Saturday, May 03, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 3, 2003

Hello from Japan, where it's okay to slurp your soba noodles, but not your spaghetti.

Today's update is a day later than usual, because of the expansion of the J-List office. Wednesday was the day the builders cut a hole in the wall between the old section and the new one, and we decided to close the office that day because of the noise, and move our update schedule back one day.

When you learn a language, there are always some things that are more complex than the language you're starting from. To study Spanish or French, for example, I'd have to deal with feminine and masculine nouns, which don't exist in English. In English, we use the words "wear" or "put on" for just about any kind of object of clothing you could think of, but the Japanese have several different words. For anything going on your legs or feet (shoes, pants, etc.) the verb for to wear is "haku." For shirts or dresses, the verb is "kiru" (the "ki" from this verb is part of the word kimono, which really just means "thing that you wear"). Put something on your hands, like a ring or gloves, and you use "suru" (lit. "to do), and anything worn on the head is "kaburu." Similarly, the Japanese have two concepts for cold, one for cold in the air around you, and another for things that are cold to the touch. If the air around you is cold, you use "samui," but if you're washing dishes in cold water, the word would be "tsumetai." Whichever word comes out of your mouth, it's pretty certain to be there wrong one for the situation you're in. Foreigners making mistakes like using the wrong word for cold sound "cute" to the Japanese.

Memorizing the names of the months in English must be difficult for Japanese, but it's easy going the other way -- the months in Japanese are all just numbers followed by the kanji for month (e.g. ichi-gatsu is January, ni-gatsu is February, etc.). They get their revenge, though: although the days of the month in Japanese are expressed with numbers, just like in English, there are special names for the first ten days of the month, which must be memorized, always a chore for gaijin learning Japanese. The days of the week are interesting, too -- each is associated with a kanji that represents the original European origin. The days of the week are Getsu-yobi (lit. "moon day"), Ka-yobi ("fire day" since the first character for Mars is "fire"), Sui-yobi ("water day," from the Japanese name for the planet Mercury), Moku-yobi ("wood day," from Jupiter), Kin-yobi ("gold day," from Venus), Do-yobi ("earth day," from Saturn), and Nichi-yobi ("sun day," from good old Sol).

Do you know what year it is? I often don't. In addition to the standard Western calendar, the Japanese have a unique system of counting years based on the reign of the current emperor. It's currently the 15th year of the Heisei era (Heisei means "accomplishment of peace"), which began when Emperor Hirohito died and was succeeded by his son, Akihito, so this year is Heisei 15. Before Heisei was the Showa era (from 1925 to 1988), before that was Taisho, and Meiji, and so on -- Japanese students have to memorize them all. When you live in Japan, you quickly learn your own birth year according to the Japanese system, since you need it to fill out various forms (I was born in Showa 43, e.g. 1968). Incidentally, the current Emperor of Japan is 125th in an unbroken line of emperors going back 2000 years. His name is Akihito, but since he's always called "Emperor Heisei" in Japan, it's quite common for Japanese to not know the name of their own emperor.

Well, the fantastic Shirow Masamune Intron Depot 3 Ballistics art book sold out in record time -- in less than one day, to be exact. We've got 100 copies of this fabulous collection of Shirow's best artwork on the way, so feel free to order it and we'll send your copy to you as soon as it comes in stock. As always, when you order an item that's not in stock, the items that aren't available are held separately and are never charged until it's ready to go out to you.

We're very happy with the popularity our wacky shirts from Japan have achieved, and we've got a great new design for you today, a parody of the famous anime movie Akira done in a Lego block art style -- wacky on many different levels. Like all our funny Japanese T-shirts, it's 100% cotton and printed in the USA, and all sizes are full U.S. sizes (there's a size chart with the actual measurements of the shirts too, for anyone who's unsure of their size).

