Friday, April 04, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 4, 2003

Hello from Japan, where the Mazda Miyata is known as the Mazda Roadster, but through unlucky phonetic accident, 99% of Japanese think it's called "Road Star."

Japan is a great place to live, although it's very different from the U.S. Certain concepts that are taken for granted around the world don't really function here. One is the concept that the house you live in has value and the value goes up over time. In Japan, land has value, and if you buy land that has a house on it already, you nearly always tear it down a build a new one -- who would want to live in a "used" house? Getting my Japanese wife to believe that our house in San Diego would go up in value and was an investment for the future was a real challenge. The movement of prices is also quite different in Japan compared with in the U.S. Japan has always been a country that operated on the odd economical principal that "the inflation rate is low, but the prices are high to begin with." True enough, for most of the past twelve years, I haven't witnessed prices going up for anything at all -- and with the beginning of Japan's deflationary problems about three years ago, the prices from many items from Internet access to sushi to beef bowl are actually going down.

For one reason or another, some phrases in English have burned themselves on the collective consciousness of the Japanese, and are quite famous here. If you want to show your knowledge of Japan, pull out one of these phrases and watch the eyes of Japanese go wide with surprise. When an American named Dr. Clark (universally known as "Clark-hakase" HA-KA-say) went to Sapporo to help establish what would become Sapporo University, he left behind the following advice to his Japanese hosts: "Boys, be ambitious!" (i.e., strive to achieve excellence in all that you do). These three words are studied by all Japanese, and somehow manage to pop up all over the place in one form or another -- there's even a manga series called "Boys Be..." that is based on this phrase. When pop singer Momoe Yamaguchi retired from singing, she sang a tearful song to her fans that went "Thank you for your kindness...thank you for your tenderness" and as a result, virtually all Japanese over 30 know this famous phrase. Famous speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln ("Government for the people, by the people, and of the people") are studied in school the same way we study Shakespeare in the U.S., too.

At J-List we've enjoyed great success thanks to the support of our wonderful customers like you -- thank you! Sadly, not all the companies we do business with in Japan are so blessed, and sometimes distributors we buy products from go bankrupt. Mitsuboshi, a large toy distributor in Tokyo with over 100 employees, sent us a fax yesterday announcing that they were ceasing business operations. They'd fallen on hard times ever since Toys "R" Us entered Japan in the 1990's, turning the Japanese toy business on its ear, and were also hurt by their old-style business practices, which were fine for the 1970's but hardly suitable for the 21st century. We hope the employees of the company are successful at finding new jobs.

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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 2, 2003

Hello from Japan, where a corn dog is known universally as an "American Dog."

For a country that loves English enough to make cars named Mazda Bongo Friendy and Mitsubishi Bravo Exceed and Nissan Sunny, you'd think there'd be a lot of English in use here. Well, outside of people who happen to work alongside foreigners in special jobs (like the Japanese staff of J-List), there isn't any more English in daily use in Japan than there is French in the U.S. Although every can of beer and canned coffee has a decorative English description on it -- "Sapporo beer is made from the finest hops for a delicious taste and refinement" -- you'd be surprised how easy it is to find yourself standing on a train platform in rural Japan with not a single sign in English telling you which train to get on. Since I read Japanese, I tend not to notice it that much, but whenever I've got friends from the U.S. out for a visit, I realize how difficult little things like getting around the country can be. The Japanese do their best to promote "internationalization" but it can be a tall order for them, especially as you move away from cities like Tokyo.

