Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 14, 2003

First of all, we had some server problems for the past days, which made the product images fail to appear on the site for around eight minutes or so on several different occasions. The problem was caused by a bad router which is being replaced. Also, there was some confusion about the "three day link" posted last time, which caused the PG and R pages to not display properly. Everything is fixed now, though -- sorry for any inconvenience.

Japanese people do love to bathe, and bathing is a big part of Japanese culture. In Japanese homes, the actual bathroom is a bath and a separate tiled area outside the bath, with a drain for water to escape. You always wash your body thoroughly before getting into the bath, and never use soap or shampoo inside the bath itself, as the water will be reused by other family members, and saved for several days. All baths here have heaters to allow you to re-heat the old water, and ours has a one-touch computer that will fill the bath to the pre-set temperature and level. If you're a parent, you always take your kids in the bath with you and wash them. This warm concept of mother or father taking a bath with their children is known as "skinship" to the Japanese. Japanese are great fans of public baths (sento) and hot springs (onsen), too. Since the water at these public baths is "everyone's water," everyone must wash thoroughly before getting into the baths. Taking baths at a public facility like this obviously means getting naked in front of dozens of strangers, which can be troubling to Westerners; but Japanese do it from birth, and no one really thinks anything of it. Men and women bathing together (called "kon'yoku" or "mixed bathing") is famous all over the world, but it's actually very rare, although "family baths" that a family can reserve ahead of time are growing in popularity. For more information on the culture of bathing in Japan, we humbly recommend Peach Princess's excellent love-sim game Tokimeki Check in!, which is based in a traditional Japanese hot springs inn.

With all that's different between Japan and the West, you can bet that there are some toilet-related differences, too. When Japanese women use a public toilet, they're very nervous about others hearing the sound of their tinkling, so some Japanese public restrooms have machines to make white noise that drowns out the sound. My daughter went into one of these restrooms and was too afraid of the sound to do what she had gone in there to do. Similarly, Japanese women don't want others smelling the toilet after they've used it, so they often carry portable cans of air freshener to spray the area and make it fresh and clear. Conveniently, we happen to have gotten some of these in stock for you today...

J-List loves to bring you things you never knew existed, including the bizarre late-night TV shows that are being released on DVD with English subtitles. One of our favorite series is OH! Mikey, a "mannequin drama" about an American family that has moved to Japan. It's hilarious, as it's all acted out with fashion mannequins. For more information on OH! Mikey, see the unofficial homepage of the Fuccon family at

We're happy to see many people preordering the upcoming Kango Shicyzuzo 2, the sequel to the popular game of sexy goings-on at a Catholic school for nurses. It will ship in June, so preorder now for free shipping when it comes in stock. We're happy to announce another great bishoujo game for preorders, a very bold SF-anime game entitled Gun Shield Warrior SAKIGAKE. A great game that combines the best SF anime themes with an super bishoujo story, you must command the battleship SAKIGAKE and the advanced mechs known as "Justice" to defeat the invading enemy from space, the Seekers. It's divided into 11 chapters, complete with "next episode" trailers and more, with both actual mecha combat and great bishoujo love scenes. Preorder it now for free shipping when it ships (US/Canada only; international orders receive half price on shipping).

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Japanese snack lovers, we've got some great additions, including tea candies, tasty green tea chocolate cakes, fresh miso soup with wakame in it, from stock of my favorite brand of ochazuke, and more
  • We carry delicious gum from Japan, too, and have a new flavor for you, delicious pineapple gum from Bourbon
  • Also, look for fresh stock of one of the most popular items in J-List history, Lotte's Black Black spicy caffeine gum
  • We've got a great die-cast toy bus with rubber tires and doors that open, featuring the McDonald's characters
  • We love carrying Japanese swimsuit idol photobooks, and have great new offerings today, with Yuko Ogura's sweet new photobook and a hardcover release from Hiroko Anzai
  • For Kitty fans, a really cute item: a Rubick's Cube puzzle that you can display anywhere, as well as various cute Kitty items for your kitchen
  • Also, we've got some really cute "Usako and friends" character goods, complete with funny English. "Being seen makes us happy, and dressing up is fun!"
  • Also for fans of the very cute, two new plush Japanese treats from the Nyanko Restaurant series, featuring food with cute plush cats baked right in -- wow!
  • For Totoro lovers, we've got fresh stock of the Laputa robot and Totoro "gift in the rain" music boxes, popular items for collectors
  • We've restocked several popular "shokugan" (food + toy) items, value-priced toys that feature ramune candy inside -- see fresh stock of the Japanese dessert and train station bento full sets, in stock
  • We carry chopsticks from Japan, including adult-sized ones that have rough patches at the ends, to make it easier to grip your food
  • For Hamtaro fans, a cute train pass case, which you can use to hold cards, money and other things
  • The plush pet that feature soft chamois bottoms, perfect for wiping your computer monitor when it's dirty, have been restocked -- look for fresh stock of all the cute plush dogs and cats in the Groomy series from Elecom
  • We've got some interesting and innovative covers for keys, which make it easy to see which key goes with which door -- some of the designs the Japanese have come up with a really out there though
  • At Japanese stores, they have a little raffle machine that spits out a colored ball, and you get a prize based on the color of the ball -- we've got the raffle machines in stock, for anyone who wants to use them at a local event
  • For DVD fans, we've got fresh stock of the popular Japanese film Versus, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura
  • For Chobits lovers, various Chobits related items including fresh stock of the excellent bilingual manga for those who want to read both the English and the Japanese
  • Finally, find super stylish coin purses in different colors, a great way to shave your eyebrows into the shape you want them to be, items with funny English on them, portable toilet freshener, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of Japan's delightful AV stars, we've got a new issue of Karami, the magazine that's really a photobook, this time dedicated to the beautiful and erotic Hitomi Hayasaka
  • If you love Japan's unique Race Queens, enjoy the erotic sex of Hikari Kisugi and many others as they perform great sex for you
  • We love Japan's erotic photobooks, and have some great new ones for you, including a superb new Mai Hagiwara nude photobook that features some of the best-ever shots of this lovely girl -- comes in a protective box, too
  • Also, Shino Isshiki's super erotic offering and a sweet and erotic photobook featuring Megumi Osawa
  • Jun Matsuda is a lovely swimsuit idol who has been popular over the years -- see her new seminude photobook release featuring her most erotic photos yet
  • For fans of erotic manga from Japan, we've got another great update for you, with several new books including a fabulous collection of erotic short stories by Musashimaru and Hinako Yui's erotic "Charm Juice," along with many restocked books -- don't forget our manga sale, too!
  • Also, we've got fresh stock of the excellent collection of "shunga" (erotic ukiyoe illustrations), the first hentai manga of Japan
  • For yaoi collectors, find a great new erotic yaoi comic by BBC comics, as well as a few restocked volumes of past yaoi comics
  • We've gotten in a major restocking of the G-Taste erotic art books, beautiful books of erotic color illustrations by Hiroki Yagami
  • For DVD lovers, we've got another great volley of titles for you, starting with the lovely 3-hour "No Cut!!" release of Yuri Kamome, which includes her debut into the world of JAV (region free)
  • Japan's ninjas are famous all over the world -- now see erotic female ninjas having erotic sex in a new release from Fearest (region free)
  • Two sisters experience lesbian sex and the joy of bukkake in a new release from SOD's Martian Devil label (region free)
  • Then from IEnergy, explore a world of breast fetishism, with sex scenes featuring Japan's famous AV idols filmed so that their breasts are always in frame (region free)
  • From Moodyz, a new CFNM ("clothed female, nude male") DVD featuring girls who love to see penises -- great for fans of the Japanese fetish known as "penis study" (region 2)
  • Yinling's dynamite Russian film "VOPREKI" is a real treat to see -- we've got fresh stock of this popular item (region 2)
  • Also from Moodyz, a great re-release of a popular Madoka Ozawa indies DVD featuring the "real sex" of the incredibly popular AV star (region 2)
  • Finally, see some great newly restocked DVDs, including Ran Asakawa's Onanie Paranoia, Kurumi Morishita and Sayaka Hijiri in black funeral kimonos, fresh stock of Anna Ohura's "I love H" DVD, and more excellent sex by Akira Watase.

J-List carries the excellent high-end computer mice by Elecom, designed by Shirow Masamune, creator of Ghost in the Shell, and Katoki Hajime, the mechanical designer for the Gundam universe. Both of these beautiful mice are extremely well made, and feel great in your hand. They're compatible with English-language Mac and PC computers right out of the box, and come in colors that will complement your computer and revolutionize your computing experience -- I love my silver Katoki mouse, which matches my Powerbook perfectly.

Want to see Japan, but can't afford the plane ticket? Visit our good friends at, who document many aspects of life in Japan with vivid pictures. It's a great way to see Japan without leaving your computer. Tell them we sent you!

Monday, May 12, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 12, 2003

Hello again from all your friends in Japan!

The Japanese do love their alcohol, and in generally consume a large amount of it each year. Although Japanese rice wine, called sake (SAH-keh; remember to avoid saying "saki" since it's wrong), is famous all over the world, the national alcoholic beverage of choice is beer. Japan's big four beer companies -- Kirin, Asahi, Sapporo and Suntory -- control nearly all distribution of beer and related products in Japan. The biggest two are Kirin and Asahi, and they keep slugging it out, trying to steal the coveted top spot from each other (Asahi's Super Dry brand currently holds it). The Japanese beer market is divided into two groups: "beer" and "happoshu," the latter being beer made with less malt, which allows beer makers to pay less tax, making for a low-priced product. If you read the labels on Japanese beer bottles, you'll notice something interesting: almost all of them contain rice as an ingredient, even the Budweiser sold here, which is bottled by Kirin.

There are some interesting rules about drinking in Japan. First of all, when beer in bottles (as opposed to mugs) with friends, you pour beer into each other's glasses, saying "sumimasen" (excuse me) when your own glass is filled. Never pour your own beer; doing this is called "tejaku," and it's bad manners. Since everyone is usually pouring everyone else's beer, you may have trouble politely declining another topping off, and in that case, you can just touch the full glass to your lips without drinking any, and they'll get the message that you don't want any more. Just for the record, you can get a cup of beer at most large movie theatres in Japan ("I'm talking about a glass of beer"), although they don't serve beer in McDonald like they do in Europe.

If you ever need to communicate with Japanese people but don't know any Japanese, just remember this word: "Domo." Domo basically means "very" and is found in such phrases as "Domo arigatou gozaimasu" (thank you very much), "Domo sumimasen" (excuse me), and even "Domo otsukaresama deshita" (thank you for working so hard), said at the end of the day when you leave work. If you can't memorize these phrases, just remember the word "Domo," since Japanese people use this word all the time, leaving the rest of the words unsaid (since they're picked up from the context anyway). So if you're ever greeting a Japanese person after a long time away, meeting someone for the first time, saying goodbye, etc. you can usually get along with just "Domo."

We're very happy with the success of the "Groomy" plush pets we posted on Friday. They are very soft, well-made beanbag toys that feature soft chamois bottoms, for wiping your computer monitor when it gets dirty. They've proved so popular, we've sold out of several of them already. Rest assured that more are on the way -- you can order them from the J-List site and we'll hold the Groomy plush toys until they come in again.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, we've been pleased with the response to our Japanese traditional footwear, and we've got more for you -- really cool wooden geta sandals that are super for summer
  • For fans of Lupin III, now on TV in the U.S., we've got some cool "handcuff phone straps" that are real handcuffs, with a leather strap -- use them as a camera strap, phone strap or a keychain
  • For fans of our Japanese snacks, we've got delicious items for you, including soy sauce and butter flavored popcorn (yum!), tasty Hayashi Rice, and a unique treat that goes well with beer
  • Freshly restocked snacks include soybean pretz (Edamame), miso soup, Fujiya's delicious Milky Chocolate, and more
  • From the "really fun" department, we've got a cute "Soft Cream Shop" where you or your little one can have fun making soft cream (that is, soft-serve ice cream) in little cones. Everything you need is included!
  • Enjoy the cute cosplay of Moe Kirimura in a cute photobook that's filled with great costume photographs
  • J-List carries Japanese films on DVD, complete with English subtitles -- enjoy Another Heaven, a fascinating story about grizzly murders in Tokyo, starring many famous faces
  • For fans of collectible items from Japan, we've added various sets of the popular "Dinosaur Retro bottlecap collection," which are really cool to display
  • For Macross lovers, we've gotten stock of the brand-new YF-21, a great toy that actually transforms -- really cool
  • For those trying to combat airborne germs in style, we've got stock of the rumored Hello Kitty masks -- they're so cute!
  • Also for Kitty lovers, we've also added stock of the cute Kitty fishing game, the Kitty message magnets, and an incredibly cute Usako Friends character eraser set that will really wow you
  • Look for new onsen powder, so you can experience a Japanese hot springs bath at home (note: if these sell out we'll add more soon)
  • Nintendo fans, we've posted fresh stock of the Zelda Box, containing a limited edition art book, full game soundtrack and figures, a really cool item for Zelda players -- but stock is limited to what we've got on hand
  • The cute mouse character of Bou from Spirited Away has attained a cult following, and we've gotten in two different Bou plush toys for you -- they are really incredibly well made, by Sun Arrow
  • Also for Hayao Miyazaki fans, enjoy fresh stock of the Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service music boxes, which are so nice to collect
  • We've also added fresh stock of popular Japan Hot Wheels, sold only in the Japanese market, including the Delorean from Back to the Future and Airwolf helicopter
  • Finally, see maps of Japan, more authentic chopsticks, more Japanese study aids including cool vocabulary notebooks from Japan, funny Japanese signs, a "bag in a bag," and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First, we're happy to announce the opening of preorders for Kango Shicyauzo 2 ~ Is The Sorority House Burning?, the newest game from G-Collections. It will be shipping in about a week or so -- preorder it now for free shipping when it comes in! Also, J-List has the last stock of the great first release, Kango Shicyauzo - I'm Gonna Nurse You, which is out of print with the publisher -- order it before we run out too!
  • For fans of quality adult magazines from Japan, we've got the new Celeb Girls, filled with fantastic famous Japanese stars and superb erotic photography
  • Enjoy the sex of "young madams" (that is, sexually experienced girls aged 22-28) in a new amateur magazine we've got for you
  • Go on a "Shorts Hunt" (an odd way of saying hunting for girls who will give you their panties) in a new magazine + DVD combination that gives you a 120 minute DVD and a full color magazine
  • For hardcover photobook fans, see many nice items, including the lovely nude of Maria Takagi
  • Also, the very sexy erotic photos of Sayuri Anzu, with some of the boldest and most amazing photography we've seen yet, followed by the super sexy low-angle photography of Moe Yoshizawa
  • We've added fresh stock of some great photobooks, too, including Maiko Kazano's erotic "Love Come" and the busty Marina Matsushima's "Fetish" offerings
  • We've got unique bondage photobooks from Japan, including very erotic works that capture the spirit of Japanese bondage photography
  • Our "buy 5 or more, get 20% off" hentai manga sale is going strong, and many customers are taking advantage of the chance to save money -- to help you, we've added another great volley of all-new adult manga, including Rough and Ready by Toh Moriyaka, aka Naoki Yamamoto of "Dance Til Tomorrow" and a half-dozen other new books
  • Also, look for a massive restocking of hentai manga, including the popular Paradise Lost (hentai Evangelion parody) and Blue Eyes books, as well as other popular books
  • For DVD lovers, we've got a bunch of superb titles for you, starting with Wakana Itsuki's "Masterpiece Concentration" release, 120 minutes of her sweet sex for a great price! (region free)
  • Then, enjoy super Adult Video Wrestling, as Ai Nagase joins the ranks of Japan's best erotic wrestlers -- it's really an amazing great for professional wrestling fans, and very well done! (region free)
  • From Deep's, enjoy the beautiful face and sex of Asuka Sawaguchi, who is a super high-class lesbian soap girl who will fulfill all your fantasies (region free)
  • From Soft on Demand, a great new concept in which couples go into a studio together -- the girl must look at various penises pushed through a cloth and guess which one belongs to her boyfriend (region free)
  • From Wanz, enjoy the supremely sexy Mirai Hoshizaki, in a new bondage-themed release that's innovative and erotic (region 2)
  • Then enjoy the fellatio and sex of the sultry Ran Asakawa, delightful bad girl of the Japanese adult video world (region 2)
  • Finally, look various restocked DVD titles, including Momo Sakura's sexy performance, the Holed Panty Best Selection, and more!

J-List carries AG, the excellent manga magazine of "art, sex and CG culture," bringing superb English-translated hentai manga and more to adult readers. We love the format of the excellent magazine, which comes out every 2-3 months, and we offer reserve subscriptions for fans who want to make sure they don't miss an issue. We hope you'll support this great magazine by picking up all the issues. For your ordering convenience, it's stocked in our San Diego warehouse.

Like Star Trek or the Lord of the Rings? Then logic dictates that you see the video of Mr. Spock singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins if you haven't yet. I found a link here: (not sure if it will stay up when everyone on the list accesses it, but search Google if it stops working). Quicktime required.