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, if you love stylish anime art, we've got a deluxe art book with yaoi themes, The Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok -- very cool
  • If you're a fan of Japan's manga, enjoy the new Japan Comic Lemni 3003, a fantastic snapshot of the current state of manga in Japan (cover by Katsuya Terada) -- the Alice in Cyberland story was worth the price of the book alone
  • For lovers of Japanese snacks, we've got some tasty additions for you, including Hello Kitty rice snacks, delicious "Curl" puffs, banana yogurt chocolate, new onigiri mix and miso soups, and more
  • Also a cool item, a delicious plate of desserts that are really erasers for you to collect
  • We've got some nice Kitty related items, including Kitty MD stickers for mini-disc users (they work on floppy disks too), fresh stock of Kitty chopsticks and stylish wrist bands, and more
  • For fans of traditional Japanese luck-bringing charms, we've got a super "fortune egg" series that is a realistic egg that contains a different colored Lucky Cat charm -- each different color will bring you happiness, money, love and so on, according to feng shui
  • We've got different traditional Japanese bags to organize your life with, including a great blue-dyed cotton bento bag and a handy double set of pouches
  • Anime fans should check out the cool Gundam toys we've got in, a talking Haro alarm clock that looks great and tells you the time in Japanese
  • Also, a superb item for Totoro collectors, a deluxe Totoro diorama that is a musical clock -- a very special item for any collector
  • We've restocked several of the popular only-sold-in-Japan Hot Wheels, like the Night Rider Kitt 2000, as well as several Studio Ghibli related toys and plush items
  • For Race Queen fans, see the lovely Race Queen Hundred Costume, just loaded with beautiful authentic Race Queens and Campaign Girls from Japan
  • Also for Morning Musume fans, we've got fresh stock of the solo photobook of Rika Ishikawa, the girl who replaced Maki Gotoh as the most fawned-over member
  • Finally, see notebooks with funny English on them, more wacky Japanese emergency exit signs to go with our popular T-shirts, more items to help you study Japanese, delicious teas you can use to improve your health, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of beautiful Japanese adult magazines, we've got the new issues of Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, both of which feature only Japanese nude idols photographed by
  • Then enjoy the lovely issue of "Let's Do Good Things" (they have such interesting names for adult magazines here), featuring lovely hardcore and love hotel sex and more
  • For photobook fans, enjoy several new items, including the sweet hardcover photobook of Kyoko Fujikawa and the beautiful body of G-cup gravure idol Misaki
  • For manga fans who want to take advantage of our May Manga sale, we've got some great new works, including compilation manga with female teacher themes, petite nurse sex, and a superb cat girl & cyborg erotic manga
  • We've also restocked several popular hentai mangas for you, including the very erotic Masquerade by Takushi Fukada and Kotoyoshi Yumisuke's fantastic Insult
  • Also, we've added several nice new doujinshi works to our page, for fans of the popular amateur hentai comics from Japan
  • For yaoi lovers, see a new volume that's filled with classic yaoi themes of love and sex, as well as fresh stock of popular b-Boy Zips anthology works
  • For DVD fans, we've got some excellent works for you, starting with one of the most requested actresses in recent history -- a new Best Re-mix of erotic works from Sakura Sena! (region free)
  • Then enjoy another supreme remix of the best lesbian works of U&K, the famous all-lesbian adult indies studio -- see 120 minutes of their best performances ever (region free)
  • From SOD, a super treat -- great lesbian and hardcore sex starring Riho Nanase and Kokoro Amano, who really perform up a storm as they bring you not one but two erotic DVDs in a great two volume set - a total of 260 minutes of prime AV for a special price! (region free)
  • From SOD's IEnergy label, a great panty and underwear fetish DVD -- see the private sexy underwear of 15 beautiful Tokyo girls (region free)
  • Waap brings you another great DVD, in which one man takes on the erotic sex of eight slutty women at once (region 2)
  • Then enjoy the bondage sex and S&M play of Miyuki Ogawa in a great erotic release from Wanz Factory, great for fans of sexual experimentation
  • Finally, enjoy fresh stock of several great DVDs, including the erotic "clothed female, naked male" series, Azumi Kawashima's return to AV, Marina Matsushima's super-busty re-mix and busty idol legend Kimiko Matsuzaka's "The Complete."

