Friday, December 13, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 13, 2002

Hello from Japan, where natto (fermented soybeans) mixed with hot mustard and soy sauce is a popular breakfast.

I'm feeling extra-refreshed today, because I took an evening off of work to enjoy a traditional hot springs hotel with some gaijin friends from overseas. The Japanese really take bathing seriously, and have a very highly developed idea of what a good bath is. The best baths are natural hot springs, called onsen in Japanese, and happily, there are many famous hot springs in our prefecture. There are many different kinds of hot springs, some in small establishments where there's only one bath, and some larger hotels which have a dozen different baths or more, including beautifully designed outdoor baths -- it's always fun to try them all. There are also some "fake" hot springs which use boilers to heat the water, but they're convenient to go to, and there are several near my house. In Japanese hot springs and public baths, you always bathe in large baths used by everyone, with just a small towel to cover your nether regions. Before you get into a bath, you wash yourself thoroughly and then enjoy the bath. Although Japan is famous for men and women bathing together, mixed baths are almost impossible to find in Japan -- I've only found one in all my years in Japan, and believe me, I've looked.

A trip to an onsen hotel in Japan is an interesting experience, no matter which hotel you go to. First, you arrive at your room, usually a Japanese-style tatami room, where you drink tea and marvel at how beautiful and "Japanese" your room looks. You can then go check out the baths if you like, walking while wearing your yukata, a cotton kimono that's very comfortable (although they don't always fit foreigners that well). For dinner, the food is usually very Japanese, with lots of fish and beautifully-arranged vegetables, and always a few things that you can't identify. After dinner, it's back to the baths for more bathing. If you want, you can find karaoke, video games (always very out of date), and ping pong in a "night corner" somewhere in the hotel -- it's some unwritten onsen rule that all these things must be available to complete the customer's onsen experience. You can also eat some ramen or HagenDaaz ice cream, too, then head back to your room to sleep on Japanese futons. If you want to learn more about Japanese hot springs, we humbly recommend Tokimeki Check in!, a great Japanese interactive love-sim game in which you're the owner of a Japanese hot springs inn.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 11, 2002

Hello from your friendly neighborhood gaijin in Japan!

First of all, congratulations to Yasu and his wife on the birth of their first child! Little Miu-chan was born on Sunday and is a very healthy and happy little girl (3302 grams, 52 cm long). Miu-chan is a "San Francsico Baby" -- conceived while Yasu and his wife went on their honeymoon to that beautiful city. Here's a picture if you want to see the happy father and daughter:

One thing that's often a shock to outgoing, cheerful Westerners is the Japanese tendency of modesty. Try praising a Japanese person by telling them how good their English is, and they'll disagree with you, telling you "No, my English isn't good at all." If you compliment most American women on how pretty they look, they'll probably reply with a warm "thank you." Taking note of how pretty a Japanese women looks can be a confusing experience, though, as they shake their head and firmly disagree with you. In Japanese society, the concept of "kenson" (translated as humility or modesty) is an important quality for people to have in a land that's got so many people per square kilometer (325 in Japan, vs. just 26 in the USA). There are many stereotypes and silly notions about Japanese modesty, many which were inserted into American popular culture by novelists like James Clavell, but basically, the concept of "kenson" just means that people not be boastful but instead try to play down their own skills or abilities in a polite way. There are many phrases in Japanese that illustrate this tendency to show humility in front of others. For example, when you give someone a gift, you usually say "Here's something that's not interesting" (tsumaranai mono desu kedo...) or if you bake someone a cake, you say, "I'm not sure if it tastes good or not..." (Oishii ka dou ka wakaranai kedo).

In Japan, it's year-end gift giving season again. Companies give gifts to each other to show feelings of thanks for services rendered in the past, and to say "yoroshiku onegai shimasu" (a very hard phrase to translate -- it sort of means "please continue to be of service to me in the future") for the coming half year. The two gift-giving periods (called Chugen in the summer, and Oseibo in the winter) is a big part of the Japanese economy, and companies compete to make the most interesting gifts available. This year J-List sent sake from our prefecture and Starbucks coffee to the various distributors and other companies we do business with.

