Friday, January 17, 2003

Greetings from J-List January 17, 2003

Hello again from Japan, where a movie release is called "road show" for reasons that are completely unfathomable to me.

It's been four months since the World Trade Center tragedy, and many are still in shock over the horrible events. The Japanese underwent a not unsimilar tragedy in 1995, when the city of Kobe and parts of Osaka and Kyoto were destroyed by the Great Hanshin Earthquake. (Hanshin means "Kobe and Osaka".) Today is the 7th anniversary of that awful day, and I still remember getting the urgent beep on my "pocket bell" (everyone carried pocket bells in those days, cellular phones were too expensive). 6000 Japanese lost their lives in the quake, as broken water pipes left fires to burn uncontrolled, with no water to fight the fires. Citizens took to the streets to try to reach loved ones, which made it impossible for emergency vehicles to reach those hurt. Before the quake, the Japanese had been silently smug about their ability to engineer buildings to withstand earthquakes, but the Kobe disaster was a big lesson in humility for them. Although the disaster was a terrible one, it was fortunate that it hit at 5 am -- if it had been just two hours later, with the freeways and trains full of rush hour travelers, many more would have died.

I had visited Kobe myself just two months before the tragedy, to see the city and also to add another notch in my Old Spaghetti Factory belt -- whenever I travel to a city that has an Old Spaghetti Factory, I am compelled to visit the restaurant (there's one in Tokyo and Nagoya, too). It turned out that the manager of the Kobe branch had done a year of management training at the OSF in San Diego and we became friends, and he drove me around the city. I was happy to hear that the old restaurant (which was formerly a brick warehouse used to store torpedoes during World War II) suffered some damage, but none of the staff was hurt in the quake.

Do so sleep in a bed or on a futon? Both are popular in Japan, although the trend is definitely towards beds among young people. In Japan, futons are large pads large enough to sleep one person comfortably. They fold up into three sections for easy storage, and are useful to keep around when guests drop by unexpectedly. No bed for them? Just pull your spare futon out of the closet. Futons must be hanged out to dry every few days, or they will accumulate moisture inside, which is unhealthy. The Western "futon" is usually comprised of a large stuffed pad and a wooden frame, but like California Rolls, this is a completely made-in-the-the-West concept.

We've posted a link to a "faxable order form" for those customers who are more comfortable ordering from a form rather than through our website. You can fax the completed form to us and we'll process your order. We still recommend the normal shopping cart of course -- items you buy are reserved for you right away, rather than the next day -- but the faxable form might be better for some customers. As always, please make sure you reserve items from J-List first before sending payment (some customers do this, and are disappointed when the items they want are sold already).

There's a new manga magazine dedicated to "art, sex and CG culture," and it's called AG. A monthly publication from Icarus Comics that will feature English-translated Japanese hentai manga as well as erotic manga from independent artists in the U.S., this is an excellent new publication for adult manga lovers everywhere. The premier issue will be appearing in a few weeks -- you can get it at your local comic shop, or from J-List (we're making it available through automatic subscription, and we'll carry stock of each issue as well). Since AG is only $4.99 per issue, we hope all manga fans will support the new magazine and make it a success.

J-List customers have been responding to our across-the-board price cuts on manga, DVD, video and other items, and we've been very busy trying to keep up with the orders. Be sure to check out all the reduced prices on these hundreds of items.

For the new update, we've got a truckload of cool new products for you, including:

