Saturday, December 28, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 28, 2002

Hello again and Happy Holidays from J-List!

We're having fun in San Diego, relaxing and generally recharging our batteries. The weather has been great, as is not uncommon in America's Finest City -- it's balmy outside right now, and I'm not cold at all in jeans and a T-shirt. Later today, we're going to go bicycle riding along Mission Bay with the kids. Doing outdoor sports around Christmas is great fun, and not something you'd find people doing in Japan. San Diego's population is always steadily on the rise, as people come here once and find out what a great place it is, and make plans to move here.

It's always funny to see little differences between America and Japan. My daughter has a little problem with lazy eye, and we've taken her to several Japanese doctors to see what can be done about the problem. Just for good measure, we took her to an American doctor, who showed her some pictures and asked her to identify them, so he could check her vision. The pictures included basic objects like a telephone, a shoe and so on, but they looked so odd, at least to my daughter, that she couldn't identify them, making the doctor think her vision was seriously impaired. Turns out, it was just a case of difference in culture and upbringing, and her eyes are fine.

Recently I was asked how Japanese feel about black men. It's an interesting question, and quite a complex one. Because most black men in Japan are there with the U.S. Armed Forces, I would say that some of the characteristics of military men in general may be unfairly attributed to black men as a group. In one of the translated interviews on J-Mate ( Mai Hagiwara had written something about a black man hitting on her in a bar. "Should I be happy about this or worried?" she had written. I've received mail from a black reader who was offended by this, but I think Mai-chan's response is quite representative of most Japanese of her generation -- she was thrilled and a little nervous at the "mystique" of having a black man take interest in her, and maybe a little scared at the extra "foreignness" of the man over, say, a white gaijin. Of course there is some racism in Japan, as in all countries, and it's true that there might be a barrier for a black man wanting to marry into a Japanse family -- but as with all things, it depends on the individuals involved. It's always good to keep in mind that you're not dating/marrying the country of Japan itself, but an individual, who has her own set of beliefs and values.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Greetings from J-List December 24, 2002

Holiday greetings from J-List! It's Christmas Eve, and we're set to have a great Christmas, as we've hopped across the Pacific and are now home in San Diego. We hope everyone is having a happy and warm holiday with friends and family. We've got a nice Christmas greeting card for you, courtesy of manga artist Tohru Nishimaki and White Lightning Publishing, who bring us the English-language Blue Eyes comics that we stock. See it at this URL: . Of course, while we're here on our vacation, the hardworking J-List staff will make sure everything goes smoothly in Japan.

When you're an expat living in Japan, it's always a pleasure to come home again -- something about living outside your home country makes you appreciate home even more than if you'd never left, which is one reason we advise young people to do homestay in other countries whenever possible. From American TV to Golden Grahmes to fast, wide California freeways, there's a lot to really appreciate about America. Our kids love America too, and are really happy to be in their second home. They're also happy to see Georgie and Goldie, our Beagle and Cocker Spaniel that we have in our house in San Diego.

Before I started J-List back in 1996, I was an English teacher, and spent several years teaching ESL -- that's English as a Second Language to us teacher types. Although teaching English was often very challenging and difficult, it was fun because I got to meet so many Japanese people of all ages, and learn from them as I taught them. I was immediately surprised by the strong impression by Japanese that America was a "free" country, supposedly unlike Japan -- although none of my students had much idea what free really meant. One of my students wrote, "Japanese teachers always want children to be the same. But America is more free. They don't have school uniforms and strict, strange rules." By far the biggest question I was asked was, did I have a gun when I lived in America? Of course the answer was no, but Japanese were interested in America's fixation with guns. I remember struggling to explain English grammar in ways that were useful to my students. They wanted explanation of gerunds and particles and infinitive verbs, and me saying "Mm, that sounds right to me" is not what they wanted to hear, so I had to hit the books and learn how to explain grammar in a way that was useful to them. If you are interested in seeing some of the collected (and silly) writings of my former students, I've posted some on my personal homepage at

The Chinese writing system, kanji, is a part of the Japanese language, the same way Latin or Greek is a part of Western languages. This relationship with Chinese characters pops up in the language in interesting ways. In Sazae-san, the long-running anime that captures in calming, peaceful tones the happiness of a traditional Japanese family, for example, Sazae and her husband, Masuo, sleep on futons with their son, Tara-chan, sandwiched in between. This is called sleeping in "kawa no ji" style, literally "sleeping like the character for river" since it imitates the three flowing lines that make up the character for river. Similarly, my daughter, rambunctious tomboy that she is, usually sleeps in the shape of "dai no ji" or the shape of the character for "big"," with her arms extended and legs spread as far as possible, the better to take up as much room as possible when sleeping with her mom and dad. See what these two kanji look like here:

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