Friday, June 27, 2003

Greetings from J-List June 27, 2003

Hello again from Japan, home of cars with odd names, like the Daihatsu Naked.

Sanrio's pantheon of cute characters are famous all the world over. The most famous is of course Hello Kitty, who is known as "Kitty-chan" ("chan" being a cute name tag attached to all cute or effeminate things) here in Japan. Kitty changes every year -- past Kitty variations have included Hawaiian Kitty, Kimono Kitty, and Wedding Kitty. Keroppi, the frog officially known as "Kero Kero Keroppi" in Japanese ("kero kero" is the sound of a frog croaking), is popular here, as is the yellow-and-brown dog Pom Pom Purin, who represents a sweet pudding-like dessert called flan, if you know what that is -- I didn't until I came to live in Japan. One of my personal favorite Sanrio characters is Shinkansen, the cute little Japanese bullet train characters that are very popular with Japanese boys, all of whom seem to go through a major love affair with trains when they're three.

The Japanese love to abbreviate words. Often it's to shorten a long and clumsy words imported from English: "digital camera," which is quite hard to say, is often shortened to "digi-kame" for example. Other abbreviations follow this four syllable pattern: Ame-komi (American comics), Sony-Pura (the fashionable Sony Plazas that dot Japanese cities), geesen (game center), pure-sute (Playstation), pasacon (personal computer), and so on. Names of famous people also get reduced to short versions, ala J.Lo -- handsome Japanese "talent" (what they call multi-talented entertainers here) Kimura Takuya is universally known as Kimu-Taku, and the cute former Morning Musume member Gotoh Maki is called Go-Maki. The Japanese love Brad Pitt's movies, and they've christened him with a Japanese nickname: Bura-Pii. We do this at J-List too. If there's a problem with Tomokazu's computer we would say "Peter, please take a look at Tomo-Con when you get time."