  • For adult magazine fans, we've got great new items for you, including the new Urecco Gal, the very erotic Do-Up and more
  • Also, the premium magazines from the 1990's sold out so fast, we've posted more for you -- we've got some great issues of magazines that feature girls who are long since retired (see magazine page 2 for these)
  • For Beppin School fans, we've got a rare treat -- a selection of long sold-out issues (from 2000) which we were able to make available again for you. When they are gone they will be gone for good
  • We have several beautiful hardcover photobooks featuring dynamite ladies like Fumika Suzuki and Miki Munemasa
  • If you love manga, we've got another volley of new books for you, including the very erotic "Lewd Miracle Fairy"
  • Also, a bunch of all-new doujinshi, never before seen on J-List and all obtained from the past Winter 2001 Comic Market, as well as a special treat: the Blue Eyes 2002 calendar featuring all of his wonderful busty female creations
  • We've got a great selection of erotic DVDs for you, including the lovely Semen Paradise, performed by an adult video actress from mainland China, Emily (good for bukkake fans)
  • For lovers of the sweet Ai Nagase, enjoy a *4 hour* "Thanks, Ai-Chan" erotic DVD, presenting 240 minutes of her best performances
  • For Indies DVD (region 2) lovers, enjoy the very nice Nanami Nanase BeJean erotic offering from Monroe (which was accidentally not posted on Tuesday, sorry for the mistake)
  • The bold and sexy Sally Yoshino is back, and looks damned good on her cowboy hat in "Hot Western"
  • We have stock of both video and region 2 DVD of a superb new erotic performance by Aika Miura from the talented Moodyz
  • Finally, in the "from Russia with Love" department, a very rare DVD for fans of Russian AV, which is quite popular here in Japan for some reason, a selection of 10 drop-dead gorgeous Moscow women performing with Japanese AV actors
  • We've updated our Japanese snack and food pages with new items, including tasty Lamune candy and a cool "sampler" of various flavors of miso soup mix
  • Also, we've got a delicious new flavor of Japanese Mousse Pocky, Matcha (slightly bitter green tea)
  • For idol card lovers, we've got fresh stock of the Last Alive sexy idol card series
  • For fans of cute things, we've got new Hello Kitty onigiri makers, chopsticks, mayonnaise holders and more, as well as some cool things for your desk (or your kid's desk)
  • Newly posted "wacky" items include oil-removing sheets disguised as a student's notebook, a great way to measure rice for cooking, a classic wooden Japanese butter knife (yes, we thought so too, but it's really cool), fresh stock of our incredibly popular ear cleaners with light, and a great way to get rid of cooking oil
  • We've sold dozens of the Japanese warming pads, little packets that get very warm through a chemical reaction with the air around them and keep you toasty for up to 24 hours. Now we've gotten in stock of a deluxe 10-pack at a great price
  • Finally, the ultimately cool tin toy item for Totoro fans, the deluxe "bus stop" wind up toy that will surely be a treasured item in your home -- it's very cool.

The J-Mate homepage has been updated with reviews of DVDs by two long-selling actresses, Akira Fubuki's DVD Special and Bunko Kanazawa's venerable Go Go! Kanabun Land (which is subtitled in English). See J-Mate for product reviews and English-translated interviews with all the girls we sell at J-List. The URL is

Products by wholesale: Because J-List is has unique access to many products from Japan that aren't available to the outside world, we've always gotten many requests to make our products available on a wholesale basis. If you've got an established retail shop or online business and want to carry some of the products we sell, please see our wholesale page at

Greetings from J-List October 17, 2003

Hello again from Japan, where the "@" mark in email address is called "at-mark."

Because English has been taught in schools in Japan since the end of World War II, most Japanese do have a basic functional understand of English, even if they can't always communicate in it. This causes English to seep into the Japanese language in many ways, creating words like "rinse in shampoo" (shampoo with cream rinse in it) and "soft cream" (soft serve ice cream). Since most Japanese can understand at least a little of the language, movie titles are often left in English, but are "reduced" so they're easier to understand. "You've Got Mail" was released here as "You got mail" -- essentially the same, just a little easier for Japanese to remember. "Aliens" became "Alien 2," "Ms. Congeniality" was reduced to "Dangerous Beauty," and "The Sum of All Fears," was reduced to "Total Fears." Currently playing in Japan is "League of Legend" (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

The Japanese language has a great many kotowaza or old proverbs, recounting the wisdom of past generations. It's fun for gaijin to study these proverbs, because no one expects a foreigner to know archaic Japanese sayings. One of my favorite kotowaza is "ningen banji saiou-ga-uma" which means "All things are like Saiou's horse." This refers to an old Chinese story about a man named Saiou whose horse broke his leg -- making everyone say how unfortunate he was. Because he had no horse, though, he didn't have to go off to battle to be killed, so this was a good thing. The moral of the story is, when something good or bad happens, no one can say for sure if it is truly a good or bad thing in the end. Another proverb you hear a lot is "ishi no ue ni mo san-nen" which is translatable as "Three years sitting on a stone makes it comfortable." In other words, if you're going to try something new, keep at it for at least three years before you give up. Also: "suki koso mono no jozu nare" which means "What one likes, one does well," or, you become good at doing things you actually like doing, so choose your career based on your interests. If you want to see more Japanese proverbs, here's an interesting page:

Announcing free shipping on select adult DVDs! J-List stocks over 800 DVD titles from Japan, and sometimes it's a little difficult to manage all our stock. To help us move out some older titles, we're giving free shipping on select titles. (Free shipping is SAL -- if you order DVDs by Airmail we'll give you half price on the shipping for those items). Enjoy the discounted DVDs! These titles still fall under our normal "buy 4 or more, get 15% off" discount.)

