Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 16, 2003

Hello from Japan, the home of such famous restaurants as MOS Burger and Freshness Burger.

My favorite English newspaper in Japan is the Daily Yomiuri, the English paper put out by the Yomiuri Shimbun. I especially like it because every day they insert pages from internationally famous newspapers such as the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune and the Independent, a U.K. newspaper. It's always interesting reading about the various goings-on in each corner of the world, from local politics and letters to the editor to discussions of recent world events.

I remember reading through old Saint Seiya manga, back at SDSU in the 80's, and wondering why the Japanese always write the blood type of each character along with their name, age and astrological sign. In Japan, it's believed that you can tell a lot about a person's personality and character traits from his blood type. Type A people are neat, tidy, and plan things meticulously, almost to a fault. Type B are "going my way" (as the Japanese say), meaning that they do their own thing without worrying about what others think, and don't plan things out in advance. They can be messy, and tend to act on impulse (I am B, and my wife is always commenting on why do some things I do based on my blood type). Type O people have a private imaginary world inside their minds, supposedly, and they're quick to become passionate about something, but then change to something else just as easily. Type O people make good leaders. Finally, AB have "two faces," one that they use in front of some people and another one they keep to themselves. I've met a lot of foreigners who didn't know what their own blood type is, and this usually surprised Japanese people -- here, a person's blood type is a part of what they are, like height or hair color. The Japanese blood type beliefs are hard to get used to at first, but when you live here long enough, you start thinking there might be something to them after all...

