Friday, April 25, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 25, 2003

Greetings from Japan, where it's not polite to stick your chopsticks straight up in your rice (only dead people do this).

No matter how long I live in Japan, there are some foods from the States I just can't live without. The Japanese may make great electronics and anime, but the super-sweet air-whipped stuff that passes for peanut butter here just doesn't satisfy me -- so I always bring pack some Skippy or Peter Pan from the States whenever I go home. The Japanese have a great tradition of eating pickled vegetables called tsukemono, but there's no replacing the good old Vlassic dills from the States. When Japanese go to live in the U.S. they pine for food from home, too, like ramen, white rice and natto (the famous fermented soybeans from Japan). Likewise, there are some foods that just don't translate across borders. In Japan, beans are supposed to be sweet (like azuki beans), and are used in desserts, so Japanese usually don't like the non-sweet beans found in Mexican food when they eat it for the first time. Judging from the reactions to the Cheerios I bought from the Foreign Buyer's Club (, Japanese don't like that famous American staple, and almost all Japanese seem to hate the taste of root beer, which tastes like medicine to them. Japanese foods that gaijiin usually can't handle include the above mentioned natto and tart pickled plums (ume-boshi).

The "name suffixes" (such as -san) used in Japanese are a well-known part of the Japanese language, and the various nuances attached to them are quite interesting. "-san" is the "basic" name suffix that everyone has probably heard of, and it indicates formality, like adding Mr. or Mrs. to a name in English. Used with the last name usually (e.g. Fujita-san), it's also used with the first name (Tomo-san) to show some politeness while also showing familiarity. Two other common name suffixes, "-chan" and "-kun," are used when talking to girls and boys (e.g. Kazuki-kun and Rina-chan), and both indicate closeness. Younger people never use
"-chan" or "-kun' to an older person, as it would be rude. "-sama" is a name suffix used when talking to extremely high-ranking individuals, but it isn't used today at all, outside of anime and certain formal settings
-- resist the urge to use it in front of Japanese, you'll embarrass yourself. Other name suffixes include "sensei" (used for doctors or teachers), "senshi" (literally "warrior," it's used for athletes, e.g. Matsui-senshi), and even the English word "announcer," although it's shortened to "ana" (so NHK's popular television personality Junko Kubo becomes Kubo-ana).

If you ever visit Japan, it's good manners to bring a gift, called "omiyage" (oh-mee-YAH-gay), to Japanese you will be visiting. Some items, like beef jerky or macadamia nuts from Hawaii, are so famous that they're almost cliched. Some other items you might want to consider include vitamins (they're very expensive in Japan) or a carton of cigarettes from your home country (find out if the intended recipient smokes first, of course). Something that represents where you live would be good, too -- if coming from France or California wine country, bring them a bottle of wine, for example. And with the popularity of Starbucks in Japan these days, one of our favorite gifts for Japanese friends are the large 10 lb bags of coffee. You can't go wrong with that.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

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  • Also: we've posted a nice update of popular erotic manga including Explosive Nurse, Mogitate Fruit Body and the dynamite Equation of the Immoral by Azuki Kurenai
  • And for G-Taste lovers, we've restocked several different volumes of Hiroki Yagami's erotic art book series
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The J-Mate site has been updated with new interviews for people who are interested in browsing the interesting articles there. The J-Mate site has been totally revamped with new graphics and we hope you like the new look. As usual, we'd love to have you write up reviews of DVDs, manga, dating-sim games or anything else for the site! The URL is

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 23, 2003

Hello from Japan, the home of embarrassing car names like Mazda Bongo Friendee and Toyota ED.

It's said in Japan that the U.S. is a "horizontal society" and Japan is a "vertical society," supposedly due to the fact that life in the U.S. is merit-based (people get ahead in life through hard work) whereas progression up the social ladder in Japan is supposedly based on age and seniority. It's certainly true that relationships here are very up-down, with a clear idea that the older you are (or the longer you've been in a certain organization), the more "erai" (high-level) you are. This concept is all around you when you're in Japan, you can't get away from it -- it's even built into the language. When a younger person speaks to an older person, even if he's just one year older, he must use "keigo," or polite Japanese, which effectively organizes everyone in the room according to level in a way that is impossible to express in English. To not use the "right" language for your level (say, speaking informally to your boss) is disconcerting to others, especially in business or school settings, and makes you sound cheeky. The whole system of vertical relationships may sound odd, but it actually makes interaction work more smoothly, because everyone knows what to expect from everyone else -- it's almost like TCP/IP for humans.

One interesting concept in Japan is that of senpai and kouhai, which could be translated into English as senior or junior or upperclassman/underclassman. Basically, higher-level individuals (either because of age or seniority in that group) in a school or organization are senpai, and those who entered the school or organization after are kouhai. Senpai have various responsibilities to their kouhai, to teach and guide them, and pick up the tab in restaurants -- in return, the kouhai shows respect to the senpai and elevates his status. Senpai/kouhai works for gaijin, too: when I got to Japan, my foreign friends showed me the ropes, making it easier for me to get used living here. Later, I returned the favor when I met other gaijin who had newly arrived in Japan. One reason we like to promote the Japanese love-sim games that we sell is that they allow you to enter a very unique Japanese story complete with concepts like senpai/kouhai, Japanese name suffixes (-san, -chan), and more, all accurately translated into English with no changing of cultural elements or writing down of the story for English-speaking fans. One game that's especially full of these themes is the upcoming X-Change 2 (which ships very soon).

