Friday, July 11, 2003

Greetings from J-List July 11, 2003

Hello and TGIF from your friends in Japan!

Japan is currently in shock over the murder of four-year-old Shun Tanemoto by a twelve-year-old junior high school student. Shun-kun was taken from a shopping district in Nakasaki, where he was shopping with his parents, by the boy, who later pushed him off a four story parking garage. A security camera happened to catch the two walking, and so police were able to locate the person who had committed the terrible crime. In general, Japan is a kinder, gentler nation than some other countries, and murders are rare here (1,218, compared with 19,645 in the U.S., for one recent year). Still, the Japanese do seem to have more than their share of incredibly tragic and puzzling crimes, including ones committed by or against children. In Japan, as in the U.K., it's illegal for the media to show the face or report the name of any minor charged with a crime, so the boy who committed the act is referred to as "shonen A" (boy A).

Something to note about Japanese people: they tend to keep any land they own and never let it go. In Japan, a country with 1/25 the area yet just half the population of the U.S., land is extremely valuable, and anyone who has land usually holds on to it for dear life. Because of this, I've found communities in Japan tend to be a mixture of high and low incomes, new and old houses. It's very different from the U.S., where property flows more freely and communities tend to coalesce together according to income level. There are really two kinds of land in Japan, land that's zoned for residential and commercial use, and land that, for some odd reason, is designated as agricultural land for all eternity, world without end. You can't build on such land, thus it has almost no value to anyone except farmers. We own some land that's zoned for agricultural use, and we rent it out for free to the local preschool since we have no other use for it -- every couple of weeks a hundred preschool children descend on J-List and tend to their crop of sweet potatoes.

It's very hard to get along in Japan without learning some Japanese. Contrary to what you may think about living in a foreign country, it is very difficult to pick up a language automatically, and even if you are living in Japan, constant effort to learn the language is required. One of the best ways to learn Japanese, I've found is to set a goal and work towards it all year long. The Japanese have given us a perfect such goal in the Japanese Ability Test (Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken), a test given each December which is a standardized way to find your Japanese level. There are four levels to the test, starting with level 4 (hiragana, katakana and about 100 kanji), and going all the way up to level 1 (which is required for foreigners who wish to enter a Japanese university). You can take the test at various cities around Japan, and also around the world. For more information on where you can take the test in your country, see this page: . Incidentally, I've made some information and general advice on what is involved in learning Japanese on my personal homepage, at in case it's useful to anyone.