The J-List office expansion is coming along nicely. Today was the official raising of the roof in the new section being added to our current office, and in Japan you have a Shinto ceremony on that day to bless the building and pray for good luck for those who will occupy it. Sake, salt and rice were sprinkled in each corner of the addition, and a prayer was said by the foreman overseeing the construction. We look forward to using this new space to bring you even more wonderful things from Japan in the months to come.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Japanese snack lovers, we've got another volley of cool items, including Crunk White Chocolate, Japanese vitamin C candy and delicious blueberry cheesecake pretzels -- yum
  • Also, traditional Japanese ochazuke, tasty seaweed, green tea and other things you put on white rice, then pour boiling water over the whole thing and eat like a wholesome soup
  • For lovers of famous Japanese swimsuit idols like Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Harumi Nemoto, Yoko Matsugane and Megumi, we've got a superb issue of Jelly-B!
  • Also, we've restocked the excellent Hyper Product Revolution, featuring a great sampling of beautiful swimsuit idols from Japan including Yuko Ogura (!)
  • We've got a great item for fans of The Dog, the cute big-nosed dog characters from Japan -- Kubrick The Dog figures from Medicom! They're so cute won't be able to resist them, and we've got them all in stock now!
  • For Hello Kitty fans, a great "save the goldfish" game that's very Japanese, and other cool Sanrio items including the excellent Hello Kitty mayonnaise containers
  • Also, fresh stock of the popular Hello Kitty USB hub -- plug your keyboard in and Kitty types along on her keyboard, copying you!
  • For fans of Hamtaro, we've got some super cute hamster erasers for your little ones (or you)
  • Blythe fans will love the Blythe anniversary phone straps, which can be used as camera straps or as key holders as well
  • For fans of Totoro, we've restocked several plush toys, soft dolls, and the popular Totoro magnet set
  • Also, look for fresh stock of the super cute Nyanko Restaurant plush toys that are so cool
  • For fans of rare toys, we've got an original Milk-chan super figure, great for fans of this cult character
  • We love handy things from Japan, and we've got a handy pill case for anyone taking medication that's just perfect
  • At J-List, we carry many items to help you study Japanese, and we've got a great new item in: kanji quiz toilet paper, a very cool item that lets you study Japanese in the most unlikely of places
  • The sets of Japanese toy Shinkansen (bullet trains) we had sold out in record time, so we've gotten more in stock for you
  • We've restocked the Cup Noodle coffee cups, a very popular item that makes a great gift, too
  • Also, a really cool item from Japan, the Mi-ke Neko (three colored cat) clocks that feature a beautiful traditional Japanese image and a great clock for your room
  • Finally, look for a great Korean bath mit, more funny Japanese signs, Japanese Buddhist incense, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First, we're proud to announce a new game from G-Collections, Come See Me Tonight ~ Watashini Konya Ainikite, a superb English-translated hentai game for fans of Japan's dating-sim adventure games
  • For fans of Japanese amateurs and kogals, we've got a great new magazine for you, Purin-Tai (Pudding Army) that's filled with lovely Japanese girls for you
  • Japan's fascination with beautiful women of America and Europe is well known, and there are several magazines published here that cater to gaijin women -- we've got the new issue of Dick, guaranteed to feature lovely girls who will blow you away
  • We love Japan's excellent hardcover photobooks and have gotten several great ones in stock, including Nao Oikawa Portraits (photographed by the famous Seiichi Nomura) and the delicious first photobook of Yumi Kurisu
  • For fans of full-figured ladies, see the photobook of Minagi Usagi, now in stock
  • Also, fresh stock of several popular photobook and other items, including Ryoko Mitake's "Love Love" and the beautiful "Moon Flower" photobook by Nao Oikawa
  • For hentai manga collectors, we've got a great update for you with many new works in stock, including female hentai artists's romantic take on sex (Raspberry Love), an all "naughty tentacle" anthology comic, and the superb Capricious of You by Yukio Yukimino
  • We love Japan's famous bishoujo ("pretty girl") games, and have a great hentai art book from Utagoe Revolution
  • Also, enjoy fresh stock of the excellent "Girl's Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall" illustration photobook, which is just great
  • For DVD collectors, we've got some great items for you today, starting with Riho Nanase's 4 hour special -- 240 minutes of her erotic hardcore sex (region free)
  • Enjoy a super combination of Maria Yumeno and Anna Ohura in an erotic 200 minute disc from V&R Planning, great for breast fetish fans! (region free)
  • From SOD, a 2-in-1 DVD featuring "bukkake cat fight" and much more (region free)
  • A major fetish in Japan is shiofuki, or making women "spout" (have a wet orgasm). See a great Best Shiofuki DVD by Deep's (region free)
  • Moodyz brings us a new Dream Woman series in which a "gorgeous actress meets semen shower" -- see the stylish and elegant An Namba in this great title (region 2)
  • Then enjoy a superb 2-DVD release which brings you the very best of Nao Oikawa, 240 minutes of her most erotic works ever, not to be missed! (region 2)
  • Finally, look for several restocked DVD titles, including Hitomi Hayasaka's popular Ultra Mix, the erotic Campaign Girl Party, and Sakura Sena's best-selling DVD titles.

Remember that J-List stocks over 100 kinds of Japanese snack items, with such popular products as Pocky, Black Black caffeine gum (recently mentioned in Wired), and one of our favorite items, Sushi Gummi, little gummi sushi pieces (fruit-flavored, not fish-flavored) sitting on marshmallow "rice." Another cool item we've been happy to make available are small keychain mascots of famous Japanese traditional icons, like the bright red Daruma, the Maneki-neko (Inviting Cat, who invites money into your house), and more. There's always something fun for you at J-List. Order 10 or more of most items and get 15% off automatically.

Also, don't forget that our $1 shipping sale on T-shirts is going on right now. We've got a 18 different bizarre and fun Japanese T-shirts, all 100% cotton and printed in the U.S. J-List goes out of its way to make sure all customers can wear our wacky original T-shirts, and we stock men's small all the way up to 3XL (many other T-shirt are only available in size M-XL). Check out our cool selection of wacky shirts today!

Monday, April 14, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 14, 2003

Hello again from Japan, where going to Kentucky means eating chicken and everyone thinks IT stands for "Internet technology."

