Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 4, 2002

Hello and TGIF from Japan, where the Adam's Apple (the little bulb in your throat) is known as "nodo-chinko" which translates as "throat penis."

When learning Japanese, it's always fun to learn the "gitaigo," a group of words similar to onomatopoeia, very descriptive words that describe the state of objects. Because they consist of repetitions of words, they are very cute and fun to use. If you're really hungry, the Japanese would say that you're "peko peko," a word which describes the way you feel when your stomach is very empty. Alternately, "kara kara" describes your throat when you're thirsty. If you get soaking wet in the rain, you're "bisho bisho," and if you get indigestion, your stomach is "muka muka." If your skin is especially smooth and clean, someone might say it's "sube sube" (a word which comes from suberu "to glide"). And if you're a little on the plump side, you might be described as "puyo puyo," a word which sounds cute to the Japanese. In Chinese, nouns are written in plural by repeating the same character twice, and this has spilled over into some everyday Japanese words, such as "betsu betsu" (the character for "to separate" repeated, meaning separate or different), or a word you hear in anime a lot, "ware ware" (the character for "I" repeated, expressing the word "we").

I remember first coming to Japan back in 1991, totally dazed at everything around me as I struggled to find my "gaijin legs." I met many people who helped me out and showed me the ropes on living in Japan, including a famous American man who is kind of the "First Foreigner" in Gunma Prefecture, a man who came to live in Japan during the Vietnam era as a conscientious objector and has stayed here ever since. When I met him he'd lived in Japan for sixteen years or so, and at the time I was amazed that anyone could live away from his home country for so long -- of course, now I've been in Japan for eleven years myself. He's quite a local personality, and has written regular articles in the newspaper and also had a local radio talk show, mainly because he'd been here so long. A key element to understanding the Japanese psyche is that they always want to be well thought of by Westerners, and having foreigners fall in love with Japan so much that they live here all their lives makes them feel happy and proud.

You've been in Japan too long when you get a 'nihongo ga jozu' and feel really insulted. It's an odd fact of life in Japan, but foreigners who are learning Japanese strive for that magic moment when Japanese will stop complimenting them on how good their Japanese is. Being told "Your Japanese is very good" ("nihongo ga jozu") is a sign that your Japanese is good, but not quite "good enough" for the person you're talking to just shut up and talk to you as if you were a native. After studying Japanese for four years at San Diego State University and living in Japan for eleven years, I am hopefully as fluent as I will ever need to be, although there are still occasional difficulties. I went to KFC to get our standard chicken dinner for Thanksgiving last week, but for some reason, I couldn't make myself understood by the girl taking my order. It turned out that she was a foreigner herself, a university student from China, and hadn't understood my American Japanese accent.

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Monday, December 02, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 2, 2002

Hello again from your friends in Japan at J-List!

The Japanese are very big on their four seasons, and have many customs that separate each season from the others. In the spring, people sit under cherry blossom trees and enjoy the fleeting beauty of the season of the sakura. In summer, it's time to don a yukata (cotton summer kimono) and enjoy Japan's festivals. In autumn, have a family barbecue in the mountains while enjoying the blazing colors of the turning leaves around you. In the winter, one of my personal favorite customs is sampling the new "nikuman" at convenience stores in Japan (pronounced "niku-mahn"). Nikuman is a kind of steamed Chinese bun with meat inside, and it's one of the most delicious foods you can eat when visiting Yokohama's famous Chinatown. The ones sold in convenience stores aren't quite as good, but they're hot and tasty nevertheless, and cheap at just 88 yen. Variations on the basic "beef and bread" nikuman dumplings include pizzaman (tomato sauce and cheese), anman (Japanese anko sweet beans), and curryman (curry-filled bread). The best nikuman can be found at convenience stores that carry Yamazaki baked goods, like Sun Every and Yamazaki Daily Store.

Some Japanese gestures are really cute. One famous gesture the Japanese make when having their picture taken is "peace" (also known as the V for Victory sign), which seems to be a national pasttime here. Unfortunately, none of the J-List staff has any idea why virtually all females, and many males, make this gesture -- it's just a cute Japanese thing, we guess. When Japanese get their picture taken, then say "cheese" just like in English. An alternate version is to say "what's one plus one?" (the answer in Japanese is "ni" and will result in a smile, the same as "cheese.")

It's always hard to be an expat and live in another country. No matter how long I live in Japan, I still feel that things from home are just plain "better." American medicine works the best for me, and there's nothing like American Cream of Wheat for breakfast on cold mornings -- I've turned my kids on to it, although my wife sticks her nose up at the stuff, since it looks like "okayu," a watery rice dish Japanese give to sick people. While there are many familiar things to an American living in Japan (McDonald's, Starbucks, Time Magazine), I don't think I could get by without the Internet to give me all the American culture I need. especially is a Godsend for someone like me -- a far cry from eleven years ago, when we had to scour the town to find a store that had some imported Pringles or Doritos, or travel to Tokyo to one of two bookstores that carried English books.

We seem to be experiencing some problems with our shopping cart system, a few users have had trouble checking out. If you find any problems with the J-List site, please email us about it right away, and remember that you can always use the secure email form (see link in the upper left hand corner of our site) to send order information in an emergency.

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