Remember that J-List carries many items featuring the beautiful Russian nude idol Yulia Nova, including magazines, videos and more. Although we've been asked by Mr. Kizu, the copyright holder of Ms. Nova's works, to refrain from posting interior scans of products on our site, you can find many Yulia products by searching the site. We've also got the limited edition Yulia Nova nude postcard sets, although they don't appear on the site (email us if you'd like information on them).

J-List carries many unique items, including many items that are very cool to give others as gifts. Whenever I go back to the States and find myself in need of gifts for my family (called "omiyage" oh-MEE-yah-geh), I never have to go farther than the J-List stock room (just kidding, Mom). See our new section for gift ideas from the J-List staff!

The J-Mate site has been updated, with a great new English interview with the lovely Hitomi Hayasaka, one of the brightest and most cheerful girls in the Japanese AV world today. Read her reasons for becoming an AV star. Also, read reviews of products we happen to have available at J-List, including the excellent Viper Paradice, a Monopoly-like 2D bishoujo game, and World Wide Fuck in Hungary, showing the sex of beautiful amateur girls in Hungary but filmed by Japanese actors by Japanese directors. The URL is

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 1, 2003

Hello from Japan, where the turn signal on a car is called a "winker."

First of all, the J-List site was down for an hour or so in the morning, due to a MySQL process that had gone to sleep, which meant you could surf the pages but not search or add items to your cart. Sorry for the inconvenience if you were trying to view the site during that time. As always, you can use the secure email form in the upper left hand corner of the site to send a secure email to us, so you can send order information that way if you need to for some reason (problems with the site, etc.).

Japan is a very different place from the U.S. in many ways. For one thing, it's still largely a cash-based society -- cash is used for everything, and there is no concept of a personal or business check for payment of funds. When we need to pay a supplier, it's done with a direct cash deposit (called "furikomi") rather than with any kind of paper, which is a little inconvenience since we have to physically go to the bank to pay, and we're charged a fee of around $6 by the bank. Although we recently switched to a direct-bank deposit system, for years the J-List staff was paid each month with a big envelope full of cash, still the norm in Japan. Credit card use among Japanese consumers is on the rise, especially ones that allow payments to be broken up over several months, but by and large, Japanese are in love with cash.

Part of the reason why Japan can look so strange to outsiders is its tendency for them to do things as a group, something that's rarely done in America, a country that places importance on individuality rather than everyone working in harmony. One example of Japan's moving as a group is "koromo-gae" (koh-roh-moGA-eh, lit. "changing clothes), when you put away your winter clothes and bring out the summer clothes you've got in storage. For Japanese school students, koromo-gae means the day you change from your winter uniform to the cooler summer uniform, or vice-versa in the autumn. For virtually every student in the country, the changeover takes place on June 1 and November 1 -- on those days and only those days, regardless of the actual weather or what part of Japan you live in. The prospect of millions of students changing from warm-weather to cooler-weather clothing on the exact same morning of the same day is vaguely unsettling to Westerners. Because Americans don't have a set day to switch from summer mode to winter mode, we tend to wear short-sleeve shirts fairly deep into autumn, and it's common for Japanese to ask "Aren't you cold?" to us even though it might still be a balmy October day outside.

When I came to Japan, one thing I was surprised to see were the cotton masks, which Japanese often wear when they feel a cold coming on -- they keep their germs from infecting others, and also protect themselves at the same time. I'd never seen anything like the masks before I came to Japan, and bought some to take home with me as interesting gifts. With SARS fears in many parts of the world right now, these masks are not uncommon at all, and you see them on TV reports from Hong Kong and other countries. If you're interested in these masks but don't know where to buy them, never fear -- J-List has a variety in stock for you today. And since Japanese are so into style, we've got some very colorful and stylish ones, too!