When a Westerner comes to Japan to live, certain aspects of life here always stand out to them for the first few weeks. In my case, I kept noticing the roofs on Japanese houses, which featured ornate porcelain tiles that looked beautiful and exotic to my eye, as well as the green and white emergency exit signs which are everywhere here (and which we have immortalized in an original J-List T-shirt). The abundance of vending machines amazed me, as did Japanese toilets with flush handles that let out different amounts of water depending on if you'd just gone No. 1 or No. 2. Something that most every foreigner in Japan notices is the tendency for Japanese to wrap things more than necessary. Do you want some cookies? Country Ma'am, a popular brand of cookies here, comes in an airtight package that contains cookies that are also individually wrapped. Want to buy some bread in a bakery? Each item you buy will be wrapped in several layers of plastic or paper. Nestle Kit-Kat candy bars are also wrapped a total of three layers of paper, foil and wax paper, making it quite a chore to open one. Japanese say that the extra secure wrapping makes them feel that the food inside is more delicious, and they are sometimes mistrustful of American import foods which come with wrapping that seems too thin.

Soy sauce is a popular flavoring in Japan, and is used more often than salt and pepper to improve the flavor of food. Another popular sauce used by the Japanese goes by the descriptive name of "sauce" (sou-su, although it's officially known as Tonkatsu Sauce). It's a delicious thick sauce that compliments many kinds of foods, especially fried food. Both soy sauce and tonkatsu sauce are also poured over eggs in Japan, but a debate has raged for years at J-List as to which tastes better. Personally, I think nothing improves fried eggs than a dabble of Kikkoman soy sauce, but apparently I am in the minority, as most of the other J-List staff favor the thicker tonkatsu sauce on their eggs. In case you're interested in making the same comparison, we've gotten two varieties of Japanese sauce in stock for you to try.

