, swimsuit idols and Race Queens, and we've got some nice new additions for you, including a great Ayumi Hamasaki photobook
  • Also posted, a great image DVD of the lovely Yuko Oguro, the 17 year old swimsuit idol who has charmed her way to the top of Japan's idol world
  • We've got some great new anime toy items in stock, including a deluxe "full action doll series" from Sakura Wars, one of the coolest Gundam toys we've ever carried, and a limited edition figure set from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (a popular manga in Japan)
  • Also, for fans of the Choro Q micro radio control cars from Takara, we have a deluxe set of ten cars for you to race and have fun with
  • We have a new volley of unique Japanese snacks for you, including ume-boshi (tart sour plum) flavored pretzels (yes, you read right), fun Japanese "stick sugar," and more
  • Also, we've restocked many of popular types of Japanese miso soup, which is very healthy and delicious
  • We have some cute Hello Kitty items, including a nifty Hello Kitty "child on board" sign for your car, new Kitty notebooks, and more
  • Finally, we've got cute Japanese notebooks for fans of Hamutaro (Hamtaro), the cute new hamster you'll soon be hearing more of, and also one of my daughter's favorite shows, Ojamajo Doremi.

We're very close to switching the site from the old server to the new one -- only a few hours away, in fact. We've tested the new site, and we think everything will go well, but just in case, please email us if you have a problem or make an order but don't hear from us about it. The new order system supports many new features, including allowing you to easily update your current addresses and payment method, and it also supports many new under-the-hood features (in addition to being about twice as fast as the current server). We hope everything goes smoothly, but let us know if anything breaks.