Often, when products from America or Europe are marketed in Japan, they are sold by Japanese companies who license the brands from their owners. I can enjoy drinks like Canada Dry Ginger Ale or Bireley's Orange Drink, but they don't come from Canada or the UK -- they come from the good old Asahi Beverage Company, and you can see the little Asahi corporate mark, hidden somewhere in the packaging. Budweiser is bottled by Kirin, and Ritz crackers are made by the Yamazaki Bread Company and sold under the Ritz brand name. A year ago, Tic Tacs (a word which sounds like "tick tock" to the Japanese) appeared in Japan, courtesy of the Morinaga Confectionery Company, but they didn't do well here -- Japanese thought it tasted like toothpaste.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of the Groomy line of plush pets for your computer, a new series: Clip Groomy, cute little bears that can do things like hold your mouse cord out of the way, hold messages and cling to your computer monitor!
  • Also, a huge restocking of the popular Groomy plush dogs and cats, who have soft chamois bottoms for cleaning your computer monitor with
  • If you love our Japanese snacks, enjoy several new items, such as Japanese plum wine candy, pineapple gummi treats, vitamin C candy from Japan, stewed ika (don't ask what this is), and delicious Japanese mushroom rice bowl mix for you to make and eat
  • Also, enjoy authentic Japanese green tea -- with a cool Japanese tea container to hold your tea, too
  • We just love the highly detailed die-cast metal Tomica cars from Tomy, and we've got two cool new unique Japanese cars for you
  • For Hello Kitty fans, we have a great piece of pop culture for you: a deluxe Kitty kaiten zushi (conveyor belt sushi) that's great fun to display in your room
  • If you love cute Japanese girls, we have a great photobook for fans of Yui Ichikawa -- comes with a cute paper doll of Yui-chan too!
  • Then enjoy Sayuri Anzu's very sweet idol photobook, a great hardcover photobook that comes with a full image DVD too! (region 2)
  • For doujinshi fans, a great non-hentai comic for you that parodies the Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball game
  • We positively love the new Ghost in the Shell TV series that's being released on DVD in Japan -- we've got volume 7 in, and it's another great one you won't want to miss! (region 2)
  • Also for Shirow Masamune fans, we've got fresh stock of his popular computer mouse!
  • Usako Friends is really emerging as the super cute Japanese character of the year, and we've got two Usako Friends PET bottle holders for you -- they keep your drink hot or cold!
  • We've got a handy item little "micro lens" that makes it easy to see anything -- items you look at are magnified 15 times!
  • We've got more funky Japanese wooden signs for you -- "Open" and "Closed"
  • Also, a really handy item -- a bag in a bag, which you can take with you, and whenever you need a bag, open the bag and get the other bag out
  • For Hello Kitty fans (or those who hate Kitty-chan), we've got fresh stock of the super cute Kitty Toilet Paper, in two colors
  • Finally, find authentic Japanese chopsticks, a great way to stop snoring, tofu and miso soup, furikake like your mother used to make, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of great professional Japanese adult magazines, we've got the bold and sassy new issue of Gokuh, filled with top-quality Japanese AV stars for you
  • Also enjoy a great magazine for fans of erotica between people who are in love, Couples Vol. 01, featuring boyfriend/girlfriend couples who are enjoying each other's sex because they love each other
  • Then we've got the new issue of Yo! with many Japanese kogals in love hotels and amateur sex
  • There's nothing better than getting a 180 minute DVD with a magazine for free -- check out the new issue of Mappa, which features short clips of sex from Japan's most famous and lovely AV stars, a great sampler item (region 2)
  • For photobook fans, a superb erotic photobook featuring Ai Nagase's "nudie and virtual" sex, and it comes with a super giant poster too
  • Also, enjoy the lovely pure nude of Lovely Maria and the incredible photobook of Kaoru, photographed by Aida Garo
  • For fans of our extensive selection of hentai manga, we've got another great selection of items for you, including the erotic Amber Girl by Mujin Comics and The Slave as Flesh Hole by hentai artist Psycho, and the long-awaited Blue Eyes vol. 6
  • For doujinshi fans, a manga that compiles some fantastic game girl parody hentai, with incredible Final Fantasy, Evangelion, naughty tentacles, and more
  • Also, we've got a huge restocking of many popular books, including An Equation of the Night and The Equation of the Immoral by Azuki Kurenai, Oshiri Excellent (all ass-fetish anthology manga), and about a dozen more
  • For fans of yaoi erotic comics, a great new "Judicial Love Story" from Aqua Comics
  • J-List stocks many adult toys and vibrators which are only sold in the Japanese market -- look for fresh stock of the colored Cute Mini Vibrator, the Vibrating Ecstasy Brush, and the incredibly popular Rabbit Rotor, a cute little bunny that brings pleasure
  • Also, we're stocked the enigmatic Clitoris Cap for you as well
  • For our DVD customers, enjoy another value-priced Bring Up Ecstasy 4 Hours DVD, featuring Hitomi Hayasaka in an incredibly erotic production (region free)
  • Then, a special One Year Anniversary Release by Million, see a superb lesbian performance starring Nao Oikawa and Kurumi Morishita, their first lesbian performance together (region free)
  • Sora Aoi (aka Sola Aoi) is a pure, beautiful G cup angel -- see her great new release on th Samantha label (region free)
  • From SOD, enjoy a remix of the best works of super busty Maria Yumeno -- includes chapters from Chie's Angels, the erotic parody of Charlie's Angels (region free)
  • For those who like their sex "wet and messy," we've got a very interesting new release from SOD's Martian Devil, including body paint fetish and the first ever "gold leaf titty fuck" (region free)
  • Then enjoy the Illusion Sperm Angel performance of Yu Tsutsumi, a wonderful bukkake release from Audaz for fans of sperm fetish (region 2)
  • Finally, look for fresh stock of the popular Fetish & Erotic soft porn DVD series, and more!

Looking for a way to browse J-List products easily? Since we have over 2500 different products on our site (amazing, we know), you can use the handy "Three Day Link" which shows you all products added or updated within the past three days. Want to see more? Click the "View all products" link in the upper left hand corner of the site, and view all products on the J-List page, with the most recently added items appearing at the top, in order of how recently they were updated.

Remember that J-List carries a full line of Japanese snack foods, with many rare cult favorites in stock for you, like Japanese sushi gummi, Black Black caffeine gum, and also the delicious and popular Felix the Cat bubble gum, which is famous all the world over (we're not sure why, but based on the mails we get from customers, it is).

The J-Mate site has been updated again, this time with a great interview with experienced Japanese AV star Yukari Sakurada who is famous for her bukkake performances. Read her views on the adult video world and why she become an AV actress -- it's very enlightening! The URL is

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Greetings from J-List June 25, 2003

Hello again from your friends in Japan!

First and foremost, an apology about the site going down for a few hours yesterday. Our current (aging) server knew it was being replaced in a few more days and did a HAL 9000 on us. Things are running smoothly now though.

Companies have had to find new ways to survive in the lackluster Japanese economy, and one way is to make tons and tons of new products. Japan's big four beer companies have a staggering forty different varieties of beer and happoushu (a low-malt beer that's taxed lower than beer, so it can't be called by the same name) on the market, as they constantly try to come up with new ways of taking market share away from the others. They're really good at coming up with new ideas, too, like beer with extra CO2 in it, beer marketed at young women, a keg of beer that chills itself as you pour, dark versions of popular existing brands and the old standby, "limited" beers sold in each season, like Sapporo's "A Winter's Tale" and Kirin's "Aki-Aji" (taste of autumn). Digital cameras are also seeing many new developments, as manufacturers refresh their product lines every three months to keep from losing ground to their competitors, and to keep consumers looking for the newest thing. Camera that are incredibly small, Bluetooth cameras and phones that have high-end digital cameras built into them, complete with removable media up to 512 mb, are all helping Japanese electronics companies flourish in the new Japanese economy.

In Japan, there are often concepts that are very difficult for Westerners to grasp. One measurement of beauty here is related to the number of creases in a person's eyelid when their eyes are open -- one crease ("hitoe" hee-TOE-eh), two creases ("futae" fu-TAH-eh) or three ("mie" MEE-eh). (As always, there's no silent 'e' in Japanese, or magic 'e' as they call it here, so you pronounce the final 'e' in words.) Single-creasers have slender, traditionally Asian eyes, while those with more creases have larger eyes that look European to the Japanese. Getting plastic surgery to change the appearance of your eyes is quite popular among TV stars and young Japanese people in general (mostly women). I have to admit, I'd never considered that people had different numbers of creases in their eyelids until coming here -- it was a totally alien concept to me, and I still can't tell how many creases a person's eyelids have, no matter how closely I look. Another measure of beauty, having a "high nose" is an important feature for anyone who wants to enter modeling. I never really thought of noses as anything other than "big" or "small" before coming here, but apparently there is more to a person's nose than meets the eye.

For whatever reason, Japanese men are fond of urinating outdoors. When driving around Japan, it's not uncommon to happen on an older man relieving himself by the side of the road -- even walking from my home to J-List, a mere 100 meters or so, I sometimes see one of our neighbors peeing in the ditch by the side of the road. It's partially a rural thing -- with a population of 140,000, our city is not large, and there's a lot of agriculture -- but I've seen friends from Tokyo and Yokohama do it when the need took them. It can get so bad that people occasionally put signs that say "It is forbidden to urinate here" (Tachi-shon kinshi) in front of their homes. Well, we've captured this great concept in a new wacky Japanese T-shirt just for you -- see it on the site now!

In other news, we're happy to announce the arrival of Kango Shicyauzo 2 ~ Is The Sorority House Burning?, the great sequel to the best-selling bishoujo dating-sim game from G-Collections. In addition, a new 2-CD version of Kango Shicyauzo ~ I'm Gonna Nurse You, with full character voice, is in stock and available for immediate order. If you want to get both Kango 1 Voice Plus and Kango 2 and save some money, you can order the special KANGOSET we've set up for you -- both are just $75!

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of Star Trek, we're extremely happy to announce that the Furuta series of Star Trek ships has come in -- see these great sets of items on our site now, but we recommend that yu hurry! (you can still preorder the other series by Yamato too)
  • For fans of our Japanese snacks, we've got some delicious items, including salmon ochazuke (one of my own favorites), two new varieties of miso soup and fabulous "soup type spaghetti sauce" with clams that's really good
  • Also, fun gelatin dessert mix that you can drink, just add milk
  • For Kubrick collectors, we've got a super *full set* of the new Back to the Future Kubricks, with five extremely well designed and very detailed block toys in the set
  • Take an authentic Japanese hot springs bath with sweet smelling peach bath crystals from Japan
  • For fan of unique Tomica cars, we've got a set of four McDonald's vehicles that are really cute and cool (one is a replica of a Mazda Bongo Friendee, the car we happen to drive in Japan)
  • We've got great Japanese items for your kitchen, including a sandwich box and matching thermos that are both very cute, as well as a cool onigiri maker that makes rice balls in various shapes
  • If you're stopping smoking right now, we've got a wacky Japanese sign for you
  • For fans of Hello Kitty, two variations of a really cute Kitty "Flying Character" which you put in your ceiling, and Kitty flies around your room, along with other new items
  • For Totoro and Miyazaki Hayao fans, a great new plush Jiji keychain that's one of the coolest we've seen yet, along with fresh stock of many other Totoro items for you as well
  • Finally, check out many new items such as the popular Kitty pachinko and Kitty darts set, fresh stock of the incredibly popular Zelda Box data book with figures and full game soundtrack, traditional Japanese candy, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of great Japanese magazines, we've got the new issues of Video Boy and Best Video, both loaded with super erotic photos of Japan's most famous AV idols and stars
  • Then we've got the new issue of Dick, the "World Hard Skin Magazine" featuring beautiful adult stars from America and Europe -- see Japan's fascination with busty western women through the eyes of the Japanese
  • We've got the superb Mai Hagiwara Mirukuru Love 2003 Bauhaus Mook, a complete magazine dedicated to the glory that is our little Mai-chan
  • For photobook lovers, we've got some nice items including the beautiful nude photobook of Yuka Kotono, who looks damned good in tight underoos (trust us), as well as restocked panty and stocking fetish and other photobooks
  • Also, a super "Nude Gallery" photobook featuring the lovely nudes of Japan's top stars -- Cocolo, Jun Kusanagi, Maria Yumeno, and many more
  • For fans of Japan's erotic comics, we've got several great new books, including a superb manga of cherry blossoms in the spring by Shinyusha and the erotic and mysterious series of short stories called Female Panther
  • Also restocked manga such as Married Women's Lecherous Discipline (love those Japanese manga names), and New Century Big-Breasted Legend Natsumi
  • For fans who want to read the excellent English translation of Tohru Nishimaki's best-selling Blue Eyes manga series, we've gotten all copies in stock again in San Diego -- and you now get a discount of 20% off if you order 3 or more issues together, too
  • Also for Yaoi lovers, we've got the new issue of Kinniku Otoko (Muscle Man) for fans of big manly men
  • For DVD fans, we have more incredible DVD titles for you starting with the Bring Up Ecstasy offering of Saori Kamiya -- four hours of her best hardcore (region free)
  • For fans of Japanese erotica who want to sample tons of great material, check out the Big Morkal DVD Anthology, with 4 hours of quickies from 70 titles (region free)
  • From Soft on Demand, enjoy a massive festival of female masturbation, with female friends being challenged to touch each other and see how it feels -- great for fans of "manko study" fetish (region free)
  • Also from SOD, a great new chapter in their erotic lesbian anime, Lesbian Hospital 2 (region free)
  • Also for Saori Kamiya lovers, a superb "Fetish and Erotic" offering that shows you all about the lovely AV girl, with many costumes and fetishes satisfied -- and at a great price too (region 2)
  • From Waap, enjoy "Double Moe" (MOH-eh), Moe Yamasaki and Moe Nishimura, two fabulous girls who get it in on for you in Sperm Lesbian of Friends (region 2)
  • Finally, fresh stock of several great titles, including Aika Miura's Respect, Kurumi Morishita's Beautiful Slave, Ran Asakawa's Endless Semen and the wonderful "Let's Lesbian!"

Remember that J-List offers you discounts for buying multiple items. Want to get some great bishoujo games? Pick up 4 or more and get 20% off. Looking for hentai manga? Get 4 or more books and get 15% off. You can also get 15% off 4 or more DVDs. All discounts are calculated automatically at check out.

I had a typo in one of my Japanese phrases posted last time. It should have been "Chotto futorimashita ne" (You've gained weight, haven't you?). Sorry about that.

A friend of mine is taking a dream trip around the world with his BMW motorcycle, going from Japan, through Mongolia and Russia to Europe and then beyond. If you'd like to see his adventures in Siberia, his page is here: (the page is in English and Japanese, but the Japanese text seems to have gotten corrupted during uploading).

Monday, June 23, 2003

Greetings from J-List June 23, 2003

Hello again from Japan, where having kids means never taking a bath alone.

It's often said that Japanese society is 10-25 years behind the U.S., and that changes in the U.S. will filter over to Japan 10-25 years after they've happened in America. Sometimes this seems true -- it took Japan until 1999 to get its first law requiring car seats for children, and laws against things like sexual harassment in the workplace similarly followed U.S. laws about a decade later. When I first came to Japan, it was common for newspaper job listings to be divided among "men" and "women" with many listings stating that only people aged 30 and under would be considered. Over the past few years, laws have been passed that forbid this practice. Companies get around this new rule by using graphics in their classified ads -- for example, a picture of a young, pretty OL (that's Japanese for "office lady" or female office worker) sends a signal that that company is looking for younger females to fill a certain position, and not males.

If you've paid attention while watching Japanese anime or AV, you've probably picked up on the word "ne." This is an interesting Japanese grammatical particle that usually goes on the ends of sentences and serves several purposes, mostly related to asking for confirmation of information or agreement with an opinion. Here are two examples:

"Aisu kohii futatu desu ne?" You'd like two glasses of ice coffee, is that right?
"Kyou wa atsui desu ne." It's hot today, isn't it?

Other functions of the all-purpose Japanese particle "ne" include softening a sentence so its meaning it less harsh ("Chotto furimashita ne." You've gained a little weight, haven't you?); emphasizing what you want to say ("Kondo chanto kiite kudasai, ne." Please listen closely next time, alright?); working as a pause in sentences, like "um" in English; and to get the attention of the listener before saying something. Girls use "ne" more often than men and with a higher intonation, so males should use the word with caution lest they appear effeminate.

Japan's various traditions of bathing are quite famous all over the world. Most Japanese take baths in the evening, although younger people replace this tradition with a shower in the morning. In Japanese homes, the actual bath-room is a bath and a separate tiled area outside the bath, with a drain for water to escape (the toilet is in a separate room). You always wash your body thoroughly before getting into the bath, and never use soap or shampoo inside the bath itself, as the water will be reused by other family members, and saved for several days. All baths here have heaters to allow you to re-heat the old water, and ours has a one-touch computer that will fill the bath to the pre-set temperature and level. If you're a parent, you always take your kids in the bath with you and wash them. The concept of mother or father taking a bath with their children is known as "skinship" to the Japanese. Japanese are great fans of public baths (sento) and hot springs (onsens), too -- see the dating-sim game Tokimeki Check in! for lots of information on traditional Japanese hot springs. Since the water is "everyone's water," you must wash thoroughly before getting into the baths, although I've seen quite a few old men who skipped this step. As a foreigner living in Japan, I try to be an "ambassador of goodwill" and what not, so I make sure I follow the rules. The Japanese are famous for bathing with men and women together (kon'yoku), but this is actually very rare, since Japanese women don't want to bathe with men they don't know. It's more common for hotels to have a "family bath" that a family can reserve and take a bath together.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Macross fans, a rare treat: the VF-1A Valkyrie transforming toy from Bandai
  • For fans of the films of Akira Kurosawa and samurai movies, we've got a great new Japanese film on DVD for you: Owl's Castle, an incredibly high-budget, high-quality film about the years before Japan was unified under the Tokugawa Shogun -- and it's subtitled in English! (region 2)
  • The incredibly detailed replicas of famous Japanese bird (who really sing when you press a button) sold very well over the weekend -- now we've posted the last four in the series! These are great for all nature lovers or those who want to bring a little happiness into their rooms
  • For fans of Japanese snack foods, enjoy some delicious items, including chocolate bread, delicious fish furikake for your bento, Japanese potato chips with "soy sauce and scallops" flavoring, and delicious fish and sesame seed snacks
  • Also, some great "etiquette breath candy" that helps remove odors in your mouth within 60 seconds, as well as fresh stock of many popular items including miso soup and "Mill Make" (milk flavoring that virtually all Japanese children drink in elementary school)
  • For Kitty fans, a really cool leather Kitty purse that is extremely cute and well made, along with fresh stock of the plush Kitty bonnet that you wear on your head -- it's so cute
  • And speaking of cute, we've got a super cute Hamtaro plush backpack that you will die for
  • We love wacky parody goods from Japan, and have some fun "Aham Pham" hamster envelopes that are really cute
  • Also, we've got fresh stock of the popular "injection needle pens" that are so cool
  • For Totoro lovers, we've got a very special PVC keychain figure of Mei with a rusted bucket trying to catch a Totoro -- really nice
  • Also catch fresh stock of some popular joke items, including our line of Japanese headbands, kanji quiz toilet paper, and more
  • Also, for fans of Domo-kun, that wacky character who is the spokesmonster for NHK's BS ("Broadcast Satellite") network, we've got a cool item for you (although it will sell out soon)
  • We love the Tomica die-cast metal cars from Japan, which are highly detailed and match Hot Wheels and other cars perfectly in scale -- look for three cool new vehicles posted today
  • Looking or something uniquely Japanese to put in your room? We humbly recommend the ceramic Japanese mailbox, which doubles as a piggy bank for you
  • Finally, look for a great way to hang boxes of tissue from your wall so you can get at it easily, a great way to cut paper accurately, more Japanese ear cleaners, and many other cool and unique things from Japan!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of beautiful Japanese models with large, natural breasts, we have the great new Gal's Dee, filled with very special busty gals like Aoi Mizuno (92 cm, F cup), Mika Nagase (93/G) and Mayu Koizumi (107/J), just for you
  • Then, a personal favorite of mine, Apricot Magazine, the "perfect super beauty girls principle magazine" that is filled with fantastic pro and amateur girls you'd love to get to know, and the photographs are great
  • Bondage fans will enjoy the new Aido Club, a great magazine and DVD combination item that is filled with rope and bondage play for you (region free)
  • For fans of let and panty fetish, we've got a great new photobook featuring the thrill of "almost nude"
  • In the "you really don't want to miss this" category, we've got a special Smart Girls Remix photobook, featuring incredibly pure and sexy photos of lovely Tokyo girls -- the girls are so pretty and the photos so special that this photobook is marketed to women as well as men in Japan
  • For our manga customers, enjoy a half dozen great new volumes including the super erotic "Maid In" by Tatsuya Mitamori, the super sexy doctors and nurses of Momoka Clinic, a new anthology of all Game Girl hentai manga, and more
  • Then, enjoy a restocking of manga for you including fresh stock of Celamic Garden, What?, Pururu Princess, Blue Sky Oppai Pasture, and more -- over a dozen manga restocked
  • Also: by customer request we've got a massive restocking of the popular "dick girl" doujinshi by Behind Moon, which you won't want to miss
  • For yaoi lovers, enjoy fresh stock of several items too, including the Kinniku Otoko (Muscle Man) series and more
  • For DVD collectors, we've got some superb titles for you, starting with a new Bring Up Ecstasy 4 Hour special DVD, featuring the lovely sex of Hitomi Hasegawa (region free)
  • Then enjoy a great new offering from the hallowed Mejiri ("ass of woman") series, this time featuring the delicious Sora Aoi (region free, multiangle)
  • Then a great item, the 24 Hour Bukkake Semen of Moe Nishimura -- poor Moe-chan has men blowing their wads on her as she goes about her daily life, brushing her teeth, sleeping, going to the bathroom, and so on (region free)
  • There's a new "Night Visiting" fetish title from Deep's, about going to sleeping girls in the night and fondling them, waking them up and having sex with them. Features girls who starred in the All Nude Volleyball and Basketball releases by Deep's (region free)
  • A special treat for fans of bondage play, enjoy a great Actress Restraint Maniac collection featuring the lovely Miyuki Kasuga -- 9 erotic bondage play scenes! (region 2)
  • Then, from Waap Entertainment, enjoy the fantastic bukkake facials of Yui Kayama, great for fans of bukkake (region 2)
  • Finally look for a great new English-language (subbed and dubbed) hentai DVD boxed set from Nutech, the Dvine series (region 1).

Remember that J-List carries the famous Japanese gum Black Black, a caffine-laced gum that will wake up you and keep you awake. Black Black was recently written up in Wired magazine, complete with a link to J-List (thanks, guys!). And as with most of our gum and snack items, if you buy 10 or more you get a 15% discount at checkout.

The J-Mate site has been updated again, with reviews of the great collection of Japanese short films called Grasshoppa (which is even subtitled in English!), as well as a review of the bizarre Happatai Yatta DVD that was posted on Friday. Enjoy reading reviews and interviews from Japan on our sister site, J-Mate! The URL is