Brave Soul is coming! The long-awaited hentai RPG by Peach Princess is going to ship soon. Unfortunately a last-minute delay with the manuals is pushing things back another two weeks or so, but we do plan to have the game back soon. Brave Soul is a fully interactive scrolling RPG for adults that features a fantastic fantasy world to explore, and beautiful female companions to lead into battle. Preorder for free shipping when it's ready!

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of our Seibun educational toys from Japan, which offer fun learning opportunities to kids of all ages, we've added additional items, including the
  • For Domo-kun fans, we've got a deluxe larger hand towel for you, great for sports, or keep them out for guests to use (they will be impressed)
  • For Hello Kitty fans, we have the ultimate apron -- a beautiful all-pink Kitty apron that will really make you feel special
  • For fans of Kubrick's unique block toys, we've got limited stock of the Reservoir Dogs toys, so very cool
  • For fans of Japanese snacks, we've got new authentic "black candy" from Okinawa, new delicious miso soup with onion and seaweed in it, and a unique traditional treat, Hello Kitty Ringo Ume
  • Also for Kitty fans, a great Kitty "fan strap" that looks like a traditional Japanese fan, as well as a deluxe set of Kitty Onigiri molds to make rice balls that look like Kitty and her friends
  • Kitty is cute, but Doraemon is also very popular in Japan -- enjoy a cool Doraemon "PET bottle strap" that you can use to take drinks anywhere with you
  • For those who want whiter teeth, enjoy sugarless Whiteen gum (it's sugarless)
  • We've added fresh stock of the best-selling miniature sushi and famous dessert replicas from Re-Ment, incredibly detailed as only the Japanese could make
  • Finally, look for additional wacky things from Japan, like herbal hot springs bath powder, a wacky notepad that could only have come from Japan, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First, we've got the new issue of Gal's Dee for you, filled with supremely beautiful Japanese gals of D cup or larger, including the delicious Marimo Asoh
  • We love the "Karami" series of magazine/photobooks, which are basically full color magazines dedicated entirely to a single famous idol -- the new issue features everything you could want to know about the sweet Manami Yoshii
  • For photobook fans, enjoy several new offerings, including the sweet nude of Yui Kawai and a great new "Imoto" hardcover photobook photographed by Garo Aida
  • Also, enjoy the delightful nude of Kim Mizuno, Japanese AV star who was featured in America's Playboy -- something that really makes Japanese people beam with pride
  • There's a great "gouka-book" format photobook that shows you the "hairless sex" of 17 different amateurs, something interesting to see
  • Also, not one but two new pocket-sized photobooks that let you enjoy the lovely Miku Ishida and Yuko Ogura
  • Also, fresh stock of some great photobook items, including LCC Gold (love those Romanian nude gymnasts), the delightful Straddle, and Maria Takagi's erotic hardcover photobook
  • Also, we're big fans of the Japanese erotic photographic style we've come to call "girls in Underoos" -- beautiful amateurs photographed in stylish and inventive ways which transcends erotica. See a great example of this in Hibiki Tokiwa's "GirlFriends"
  • We have some great erotic manga for you too, including an erotic rendition of Crime and Punishment (very nicely done), fun with sexy raccoon girls, and anal-and-bukkake festival by Ando Hiroyuki
  • Also, a major restocking of hentai manga, including all volumes of Blue Eyes, Nudist 2, Wild Dance of Lewd Breasts and more
  • For doujinshi fans, we've got great new parody comics for you too, including a super parody of Gundam, an erotic maid fetish offering and more
  • For our DVD customers, we've got some great items for you, starting with the High-Grade Soap 4-Hour Special, featuring the best "soapland" sex by Million (region free)
  • For fans of Minori Aoi, one of the most lovely AV starlets of the past few years, we've got a new release featuring her dynamite sex (region free)
  • Then, there's a new Deep Kiss release from Soft on Demand, in which female friends are scouted on the street, and asked to come into the Magic Mirror bus and experience lesbian kissing for the first time (region free)
  • One of the most popular themes in manga in Japan is "dick girls" -- now experience this thrill in Shonen A, a unique new hermaphrodite adult DVD from SOD's new Hibino label (region free)
  • Manga artist Tatsuya Egawa, creator of Golden Boy and Tokyo University Story, fulfills his dream of being with the lovely Ai Kurosawa in his debut as an AV film star, "My Yearning Office Lady" (region free)

Then, enjoy the best forbidden lesbian sex from the U&K company in Lesbian Best Complete 2 (vol. 2) (region free)!

The "top 5" list has been updated for the past week, making it easy to see what products other J-List customers are buying. Click the links to bring up the top ten products in each category.
Remember that J-List carries the famous Japanese gum Black Black, a caffine-laced gum that will wake up you and keep you awake. Black Black was recently written up in Wired magazine, complete with a link to J-List (thanks, guys!). And as with most of our gum and snack items, if you buy 10 or more you get a 15% discount at checkout.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Greetings from J-List January 15, 2003

Hello from Japan, where if you cut your fingernails at night, you won't be able to be with your parents when they die.

A person's perception of various things changes when you live in Japan. I am a fan of William Gibson's novels, and they read really differently when you've lived here a while, and see things he describes in his books everyday (like Black Black caffeine gum). As you learn Japanese, you pick up on little errors of misconceptions the outside world has about Japan. You learn that just because a name is Japanese-sounding doesn't mean it's Japanese. Mr. Sulu, of Star Trek fame, has a name that doesn't actually exist in the language, and doesn't even follow the rules of Japanese pronunciation. It must have "sounded Japanese" to Gene Roddenberry back in the 1960s. In Minority Report, Tom Cruise gets his eyes replaced with those of a man named "Mr. Yakamoto," but this name doesn't exist in Japanese, either (there's no way to write "yaka" in kanji). Living here also makes it fun to identity the elements in Star Wars that have been "inspired" by Japan, too!

Breakfast cereal is one of the major staple foods in the U.S., and it's slowly growing in popularity here in Japan, too. It was slow going, though -- Japanese consumers preferred Japanese food, like fish, miso soup and natto (fermented soybeans), to what looked to them like "bird seed." Now, several brands of cereal compete for share the Japanese cereal market, lead by Kellogg's, who markets Corn Flake, Corn Frosty, Choko-wa (chocolate loops), Genmai Flakes, All-Bran. Unfortunately, Kellogg's products are very expensive here -- about $4 for a box that contains only 2-3 American-sized bowls of cereal, so I usually choose Ciscorn or Calbee's cereal products. Amazingly, Japan is a huge consumer of rice, but no one sells Rice Crispies or a similar product here.

Japan's interactive love-sim games (known as bishoujo games or hentai games) are part of a long tradition in Japanese gaming, going back to the earliest computers with color displays, NEC's PC98 series. Japanese love-sim games are a huge part of the Japanese software market nowadays, so much that over 25% of the software produced in Japan are these interactive dating simulations, and virtually every computer store has a massive area dedicated to these game titles. We've been involved in translating these games into English since we started out, back in 1996, and are extremely pleased with the huge selection of English translated games we're able to make available through J-List. Remember, you can get 20% off any four or more of our bishoujo game titles (currently shipping titles only) -- just add them to your cart and the discount will be applied at checkout.

We're very happy with how popular the new limited-edition camouflage "American Devil" and silver-augmented "Sexual Power" T-shirts are proving! We're glad everyone likes the new designs! Our San Diego staff ships shirts out daily, and all sizes are in stock, so let us know how we can serve you!

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Star Wars fans, we've got the limited edition soft vinyl Clone Trooper Commander large figure, a truly beautiful item for any Star Wars collector (and sold only in Japan!)
  • J-List carries monthly magazines by "reserve subscription" in which we send you the current issue of that magazine each month until you ask us to stop. We've got two great new magazines available for subscription, Cosmo, a great magazine for fans of all things cosplay; and Dengeki Games, dedicated to hard-core fans of the hottest games for Playstation 2, X-Box, Gamecube and Gameboy Advance
  • For Hello Kitty fans, some cute items, including "Mug Cup and Mascot Key Holders" that would look great on your desk
  • For fans of wacky Japanese interior items, a super-giant pineapple that hides a box of tissue -- a great conversation piece for your room
  • For Hamtaro (Hamutaro) fans, we've always got lots of great authentic items from Japan -- see a new Hamtaro handbag that's filled with Japanese snacks
  • Speaking of Japanese snacks, we've got more of them for you, including delicious Morinaga Koeda almond chocolate, a chocolate-filled cookie called Collon, Japanese "nabe" stew mix, and more
  • Also, fresh stock of miso soup, various furikake, a major restocking of our famous "Gravel Choco" and more
  • For Totoro fans, a dynamite soft Nekobus toy that will surely be a hit
  • For your kitchen, a set of two "character frying pans" that allow you to make cute pancakes, eggs, and more
  • For anyone with a "keitai" (that is, a cellular phone), we've got the ultimate cute phone holder from Japan
  • For fans of traditional Japanese items, enjoy fresh stock of soup and rice bowls, chopsticks, and other items
  • Also, fresh stock of our cute sushi makers, so fun!
  • Finally, look for more Hello Kitty frosted flakes, more funny signs with messages like "Do Not Enter" in Japanese, a cute way to remove oil from your face, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For Japanese adult magazine fans, we've got the great new issues of Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, which feature only Japanese girls photographed in beautiful Penthouse style!
  • Enjoy the excellent hardcover nude photobooks of Japan, with Jun Nada's super-erotic first offering and a very sexy swimsuit photobook by Nanami Kaoru
  • Japan's leg and stocking fetish photobooks are world famous, and we've got the new Super Leg's 2003, filled with beautiful glossy pages and pull-out posters
  • If you love Japanese hentai manga, we've got more excellent items for you, including hentai comics by Plaza Comics, Mujin, Angel and more
  • Also, another excellent volley of erotic doujinshi that are all brand-new -- but please check out our stock quickly, as stock is extremely limited
  • For DVD collectors, we've got a great volley of new erotic titles for you, starting with Nao Oikawa Special, a great 2-for-1 DVD from Alice Japan (region free)
  • The "Blue File" DVD series brings you a whopping 4 hours of white hot AV on a single disc -- enjoy the best works of Ruri Ayase in the latest Blue File release! (region free)
  • Fans of the lovely small-bodied Miyuki Hourai will enjoy her new DVD by Dogma, which features her erotic sex and lots of "cock socks" (region free)
  • Enjoy the "Semen Fundamentalism" of the "Seven Semen Samurai" in a new bukakke special release by Soft on Demand (region free)
  • Then see the best and most erotic lesbian sex in the history of SOD, featuring their most lovely stars! (region free)
  • Then, for fans of great Indies sex, enjoy the erotic body and lovemaking of the busty Eri Yukawa in a great bondage-themed work from Wanz Factory (region 2)
  • There's been a big restocking of adult DVD titles, with Hitomi Hayasaka's great works. more Black Semen in L.A., Ran Asakawa's very popular Exciting Molestor Land (just love the wacky titles they come up with...), the busty Kimiko Matsuzaka's great DVD and more!
  • Remember that our 25% off January DVD sale is half over! If you haven't taken advantage of this great time to pick up a bunch of great DVD titles, now is the time. To help you out, we've added another dozen or so titles to the sale!

J-List carries many delicious snack items, and one of our favorites is Pocky. Pocky is basically a straight pretzel stick covered with delicious chocolate, strawberry, whipped green tea cream, or just about anything else. It was introduced by the Glico food company in the 1960s and is a major "category killer" in the Japanese chocolate-covered pretzel market, often imitated but never bested. J-List carries an excellent selection of Pocky flavors for you to enjoy, so please see our excellent selection (if you buy 10 or more boxes of one type, you get a 15% discount). Please note that we can't carry Pocky and similar chocolate products in the summer, due to the heat and humidity in Japan, so buy some now, while it's cold!

Greetings from J-List October 15, 2003

Hello again from your friends in Japan!

Halloween has come early to J-List. At various times during the year, my mother sends me a care package of goodies from the States, things that she knows we miss like Easter candy and Girl Scout Cookies. Now Halloween is approaching, and my mother sent some American Halloween candy for the staff here in Japan, which has me feeling quite "natsukashii" (NATS-kah-SHEE), a Japanese word meaning "nostalgic" which comes up in anime quite a bit. While some of the American candy -- the caramel with coconut inside, the waxy Tootsie Rolls, and the rock-hard Bit-o-Honey -- was a little odd to the Japanese staff members, they tried everything like good sports (although only Daisuke liked the candy corn). If you're looking for something for your Halloween (either the unique costume or candy items J-List offers), there's still plenty time to get items to you from Japan by EMS shipping.

With the poor economic performance of the past decade in Japan, many industries have been brought down as some others flourish. When companies go bankrupt and vacate buildings, they are often replaced by the bright signs of "sara-kin," the high-interest loan companies (some would say loan sharks) that have taken hold in debt-ridden Japan. Everywhere you look are signs for companies like Acom and Yen Shop and Lake, which lend money to individuals -- perhaps Scott Adams would call them "induhviduals" -- at up to 30% per year. These companies spend millions on advertising on late-night TV to get consumers to borrow money, and anyone can borrow up to $3000 with just a drivers' license. They're incredibly good at what they do, too. Some customers are embarrassed by the need to borrow money, so they set up automated "cash corners" (like ATMs but they bankrupt you) which let you borrow from a faceless machine. Other companies promote the fact that you can come in and talk to a real human being -- in the TV commercials, usually a pretty idol -- about the best way to borrow money. In the New Japanese Economy, the growth of these high-interest loan companies has been incredible, and many company founders top the roles of Japan's wealthiest businessmen.

One area that I'm glad to see booming are Japanese hot springs and public baths, a uniquely Japanese way to enjoy yourself. With the opening last year of Yura no Sato ("Land of Hot Water and Comfort"), I now have three great hot springs within 10 minutes of my house. Yura no Sato sports at least twenty different indoor and outdoor baths, several saunas, a traditional Japanese "pot bath" (tsubo-buro), and more. I take my kids there every Friday evening.

Anyone with inquisitive kids knows that it's as much fun to take apart and put together toys as it is to play with them. J-List is happy to announce the availability of new "Tech Toys" from Seibun, a Japanese company well-known for its science-based educational toys and other products. For starters, we've got a great Solar Mars Crawler and Hovercraft kit that you and your kids can put together, as well as 'Hinoki' Soft Wood Clay, a fantastic clay that kids can do anything with -- but it's so light it floats. (My kids play with stuff every day in Japan.) See the new Educational Toys page for these items. For your ordering convenience, these items ship out of San Diego. They're great for Christmas, too!

In addition to Credit Card, check or money order, Western Union, and check/money order (or cash sent carefully through the mail), J-List accepts Paypal for payment of non-adult orders. Unfortunately we've had a temporary problem with our Paypal account, which has made it impossible for us to accept payments for a couple of days. We'll have it fixed soon -- sorry for any delay!

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, I'm a big fan of NASA and the space program, and am therefore proud to be able to sell the Royal Museum of Science, a series of miniature "shokugan" toys celebrating the best years of space (as always, we've got full sets available for purchase, with no duplicates)
  • For Domo-kun fans, we've got a really cool item: Domo-kun hand-towels that
  • For photobook fans, we've got more lovely swimsuit idols and Race Queen offerings for you, including the delightful hardcover photobook of Airi Mita
  • Also, cute star Mayumi Ono became a hit when she put her cute smile on the late-night TV commercials for Acom, a high-interest finance company -- see her super-cute photobook
  • We've got some cool Hello Kitty items, including a deluxe sold-only-in-Japan alarm clock, a cool leather Kitty coin purse and more
  • If you've got foot pains, try the power of tree sap (?), a Japanese product that cools and relaxes your feet
  • We've gotten in more wacky notebooks with funny English, a deluxe new version of our "Times too simply..." cool notebook
  • For fans of delicious Japanese snacks, enjoy more tasty miso soup ("raw type," the good stuff), delicious salmon onigiri mix, peanuts and rice crackers, and more
  • Also, tasty "green tangerine" flavored Hi-Chew soft candies from Morinaga, as well as fresh stock of Choco Banana candy and yakiniku (Korean barbecue) Pretz
  • For fans of Hayao Miyazaki's anime films, we've got fresh stock of a favorite of mine and Daisuke's: Ocean Waves, the simple story of love and growing up in rural Japan
  • For anime fans, enjoy two great figures of Astro Boy that would look great on any desk -- they come with cases too
  • For fans of uber-cute, we've got fresh stock of the Kabaya "Nyanko Restaurant" keychain cookies -- they are so cute you won't believe it!
  • We've got fresh stock of the cute Cat Bus Mini Mascot, for Totoro fans, and fresh stock of the oh-so-popular miniature Japanese food toys
  • It's getting cooler, so we've reduced the prices of our authentic Japanese tatami sandals, which are a stylish way to cover your feet in any season
  • Finally, enjoy a great way to keep your toilet smelling fresh, a neat all-leather coin purse

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of Japan's great professional adult magazines, we've got the new issue of Gokuh, featuring superb Japanese stars like Alice Ogura, Kana Aoyama, Yumi Kobayashi, a giant pull-out poster, and more
  • The Digi + Girls photobook series presents incredibly beautiful Japanese girls posing in bold "fashionable nudes" for you -- enjoy these great photos, which are so lovely to look at that these books are marketed to women in Japan
  • Then enjoy the sweet nude of Hitomi Kurosawa, age 19, a delightful offering for photobook fans, followed by the erotic "Flexible" photobook of former gymnast Ayuri Iisaku
  • Also, enjoy hardcore cosplay performances by five erotic AV stars including Shinobu Kasagi, as well as some limited stock of the Yellows photobooks
  • For fans of the very cute, affordably-priced pocket-sized photobooks from Japan, we've got two great new ones too, capturing the loveliness of several superb Japanese ladies
  • We love Japan's unique hentai manga, and have some great works in stock for you, including super maid fetish as only the Japanese can convolve of, a great "sweat and sperm" comics by Plaza Comics, and one of the most incredible "dick girl" mangas we've ever seen
  • For doujinshi fans, we've got two great new works by Okachimentaiko, the famous circle that's been making quality erotic parody comics for a decade, as well as fresh stock of two of their popular works
  • For our DVD customers, we've got some excellent new titles in stock for you, starting with a new Stars!! release featuring 150 minutes of sweet sex by Makoto Imajuku, age 19 (region free)
  • Then enjoy the silky, sexy trio of Nao Oikawa, Hitomi Hayasaka and Ran Monbu in a new offering from Million (region free)
  • Bunko Kanazawa looks as good as ever in her new release, a 180 minute presentation of her best sex ever, by HRC (region free)
  • Then enjoy The Greatest Fudol Battle, in which "fuzoku idols" (fudols, also known as soap girls) complete in an erotic contest of Turkish bathing (region free)
  • "Senzuri" is a Japanese word which means "one thousand strokes" and is a euphemism for masturbation -- see the lovely Mai Haruna in a superb erotic work from SOD's Chujitsudoh label in which she assists your own masturbation (region free)
  • Ran Asakawa is a beautiful Japanese AV star -- see some of her best-ever sex in her hot new production, by Moodyz (region 2)
  • Finally, we've restocked some great erotic DVDs, including Ran Asakawa's Endless Semen, more erotic fighting girls, fresh stock of OL fetish DVDs, fresh stock of Black Black sugarless caffeine gum, and more!

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Monday, January 13, 2003

Greetings from J-List October 13, 2003

Hello from your friends at J-List! We're safely back in Japan after a marathon trip from Germany -- 7 hours waiting at the Frankfurt airport for our flight, followed by 13 hours in the air, 6 more hours waiting in Seoul, 2 hours back to Japan, and a 3 hour train ride to our home in Gunma. Although we had lots of fun, we're quite happy to stay home for a long time.

While in Europe we saw many wonderful things, and some familiar things too, like Yakult yogurt drinks in supermarkets in Frankfurt, lots of Nissan Marches (called Micra in Europe), and just about any manga series you could want translated into German and Italian. We were also impressed with the need to take a second look at our children's language education. Many Japanese have a very strange idea of language learning, which I have a hard time understanding. In Japan, the only language that exists other than Japanese is English, which all Japanese study for six years (or up to ten if they go to college). They endlessly study the grammar and vocabulary of English without ever trying to put it to some actual use -- hence the Japanese insistence that "English" (grammar and vocabulary) and "English conversation" (using English in a communicative setting) are two completely different concepts. In my mind, it's much better to go out into the world with imperfect language skills and fumble to get your point across than endlessly studying grammar until the day when everything all magically comes together. My kids are bilingual in English and Japanese, but clearly this is not enough -- I hope to teach them at least one more language before they reach college age.

If you ever go to Narita Airport, the international airport serving the Tokyo area, you might not be surprised by security personnel who check your passport carefully before letting you into the airport. But these tight security measures weren't in response to September 11 -- they've been in place for 30 years. Back in 1966, when the Japanese government announced that the tiny village of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, about 30 km from Tokyo, would be the site of the grand new airport, locals were totally surprised -- no one had consulted them on the matter. Over the next decade, the farmers who lived on the land where the airport was to be built organized staunch resistance, refusing to be evicted from their land and getting help from the student movement of the late 60s and early 70s. The violent clashes between the demonstrators and Japanese police claimed several lives, naming the conflict "Japan's Vietnam," and lead to fears of urban terrorism by Chiba farmers, which is why the security measures were put in place. To this day, the final runway at Narita has yet to be completed, all because the last eight families refuse to sell their land to the government.

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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Greetings from J-List January 12, 2003

Hello again from San Diego. I head back to Japan tomorrow, but I'm outside in my backyard, enjoying the warm weather, able to work remotely courtesy of Apple's Airport.

If you spend any time in Japan, you're likely to notice that the Japanese really love florescent lights. Because they're very bright, and because they use less power than normal lights, the Japanese use florescent lights for almost any kind of lighting, even in residential homes -- quite different from how lights are used in the U.S. When you build a home in Japan (you almost always build a new home rather than buying a "used" house that someone else has lived in), a lot of the fun is going through the National/Panasonic lighting catalog and choosing what kind of lighting to install in each room. When the Japanese put their minds to designing something beautifully, they really go all out, and the quality and variety of lighting you can choose from is great. The long-life florescent bulbs for normal lamps, which have been getting popular in the States, have been around in Japan for 15 years or more.

It's quite interesting to analyze how Japanese name their cars. First of all, names given to Japanese cars must sound "kakko ii" (cool), and since nothing sounds cooler to the Japanese ear than English, most cars here get their names from English words -- like Honda Life and Legend, or Nissan's Bluebird and Sunny, or Mazda's Roadster (aka the Miyata, although all Japanese think it means "road star" just as they think Pizza Hut is really "Pizza Hat"). But many other names come from slightly altered English, so that they cause the same emotional response while being original. Words like Carolla or Tercel or Soarer or Sylphy or Premacy sound like English, but car companies can still "own" the original names.

Japanese cars must never, ever have Japanese names, since that would be "kakko warui" (un-cool) -- Japanese are always amused to learn that the Suzuki Jiminy was sold as Suzuki Samurai in the U.S. However, there are some cars whose names started out as Japanese words before being "English-ified." Toyota Camry, for example, gets its name from "kammuri," which means crown in Japanese -- which is funny, since Toyota sells a higher-priced sedan in Japan called Toyota Crown. (Incidentally, the Camry is not popular at all in Japan -- too boring.) Other names that have a "Japanese" feel to them are Daihatsu's Mira (sort of sounds like "mirai" which means "future") and Mitsubishi's Minica (which sound like what it is -- a very small "mini car").

For the new update, the J-List team has added another large volley of new products to the J-List website. We have many new products for our adult customers (18 and up). We've also got cool new "traditional" Japanese items including stylish chopsticks and dishes, new Japanese snack items including delicious soft, shreaded ika, new Morning Musume cards, Hello Kitty and Hamutaro items, fresh stock of Godzilla items, more Buddhist Prayer Beads, and a restock of the positively beautiful extra-large cold cast "completed figure" of Urd from Ah My Goddess and Love Hina SkyLuv Project toys.

At J-List, we have a great selection of DVDs from Japan. Nearly all our DVDs are "region free," meaning you can play them on any DVD player in the world, but an increasing number of "Indies" DVDs, as well as all anime and "hentai" DVDs released in Japan, are encoded for region 2 (Japan and Europe). The simplest way to view region 2 DVDs is to buy a region free DVD player, and we recommend the Sampo DVE-611 (which can be made region free via a simple hack). And we found a source for these players for just $109 -- we've bought two ourselves. Since you need a region-free player to view many of the recent Indies DVD releases, and all anime DVDs from Japan (including the Miyazaki films, which will all be released in 2002), it's our sincere hope that everyone will get one of these players and oppose the anti-globalists who thought of the DVD regions in the first place. The link to the $109 Sampo players is here.

Are you interested in learning Japanese? Our friends over at YesJapan ( have such a good online course, allowing at-your-pace study, thousands of audio files, and an "ask-a-teacher" service, that we wanted to plug them on the list. We think this is a great way to learn Japanese and we hope you'll give them a try.