Announcing the May Manga sale! We love Japan's extremely talented artists and love to carry a variety of great hentai and other mangas direct from Japan. As a way of saying thanks for your support of J-List, we're offering a "buy 5 or more mangas, get 20% off" sale, and all the Japanese manga we carry are included. It's a great chance to really pick up some fantastic books for yourself from Japan's top artists and manga publishers. We're not sure how fast some of our more popular books will start to sell out, so we recommend you look at them soon.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, by popular demand, J-List now sells great "snack packs" (which we're naming "spacks") containing excellent sampler packs of famous Japanese snacks. These snack packs are a great way to try a variety of delicious Japanese snack foods, and they make great gifts as well!
  • Master illustrator and manga-ka Shirow Masamune has outdone himself in his fantastic new Intron Depot book we've got for you, capturing all his great works from 1992-2002. This brand new art book is hot off the presses (it's still warm) and is such a beautiful collection of artwork we just can't believe it. And this book is fully bilingual, with all notes by the artist in English and Japanese!
  • For fans of the undying Final Fantasy games, a treat: the Final Fantasy Heroines figure series from Bandai, and we've got full sets in stock so you don't have to waste your time buying duplicate figures!
  • Also, we've gotten in stock of the very cool MyClone figures, super deformed parodies of the Micronauts (known as Micro Man in Japan)
  • We've restocked the very cool Star Wars Kubrick figures from Medicom Toy -- don't miss out on these, though, as we won't be able to get any more
  • Also on the very cool list, we've restocked the hugely popular miniature sushi toys, extremely realistic plastic such that come with plates, cups of tea and tiny little chopsticks
  • For Totoro fans, we've added new varieties of the very cool Totoro picture frames with music boxes built into them -- a really special way to display photos of your loved ones!
  • And one more Totoro item, the super deluxe Totoro cuckoo clock -- you have to see this thing to believe how great it is!
  • Hello Kitty fans know that J-List loves to stock wacky and fun items that you can't outside of Japan -- now we've added a cute plush tissue box cover featuring lovely plush figures of Kitty and her cute rabbit friend
  • Also, some cute Kitty ballpoint pens for your desk, more Kitty hotcake mix, and more
  • In this era of fear of airborne germs, the high-quality masks used by the Japanese are just the ticket for staying healthy -- we've got several varieties in stock for you
  • We've got a cool traditional Japanese items, including a "geta" wooden shoe that is a money bank for you to save your coins and decorate your room in Japanese style and a great miso soup bowl that's even microwavable
  • Fans of Japanese tonkatsu sauce, the delicious food flavoring that the Japanese call "sauce," is back, in larger containers for you now
  • Fans of other fun snack and food products can enjoy "red miso" soup mix, green apple candy, and fresh stock of authentic Japanese and Chinese teas for you
  • We've got some handy kitchen items, including a non-stick rice scoop, a cute bento box with Japan's #1 anime character, and new Japanese chopsticks that are easy to hold and eat with
  • For students of Japanese, we've restocked the popular Wordtank IDF-4100 and IDF-2100, both highly recommended for anyone trying to learn the language
  • Finally, learn the Japanese prefectures with a fun map puzzle we've got in stock for you, pass your test with Japanese headbands, and amaze your friends with the Bonny Boy "peeing" drink dispenser based on the Japanese Dakara commercials!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of Japan's high-quality adult magazines, enjoy the new issue of Bejean, which we've got in stock for you -- features all the top stars in Japan, including the ultra-sexy Yuko Ogura
  • We love Japan's beautiful, glossy photobooks, and have some nice ones in stock for you, including Kirari Koizumi's fresh nude and the charming and sexy photobook of Manami Fuku
  • Also, for leg and stocking fetishists, we've got a new Leg Idol photobook featuring incredibly lovely "low angle" photography
  • Also, check out some excellent amateur nudes in a new photobook that shows you "fuck mania"
  • We've restocked several hardcover photobooks for you, including Kaoru Private Garden (the most popular Aida Garo photobook ever), the delightful European Fairy Tale, and Sora Aoi's wonderful nude photobook "Blue"
  • If you love Shirow's incredibly detailed artwork, don't hesitate to pick up his new Intron Depot art book, described above
  • For hentai manga fans we have some excellent new items for you, including the erotic and stylized "Noble Illusionist" from Angel Comics, an interesting bondage-themed comic from Mujin Comics and stories about cosplay love and sex by Young Comics
  • We've also got a great Japanese parody fan that shows the 48 classic sexual positions -- a wacky and fun item
  • For DVD enthusiasts, we've got some great new releases, starting with a Large Breast 4 Hours Special from Yellow Box, a great selection of busty sex with 9 AV idols (region free)
  • Then, we've got a new series from Idea Pocket, World Wide Fuck, featuring sex with lovely girls from Hungary (region free)
  • From Soft on Demand, a great "Actress Directory of Special Choice" which gives you 4 hours of superb sex, with 30 lovely AV idol -- enjoy this great sample of excellent works from SOD! (region free)
  • For stocking fans, a "Beautiful Leg Fetish" DVD from SOD's IEnergy label, very lovely to see (region free)
  • U&K is famous for offering some of the best lesbian sex of any company in Japan -- now you can enjoy a great compilation DVD featuring 2 full hours of the best performances (region free)
  • Then, for fans of the sly and sexy Mirai Hoshizaki, a great treat from Wanz Factory: 3 hours of her super best, featuring loads of bukkake, pussy-angle, car and outdoor sex, and more (region 2)
  • Finally, look for fresh stock of many titles, including Hitomi Hasegawa's super-detailed "Digital Mosaic," Ami Hinata's erotic "Semen Club" and the excellent lesbian "Stairway to Heaven and Highway to Hell."

