Friday, May 23, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 23, 2003

Hello again from your friends at J-List. Pardon any typing mistakes I might make today -- the J-List office construction is nearly completed, and they've wrapped our building in plastic so they can paint the outside. Unfortunately, we're trapped inside the J-List office with all the fumes from the paint, and it's really giving us all a bad headache.

Every year the Japanese Tax Ministry releases a list of the Japanese who have paid the most income tax the previous year. The actual incomes of individuals is not released, but the amount of tax they pay is public record, and it's always fun to see who had a good year. For actors and "talents," the highlights were Nakai-kun and Takuya Kimura of SMAP (#1 and #10 on the list, respectively), along with all four members of the comedy teams "Tunnels" and "DownTown" -- you may be surprised to hear that Taka of Tunnels, who played the Japanese comic relief character in Major League 2, is one of the richest men in Japan's entertainment world. For singers, the #1 position went to Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki (the J.Lo of Japan -- she was written up in a recent issue of Wired if you caught her), with Hikaru Utada close on her tail. In sports, Hideki Matsui got the top spot for 2002, helped along by his successful trade to the New York Yankees. Others who figured high in the rankings were JPOP producers Tetsuya Komuro and Tsunk and manga creator Rumiko Takahashi, who is paid around $4000 per page to draw for Shonen Sunday.

The stylish Roppongi area of Tokyo has gotten a posh new address, a massive skyscraper containing thousands of shops and "mansions" (what the Japanese call a high-class apartment) called Roppongi Hills. The new building also contains many thousand square feet of prime office space. But while Tokyo-ites are happy to have a fashionable new place to hang out, Tokyo is facing a crisis that's being called "the Problem of 2003." Years of a flagging economy has lowered demand for office space in the city, and most buildings are having problems attracting tenants. When a classy new building opens, tenants want to move into the new space, and that makes it difficult for the remaining buildings to stay competitive. The problem is no doubt exacerbated by the Japanese "key money" system. Under this system, if you wanted to get an apartment in Japan, you'd generally have to pay 6 months rent up front, which includes the first month's rent, two month's rent worth of deposit, a fee to a third party that found the apartment for you and two months "thank you" money that is paid to the landlord for no reason at all. If you think it would be a drag coming up with $3000 just to move into a $500 a month apartment, multiply these numbers by the high rents a large company would be paying for office space, since the "key money" system is the same no matter how much space you're renting. We hope that one by-product of the current Japanese recession is the emergence of a little common-sense in the business world in Japan.