For the pre-weekend update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of Naruto, the anime show that's very popular in Japan and the U.S., we're happy to have full sets of the Narudo DX Mini Figure Set, detailed pre-painted toys that come with ramune candy inside
  • J-List carries interesting sandals and shoes from Japan, but the popularity of our products had a downside: we had sold out of almost everything we had. However, we've got fresh stock of popular zori and seta ("tatami shoes"), for men, gals and even children
  • For fans of Japan's beautiful Race Queens, who promote Formula One racing in Japan, we've got a great new issue of Gal's Paradise
  • Groomy is a line of plush animals from famous Japanse computer peripheral maker Elecom, with soft chamois bottoms that you can clean your computer monitor with -- see two new pets for cat lovers today!
  • We love cool things from Japan, even if they're not always so well known around the world -- one such item is the Tomika Complete Catalog, which features hundreds of the cool die-cast cars put out by Tomy
  • Also very cool, a special issue of Bean's, a photo magazine for collectors of rare toys like Blythe
  • For Japanese food and snack lovers, many new items, including onigiri seasoning, a frozen chocolate that you can make, and for kids, tasty cream stew from House (tastes really good on rice)
  • Also, a brand new flavor of chocolate,filled fish-shaped cookie, Pucca: black sesame seed and chocolate, a unique and delicious taste from Japan!
  • For Pocky fans, we've posted the last of this summer's Pocky to the site -- since it melts in the hot months in Japan, we don't stock it in the summer, so get it while it's available!
  • For collectors of Hello Kitty, a cute backpack that's very large and handy for carrying your life with you
  • For robot fans, two totally cool toy robots that really walk
  • We love Domo-kun, the cute spokesmonster for NHK's broadcast sattelite network, but most of the Domo-kun products have become very rare and hard to find in Japan -- hwoever, we've got a dynamite new item for you, a Domo-kun plush that dances!
  • If you or your little ones are not confident eating with chopsticks yet, try the "learning chopsticks" we've got in stock for you, super easy to hold and use
  • For fans of cute things with funny English on them, we've got a nice large pencil case (which can be used for many different purposes)
  • We carry many unique Totoro and Studio Ghibli items from Japan, and we've restocked one of our favorite: a giant deluxe Totoro cockoo clock that would be an incredible addition to your home
  • Also, many other restocked Hello Kitty Ghibli items, including the Totoro knapsack and Ghibli plush keychains, Kitty and Shinkansen Pachinko toys (really fun!), Kitty electronic darts set, and the cute Kitty angel that flies around your room!
  • We love to sell wacky items from Japan, and have fresh stock of many popular products, including the yakuza tattoo shirt, toilet paper that helps you go to the bathroom, and the "I will pass the test" Japanese headband
  • For those interested in staying cool and refreshed this summer, we've restocked the extra large packages of mugi cha (barley tea), the most popular drink in Japan in the hot summer months
  • Finally, find some cool items from Japan, including sake cups, more maps of Japan, a great way to measure rice when cooking, authentic chopsticks from Japan, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First, we've got the new issue of Celeb Girls, one of my favorite magazines -- just like the title promises, you get dozens of top-name girls like Yoko Matsugane and and Sayaka Uchida and An Nanba, photographed by top photographers
  • Then for fans of that famous Japanese fetish, hitozuma (married women), we've got a a great new issue of Beautiful Wife Hacker
  • Kiraki Koizumi stars in a super cute photo magazine featuring delightful sailor uniform, lingerie and other erotic costumes for your enjoyment
  • Then enjoy the delightful Kaoru Sakurako, who poses in many erotic costumes of the world for you
  • For fans of Japan's highly developed bondage photography, enjoy a new gouka-bon format photobook of fabulously beautiful women, bound and helpless
  • We've also got several restocked photobook items, including Jun Kusanagi's erotic photo magazine, new stock of the Kaoru Private Collection series by Aida Garo, Tokyo Erect Girl, Yuko Ogura's photobooks, and more
  • For manga lovers, enjoy a new selection of new hentai manga for you, including the incredibly erotic Touch the Swelling by artist Mew and Makoto Niwani's super erotic Sexual Package
  • Also, another large update of popular manga volumes that had sold out, including Flesh Bride, Bomber Girl Crush 1 & 2, and Female Teacher Rieka
  • For hentai fans in general, see great stock of Satoshi Urushihara's Love art book as well as the great Perfect Data Art Book for the upcoming Brave Soul!
  • The Sanrio condoms we added on Wednesday sold out in record time -- we're restocking the Monchichi condoms now, but we've got a new variety in stock, condoms of Kamonosuke, the cute duck from Sanrio
  • For fans of our extensive line of adult DVDs from Japan, check out many new offerings, starting with Bunko Kanazawa and Uta Komori in Bondage Venus, a great collection of bondage and S&M themed sex (region free)
  • Then, the lovely Sonan debutes as an AV actress, starring in her first hardcore sex exactly at midnight on her 18th birthday in a great new release from Deep's (region free)
  • Then from SOD, an exploration of the fetish of touching a woman on a train, with girls who secretly want to have this experiencing allowing themselves to be groped and touched inside the Magic Mirror Bus (region free)
  • From Moodyz, enjoy the superb sex of Nanba An (aka Namba Ann), an elegant AV star who fucks up a storm in her "Project of Sexual Reconstruction" (region 2)
  • Then, see the "secret lesbian love trip of four girlsm," starrnig four top AV stars including Rina Usui (a personal favorite of mine) -- 2 DVDs! (region 2)
  • Finally see fresh stock of the Restrive Chair Trance DVDs from Dogma, Ruri Anno's "neba neba" special, the very popular Mourning Dress Sisters w/ Kurumi Morishita and Sayaka Tsutsumi, Akira Watase's Beautiful Lewd Woman Kiss & Sex, and more!

Remember that J-List carries the excellent computer mice from Hajime Katoki (the leading mecha designer for the Gundam universe) and Shirow Masamune (the current God of Manga in Japan, creator of Ghost in the Shell and he Intron Depot). They work right out of the box with Windows and Mac OS X, and are fabulous to hold in your hand. We highly recommend these cool devices from Japan!