J-List carries every English-language bishoujo game made, so you can always find a great selection whatever your tastes are. We also are the only company to carry all the classic love-sim games by Himeya Soft (aka C's Ware). Since many of these titles have been in print for years, some of them are unfortunately going out of print soon. If you're interested in any of the great games by Himeya, we hope you'll get them before they're gone.

Remember that J-List carries three different region free DVD players, a great way to enjoy DVDs from around the world, including the region 2 discs that J-List carries. All three of the player we currently carry come with great features like international power supplies, the ability to view PAL discs from Europe, compatibility with DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, MP3 playback, and more. The players all come with manufacturers warranties, and the prices are great. We ship daily from our San Diego warehouse, so order one today and you can get it in a few days!

Monday, April 28, 2003

Greetings from J-List April 28, 2003

Hello from Japan, the home to the famous "cream powder" for your coffee called Creap.

When learning Japanese, it's always fun to learn the "gitaigo," a group of words similar to onomatopoeia in English, very descriptive words that describe the state of objects or actions. Because they consist of repetitions of words, they are very cute and fun to use. If you're really hungry, the Japanese would say that you're "peko peko," a word which describes the way you feel when your stomach is very empty. Alternately, "kara kara" describes your throat when you're thirsty. If you get soaking wet in the rain, you're "bisho bisho," and if you get indigestion, your stomach is "muka muka." If your skin is especially smooth and clean, someone might say it's "sube sube" (a word which comes from suberu "to glide"). And if you're a little on the plump side, you might be described as "puyo puyo," a word which sounds cute to the Japanese. Some other fun repeating words are "zaa zaa" (the sound of rain falling loudly, to denote the concept of "pouring with rain"), "paku paku" (the sound of someone eating quickly -- this is where Pac Man got his name from), and "shiiin" (the sound of no sound -- i.e., of perfect silence). Some other repeating words are "bishi bishi" (doing things quickly and efficiently, without delay), "dara dara" (doing things slowly, being lazy), "pika pika" (being sparking brand-new), "boro boro" (being old and dilapidated), "pera pera" (being fluent in a language) and "giri giri" (a word that means "barely" or "just in time," as in, "we made onto the train in the nick of time"). There is an endless supply of these highly descriptive words, and they're quite fun to use.

The Japanese are proud of having four distinctive seasons in Japan, and some seem to think that America isn't blessed in the same way just because it doesn't get really cold in Los Angeles in the winter. I enjoy all the seasons in Japan, but it seems to me that Spring and Fall, my two favorites, could be just a tad longer. We're just a few weeks into Spring, and already we've had several hot and humid days, giving us a taste of the unpleasantness to come this year. When it gets hot in Japan, virtually all Japanese drink cold, refreshing mugi cha, or barley tea, a delicious cold tea that's made from barley and has no caffeine. Like all the Asian teas that the Japanese drink (green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea and many more), it's always drank as-is, without milk or sweetener. As part of our mission to bring you a little bit of Japan every day, we've got deluxe packages of these mugi cha tea bags that you can make easily -- just add one tea bag per liter of water and refrigerate for a few hours.

We're extremely proud to announce that X-Change 2, the long-awaited sequel to Peach Princess's very popular X-Change, has gone Golden Master and should be shipping out to preorder customers soon. This is a fabulous game of sex change comedy in which you play Takuya Aihara, an average Japanese boy, who gets changed into a girl through a bizarre chemistry experiment gone wrong. The game, which combines the depth of story and character of Tokimeki Check in! with the hilarious Ranma-like story, is one of the best we've ever seen, and has 23 unique game endings. We hope that everyone preorders it for free shipping when it's ready to go out.

You may have noticed that we've added links asking you to "vote for this T-shirt" to some of our wacky Japanese T-shirts. We wouldn't mind if you'd help us out and click the voting link if you have time. Oh, and don't forget -- the $1 shipping sale on all our world-famous Japanese T-shirts is coming to a close soon. Our shirts also make great gifts, so why not get several and save?