I get a lot of questions from people who want to teach ESL (that's English as a Second Language in teacher-speak) in Japan. While there are tens of thousands of people teaching English in Japan at a variety of schools, the long Japanese recession has done a lot of damage to the "eikaiwa" (English conversation) industry, bringing salaries and general teaching conditions down. Teaching English is still a great way to get to see and live in Japan, and it's also a super way to meet some very nice Japanese people who are interested in learning English -- but anyone interested in teaching in Japan (or in other countries in Asia) should know that teaching ESL isn't the stuff that satisfying careers are made of, for many people. Anyone who wants to give it a try, either on the JET program, or at one of the three major English conversation school chains, or at smaller private schools, would need a bachelors degree from a four-year college (any subject will do, no one cares what you majored in here), an open mind about things like squid pizza (you think I'm joking, don't you?), and the desire to do right by your Japanese hosts -- e.g., learn a little humility (see above). You can see my (slightly dated) article on teaching ESL in Japan at

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The J-Mate site has been updated yet again, with a new interview with the lovely Asai Honoka, conducted by another female (so it's real "girl talk"). You can also see reviews of many items we just happen to sell at J-List. The URL is

Monday, December 09, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 9, 2002

Greetings from Japan, where a turn signal on a car is known as a "winker."

We woke up to a special treat this morning: about 10 cm of white, fluffy snow. The Tokyo area (our prefecture, about 100 km from the city, considers itself part of the "Tokyo area" even though Tokyoites don't always agree) gets snow only a few times a year, and it rarely piles up enough to be trouble for anyone. Today, though, the unexpected snow caused many problems, with traffic backed up everywhere and even several train lines stopped, including the Narita Express, which goes to the airport. Being from San Diego, I love snow and winter, although it does get a little tiring after a few days.

I've mentioned before how Japanese have a way of all being on the same wavelength on various issues. The Japanese seem to have a built-in sense of common sense, known as "joshiki" in Japanese -- that is, they all tend to share opinions about how life should be lived. Kids should go to school and learn and receive an education that makes them feel that they're a part of the larger society, and so, there is no homeschooling in Japan. For a family to be happy, the husband should be the "daikoku bashira" (literally, "big black pillar") that supports the house, and so, the number of women who desire high-paying careers is much lower here than in the West. You always need money on hand for a rainy day, so most Japanese households save at least 10% of their income per year -- and the average household has US$100,000 in cash, if you can believe it, usually in cash accounts that pay almost no interest. (I'm not saying these opinions are necessarily right for everyone, just passing opinions held by most Japanese that I know.)

Still, there are about 1-2% of Japanese who fall outside of the larger group. Most Japanese don't think too deeply on the subject of religion, and regularly mix religious themes in their lives, christening a baby with a Shinto ceremony, getting married in a Christian church and burying loved one with solemn Buddhist ritual. (If you want to have some fun with a Japanese, ask him to explain the differences between Shinto and Buddhism.) But some resist this blending of religion. I had a student whose family was Shinto, that is, believing in the original animalistic religion of Japan as opposed to Buddhism or Christianity, and her family always turned to Shinto, even for events normally reserved for Buddhist Temples in Japan such as funerals. Another students husband was Christian, and forbade his wife from going to Shinto shrines to pray for good luck in the new year, done more as a fun thing to do and not as a religious ceremony on New Year's Day.

We're happy to report that we believe we've fixed the "cartfile not found" bug that was plaguing some users. It seems they were accessing the site through rather than, and the domain name change was causing a problem with the certificate that allows secure checkout. Sorry if you had any problems -- it should be working fine now!

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I've updated my personal homepage at with J-List updates from the last three months. If you want to browse my collected articles and views on life in Japan, including advice on how to teach in English in Japan and more, check it out.

And from the "worth a look" department, here's an interesting parody item, that we're not sure what to make of: (but don't take it too seriously)