To successfully study a language, one thing you need to do beyond learning the grammar and vocabulary is to craft overall strategies for communication, even if it means using hand gestures or drawing pictures to show meaning. One strategy for communication that's used by Japanese when speaking English (and by me at times, in Japanese), is the non sequitur, a reply that can be used as a response to just about any question, whether you understood it or not. Back in my bachelor days, I went to a live orchestra performance and was surprised to hear that the organizers had "randomly" chosen three people from the audience to get up and conduct the orchestra: a cute old woman, a little girl, and funny American, namely me. I got up on the conductors podium, trying to ignore the hundreds of people with their eyes focused on me, and lead the Maebashi Philharmonic Orchestra in the first few bars of Beethoven's 5th. I only got a little ways into the music, because my total lack of timing caused the musicians to ground to a halt soon after they started. When I was done, the MC asked me some questions about where I was from, how I liked my first time conducting an orchestra, and...something else, that I didn't happen to catch. Rather than embarrass myself in front of so many people by asking the MC to repeat herself, I gave her an answer that would fit just about anywhere in Japanese: "So desu ne" (literally "Yes, that's is so"). I hope I fooled her.

Cellular phones are ubiquitous in Japan, with people from all walks of life from elementary school students to the elderly carrying them. Japanese phones are quite advanced and cool to look at, and virtually all have full color screens. NTT DoCoMo and competing companies let you surf the web (or a subset of the web, at least) with your phone, and download Java-based applications like virtual idols and even dating-sim games to your phone. Phones can be programmed to replace your TV remote control, and phones with cameras and MP3 players built into them are quite common (some even record short MPEG-4 movies). Another up-and-coming application for phones is an alarm clock feature that gently wakes you up with natural sounds that crate alpha waves in your brain as you wake up. The 3G wars are heating up in Japan as well, with NTT's home-grown FOMA phone system going head to head against KDDI's system that's based on Qualcomm's CDMA. I personally prefer the CDMA phones, as they function as 3G phones near cities and as standard cellular phones when you're out of the 3G area.

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Monday, March 31, 2003

Greetings from J-List March 31, 2003

Hello from Japan, where it's very impolite to stick your chopsticks upright into your rice ("only dead people do this").

Well, the big day has come, and my daughter has graduated from the preschool (hoikuen) that she's gone to for the past four years. In Japan, the concept of "day care centers" don't exist -- instead there are structured preschools which take care of children during the day, called Hoikuen, which are specifically for households where both parents work. If you'd like to see pictures of the ceremony, I've posted them on my personal homepage at (click on "Japan Picture Collection" on the left side of the page).

The day of the graduation was a sad day too, though: the father of one of the children in Rina's class died the night before after a long illness. The suddenness of this was a big shock to everyone, and we felt very sorry for poor Keita-kun, who couldn't attend his own graduation ceremony. I attended the funeral with my wife today, my first funeral ever in Japan. It was an interesting experience, being one of the 100+ attendees crowding into the municipal funeral hall, bringing a small cash gift, giving a bit of incense to the memory of the deceased beneath a picture of him smiling, then offering my condolences to his family. Many of the customs in Japan -- don't give gifts in sets of four, for example, as the number four in Japanese is "shi" which also means death -- are related to death and dying, and in general, Japan can be a very death-centric place. Still, at times like this, I believe the various Japanese social customs related to death help people to deal with this unfortunate part of life.

Japan television never fails to entertain. One popular show called London Hearts puts one man on a train with three beautiful women -- famous idols like Harumi Nemoto or Yinling. As the train goes along, the man and the three girls flirt about various topics, until the train comes to the next stop. Then the man must choose one woman to boot off the train, and it's always funny to see which girl he chooses and why. After one girl is removed, a new idol or Race Queen gets on and they do it all over again. All the while, the popular Japanese comedian team London Boots watches through hidden cameras and makes sarcastic commentary about the flirting skills of the various girls as they try to get the man to let them stay on the train until the end. In another fun concept on the same show, a man tests the faithfulness of his girlfriend by sending the Sniper, a handsome man adept at picking up women, to try to pick up on his girlfriend. If the Sniper succeeds and gets the girl to take him home with her, they walk into her apartment to find her boyfriend and London Boots sitting there with a camera crew to catch them on television.

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One of our favorite sites on the Internet hands-down is The Onion, that incredibly funny parody news source that never fails to make you laugh yourself silly. If you're not a fan of The Onion, you should be! The URL is -- tell them J-List sent you.