Despite the fact that Japanese are the longest-lived race (or the 2nd longest lived, depending on the study you read), the Japanese are really big on smoking. 60% of men smoke, and quite a few women, too, which is a little strange to my liberal California way of thinking. Unlike the U.S., where smokers are urged to quit smoking to preserve their health, Japan doesn't have a problem allowing smoking and generating tax revenue from it. For many years the Japanese government operated Japan's largest tobacco company, Japan Tobacco (they also make a line of canned beverages), and although the company has been privatized, it still retains a semi-official status with the government. Because of the great revenues generated from smoking in Japan, there's not much pressure for it to go away at present. Even the "warning label" on cigarettes in Japan is a joke. It reads: "Because there is concern that it will damage your health, please be careful not to smoke too much." Sadly, as tobacco companies have run into more barriers selling their products in the U.S., they've increased their advertising and overall presence in Japan. All U.S. brands are very well known in Japan, from Camels to Marlboro to Kool. As in the U.S., they don't allow cigarette advertising on TV in Japan, however when you go to some movie theatres you should be prepared to see a huge in-your-face ad for some tobacco product or another before the show starts. It's bizarre.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for collectors of cool Hello Kitty goods, we've got several items, including a super-cute Kitty bonnet that will make you the envy of all Kitty fans
  • Show your otakuism with several new authentic Japanese hachimaki we've got in stock, featuring messages like "I will pass the test" and "Certain victory"
  • For fans of unique Japanese toys, we've got a super cool large-size Blythe doll all decked out in 70's style
  • Also, a rare item for Tokyo Mew Mew fans: the super cute Strawberry Bell Bell transforming toy with lights and sound
  • For fans of popular Japanese swimsuit idols, we've got some nice new items in, including a superb all-Yuko Ogura photobook that you will love
  • Shirow Masamune fans are having a great year so far, with tons of great new toy and art items being released (to say nothing of the Matrix sequels, inspired by his Ghost in the Shell) -- now take a trip back in time with a 2000 Shirow calendar, available on a very limited basis again
  • Also for Shirow fans, find the new Ghost in the Shell DVD (vol. 6) is in stock, featuring the next two episodes in this fabulous series, as well as fresh stock of the Ghost in the Shell bilingual manga
  • If you love Zelda but didn't catch the Zelda Box that we had in stock for so brief a time last week, we've gotten in another 50 copies in stock for you -- enjoy this really cool item before it sells out again!
  • High on the "really cool" meter comes a cool line of bizarre Be@rbrick Pez-like toys, which are both fun to use as candy dispensers or to display. We've got full sets of these cool toys in stock, but only a couple...
  • For fans of Japanese snack foods, enjoy Chocolate Pie from Lotte, delicious potato-flavored pretzels, and some great Hello Kitty hayashi rice mix (like curry rice) that you or your little one will love
  • Also, J-List has gotten in fresh stock many great items regularly, including miso soup with clams, furikake, and just in time for the heat of summer, deluxe packages of mugi tea that will improve health as they refresh you this summer
  • For those who want to try a Japanese "onsen" bath, we've got two varieties of bath salts in stock for you
  • If you have a laptop, we've got a great item for you: an all-purpose case that's great for notebooks as well as many other things
  • Our funny Japanese T-shirts have made us famous, but we've got another cool shirt for you -- a "tattoo shirt" that makes you look like a yakuza (we only have limited stock, but more are on order already in case you want to order one)
  • For your kitchen, enjoy traditional Japanese bowls that look like they're made of polished wood (although ours are made out of more economical plastic) -- several new items in stock
  • For fans of Japanese stickers and signs, we've got a reflective sticker that asks guests to remove their shoes at the door before entering
  • For Totoro fans, we've got a major restocking of products for you, including the Totoro Diorama Musical Clock, Totoro magnets, and many high-quality Totoro plush items from Sun Arrow (including all the popular Spirited Away plush toys)
  • For those who believe in the Chinese art of feng shui, we've restocked really cool Fortune Eggs, featuring ceramic "lucky cat" figures inside beautiful eggs, which will bring you good luck in love, life, career, and so on
  • Finally, look for other wacky items from Japan, including Hello Kitty ear cleaners, more authentic chopsticks from Japan, a fun way to make sushi yourself, more traditional Japanese items for your room, a great clock for Ultraman fans, a sampling of rare toy items that had been sold out before, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For lovers of beautiful Japanese kogals, those stylish young things that look so good when done up right, we have the newest issue of Urecco Gal in stock for you!
  • Then enjoy the hardcore sex of "one-sans" (oh-NAY-sans, a word which means older sister, but in this case means older girls in their 20s with lots of sexual experience)
  • We've got some great photobooks for you, including the hardcover nude offering of Eri Yukawa and the super sexy "Hot Zone" of Toshimi Sugawara as well as the "H" (sex) of Emi Hasegawa
  • Also, enjoy the best "oppai" (breasts) of nine incredibly beautiful Japanese models, including many who are retired and whose photos are now very rare
  • Strippers and exotic dancing are popular in Japan, and when AV idols retire they often become strippers -- see a great hardcover photobook with the erotic performances of 50 lovely strippers, in stock now
  • Mai Hagiwara fans will enjoy the fresh stock we've got of her popular erotic photobooks, including Love and Peach and Mirukuru Love
  • We love carrying a wide range of toys for adults, including vibrators and other unique items sold only in Japan -- we also carry thin, close-fitting Japanese condoms, and have two new joke condoms for you, parodying Titanic and Gundam
  • For fans of our unparalleled lineup of hentai manga, we've got an excellent selection of six new books for you, including an erotic female ninja sex anthology comic, sex with lovely female teachers, and a sweet erotic comic from Akiko Sou about love and sex
  • Also, to help you help us make our manga sale a success, we've added fresh stock of several other great comics, including popular "Equation of the Night" by Azuki Kurenai, Mercy Rabbit's popular "Love Vibration" and more
  • If you love Japan's doujinshi underground comics, we've got a great CD-ROM full of "doujin CG" by the excellent Behind Moon circle
  • For yaoi fans, enjoy the new issue of Muscle Man, a very hardcore anthology comic for fans of Japan's famous homosexual comics
  • For our DVD collecting customers, we've got more great items for you starting with a new "Masterpiece Concentration" DVD with two full hours of the lovely sex of Kyoka Usami for you -- and at a great price (region free)
  • Then enjoy a new "No Cut!!" release from Kuki, featuring three full hour-long AV productions of this pure, lovely AV star (region free)
  • Then enjoy the super willing sex of Ru Hoshino, who never says no to you in her new release by SOD, "I Wanted to Have Such a Girlfriend as Her" (region free)
  • For bukkake fans, enjoy a new erotic "Mydol Semen" with the lovely Miyuki Nakama, who accepts the sperm of dozens of men in an extremely cool DVD from Chujitsu-doh and Soft on Demand (region free)
  • We've also got a great new Dream Shower DVD by Waap, the indies studio that invented the bukkake craze -- see the hardcore sex and bukkake sperm of the lovely Sumomo Yoshimura (region 2)
  • Finally, find several restocked DVDs including Mai Hagiwara's "Back Mirukuru," Akira Watase's erotic DVDs, a general restocking of the erotic "Blue" underwater girl DVDs, and more!