One thing I can say about Japan: I really love the food here. It would be quite difficult to live here for eleven years if I didn't. Just as Japan has taken elements from various other countries as it modernized itself over the past century, the Japanese palette has been influenced by many parts of the world. Some of the most common Japanese dishes, such as ramen and one of my favorite foods of all time, gyoza ("pot stickers"), are really from China. If the Japanese have a single staple food, it has to be "curry rice," a mild, thick curry based on British versions of Indian curries. Spaghetti from Italy is eaten regularly, of course, and yakiniku (Korean Barbecue) is another popular food. The Japanese also imported many dishes from Europe (since the Japanese secretly wish they were a part of that continent, that's why Europe and Japan have the same DVD region code), including doria, gratin, and hamburg steak (which we'd call Salisbury steak in the U.S.). Other foods, such as udon, sushi and sashimi, are completely "made in Japan."

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, we've got a very cool item for Star Wars fans -- the superb Star Wars Kubrick toys that just released by Medicom Toy. We've got the first series, the Bounty Hunters, all of which are extremely detailed and very, very cool. Full and partial sets available!
  • For customers interested in a great region-free DVD player that won't take up a lot of room, we've added the Lasonic DVB-8092 to our site, a great player that will fill all your DVD viewing needs
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  • For fans of parody goods, another fun toilet paper item, with fun pictures in which you must find the differences
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Remember that at J-List, we carry the whole line of unique Japanese chewing gum from companies like Lotte and Glico. Some of our most popular items are Lotte's "Black Black" (Japan's unique black gum, it will keep you awake!), delicious Sweetie (grapefruit) gum, and don't forget honeydew melon flavored gum. Check out all these items on our Japanese snack and gum pages!

Are you a Mac user trying to learn Japanese? We found a pretty cool freeware game that combines reading with Space Invaders. Check it out here (OS 8 or above supported, works in Classic mode in OS X)ÅF

Monday, April 21, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 21, 2003

Greetings from Japan, where tako salad always contains fresh octopus ("tako" being the Japanese word for octopus).

Japan is a strongly democratic country, and I've always been impressed with how much a part of life in Japan voting and elections are, especially with older Japanese. Japan uses a parliamentary system that was based on England's, which can be a little confusing to my American mind at times. There are many small and medium sizes political parties in Japan, including the Japan Socialist Party and Japan Communist Party (both favor abolition of the consumption tax), Koumeito (the political party formed by members of the Soka Gakkai religion), the Japan Freedom Party, and so on. But for almost the entire history of postwar Japan, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, which has strong support in rural prefectures, has had almost complete run of the country, losing power only once in the mid 1990's. An annoying aspect of elections here is that candidates are allowed to drive around in trucks with big loudspeakers on them, thanking everyone within earshot for their support and promising to work hard for their constituents. We're in "election mode" in Japan right now, and I can hear the candidates from outside my window even as I type. It's really quite annoying.

A major challenge for men learning Japanese is to avoid picking up the nuances of women's Japanese, but since we're often learning from female teachers or girlfriends or wives, a lot of the input we receive is from females. There are many specific phrases that make up "female" Japanese, such as tag particles on the ends of sentences ("ne" or "kashira" on the ends of sentences, both of which mean "Isn't it?" or "Don't you?"), or using first-person pronouns that only females use. To balance myself out while learning Japanese back at college, I read lots of Fist of the North Star manga, which pushed me in the other direction, making me talk like a ridiculous parody of a macho man. When learning a language, there's no substitute for having native speaking friends of both sexes who can provide feedback to you. One great resource for me at SDSU was the Japan-America Friendship Club, a group where Japanese learning English and all students interested in Japanese could mingle and make friends. I wonder if it's still around?

In Japan, there are many concepts that are very difficult for Westerners to grasp. One measurement of beauty here is related to the number of creases in a person's eyelid when their eyes are open -- one crease ("hitoe" hee-TOE-eh), two creases ("futae" fu-TAH-eh) or three ("mie" MEE-eh). (As always, there's no silent 'e' in Japanese, or magic 'e' as they call it here, and you pronounce all syllables.) Single-creasers have slender, traditionally Asian eyes, while those with more creases have larger eyes that look European to the Japanese. Getting plastic surgery to change the appearance of your eyes is quite popular among TV personalities like Seiko Matsuda. I have to admit, I'd never considered that people had different numbers of creases in their eyelids until coming here -- it was a totally alien concept to me, and I still can't tell how many creases a person's eyes have, even today. Another measure of beauty in Japan, having a "high nose" is an important feature for anyone who wants to enter modeling. I never really thought of noses as anything other than "big" or "small" before coming here, but apparently there is more to a person's nose than meets the eye.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of Shirow Masamune, the wildly popular manga artist and creator of Ghost in the Shell (the inspiration for The Matrix)
  • We love Japanese swimsuit idols, and have some nice items for you, including Anna Sakaki's cute "million mook"
  • Also, enjoy the hardcover photobook Miki Munemasa, capturing the loveliness of the slender Japanese Race Queen
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Remember that almost all of the DVDs that J-List carries are zoned for "all" regions, meaning that you can view them on any DVD player as-is. The exceptions to these are anime DVDs issued in Japan (such as the Studio Ghibli DVDs of Spirited Away), Japanese films released in Japan, and most "indies" adult DVD titles by companies like Moodyz, Wanz Factory and Audaz. To view all the great DVDs J-List sells, we humbly suggest the feature-packed region free DVD players we stock, but if you're mainly interested in non-indies adult DVDs that we stock, then you can play them with no problems on your current equipment.

The J-Mate site has been updated with a totally look and new content. We think it's pretty cool, and hope you will stop by for a look. You can read tons of interviews with famous Japanese actresses like Cocolo, Sayaka Tsutsumi and Bunko Kanazawa, which allows you to really come to know these girls and how/why they ended up doing Japanese AV. Do you like Japanese dating-sim games? If so, stop by and see the reviews of these and many other products J-List sells. The URL is