Friday, March 14, 2003

Greetings from J-List March 14, 2003

Hello, where in children's games like Hide and Seek or Tag, the person who is "it" is referred to as the "ogre" (oni).

One of my favorite aspects of life in Japan is the Japanese love of bathing. I love both onsen (hot springs) and sento (Japanese public baths), and take the kids every chance I get. These baths are also favorites of another, more shady group in Japan, the Yakuza, Japan's mafia. The Yazuka (a name which comes from the numbers 8, 9 and 3, losing numbers in a popular Japanese dice game) came about in their present form after World War II, when soldiers returned to a defeated Japan without any skills but fighting and violence. It's common to see these men, with beautiful full-body tattoos, in many public baths, although family-oriented establishments have signs near the front doors forbiding customers with tattoos from bathing. The other day, we were in a nearby public bath (it was called "Genki Land") when my kids saw their first-ever yakuza, dragon tattoos and all. We smiled politely and talked with them for a while -- although the Yakuza are involved in a variety of crimes all around Japan, most are very polite unless you cross them. I was once asked by a Yakuza gentleman at a sauna I frequented if I would be available to teach his kids English. While it would really have been an interesting spin on my experience with Japan and something interesting to tell my grandchildren, I declined his offer.

It sounds corny, but as a foreigner living in Japan, I try my best to project a good image of Americans to the Japanese. I never throw trash on the ground, and even take trash bags to the park sometimes to pick up cans we see on the ground with my kids. (Note about Japan: there are never enough trash cans.) I do my best to make sure my kids follow "bath rules" at public baths, since their actions reflect on my country. And whenever I find myself around children when I'm wearing sunglasses, I take my sunglasses off no matter how bright it may be outside. This is because, to Japanese kids, a big foreigner wearing dark sunglasses is sure to appear frightening, in the same way that, say, a group of large black men from the 'hood might make white, suburban kids uncomfortable. It's not due to any lack of political correctness or anything, it's just the way it is, and when you're going to live in a foreign country it's best to be realistic about such things.

Today is White Day, the day that Japanese confectioners and retailers have decreed will be the day men give something back to women who gave them a gift on Valentines Day, one month ago. While white chocolate is a favorite, other popular items include candy, cute character goods that say "Thank You" and more. If you got some chocolate from a Japanese girl on Valentines Day, be sure and give her something today!

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The J-Mate site has been updated again, with a great interview with Sayaka Tsutsumi (one of my own favorites). Also, look for newly posted reviews of many great products, including products you can get right here at J-List. The URL is

Monday, March 10, 2003

Greetings from J-List March 10, 2003

Hello again from your friends in Japan!

My wife is a member of the Silver Age generation of Japanese animation, having grown up on the best anime of the 1970's. While anime shows like Space Cruiser Yamato and Gatchaman and Mazinger Z are quite famous outside of Japan, the shows that are most loved by many Japanese of the era were those based on Western works of literature. These include A Dog of Flanders (an incredibly moving Belgian story of a boy Nello and his faithful dog Patrache; the scene where they ascend into heaven will bring instant tears to your eyes), or Heidi, Girl of the Alps (my wife can quote the scene where Clara gets out of her wheelchair from heart), or The Rose of Versailles (a popular manga and anime based on the French Revolution). While I certainly approve of the acceptance Japanese animation has received in the past ten years, I have to say as a parent and that I really miss the "old days" of anime that enriched and moved children, taught them about the great artists and composers of Europe, and made them curious about the outside world -- you can't say that about Digimon or Yu-Gi-Oh. However, a new anime series may be here to save us: Ashita no Nadja, the show that has replaced Ojamajo Doremi (our old favorite on Sunday mornings). It's the story of a girl named Nadja, living in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, on a mission to find her mother, and it's filled with beautiful imagery and classic "shoujo" romantic themes. We have high hopes for this new show! The Japanese site for Nadja is here:

Each country has what the Japanese call a "kokumin-sei" which could be translated as a "national personality." The Germans are good at efficiency and organizing, for example, while people from Italy generally adhere to a list of characteristics that make them inherently "Italian." One aspect of Japanese people is the tendency for them to shrug off difficult decisions or challenges by saying "Shikata ga nai," which means "It's can't be helped." (A more colloquial version of this is "Sho ga nai.") From national economic policy to the problem of men groping women on crowded trains to complaining about the price of lettuce this week, Japanese seem to be uniquely able to throw up their hands and say in effect, oh well, there's no way to solve that problem so I won't do anything about it. This is in contrast to Americans who (I have been told), are terribly optimistic about all things, always believing that a given problem can be solved if you just keep trying to find the answer, no matter what the problem may be. Living outside of your home country is fun, because you get to learn about your own "kokumin-sei" in ways that would be impossible if you never left home.

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