Remember that J-List carries region free DVD players that allow you to watch DVDs from all over the world. We carry three great region free DVD players for you to choose from, the multi-featured Cyberhome DVD CH-500, the handy and small Lasonic DVB-8092, and the reliable and value-priced Sampo DVE-612. Each one is perfect for watching DVDs from around the world, including Japan (region 2) as well as Europe (PAL discs). Our excellent players are stocked in San Diego for your convenience and we ship daily. Why not see our unique code-free DVD players today?

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 21, 2003

Hello again from Japan!

This year is the 400th anniversary of the establishment of Edo (Tokyo) as the capital of Japan. In 1603, Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, the third of the three unifiers of Japan, established the city of Edo as the capital of the country, after centuries of the Kyoto-Osaka region being the center of politics in Japan (and the center of repeated wars). The line of Tokugawa rulers continued for 265 years, closing Japan to all outside influences and trade to protect it from colonization by Western powers. The Tokugawa clan ruled Japan through 15 generations, until the Shogunate was overthrown during the Meiji Restoration of 1868, when young Japanese rallied around the Emperor in a plan to create a modern nation. Residents of Tokyo are planning many special ceremonies this year to commemorate the birth of Tokyo, and we're taking part too: we've got great sets of historical action figures from Japan's past, which are great to collect and display.