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Shirow Masamune fans, we've got the very rare Ghost in the Shell continuity script, showing all storyboards for the classic anime film -- but stock is limited
  • Also, we've got volume 5 of the incredibly popular Ghost in the Shell TV series, a great item for Shirow fans who want this cutting-edge series on DVD (region 2), and fresh stock of the Ghost in the Shell bilingual manga
  • A special item for Totoro fans, Sun Arrow has released a great new series of ceramic picture frames with music boxes inside them -- display your favorite family photographs in these incredibly rare and lovely collectors frames!
  • Also, we've got a really high-quality Totoro money purse (for coins or paper money) that is really just too cute, as well as a general restocking of several popular Miyazaki music boxes and tin toys
  • If you love Dragonball, there's a great all-new trading card series featuring the best Dragonball Z art and characters, released for the Japanese market
  • For fans of Japanese snacks, enjoy many new treats from J-List, including tropical sour flavored Shige-Kix, an incredibly sour "hard gummi" that's really fun to eat, as well as famous Japanese "throat candy" and boil in bag curry
  • Also, for those wanting to use miso in their cooking, including making delicious miso soup, we've got some great "white miso" (Tokyo style miso) for you to try
  • For collectors of Ultraman and/or Japan Hot Wheels toys, we've got the really cool Machine Sherlock "Guts" car from Ultraman Tiga, a great item for you
  • If you love authentic bento boxes from Japan, we've got some Shinkansen ones in stock for you, featuring one of the cutest characters for boys from Sanrio
  • A fun parody item, we've got funny toilet paper with images printed on it that supposed to "encourage successful excrementing"
  • For fans of Disney's Monsters, Inc there's a cool only-sold-in-Japan keychain figure series that's really well designed -- collect all the characters
  • Also very cool, a Final Fantasy VIII "super real figure" of the lovely Riona
  • And for Hello Kitty fans, a large robotic Kitty that plays a little Ukulele when you turn her on - great for collectors
  • Also, look for other restocked Kitty items, including Kitty chopsticks, Kitty and Felix the Cat gum, and a cool Kitty business card holder
  • If you love Japanese things, we've got a really unique air freshener for you -- it looks like a beautiful Japanese lantern
  • We love to promote studying Japanese, and carry many helpful study items (mainly things I would have wanted back at college) -- see vocabulary word books, Japanese proverb dictionaries, and more
  • Finally, find a fun Japanese pencil sharpener that's very different from those sold outside of Japan, a handy all-purpose canvas bag and wallet set, more funny Japanese signs and stickers, a very Japanese way to clean your ears, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For lovers of hardcore amateur magazines, we've got the double-thick Namadashi Acme Bijin, featuring all nakadashi-themed photographs
  • Also, for fans of short girls, a big fetish in Japan, we've got the new issue of Micro Girls, featuring girls who are under 150 cm (4'10")
  • We've also got the new issue of Young Hip, a great magazine that combines super hentai manga with lovely nude and sexy idol photography
  • For photobook lovers, we've got the lovely last photobook of Noriko Hamada, an angelic nude model from Japan
  • Japan's leg and stocking fetish photography is second to none, and we've restocked several popular leg fetish books for you today
  • If you collect hentai manga, we've got some great items for you, starting with a great release by the busty illustrator Wataru Watanabe, a new "Excellent" series anthology manga, and the super-erotic "The Box of the Desire" by Mujin Comics
  • Also, Yasu has updated the hentai manga pages, restocking many items, including the popular "What?" erotic manga by Fujimi Comics, the popular Pururun Princess, and Seduction ~ Yuwaku
  • For yaoi fans, see several restocked b-Boy Zips anthology mangas, which give you 240+ pages of yaoi action in each book
  • Also, fans know about doujinshi, the amateur comics that are incredibly popular in Japan -- we've got stock of two "doujin photobooks" featuring lovely photos of models in various costumes, released at the most recent Comic Market
  • J-List carries many unique adult toys and other items for couples, that are sold only in Japan -- we've stocked a new variety of very-thin Japanese condoms that come in a box that looks like a pack of cigarettes, and has wacky English all over it
  • For DVD collectors, we've got some excellent new offerings for you, starting with the incredibly lovely 4 hour sex special of Mai Haruna -- see her "keep on flesh pleasure for four hours" (region free)
  • Hitomi Hasegawa is an elegant and erotic AV star from Japan, and you can enjoy 150 minutes of her great erotic work in a new release from Million (region free)
  • Nanami Nanase is a red-hot AV star, and you can see her best works in Nanamix vol. 2, by Soft on Demand, a great sampler of her best performances (region free)
  • Then, enjoy the lovely Megu Anrai and Miyoshino star in a new Waku Waku Chikan Land release from Deep's, portraying three dedicated police women who allow themselves to be groped on crowded trains so they can catch the perverts and bring them to justice (region free)
  • Akira Watase is a sizzling lady with an incredibly sexual body -- see her super new "Bad Girl" release from Wanz Factory (region 2)
  • From Moodyz, a chance to see the lovely Bunko Kanazawa like you've never seen her before, in a super release filmed from the viewpoint of her lovely lower half
  • Finally, look for various restocked or overstocked DVDs on the site -- and of course, don't forget that you can get 15% off any 4 or more DVDs we sell (discount applied automatically at checkout).

Remember that J-List has a great offer -- get 20% off any four or more Japanese dating-sim games, also known as love-sim and hentai games. We pride ourselves on having the best selection on the planet, and we carry the games of every English love-sim game company in existence, with all items kept in stock so you can get your order right away. See the great items we've got for you!

Want to see many interesting sides of Japan? Drop by one of our favorite sites, Tokyo DV ( and take in all that they have to see, including video of the insides of love hotels, highlights of the Tokyo robot show and a great interview series with hentai manga pioneer Toshi Maeda.

Oh, and a correction -- the suffix used for athletes is actually "senshu" -- I got it wrong. Sorry about that!