Friday, January 31, 2003

Greetings from J-List October 31, 2003

Hello and Happy Halloween from your friends at J-List!

It's Halloween, today, a day for dressing up in scary costumes. The Japanese have a highly developed culture of "cosplay" (costume play), and you can always see thousands of people dressed up in cool anime costumes at the doujinshi event called the Comic Market, held twice a year at Tokyo Big Sight. Although Halloween is a very foreign concept to the Japanese, some of them get into the spirit by dressing up in costumes at discos in Roppingi. Although there's no trick-or-treating in Japan, my daughter's English conversation school held a Halloween party, and all the kids went to stores around the school to ask for treats. It was so cute.

It's Shichi-go-san in Japan (literally "7, 5, 3"), a special time when parents with daughters aged seven or three, and sons aged five, get dressed up and going out to the Shinto shrine to celebrate their childrens' safe passage through life so far. It's also a huge excuse to go to photo studios and get professional photos taken, which are treasured as family heirlooms. We're getting our official photos taken tomorrow, and Rina is excited about dressing up in a kimono again. (We did this four months ago, too, but that was sort of a practice run for the main event, which is today.) Our extended Japanese family will be coming over to congratulate us on our special day, including my wife's uncle who fought on the battleship Ise and has a scar across his face from an American bullet. There are many ceremonies for children in Japan, all Shinto in nature (Buddhism is generally reserved for death-related ceremonies like funerals). They include Omiya-mairi, going to a shrine 30 days (for girls) or 31 days (for boys) after birth, Okuizome, giving the child the first rice to eat 100 days after birth, and at the age of twenty, Seijin-shiki, the coming-of-age ceremony which marks entry into adulthood. You can see the 7-5-3 pictures we took four months ago here.

If you've ever done sightseeing in Japan, you might have been surprised to see what look like swastikas on Japanese maps. They're not swastikas at all -- the spikes are going to the right instead of to the left, and in Japan and Korea they denote the location of shrines. Still, they're kind of shocking when you see them suddenly without knowing what they are. Whenever you venture outside your home country, it's important to have an open mind in all things.

We've gotten in a huge volley of 2004 calendars, with many great items now in stock and available to order immediately. The calendars now in stock include the Studio Ghibli art calendar (always a popular item), Inu Yasha, Domo-kun, the cute Hanadeka Club calendars for dog and cat lovers, Spirited Away, Bluer Than Indigo, Megumi, Harumi Nemoto, and more. We've also posted interior digital pictures of many of the calendars, allowing you to see what some of the inside pages look like. We'll be making our final order for 2004 calendars next week or so, and after that, we'll be limited to whatever we have in stock. If you've got your eye on a cool Japanese calendar or three, get your order in soon!

Remember that J-List is a great place to find wild and wacky things from Japan for people on your Christmas lists. From anime calendars to unique toys to wacky T-shirts to something special for your significant other, J-List has that special something you can't get anywhere else. As the Holidays near, the mails get slower. If you're ordering products and want to make sure you get them before Christmas, we recommend you order soon, and consider Airmail or EMS.

Since it's Friday, we've got a really big update for you. Included are:

  • First, for fans of cutting-edge Japanese illustrators, we've got a dynamite art book by Tsutomu Nihei, a famous Japanese artist who has done illustrations for American comics, including Matrix, X-Men, Hellboy and much more
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  • Also: fresh stock of the popular Ghost in the Shell bilingual comic, which features a completely new and accurate translation of the original in English as well as the original Japanese
  • Race Queen fans, enjoy the super cute photobook of Maiko Goto in her new hardcover photobook, which will delight fans of this lovely lady
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Remember that J-List carries the famous Japanese gum Black Black, a caffine-laced gum that will wake up you and keep you awake. Black Black was recently written up in Wired magazine, complete with a link to J-List (thanks, guys!). And as with most of our gum and snack items, if you buy 10 or more you get a 15% discount at checkout.

The J-Mate site has been updated again, with an excellent three-part translation of an interview with Ran Monbu, the super-cute Japanese AV idol who was recruited in a cake shop (hence her stage name, which sounds like Mont Blanc, the famous French dessert). Enjoy reading reviews and interviews from Japan on our sister site, J-Mate! The URL is

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Greetings from J-List January 30, 2003

Hello again from all of us in Japan!