Tokyo is an interesting place, although I tire of all that concrete when I'm there, and I'm usually happy to get back to Isesaki (pop. 140,000) at the end of the day. Here are some interesting places you might want to check out if you're ever in Tokyo, though. Ameyoko, an interesting collection of alley ways full of small street shops selling interesting clothes, food and accessories, is always fun to wander around. It grew out of a black market that flourished in the years after World War II. Another popular spot with tourists is Akasuka, a large shrine that has many interesting shops around it. If you like electronics -- and what gaijin visiting Japan doesn't? -- be sure and hit Akihabara, home of the "Electric Town" where there are hundreds of shops selling just about anything you can want. If you've got your passport with you, you can avoid paying the 5% consumption tax at these shops, too. To check out "kogal" culture, just take the Yama-no-te (the loop line that goes around Tokyo) to Shibuya and get off at the Hachiko exit (see below for more on Hachiko). There you'll find a vibrant area of street musicians and interesting shops, as well many Japanese girls, with guys trying to hit on them while standing around the famous "scramble intersection" (called this because you have to move your butt quickly to get across in time, or you'll get hit by a taxi). For night action, go to Kabukicho, although gaijin should watch themselves as it can be a little rough, and some establishments won't let foreigners in at all. Tokyo Tower and the massive Tokyo Municipal Government Office are also good to hit if you want a view of the city from above.

The most famous dog in the history of Tokyo is Hachiko, an Akita dog who was owned by a university professor in the 1920's. Every day, Hachiko accompanied the professor to Shibuya Station, and in the evenings, the man would come back to find the dog waiting faithfully for his return, a happy expression on his face. This continued for years, until one day, the man died suddenly. Loyal Hachiko waited for his master to return for ten years, wagging his tail in front of the station every day until he, too, died. Tokyo residents have erected a bronze statue in Hachiko's memory, which you can see at the Hachiko exit of the station if you're ever in Tokyo. It's so famous, it's very useful as a meeting point for friends -- "Meet me at Hachiko."

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Tokyo becoming the capital of Japan, we've got a cool series of historic figures from Japan's unification wars, including Tokugawa himself (full sets are available too)
  • For fans of Shirow Masamune, we've got full sets available for preorder of not one, but two different upcoming toy releases: the lovely characters of the Intron Depot universe, and a superb Ghost in the Shell figure series. Both sets of toys will be coming out in June, but you can preorder your full set now!
  • For fans of our unique Japanese snacks, enjoy the 30th anniversary version of Kit Kat chocolate, chocolate covered rice crackers, lemon C candy and fresh stock of several cool items including miso soup
  • Also, for fans of Japanese gum, we've got Lifeguard gum, a fresh taste that quenches your thirst
  • We've got great Japanese swimsuit idols for you, including a new hardcover item with the lovely Sayaka Isoyama in it
  • For manga fans curious about girls' comics, we've got a nice two-volume set for you, Lingerie Publicity by Mamito Ankara
  • One of the most attractive men in Japan today is Gackt, a singer and male model -- see his asthetically worthy photobook in stock for you today
  • We always stock lots of cool toys from Japan -- today, see limited stock of two cool Alien toys from the famous films Alien and Aliens -- very detailed, and very cool, by Japanese toy maker Skynet
  • For fans of the super-cute Groomy plush dogs and cats that we carry, which feature chamois bottoms for wiping your computer monitor clean, we've got four new varieties: St. Bernard, Bull Terrier, Doberman Pinscer and a Yellow Labrador
  • For bento fans, we've got a nice new double-decker bento box that's good for putting rice in one section and your "okazu" (that is, whatever main food you eat with your rice) in the other section
  • For those whose lives need more organization, we've got a great "multi work case" that holds documents, phones, PDA, laptops, and just about anything else you can throw at it
  • For Kitty fans, several new items including a really snazzy Hello Kitty mechanical lace pencil, fresh stock of the cute Kitty toy refrigerator and Rubick's Cube, and more
  • Also, for fans of Totoro and the other films of Studio Ghibli, we've restocked several plush toys, keychains, and the very popular Jiji Pencil Case
  • Also, we've restocked several wacky stickers for you, with "No Parking" "Emergency Exit" and "Do Not Enter" in reflective stickers, written in Japanese
  • Finally, enjoy a great way to hang pictures or notes, a Hello Kitty photo stand, new wacky bento boxes for fans of Japanese boxed lunch, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of Japanese magazines, enjoy new "hitozuma" (married women) fetish items, showing young wives cheating on their husbands to pay their debts
  • then find the new issue of DVD Wow! in stock, a full color magazine that comes with a 140 min. DVD full of great sample fucks for you to enjoy (region 2)
  • We fell in love with busty Japanese AV star Alice Hoshi the first time we saw her, and you will too, in her super erotic hardcover photobook
  • Then enjoy the erotic "Imoto" series photobook of Yayoi, age 19, a lovely creature captured by the camera of Garo Aida
  • Megumi is the name of one of Japan's top busty idols, and you will love her new photobook, dedicated entirely to the lovely idol
  • For manga fans interested the best erotic comic artwork Japan has to offer, we've got some great new books for you, including the excellent Aigan (Appeal) from Mujin Comics, and the dreamy and erotic Stray Sheep by master illustrator "Benjamin"
  • Also, great fresh stock of popular books for you, including the Chobits hentai anthologies, the super collection of anthology works ERO-GAINER, and many more (and all are part of our manga sale)
  • We're also happy to announce stock of the excellent hentai doujinshi of Behind Moon, featuring superb "dick girl" themes and great artwork -- we've got two volumes in stock, as well as a
  • For DVD loves, we've got a wild lineup for you today, starting with an erotic "Blue File" release with three hours of AV sex by Asuka, the sweet and erotic AV star who will melt your heart with her cuteness (region free)
  • Sayaka Hijiri has been performing professional AV for two years, and has really made her mark on the Indies industry in Japan -- now enjoy the best sex from her career, collected onto a great disc that's an amazing 240 minutes long (region free)
  • The Zenra Sports series continues, with a great new release by SOD's Deep's label -- this time enjoy erotic all-nude basketball with 24 naked Japanese girls! (region free)
  • Then, enjoy the incredible sexual experience of Ran Asakawa as she fucks, sucks and does much more in a new "Female Teacher" release from Deep's (region free)
  • SOD's "Holed Panty" series is great because it allows you to see beautiful girls getting serviced without any mosaic censorship -- now enjoy Ai Nagase as she gets the updated holed panty treatment (region free)
  • There's bukkake galore in the new Gokkun Selection from Waap, featuring the best cum-eating of 13 different hot Japanese stars (region 2)
  • Then, the lovely Bunko Kanazawa offers to tease your penis,
  • Finally, see newly stocked items, including fresh stock of Zenra Volleyball, Let's Go Marine-Chan, and fresh stock of all the erotic videos of Russian star Yulia Nova!