Also, the top 5 lists have been updated for the past week, so you can click and easily see which items in each category at J-List have been selling well, and call them up easily.

The J-Mate website has been updated again, with new reviews of cool products we sell at J-List. Be sure to read the interviews, translated into English, with Japan's top AV stars! The URL is
You've got a friend in Japan at J-List.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Greetings from J-List July 9, 2003

Hello again from Japan, where you know you've been here too long if you can squeeze all the juice from a slice of lemon using chopsticks, and not get any on your fingers.

Japan does love vending machines. Like most gaijin (foreigners), I had a fixation with Japanese vending machines when I came to live here, and took many silly pictures of them. Vending machines are quite advanced here, and usually accept 10,000 yen notes (the equivalent of a $100 bill) and give change, verbally thanking you for your purchase. In Tokyo, where land is scarce, there are vending machines that are incredibly slim, so you can fit them in small spaces. You can buy just about anything from vending machines here, including canned coffee (hot in the winter, cold in the summer), Pocky, gum, and cigarettes. Eggs and rice are sold in areas where there are no shops around, and I've seen machines that sell frozen meals and microwave it for you. Beer has been sold in vending machines for decades, and I have many fond memories of sitting in front of the local vending machine with friends, throwing a few back and talking with people who came by on their way to the station. Beer vending machines are being phased out, though, due to concerns about minors buying alcohol -- although the machine we have at our liquor store features a slot which reads your drivers' license for verification. Adult products are sometimes sold in vending machines, too, since Japanese customers like the privacy a machine affords.

Besides taking pictures of vending machines, many foreigners will take on that most famous symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan, a volcano that stands 3776 meters above sea level. During the official climbing season, July 1 to August 31, tens of thousands will tackle the mountain, walking up the slope to experience the sunrise at the top. You start from the 5th level, the highest point that vehicles are allowed on the mountain, and take one of three paths up to the 10th level, the very top. When I made my climb in 1993, I accidentally took the longest and most difficult route, the Gotemba trail, and had a hard time of it. As you ascend, you go rapidly from the middle of summer to the middle of winter, so you have to have lots of extra clothes with you to put on when the temperature drops. You continue to climb, passing the various stations along the way and rasping as the air gets thinner and thinner. I slept for a few hours at one of the little inns that are at each station, and woke up at 4 am, to finish the rest of the climb and arrive at the top at dawn. Silly fool that I am, I sang the Yamato (Star Blazers) theme song in Japanese at the top of my lungs, and got some applause.