When Japanese think of foreigners, they think of overly tall, blonde Americans with huge feet, trying to find their way to the right subway line. In actuality, the vast majority of foreigners living in Japan are not Westerners, but are from both Koreas, Brazil, Peru, and China. Officially, 1% of Japan's population are resident foreigners, although that number doesn't take into account people who are here illegally, so the number is probably higher. Isesaki, the city we live in, has a much higher foreign population (3%) due to a lot of factories based here. The area with the highest percent of foreigners in Japan is just down the road: the town of Oizumi boasts a population of 30% Brazilian and Japanese of Brazilian descent, and they have a really fun Carnival festival in the summer.

The largest group of foreigners in Japan, the Koreans, are very interesting because many of them were born and raised right here, and often don't even speak Korean unless they attended one of the Korean-only private schools that pepper the country. To an American like me, it's odd that these people would not be considered Japanese, as all children born in the U.S. get to be American citizens automatically. But the relationship of Korea and Japan is a very complex one, and more or less by mutual agreement of both sides, Koreans often live for generations inside Japan, never allowing themselves to become culturally assimilated. Or is it the Japanese who keep the Korean population from truly becoming part of Japan? I couldn't possibly say for sure. On the one hand, it's not difficult for anyone (even white-boy gaijin me) to get Japanese citizenship as long as he meets certain reasonable requirements. Japan is always very sensitive to possible accusations of racism, so there are no groups that aren't "allowed" to become Japanese citizens. Many Koreans object to the Japanese requirement that all persons wanting to become naturalized must take a Japanese name, e.g. Taro Yamada. Koreans living in Japan make sure they only hang out with other similar-minded Koreans (e.g., South with South, North with North), lest questions arise about their loyalties. There is, unfortunately, a lot of organized crime related to North Koreans, everything from making North Koreans born in Japan pay protection money to "support" relatives back home, to the highly refined manufacturing of cocaine for import into Japan.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

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The Top 5 list has been updated so you can see what items have been selling well over the past week. Click the link to bring up the items, too.

That's all for now -- have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Greetings from J-List October 29, 2003

Hello again from your friends in Japan!

We're extremely relieved to announce that everything is fine with both our home and the J-List San Diego office. The deadly Cedar Fire that has destroyed more than 1000 homes came within a hair of the Tierrasanta area of San Diego, where our U.S. home is located. Happily, the elementary school that sits behind our house saved us -- the large areas of asphalt robbed the fire of fuel and stopped the spread, although ten homes in another part of Tierrasanta were lost. All is well at the J-List office, too, and our staff is all safe and back at work, ready to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Shipping of orders for T-shirts, games and DVD players will resume today. We're happy to have been spared great hardship, but with so many having lost so much, it's still very sobering. As I write these words, the lovely mountain town of Julian, where San Diegans go to see snow in the winter and eat apple pie in the summer, is threatened by the flames.

To see some pictures of the area around our house during the fires and of the fires area as of yesterday, here are some URLs for you:

When you come to a country like Japan, you realize that words don't always mean what you intend for them to mean. When I was working as an English conversation teacher, I had a confusing moment when a pretty female student talked about going shopping over the weekend with "lover." The word she meant to use was boyfriend, but because the Japanese word is koibito (literally "love person"), she got confused, causing me to sweat for the rest of the class. It happened again when we were talking about her dog, and I happened to ask what sex it was. The Japanese use the English word "sex" but only to describe the famous act, not to denote male or female -- and confusion reigned again.

Simple concepts like "you" and "I" can get quite complicated in Japanese, too. The basic word for "I" is "watashi," and this is what is used in formal settings (also pronounced "watakushi"). Girls get a cute version of this word -- "atashi" -- and good boys are supposed to use a boy's word for referring to one's self, "boku." Rough and tough boys, as well as men who want to project their manliness, will use the men's word "ore" (oh-rey) for "I" -- Kenshiro, of Fist of the North Star, uses this term exclusively. For "you," the formal word is "anata," but "kimi" (a familiar word for use among friends) and another rough man's word, "omae" (oh-MAH-eh), are also used depending on the situation. A person's choice of what first- and second-person pronouns he choose to use reveals much about his personality and self-image. A cute little girl will use the term "atashi" or "watashi" and play with Licca-chan dolls; a girl who is a rebellious tomboy might use the boy's word "boku" to the disdain of her parents; and young boys, such as my son, will rebel against his parents by using the word "ore."

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Domo-kun fans we've got two high-quality all-purpose Domo-kun pouches, which you can keep just about anything in -- they feature sturdy strings to close the bags, too
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  • The Nyanko Restaurant series presents famous Japanese dishes, but instead of food, super cute plush kitty cats are inside -- this could only have come from Japan. See the new Nyanko Nabe (pot-based cooking) in stock
  • Like Japanese snacks? We've got traditional Japanese mizu ame (water candy, er, it's really sticky and fun to play with), unique Japanese tea, and fun "choco crayons" that you can really eat
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Do you love Hello Kitty? J-List does, and we stock nearly a hundred unique Hello Kitty items that are only sold in Japan. From Hello Kitty toilet paper to Kitty chopsticks to the world-famous Hello Kitty vibrating shoulder massage, which is out of production and will disappear from J-List within a few months, we've got some great items for you. To find them all, just search for "kitty."

Monday, January 27, 2003

Greetings from J-List January 27, 2003

Hello again from Japan, the home of strawberry and butter sandwiches!

There are some words that the Japanese are doomed to have problems with, due to the fact that Japanese is a rather phonetically impoverished language, with just 5 vowels and a limited repertoire of phonomes. The sounds of L/R are not differentiated in Japanese, which makes some English words very hard for them -- hence, jokes about the Japanese sending Viagra to the U.S. during the 2000 Presidential election because we couldn't get an election. "Cone" and "corn" are impossible to separate in Japanese, and Japanese may be apt to think that cones for Ice Cream are made out of corn. I've lived in Japan for 11 years, but I've never seen a Japanese spell the word "flea market" correctly -- it's usually "free market" (as in, a market you don't need to pay to get into), and I've even seen "frea market" once. A curb is something by the side of the road, and a curve is a turn in the road, but don't ask a Japanese which is which. And finally, one of the most famous pizza chains in Japan is Pizza Hut, but 120 million Japanese all think it's Pizza Hat (as in Red Hat Linux).

In Japanese, words are made from kanji, the Chinese characters that have meanings built into them (unlike the two kana writing systems, which are just sounds). This is quite a flexible system and it's easy to create new words when they come along. When modern hospitals came to Japan and a word for "operating room" was needed, they built a word out of the meanings in the Chinese characters, in this case using the characters for "hand," "technique" and "room." Sometimes, though, the meanings of words breaks down when their definitions change. The Japanese word for a preschool teacher is "hobo" (literally "protecting mother"), but like words like fireman, stewardess and mailman in English, it needed upgrading to a term that didn't refer to a particular sex. The new "correct" is "hoikushi" (a professional-sounding word that means care-giver). Some words haven't been updated yet, though. A family with only one parent is called "boshi katei" which literally means "household of mother and child," but this word doesn't serve its purpose very well if the single parent is male. And Japanese who spend several years overseas then return to Japan are called "kikoku shijo" or "girl-children who have returned to their home country." The terms is used for males as well as females, despite the fact that the "girl" meaning is built into the word.

A fun part of learning Japanese is memorizing the "counters." In Japanese, you use different words for counting different objects depending on what shape they are. If you're counting sheets of paper, you count with "mai" (ichi mai, ni mai, san mai, and so on). For any long, cylindrical object, you use "hon" (which changes to pon or bon depending on the preceding word), e.g. ippon, ni hon, san bon, and so on. (Roppingi, if you want to know, means "six trees" -- roku plus the "pon" counter, and ki is Japanese for tree.) There are some difficult ones to get down -- for example, an umbrella is counted with hon/pon because it's long and cylindrical when closed, but when it's opened, it's in a different shape. How do you count it? Does the Space Shuttle count as an airplane or a ship? We used to bug my Japanese teacher back at SDSU with questions like these.

Curse my fingers -- when mentioning the retirement of Takanohana, who has the rank of Yokozuna ("Grand Master"), I accidentally typed "Yokozuka." Sorry about the error.

We thank everyone who supported J-List in the 2003 Calendar Season. We had a blast, and sold a ton of these excellent glossy calendars to people all over the world. For any fans of Japanese idols, JPOP and anime who have some wall space left, we've got an offer you won't be able to say no to -- 50% off any purchase of 2 or more calendars, which effectively means buy 1 get 1 free. Considering that most calendars are just $10 currently, this is major steal for you at just $5 each. We've still got 40 or so different calendars available, although they'll be going fast. Don't wait to take advantage of this offer! Discount applied at checkout.

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  • If you love Japan's lovely idols, including Morning Musume, we've got limited stock of the new Yuko Nakazawa photobook -- really lovely
  • For anime DVD fans, we've got the new Tokyo Mew Mew DVD in, so you can be on the cutting edge of anime-dom and enjoy this really fun show (region 2)
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Interested in learning hiragana and katakana? There's a cute Javascript game in which pretty girls take off their clothes if you learn you recognize Japanese characters (don't worry, it's PG rated, and a fun way to learn). The URL is

Greetings from J-List October 27, 2003

Hello from a somewhat nerve-wracked J-List. Wildfires are raging across several parts of San Diego, and unfortunately, the area of Tierrasana where our home is located in is one of the areas that is threatened at the present time. The San Diego staff of J-List has evacuated and everyone is safe, things are really up in the air still, including the fate of our home. The fires have paralyzed large parts of San Diego, and we thank everyone in advance for their patience while we resume shipping product out of J-List's San Diego location, which will take a few days at least. There is no delay with shipping of items from Japan. It's really awful, being on the other side of the world and unable to do anything during this difficult time for everyone in San Diego, and our prayers are with everyone there.

Well, on with the update, as best we can. We caught Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill on its opening night this weekend. It was a very entertaining film, although not one you should take too seriously. Throughout the movie, my wife and I had to laugh at little inside jokes, from the kogal phone strap on O-Ren Ishii's portable phone to bizarre views of Tokyo that don't actually exist. As with the Matrix Reloaded, it was interesting and vaguely satisfying to see how deep the influence of Japan has been on the world at large in the past 15 years. We've certainly come a long way from the mid-80s, when Japanese animation was relegated to small clubs on university campuses, gathering to watch Japanese shows they couldn't understand. Tarantino fans in Japan were treated to an extra 2 minutes which were shaved from the U.S. release to keep the violence within acceptable levels. Anyway, it was a great film, which all fans of the director's entertaining style of on-screen violence should catch.

It's interesting, the things you learn about the human brain when you learn a second language. For example, when I was learning Japanese, I found that my brain was not able to "parse" Japanese that I didn't understand when it was spoken at me. In fact, my brain didn't even register that I'd been spoken to at times -- effectively, Japanese words that I had not learned registered as so much static when they entered my brain. At other times, a person's brain will convert an unfamiliar word into something it can store. For example, when we bought a Mazda Bongo Friendee (like an MPV but taller, with a top that opens up), my American nephew kept calling the car "Bongo Frenzy" because he wasn't used to weird Japanese English car names. Another time, I was interviewed by a magazine about bishoujo games (the Japanese dating-sim games that we sell on J-List), but when I checked the article, it listed them as "bushido games" (bushido being the samurai code of chivalry) -- oops. Interestingly, embarrassing yourself by not knowing a certain word in a certain situation often serves as a "memory hook" that will help you remember the word in the future. I remember hitchhiking to Aomori Prefecture (famous for apples and Japanese "enka" singers). I was trying to buy a flashlight, but I didn't know the correct word to use. I know it now -- kaichuu dentou -- and the frustration I felt trying to communicate probably helped me memorize the word.

(Speaking of Bongo Friendees, aka the Mazda SGL or Ford Freda, they're getting popular outside of Japan. See the official U.K. owners' club website at

Poor Daisuke is in the hospital with his knee injury, so we paid him a visit on Sunday. Visiting someone in the hospital is called omimai (oh-me-MAI), not to be confused with omiai (oh-me-AI), what is usually thought of as an arranged marriage. We brought him a basket of fruit and his Powerbook, and a bag full of DVDs to watch while he heals. He's doing very well and wants to come back to work as soon as he can.

We've got hundreds of great Japanese 2004 calendars in stock for you, with so much variety that almost anyone should be able to find some great calendars for themselves or to give as gifts. To help you better choose which calendars you'd like to get, we've added interior digital photographs of many calendars, allowing you to get an good idea of the quality of these large-format calendars are. Enjoy the new photographs. Also, we've gotten in another volley of new calendars, including the long-awaited 2004 Domo-kun calendar!

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  • Domo-kun fans, we've got some cool new plush toys for you: the TV-watching Usajii and sports-watching toting Ta-chan
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