Remember that J-List makes dozens of magazines available through our "reserve subscription" system. Basically, we'll pre-reserve the current issue of each month's magazine for you and have it in the mail to you by the time it's in bookstores here in Japan -- a few days earlier, actually, since we get our stock earlier than most bookstores. We've got many different anime, toy, JPOP/JROCK, idol, adult, and other magazines available, we just know there's something you'd love to get each month. See the magazine subscription pages on our site for more information.

Also remember that the easiest way to see all the newly updated items on J-List is through the "three day link." Click the link, located on the main J-List page, and all items from the past three days will be displayed. You can also click the product picture that appears on the front page to see all updated items.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Greetings from J-List May 19, 2003

Hello again from all your friends at J-List!

My Japanese wife and I work hard to raise our children so that they'll be bilingual in both English and Japanese. We only buy DVDs from the U.S., so if the kids want to watch something in our DVD collection, they have to watch it in English. Getting them to actually speak English at home can be difficult though, especially since the kids know that I understand Japanese. Pretending not to understand and asking them to repeat what they just said in English doesn't work very well, so we try to come up with other ways to tackle English together. Sometimes when we play together, we play "American family" and speak only English. If they want anything from me, they know I won't give it to them unless they ask in English. Also, my kids need extra practice making some of the sounds native English speakers make, such as voiced and unvoiced "th" (as in "this" and "thing" -- these sounds are known as fricatives, in case anyone ever asks you). So we have a game: if they can pronounce the "th" in "Throw me!" properly, I will throw them onto the bed (a favorite game).