In case you were wondering what the Japanese use to estimate the size of a person's privates, well, we'll tell you, and then you'll know. Unlike in the U.S., where the size of the hand often indicates male member size, here the size of a man's nose in relation to his face supposedly indicates whether or not he is well endowed. So if you've got a large nose and come to Japan, you may find yourself popular with girls (although your mileage may vary). In similar silly Japanese fashion, the area inside a woman's ear (the little cavity formed by the bottom of the "S" shape) supposedly indicates the general closeness of her womanhood.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of the Terminator movies, we've got another really cool miniature toy and ramune candy series for you, a set of eight different -- full sets are in stock for you to buy
  • Also: a fabulous set of character keychains from Final Fantasy X-2, and we've got full sets in stock (no need to buy duplicates)
  • For Totoro and Hayao Miyazaki fans, enjoy the cute plush doll collection from Sekiguchi -- we have a new Mei plush from Totoro, and black cat Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service
  • For Hello Kitty fans, cute character bandages, and a super cute die-cast replica of Toyota's best-selling car Vitz, covered with Kitty for you to display
  • Also for Sanrio fans, a J-List first: we have Sanrio condoms in stock, for fans of the cute monkey Monchichi
  • For Japanese snack lovers, enjoy many new items, like March of the Koalas (the favorite food of Crayon Shinchan), delicious chocolate cookies, seaweed to put on your rice, and boil-in-bag Bon Curry in a great retro package
  • For fans of cute Japanese bikini babes, enjoy a new hardcover photobook by Yoko Matsugane, filled with beautifully printed photos of this incredible angel
  • For fans of Lotte's bizarre Black Black gum, loaded with caffeine to keep you awake while studying or driving, we've gotten more stock posted to the site
  • We love Japanese things with funny English on them, so we've restocked our low-priced wacky Japanese notebooks
  • If you love bento, we've got a great item for you: a new deluxe-size bento box that's great for really hungry eaters -- features two compartments, built-in chopsticks, and its own secure carrying case
  • For your bath, enjoy the scent of real jasmine in a new box of bath powder from Japan
  • If you have a computer, we've got a great cover for your monitor, which will protect it from dust
  • For Hot Wheels fans, we've got fresh stock of the original Back to the Future Delorean car, the Knight Rider Kitt 2000, and the very cool Magna Beatle from Urashiman, all sold only in Japan
  • Also, a rare treat: six full sets of the dynamite Nostalgic SF Vehicle series, including toys from Space: 1999, Stingray and other famous SF shows of the 1970's, but this is the last stock we'll have available ever
  • Finally, enjoy authentic Japanese chopsticks, more ways to remove oil from your face, delicious sukiyaki flavored furikake and traditional Japanese candy, more stock of miso soup from Japan, and other cool items!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First, enjoy the new issue of Gokuh, just brimming over with beautiful girls for you, including a giant
  • Also, we've got a new "Photo Magazine Mook" dedicated to the delicious Megumi Asou, filled with her superb sexy pictures
  • The new issue of Bachelor is in, and it's a beauty, filled with pages and pages of red hot girls from the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary and more -- also includes the dynamite Yulia Nova and Marina Matsushima
  • Also -- fresh stock of several discount-priced magazine items on magazine page 3, starting at just $5!
  • If you love Japan's hardcover glossy photobooks, enjoy the "white room" of Akane Sakura, an E cup idol in a sweet sailor uniform
  • Also, a beautiful new photobook capturing Noriko Aota's incredible body, shot in the American southwest
  • For fans of best-selling J-List stars like Maiko Kazano, Mai Hagiwara, and Anna Ohura, see several restocked photobooks for you
  • For fans of sexy Japanese Race Queens, we've got fresh stock of DVD Race Queen, featuring supremely sexy gals on a 2 hour DVD for you to enjoy -- comes with a full color magazine too! (the DVD is region free)
  • For manga fans, we've got lots of great items for you, including the super sexy Caution! Mufufu Area by Shimizu Kiyoshi, super sexy maid play by Aura Seiji and a new anthology of super hentai artwork by Toh Moriyama (aka the famous Naoki Yamamoto, creator of Dance Till Tomorrow)
  • Also, enjoy a general restocking of popular titles including Insult!, Active Heart, Neo Gentle Splady Casty (love that name), the erotic Grown Up Girls and more
  • Then for hentai fans, a fantastic art book and "visual album" from Angelium - Tokimeki Love God
  • For our DVD customers, enjoy a superb collection of 20 of the most gorgeous AV stars in Japan today, performing their erotic sex over 3 hours for you -- and at a great price! (region free)
  • Then see a great competition of sluts, as only SOD and Deep's can bring you -- which girl will win the "petting and fellatio" contest, bringing the most men off in a fierce battle royale of bukkake (region free)
  • Then see the superb G cup breasts of Ayami Sakurai in her beautiful Ultra-Mix, 220 minutes of her superb busty sex (region 2)
  • See the debut of Ran Monbu, e.g. Monbu Ran, e.g Mont Blanc, the famous French pastry -- she was the girl who was scouted into the Japanese adult video world while working at a cake shop, directed by Kazuhiko Matsumoto, creator of the worldwide bukkake boom
  • We've reduced the prices on many of our DVDs, including the Adult Video Wrestling (super sexual pro wrestling at its best), SOD's great bukkake work "The Seven Semen Samurai," more obscene kisses of Japanese girls, and other titles
  • Finally, look for fresh stock of the popular Fetish and Erotic series, Yuko Ogura's delightful Endless Summer, the erotic sex of Sola Aoi (aka Aoi Sora, aka Aoi Sola -- her name means "blue sky" in any event), and more!

Remember that J-List carries some interesting U.S.-published adult comics from White Lightning, including the first five volumes of the English version of Tohru Nishimaki's Blue Eyes. These are all stocked in our San Diego office for your ordering convenience. We also humbly recommend AG, the excellent English language magazine of hentai sex and CG culture.

Also, J-List has many unique and bizarre items that would make great gifts for anyone. If your friends like Japanese street fashion, why not buy them a pair of authentic loose socks from Japan, worn by all the high school girls? Do they like (or hate) Hello Kitty? Then some Hello Kitty toilet paper would be perfect! Browse through our selection of items, or ask us for recommendations!

Monday, July 07, 2003

Greetings from J-List July 7, 2003

Hello again from Japan, where Velcro is known as Magic Tape.

International Girl Scouts are active in Japan, as are Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts, and they do many fun things, doing crafts and showing off their work at Japanese festivals and doing various activities. We put our daughter Rina into Girl Scouts a month ago and she's enjoyed it so far. A funny thing happened to me when I took her to her meeting last weekend: I left to find a vending machine for some canned coffee, but to my amazement, I couldn't find one near me. I walked up and down the nearby streets for fifteen minutes, but couldn't find a single vending machine -- a rarity in Japan, which has the highest per-capita number of vending machines in the world (one for every 23 people). In the end, I had to get in my car and drive to the nearest convenience store -- truly incredible!

One category in which Japan leads unchallenged is professional voice actors ("seiyu" in Japanese). Decades of quality Japanese animation has created a very strong tradition of voice acting in Japan, and popular voice actors become quite famous among fans -- there are even magazines dedicated to following the seiyu world, such as Voice Animage. Talented voice actors are quite in demand, and end up doing a wide variety of roles. Keiko Toda, one of the most famous seiyu, is best known for her roles in children's shows -- she's the voice of Anpan-man (Bean-Paste Man) and of the Japanese Thomas the Tank Engine, and even did the voice of Lala Sun, the tragic lover of Char Aznable and Amuro Rei in the original Gundam series. She's a very versatile actress though -- she's also the voice of Scully from the X-Files here.

One of my first instances of "culture shock" upon arriving in Japan was seeing Japanese toilets. While most toilets in homes or restaurants are the standard Western toilets you are used to, many in public places are Japanese style, which means a toilet without a seat -- just a long, oval toilet that you squat over. Using them is quite a challenge, especially the first time, when you're not sure which direction you should face (for the record, face the raised part). For some reason, all the toilets on trains are Japanese style, which means that if you ever have to take a long journey by train in Japan, you'll have to contend with squatting over a seatless toilet while on a jerking, moving train. Japanese universally prefer seatless toilets to the sit-down kind, because no matter how dirty the toilet may be, no sensitive area touches your body -- makes sense to me. Toilets here have handles that move two ways, with the characters for "small" and "large" on them. If you've only got a little, turn the handle towards "small" to let a little water out; turn it to "large" to wash everything away. Later, I learned that the words for No.1 and No.2 in Japanese are shouben (literally "small toilet") and daiben ("large toilet"), which solved the riddle of the small/large characters on Japanese toilet handle. If you want to see how to use a Japanese toilet, here is a helpful page:

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of the miniature toys that come with ramune candy, a very popular category of product in Japan these days, we've got a great new item: miniature replicas of authentic Japanese traditional dishes, with full sets available!
  • For those who love snacks they can actually eat, enjoy a tasty milkshake from japan, blueberry cookies, tasty onigiri seasoning and canned sardines stewed in Japanese miso sauce -- mmm!
  • From Takara, we've got two deluxe new Blythe dolls, decked out in bright clothes that are so fashionable -- they have a totally redesigned eye system too
  • Another very stylized toy from Japan are the Kubrick figures, which look like the Lego block toys -- we've got stock of the very cool Tokyo Tribe 2 Kubrick series for you, as well as a new Kaws-Kubrick playset for you
  • For Macross fans, a super treat: the VF-11B Valkyrie fighter from Macross Plus, a deluxe *transforming* toy that comes with extras like heat shields and opening cockpit
  • As you know, cute is king in Japan -- we've got some cute items for you, like some Usako Friends origami paper (use it as stationary too), a Kitty watch that blinks when your portable phone rings, and more
  • Also, a cute Nohohon Park small towel, mirror and packet of tissue, great for carrying around with you
  • For bento aficionados, a deluxe set that includes bento bag, box, chopsticks and cup
  • We are really in love with the Furuta Star Trek starship set -- in addition to the convenient sets we've got on our site now, we've added individual random boxes, for those who want to see how excellent these pre-painted plastic models are before buying
  • We love Japan's beautiful swimsuit idols -- see a great new photobook dedicated to fans of Harumi Nemoto
  • For fans who grew up with Japan's classic monster movies, we've got a treat: the original Gamera movie released in 1965, in beautiful wide screen and with full English subtitles (region 2)
  • For fans of traditional Japanese baths, some Japanese bath powder with the fragrance of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit with a strong odor
  • For fans of the only-sold-in-Japan Hot Wheels toys, we've got several freshly restocked vehicles for you
  • Japanese people usually smoke, and they try to practice good smoking manners, what Japan Tobacco calls "Smokin' Clean" -- you can do the same with the portable Japanese ashtrays we've got in stock
  • Little kids will like the Hamtaro ice cocoa mix we've posted, great for the summer
  • For Japanese film buffs, several restocked DVD titles with English subtitles, including Takeshi Kitano's Dolls and OH! Mikey vol. 1 through 3 (region2)
  • Finally, make coffee the way most Japanese do, enjoy onigiri makers and chopsticks, carry your notebook computer safely in the soft cases we've got in stock, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of great adult magazines from Japan, enjoy the new issues of Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, featuring superb all-Japanese content, including the incredibly lovely Yinling (well, she's Taiwanese, give us a break)
  • Then enjoy the new issue of Let's Do Good Things, a hardcore amateur magazine featuring girls in love hotels
  • Also for hardcore sex fans, the new issue of Mitsumete Hoshii (I Want You To Look At Me), another Japanese magazine with a funky name, but great girls inside
  • For photobook fans, many excellent items, including the Lingerie Complex offering of Sumire Ogawa, a super sex and delightfully erotic model, and the erotic nude of Kaori Yamaguchi
  • For our manga customers, we've got another half dozen all-new hentai manga from Japan for you, including the erotic Flora Comix by A10 Booster Unit, the superb sex of Tsukino Jyogi's Delusion Diary, and super cute sex with Soft Cream
  • In addition, see another huge restocking of popular Japanese comics like Rough & Ready by the famous Naoki Yamamoto, Michael Plan 1 & 2 by artist Distance, Please Older Sister vol. 1 & 2, and more!
  • Also, Blood Gallery, a superb anthology of famous game girl and anime parody doujinshi including Samurai Spirits, Wedding Peach, Nadesico, Dead or Alive and more
  • For DVD collectors, enjoy 4 hours of the best sex of Minami Fujisaki, aka Bauko Eichi, a delightful adult video star with an incredibly small body, very popular over the past few years (region free)
  • Enjoy the best sex Germany has to offer in Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! with Berlin Girls, featuring Japanese directors filming lovely German girls getting it on (region free)
  • Nao Oikawa is the top star in Japan today because of her elegant body and erotic sex -- see her best tekoki, bukkake and other works in the Remix of Nao Oikawa, by Soft on Demand (region free)
  • Ai Kurosawa, the erotic and sexy AV star with a 95 cm G cup, debuts in Soft on Demand in a great new DVD release -- see the hardcore erotic sex of this great lady as only Japan's indies labels can show (region free)
  • For lesbian fans, a delightful performance from Bunny's Bunny (region 2)
  • Then enjoy some classic Japanese women vs big, black men in a new Black Fuck & Semen release, from Moodyz (region 2)
  • Finally, fresh stock of some great DVD titles, including Maiko Kazano's Pure Heart and Slight Fever, and a major restocking of the lovely erotic titles of Mai Hagiwara!

Remember that J-List's famous Japanese T-shirts, with bizarre messages like "Dirty American Devil" and "It is forbidden to urinate here" are in stock and available for immediate shipping from our San Diego warehouse. All shirts are printed in the U.S. and all are full American sizes. If you're unsure what size you are, note that you can easily check the sizes of our shirts in inches or centimeters -- just look for the "Shirt size" link below each shirt. This is great for our customers outside the U.S. who may not be sure what their size is in U.S. sizes. If you buy 3 or more of these cool shirts, you get an automatic 10% off through the shopping cart, too.

Also, remember that we're having a sale on photobooks right now. Order 4 or more of our beautiful photobook items and get 20% off automatically at checkout. Since we have hundreds of fantastic photobooks in stock, we know you can find something great for yourself, or for a friend!