One of the basic rules of business in the West is that companies should generally "stick to their knitting" and avoid doing things that confuse customers and damage their brands -- Dell makes computers, but if they started selling running shoes tomorrow, you would probably wonder what they were thinking. But in Japan, companies tend to enter any business they think they can compete in. All the major beer makers also have beverage bottling businesses, and sell various varieties of bottled Japanese and Chinese teas. JT, aka Japan Tobacco, also sells beverages, although drinking a refreshing drink that was bottled by a tobacco company would give me pause. Do you want to remodel your home? Panahome, the construction company operated by Panasonic/National, will be happy to help you. Panasonic bicycles are also very well-known in the marketplace here. Hitachi is famous for televisions in the U.S., but they also make Japan's speedy bullet trains. Sony has a popular line of high-end make-up products, and a life insurance business -- and their online-only Sony Bank is growing fast with young Tokyoites who like to bank online. When we built the J-List office, one of the companies we considered using was Toyota Home, a division of Toyota that will build you a home in chunks in their factory, and truck it out to your land for later assembly. Americans know that Yamaha makes both pianos and motorcycles, but in Japan they also remodel kitchens and manufacture semiconductors and precision golf clubs. I never cease to be amazed at what an amazing place Japan can be.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, we've gotten fresh stock of the cute "Flavor Mini Vacuum cleaners" from Japan, which are great ways to keep your computer area free of dust and dirt
  • For fans of Japanese snacks, we've got some great items for you, including a new flavor of Pocky (choco banana, yum), delicious candies of famous Japanese soft drinks, and great rice crackers for babies and kids
  • Also, for those who want to try delicious Japanese "sauce," we've got two varieties in stock for you
  • Enjoy the sweet charm and beauty of Japanese swimsuit idol Yuko Ogura, who stars in a new DVD (region free) -- her photobooks have been restocked, too
  • For fans of Morning Musume, the definitive JPOP idol group, we've got a limited stock of the cool Hello! Project 2000 photobook
  • For fans of Japan's unique film culture, a great new Japanese film with English subtitles: Hush!, a touching story of three misfits living in Japan, trying to find their way (region 2)
  • For fans of ultimately cute things from Japan, we've got Tofu Oyako (Tofu Family) figures that are incredibly cute and fun to see -- and they come in little packages of tofu, too!
  • For Hello Kitty fans, we've always got lots of cool only-old-in-Japan items for you, including a new ceramic Kitty cup and rice bowl set that are just amazing
  • For fans of Astro Boy, who is really popular in Japan these days, we've got a great Mighty Atom plush toy for you
  • Also, from Sun Arrow, we've got a great new plush Bou from Spirited Away, very high quality
  • Evangelion continues to be one of the most popular anime series of all time, and we've got a wonderful cold cast statue of Rei Ayanami for collectors of high-quality anime statues
  • Hamsters a super-popular in Japan, and we've got a cute set of Hamster erasers in stock today
  • Also, for fans of wacky English, we've got some "Sure & Simple" notebooks in stock, with funny English on them
  • If you love dinosaurs, there's a new series of dinosaur bottle caps that look great in a collection
  • Japanese essays or school reports are always done on a special kind of paper called genko yoshi. We've got fresh stock of this Japanese writing paper in stock for you today
  • Chopsticks aren't always easy to eat with, but the best chopsticks are made of bamboo, which makes them both easy to hold and easy to grip food -- by happy coincidence, we have some in stock for you
  • For fans of Space Cruiser Yamato, e.g. Star Blazers, we've got reprints of the original Japanese manga from the first two series -- a very cool item for collectors!
  • Finally, find a great way to store business cards, more wacky Japanese signs and signplates, delicious melon-flavored milk mix, tasty tofu miso soup, and more!
  • For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:
  • For fans of beautiful erotica involving couples in love, performing their sex for you, we've got a new magazine called Make Lovers
  • Also, another popular Diva series photobook featuring the erotic loveliness of Kaori Nakatani
  • Also, enjoy the graceful beauty of Minami Kawahara, a popular newscaster who has taken off her clothes for the camera
  • We've got a superb nude photobook featuring the delicious Race Queen Toko Ushikawa, which will really fry your bacon
  • In addition, find a general restocking of nearly a dozen popular hardcover photobooks, including those by Yoko Matsugane, Marina Matsushima, and the beautiful Ayami Sakurai
  • For fans of Japanese bondage, enjoy the wonderful and mature Natsumi Kawahama in a very erotic new gouka-bon format photobook
  • We've got an excellent selection of new erotic hentai manga, including the new manga offering by Jubaori Marshmallow (creator of the Alice First series), a very detailed hentai manga from Angel Comics, and more!
  • Yasu has restocked several hentai manga books, including Queen Bee, Michael Plan and several other popular items
  • Also, fresh stock of the popular b-Boy Zips yaoi manga series, which feature anthologies of popular male/male comics for yaoi fans
  • The lovely sex of Rin Nohara is waiting for you, in a new Blue File release featuring 3 hours of her super cute performance (region free)
  • Then enjoy the extremely experienced sex of Ran Asakawa in a new "Oneesama fetish" release from SOD (region free)
  • Mayura Hoshizaki stars in an erotic new bukkake offering from Soft on Demand, featuring some excellent bukkake sex for fans of Japanese semen fetish (region free)
  • Super Indies adult video studio Waap has another Waap TV's Virtual Best, with the very best erotic performances by the top stars in Japan -- all on a great disc for you! (region 2)
  • And from Moodyz, enjoy the beautiful lesbian sex of Ruri Ayase and Yuuka Kotono in "Beauty Lesbian" that is something you won't want to miss (region 2)
  • Finally, we've added fresh stock of several of the popular uncensored hentai DVDs we stock in our San Diego office -- check these great titles out.

J-List carries videos magazines and other items featuring the lovely Yulia Nova, the famous Russian nude model who has become a sensation in Japan and outside of Japan as well. While we've been asked to remove interior scans of magazines featuring Yulia by the photographer, Mr. Kizu, who objects to unauthorized posting of Yulia's images by fans, we do have many of excellent Yulia items in stock, including several issues of Bachelor with her prominently featured. Also, we do have both of the Yulia limited edition post card sets in stock, although they don't appear on the website. If you're interested in buying them, please email us.

Remember that J-List's DVD sale is going on now -- buy any 4 or more DVDs and get 15% off. Since this applies to of the over 700 DVD titles we stock for you, we know you'll be able to find some great titles to buy. Check through our extensive selection now! Also, don't forget our $1 shipping sale on T-shirts -- but the month of April is almost half over, so hurry!