It's common for bilingual speakers to switch between languages when they know the person they're speaking to will understand either one; this is called "code switching." Sometimes kids do it accidentally, because they haven't learned which words go with which language. When my kids were younger, they often would use English words wth the teachers at their preschool, causing occasional confusion. I remember when my son Kazuki went to the local public bath with me, back when he was two years old or so. He told me that the cold-water bath was "cold-katta." I didn't understand what he meant, but then it hit me: he had mixed the English word cold with the past tense ending in Japanese (-katta). The Japanese for "it was cold" would have been "tsumeta-katta" (tsumetai meaning "cold to the touch"). With summer nearing, we're making plans for our kids to spend time in our home in San Diego, so they can spend time in an English environment and recover the English they learned last summer, but have since stopped using.

There are certain changes that happen to Americans who live in Japan for a long time. For one, you get quite comfortable with the metric system, and start annoying your friends and family back home by referring to everything in centimeters and kilometers. My shoe size is 26.5 cm, but I've long forgotten what it is in inches, just as I've forgotten how much I weigh in pounds. But the Japanese don't use the metric system for everything. When talking about the sizes of rooms in Japan, you never use square meters, but instead refer to the number of tatami mats the room contains (or would contain, if it were a tatami room). Tatami mats are standard-sized rectangular mats made of straw, that are supposed to be the correct space for one adult to sleep. A 6-jo room ("jo" is the Chinese pronunciation for the "tatami" character) is average sized; poor college students have to live in a 4-jo-han (or a small apartment that's just 4 1/2 tatami mats in size). When you buy land, you measure it in "tsubo," an area of measurement that's conveniently equal to two tatami mats. Thus if you have 20 "tsubo" of land you can picture it as 40 tatami mats in size. When you've been in Japan as long as I have, it becomes quite easy to do.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for all fans of the Star Trek universe, we've got a very special series of Star Trek starships that will be released from Furuta June 23. The set includes ten different popular vehicles, including the Enterprise, the Reliant, Deep Space Nine, Kingon ships and more. Preorder yours today!
  • Another great item from Japan is the limited edition Jelly Belly Bearbrick figures -- they're so limited, we've only got one full set in stock
  • Japanese are fans of old things, and many people collect old tin toys -- we've got a great set of ten different classic toy replicas made by Japanese toy sculptor Teruhisa Kitahara
  • We've got great Japanese snacks, including delicious Lotte "Ghana" chocolate crisps, peach flavored gummi, and real dried Japanese "ume" plums
  • Also, some cute furikake for your little one (or you) that features little Snoopy shapes that are fun to eat
  • We love to stock fun Sanrio items, and have several new things for you, including a new Hello Kitty Japanese fairy tale book, a great Kitty and Shinkansen cup set for your little one, and a super fun item -- Shinkansen Pachinko, a real pachinko machine that will amuse you for hours
  • Also, enjoy wacky Japanese signs and stickers, like "Don't let your dog poop here" and "W.C."
  • We love DVD from Japan, and have a new Japanese film in stock for you, TOYD, a fantastic horror film about toys that can be controlled through their portable phones, which can also be used for murder (region 2)
  • J-List carries authentic Japanese geta shoes made of wood, with many variations for men and women -- because our Japanese shoes are so popular, we'd sold out of many styles, including nearly all our "zori" tatami shoes, but we've restocked them all now for you
  • We always stock many useful Japanese items for your kitchen, including traditional Japanese bowls, disposable and printed chopsticks, bento boxes and more -- we've gotten in stock of a handy rice scoop for scooping rice out of your rice cooker
  • For fans of Japanese Race Queens, look for many items in stock, including more copies of the popular Race Queen Hundred Catalog
  • Finally find super cute Japanese fanny pouches, the last Pocky stock we'll get before summer, cute Japanese items with funny English on them, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of lovely Japanese AV stars, we've got the new issue of Bejean, the flagship adult magazine of the Eichi Publishing Company, filled with lovely gals for you!
  • For amateur fans, we've got the new issue of Sasotte Ageru ("I'm going to ask you out"), featuring many lovely girls in love hotels, as well as an erotic "Bud Girl" magazine
  • Then enjoy a special treat, a magazine dedicated to the erotic and lovely Ran Asakawa, which comes with a 120 minute DVD full of her erotic movies (region 2)
  • Maiko Kazano is one of the most lovely nude models in Japan, and you can enjoy her lovely nude body in a new issue of Karami, dedicated entirely to this lovely girl
  • We love the really sexy swimsuit and busty idols that are popular in Japan -- enjoy a great hardcover photobook featuring Harumi Nemoto and four other lovely gals
  • Also, look for freshly restocked photobooks, including Aoi Sora's great hardcover photobook and fresh stock of Yuko Ogura's dynamite "Loving Kindly"
  • For fans of our hentai manga, which on sale this month during our "May Manga Sale," we've got some great new offerings for you, including an all "Woman Teacher" hentai manga, and the very erotic "Twins" manga by
  • We've also restocked several popular manga items, including Blue Eyes, Shake, Insult! and also, Pose File 2, a great book of nude poses for anyone trying to learn to draw like the Japanese do
  • The erotic artwork of hentai illustrator Makura-E Dukushi is truly amazing -- see his best illustrations in a new art book that should not be missed by any hentai fans
  • For DVD collectors, we've got some great new products for you, starting with a wacky 4-hour DVD of late-night erotic TV from Japan, including many wacky scenes: nude English and Korean conversation segments, fishing with the female genitalia, car sex, nude newscasters, and more -- and the price is great! (region free)
  • Hitomi Hayasaka is one of the loveliest AV stars in Japan, a fabulous girl with a great Asian body -- enjoy 4 hours of her best works in a new release from Million (region free)
  • From Total Media Agency, enjoy another value-priced 4-hour DVD, featuring 4 hours of the very best lesbian sex in the company's history (region free)
  • Ran Asakawa performs a valuable service for you, assisting your solo sex in the new SOD title "Ran Asakawa will Assist your Masturbation" (region free)
  • For fans of anal sex themes, enjoy the new Anal de Fuck Deluxe, featuring the first anal experiences of three lovely girls, by Deep's (region free)
  • In Japan, voice actresses, the girls who provide the voices in anime, are very popular -- now enjoy some "Immoral Voice Actress Training" in a new erotic offering from Audaz, featuring the erotic sex of three real voice actresses (region 2)
  • Finally, look for many restocked DVDs, including the super lesbian title "Stairway to Heaven, Highway to Hell," Mirai Hoshizaki's complete works, more bukkake from the Dream Shower series, and Riho Nanase's great wet sex.

Do you love the anime films of Hayao Miyazaki? Remember that J-List stocks all the excellent region 2 DVD releases for Studio Ghibli movies like My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky Laputa, Princess Mononoke and his Lupin III classic, The Castle of Caliostro. These DVDs are released in Japan directly by the studio and include many features that make them great for collectors. All discs feature English subtitles and/or dubbed tracks and are great for fans who want the definitive versions of these anime classics overseen by Mr. Miyazaki himself. The only catch is, you need a region free DVD player to watch them -- and J-List humbly recommends the three excellent units we currently sell.

Also, remember that J-List stocks many items for fans of "cosplay," the Japanese hobby of dressing up like your favorite anime or other character. From actual items you can buy and wear (including the line of excellent high school uniforms from Nagoya's Matsukameya, sold exclusively through J-List) to a full line of comics, DVDs and dating-sim games that cater to cosplay fans, we know we've got something for you. Just search for "cosplay" to see all the items we've got.

We found a great page for any anime fans who want to learn Japanese through their hobby. See the "100 most common word in anime" here: