Friday, September 26, 2003

Greetings from J-List September 26, 2003

There was a big earthquake in Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido this morning, setting some fires and injuring many people. Happily, there were no deaths reported. J-List is located near Tokyo, so we were too far to feel the shaking, although we get our share of jolts down here, too.

Because the Western names are rare in Japan, they can tend to become larger than life to the Japanese. You might know several people named Jason, but in Japan, there's only one: the famous killer from the Friday the 13th movies. If your name is Jason and you introduce yourself to Japanese people, they're likely to associate you with the films and laugh privately. While Japanese pop singer Seiko Matsuda was in New York trying to break into the American music scene during the mid 90's, she had an affair with a man she met in a restaurant named Jeff. The affair became public knowledge, and suddenly everyone in Japan knew about Jeff, to the chagrin of a friend of mine with the same name, who had to endure the giggles of high school girls for months whenever he mentioned his name. If your name is Bob, Japanese might think of Bob Sapp, the American K-1 fighter who appears on Japanese TV almost nightly. Even my own name is famous, thanks to an anime show from the 1970s, Heidi, Girl of the Alps. Heidi's friend is named Peter (although it's pronounced "Peh-tah" in the show, using the German pronunciation), so whenever I introduce myself, Japanese have the image of Heidi's friend in the back of their minds.

Japanese names are interesting to study, too. Japanese put their family names before their first names, so that Maria Takagi's name is Takagi Maria if you're speaking Japanese. It can be confusing, which is part of why we developed the J-List search engine to bring up the same results no matter what word order you use. Japanese female names often have "ko" in them (Keiko, Miko, etc.), which means "child." Boy's names, on the other hand, often reflect their status in the family. If a boy is the oldest son, he'll often have a name that indicates this, by having the number one in it, like Ichiro or Hajime (which means "to begin"). The second son in a family will often have a name like Koji or Kenji -- the "ji" character means second or next. The most "vanilla" sounding names in Japanese (i.e., the names that correspond to John and Mary Smith in English) are Taro and Hanako Yamada. Japanese names are nearly always written in Chinese characters (although they can be written in hiragana), and just as there are various spellings for Western names, there are often many ways to write a person's name in kanji.

When you order a taco in Japan, be careful: the Japanese word for octopus is tako. To differentiate the crustacean from the Mexican food, the Japanese use the plural word "tacos" (takosu) for referring to the food, even if they're talking about just one. One of the most popular snack foods in Japan is takoyaki, which is fried balls of batter with pieces of octopus inside -- it's very tasty on cold winter afternoons. Osaka is the world capital of delicious takoyaki, and if you ever get to that city, be sure to go to Otakoya, a takoyaki shop near the famous Glico neon sign in Osaka's Dotonbori area. Be warned though: you may have to stand in line for a couple of hours to be served -- that's how popular takoyaki is in Japan. Once in rural Japan we happened across a takoyaki vendor who decided to call his shop Tako Bell. My wife and I were completely floored with laughter at this unexpected sight.

Announcing the start of the 2003 Pocky Season! J-List sells hundreds of types of Japanese snacks, gum and traditional Japanese foods for you to try. One of our most popular items is Pocky, the chocolate covered pretzel treat from Glico. Customers love our Pocky selection, but unfortunately, Japan's summer months are very hot and humid, which causes the Pocky to melt -- so we have to stop carrying it during the hottest part of the summer. Now Pocky is back at J-List, with some great new flavors, including Sweet Pumpkin and Extra Chocolate Mousse Pocky, as well as your old favorite classic flavors. Yum! As always, you get discounts for buying 10 or more boxes of Pocky.

We're happy to see Phantom of Inferno, a great PG-rated interactive anime game you play on a DVD player, is proving to be a popular item. We had mistakenly stated that this was a region 1 DVD, playable on North American players only, but the disc is actually region free, so customers all over the world can try it out.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for fans of the classic anime Urusei Yatsura, the hit manga and anime by Rumiko Takahashi, we've got a really special item: a series of extremely detailed PVC figures from Furuta, with full sets in stock (including full sets with the rare item)
  • The Japanese don't really have Halloween like they have in America, but their tradition of cosplay is just as strong -- we've got some fun items for anyone wanting to dress up, including fake boobs, a sexy leopard's outfit and more
  • In addition to the new Pocky, mentioned above, we've got great miso soup, tasty furikake (just sprinkle it over white rice for an instant meal), and traditional Japanese throat candy
  • For fans of extremely cute stuff from Japan, enjoy cute Nyanko Restaurant stationary, featuring those super cute cats by SAN-X
  • Also for Kitty fans, fresh stock of the ultra-cool Sanrio Columbus roly-poly toys, like the old Weebles that we played with back in the 1970s
  • In the same vein, we've got Usako Friends shrinky-dinks -- so cool!
  • For bento fans, a very special Hello Kitty bento box with two large compartments and a cool cloth carrying bag
  • Got a portable phone? Keep it clean with special phone wipers that we've got in stock
  • Then, from Dr. Ion, we've got a handy train pass/credit card/ID holder that emits what the Japanese call "minus ions" or negatively-charged ions, a great and wacky item from Japan
  • Also, more Hello Kitty ice cube trays, a hit item!
  • For fans of our miniature food toys, which are extremely details, we've added fresh stock of the Family Restaurant, Sushi and Japanese Food toys, with both individual items and full sets available
  • Totoro and Ghibli fans, we've added fresh stock of several items, including Totoro stamps, Totoro and Catbus plush toys, and the ever-popular Bou Nezumi plushies from Sun Arrow
  • For Race Queen fans, we've got more copies of the very cool Race Queen Hundred Costume Catalog
  • Also, a restocking of many other nice photobooks, including popular works by Yuko Ogura, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of incredibly beautiful Japanese kogals, we've got the new Urecco Gal, just loaded with the most beautiful girls you have ever seen
  • For photobooks fans, we've got some great new items for you, including Kaori Shimamura's elegant new nude hardcover offering
  • The lovely Haruka Nayuta is an incredibly beautiful "Cat Lady" from Japan, and we're sure you'll enjoy her sexy new photobook
  • Also, we've got a very erotic "pop de cute" mini-photobook of the private love and sex of four fab girls from Tokyo, as well as fresh stock of many other great photobooks (Giri Giri Fish, Chinatsu Ride That Bicycle, and Smart Girls Remix)
  • For hentai manga fans, we've got some great items for you, including SM Love Song by Onihime and the fantastic The Girl with Peek-a-Boo Breasts, by The Seiji, as well as a great new Love Hina/Please Teacher hentai doujinshi anthology manga
  • Also, another large update of some really popular manga, including Pururun Seminar, See Through Angel, Lovea, and the dynamite Colors Anthology Comics
  • Like erotic doujinshi? We have a half dozen or more new books for you, with great new items, Gundam Seed parody books, lesbian dick girl doujinshi and more, including the English-language Dirty Pair doujinshi Nostalgia
  • We've restocked one of the most popular adult toys in our history, the cute and highly functional Rabbit Rotor, a compact little bunny that can do some amazing things
  • For our DVD customers, we've got a great volley of new works for you, starting with more erotic late-night Japanese TV on DVD for you, with lots of fun sexual antics hosted by Nao Oikawa (region free)
  • Then, for fans of Maria Takagi, who has become one of Japan's top AV stars almost overnight, we've got a super hardcore release by Calen (region free)
  • See four beautiful girls in a major smack-down, in SOD's latest release in The Lesbian Fight series (region free)
  • For fans of the old "Love and Ero Pop Magazine" by Soft on Demand, Lovers Pop, we've got a great SOD outlet release, featuring bold and fashionable sex in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park, and much more (region free)
  • Then, fans of the busty Anna Ohura rejoice, as we've got a superb new DVD by this incredible woman, featuring four hours of her best busty sex! Enjoy some of her best sex ever, by customer request (region free)
  • Then, for fans of dynamite hentai anime on DVD, we've got the new Let's Go Marine-chan, a fabulous Japan-released hentai anime title from PinkPineapple (region2)
  • Finally, some great newly restocked DVD titles, including Masterpiece Concentation Outdoor Nude, Aoi Sora's super erotic Contrary Soap Heaven, Big Morkal's 4 hour sampler DVD and more Adult Video Wrestling for you to enjoy!

J-List has a lot of products, so it's not always easy to find what's new. You can use the easy "three day link" form, which we've re-enabled on the site, to easily find products that have been updated since you checked J-List last. Also, to see all products in J-List in order of when they were updated, just click the "view all products" in the upper left hand corner.

Do you love the anime films of Hayao Miyazaki? Remember that J-List stocks all the excellent region 2 DVD releases for Studio Ghibli movies like My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky Laputa, Princess Mononoke and his Lupin III classic, The Castle of Caliostro. These DVDs are released in Japan directly by the studio and include many features that make them great for collectors. All discs feature English subtitles and/or dubbed tracks and are great for fans who want the definitive versions of these anime classics overseen by Mr. Miyazaki himself. The only catch is, you need a region free DVD player to watch them -- and J-List humbly recommends the three excellent units we currently sell.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Greetings from J-List September 24, 2003

Hello again from the J-List team!

One thing you can say about Japan: driving here will make you a better driver. Between learning to park your car with less than 6 inches of space on either side to memorizing winding, narrow streets, driving in Japan can be a challenge. Although Japan has freeways connecting major cities, there's usually none between where you are and where you want to go, so almost all driving in Japan is done on normal city streets. Learning your way around a Japanese city is made more difficult by the fact that only the largest streets have names, and there's no way to refer to smaller streets other than "that one road with the beauty shop and the convenience store on it." This presented a challenge to me when I first came here: in order to learn my way around the city I loved in, I had to throw away American-style memorization-by-directions (e.g. "turn left on College Avenue") and had to instead envision where I wanted to go in 3-D in my mind. It was kind of a bizarre experience. Like the British, the Japanese drive on the right side of the road, so whenever I go back to the States I have to be extra careful to get my bearings straight before getting in the car. Watching which side of the road other drivers are driving on and doing what they do is usually enough to avoid problems.

Karaoke is, as you can imagine, quiet popular in Japan, and Japanese enjoy getting up and belting out their favorite songs in front of others. Invented by a musician named Daisuke Inoue back in the 1970's, karaoke machines are very popular throughout Japan, and today establishments from bars to restaurants to the public bath I take my kids to on weekends have machines so that customers can enjoy themselves behind the mike (at 200 yen per song). However, like many who try karaoke out for the first time, Japanese are uncomfortable singing in front of strangers, which is why the most popular way to enjoy this pasttime is the private karaoke box. Whenever the J-List staff goes out drinking to welcome a new staff member or have our year-end-party, we always go to a nearby karaoke box and belt out tunes -- Brent and me usually sing esoteric 80's anime songs in Japanese, which causes the Japanese staff to freak out a little. Unfortunately, the inventor of Karaoke didn't bother to patent his idea, and thus earned no money from one of the biggest technological booms to come along in decades.

2004 calendar sales are going great, and we're very happy with the response to the over 200 Japanese calendars we're offering for preorder. We've added some more calendars to our site, including Ryoko Yonekura, Ai Kato, and the lovely Korean star Yoon Son Ha, who has a big following in Japan. To help you choose lots of great 2004 Japanese calendars, we're giving 15% off any 4 or more calendars you buy! Just add them to your cart, and the discount will be applied at checkout. Of course we're applying the discount to preorders we've already received -- if you want to add to a current calendar order, too, just email us. Remember, these high-quality Japanese calendars make great Christmas gifts!

J-List has added a great new region-free DVD player to our lineup of products: the Lasonic DVF-982 Transportable DVD Player. With a smaller case that allows it to fit practically anywhere, this new player ads many features over the DVB-8092, including JPEG CD playback and a wireless audio transmitter feature, which allows you to listen to the DVD audio on any FM radio. It plays DVDs from all regions, and also features full PAL/NTSC conversion. Check out this great new player, in stock now in San Diego!

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Street Fighter II lovers, we've got a very special series of figures from Capcom: pre-painted replicas of your favorite fighting characters -- trust us, these are really cool! (full sets are available)
  • For Gremlins fans, we've got a very well made plush Gremlin by our friends at JUN Planning
  • J-List has some cool items to make your Halloween special, including loose socks and school uniforms -- or how about a rubber Ultraman mask?
  • Also, we've got fresh stock of the Hello Kitty kigurimi (full-head) mask and the cute Kitty plush bonnett
  • We managed to sell out of the Alien Kubrick toys again in record time, but we've got more for you now, including full sets
  • Sanrio fans can enjoy several only-found-in-Japan items, including a fun Kitty balloon set and a really cool Kitty not clipper (also use to keep potato chips fresh)
  • Little Twin Star fans, enjoy a well-made Sanrio bento box, which we've got in stock for you now
  • For fans of our Japanese snack foods, enjoy green bean snacks, tasty strawberry vitamin C candy, and a great item: Tiramisu pretzel treats, great for Pocky fans!
  • Also, for smokers, we've got a great gum called Nicodass, that both replenishes the vitamins that smoking takes out, as well as removes the smoke from your breath
  • Japanese "noren" curtains help partition rooms and create privacy -- we have more attractive noren curtains in stock for you
  • We've got a really fun game for fans of cute things from Japan -- a game with sony's popular PostPet pink bear character
  • For Totoro fans, we've restocked the popular Soot Sprite keychain and magnet plush, two extremely popular items with J-List customers
  • Also, we've restocked several popular Totoro and Ghibli music boxes, as well as plush Totoro toys that are so cool
  • Shirow fans have bought all the Shirow Masamune poster books, although another 200 of each is coming soon (feel free to order from the site) -- in the meantime, we've got fresh stock of Jashin Hunter for you!@
  • For Japanophiles who want to wear their love for Japan on their sleeves, or their heads, we've restocked our Japanese wacky headbands
  • Finally, find more quality chopsticks, a handy all-purpose carry bag, more pocket "go" sets, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • For fans of quality adult magazines from Japan, we've got the very cool new Best Video and Video Boy, two visual magazines for fans of Japanese adult video, overflowing with Japan's most famous stars!
  • Then enjoy the deluxe double-thick Mini-Suka & Panst DX, featuring 40 delicious girls wearing panties, mini-skirts and stockings, a superb item for leg fetish fans
  • For fans of Japan's beautiful hardcover photobooks, we recommend Usagi Aino's fabulous nude photobook offering, a beautiful collection of superb photographs for you
  • Then, enjoy the superb photobook of Masa Sato, a woman so beautiful you could dash yourself against her like a ship against a rock -- her new photobook was shot in Paris
  • Also, we've got the pure, natural nude of Masumi, the "Legendary Nude Idol," in stock for you
  • For hentai manga fans, enjoy several great new books for you, including Giant Breast Princess, Kirara Moe's Lovely Girl, an erotic maid fantasy Kiss Cue, and more
  • Also, enjoy a restocking of popular manga titles, such as Please Enjoy the Pretty Girl, Very Satisfied with Five Body Parts, Free as a Bird and mor!
  • For doujinshi fans, another great selection of offerings of superb hentai books, Ah My Goddess, Stellvia in Space, game girl sex and more
  • For our DVD fans, we've got some great new offerings for you, starting with Mai Sakashita's very erotic 4 Hours Special DVD (region free)
  • Then, for fans of the delightful Sola Aoi (also written Sora Aoi), enjoy a super hardcore release from Samantha, with sci-fi virtual sex and Aoi's sweet erotic body (region free)
  • Pro Wrestling fans, enjoy the new 2-DVD release of Adult Video Wrestling, with innovative and exciting sex in the ring, and many top names (region free)
  • Japanese have a fetish for "announcers" (newscasters), and SOD explores this with a new bukkake DVD release for you (region free)
  • Enjoy the hot return of Mai Hagiwara in Mirukuru Returns, featuring some of Maichy's most erotic on-camera work ever (region 2)
  • Then, enjoy a great new Dream Shower bukkake title featuring Bunko Kanazawa, for fans who really want to see Kanabun get creamed (region free)
  • Finally, restocked and price-reduced DVD titles including The Idol and No Cut!! DVD releases, featuring three hours of great hardcore AV for you!

Remember that J-List is the only place where you can buy the excellent Himeya Soft games from C's Ware and get them sent from inside the U.S. We stock all the very nice dating-sim game titles from Himeya as well as Peach Princess, JAST USA, G-Collections, and Hobibox, and recommend them very highly to fans and collectors of Japan's bishoujo games.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Greetings from J-List September 22, 2003

Hello again from Japan, the country with car names like the Suzuki Joypop and the Daihatsu Nude.

One thing about Japan: it's a very seasonal place. Spring is beautiful with its short-lived cherry blossoms, summer is hot and humid with many fun festivals, fall is filled with crisp brown leaves, and winter is cold and frosty. People are very attuned to each season, too -- for example, summer is the season for girls to wear tanktops and show off their belly buttons, but all this comes to an abrupt halt at the 1st of September, when fall unofficially starts in the minds of people here. I've met many Japanese who tell me with great pride that, unlike America, Japan has four distinct seasons, and they enjoy every one of them -- apparently these people haven't ventured outside of Southern California. In keeping with this traditional of seasonality, products sold in one part of the year are virtually impossible to find out of season. Want to find swimwear in the fall or winter? Stores won't stock it. Want to enjoy hiyashi chuka (a cold ramen dish) or Japanese barley tea out of season? You can only find them in the summer months. Japanese calendars are only sold a few months before the end of the year (e.g. now), but outside of this window, you can't find a calendar in Japan for love or money. Part of living in Japan is getting in sync with the seasons around you, even if it can seem odd to foreigners who are used to a different rhythm.

One concept that enters into Japanese social interactions a lot is "enryo" (EN-ryoh), which means to exercise restraint or to defer to others. Basically, if a group of Japanese is eating pizza, it will take some time for one of the members to get around to taking the last slice, because of the tendency for each individual to defer to the others in the group -- until everyone is deferring to everyone else, and the pizza is getting cold. The concept of enryo rears its head when trying to make a decision among a group, too. Say a large group of people is trying to decide on a restaurant to go to. Each person will put out some feelers, trying to nudge the collective opinion of the group in one direction or another. If even one person in the group is inconvenienced by the group's decision (say, everyone wants to go for Indian food except one person, who wants Italian instead), the group will go back to the drawing board until they come up with an option that everyone can agree to.

Announcing the Closeout T-Shirt Sale! J-List carries many unique and funny T-shits, with bizarre messages in Japanese on them. There's one problem: having so many cool shirts in stock takes up a lot of room in our San Diego office. In order to clear out some of the older shirts and make room for new designs, we've discounted the close-out shirts. In order to help you help us move them out even faster, we're declaring a $1 shipping sale on the discounted shirts. Get a cool 100% cotton T-shirt printed in the U.S., and shipping on the shirt is just $1 ($4 outside of US/Can)! Note that sizes are subject to availability, and they will start to go fast. If you wear a larger size, it's a great day for you, since we've still got plenty of stock in XXL and XXXL for most of these shirts. Some of the shirts being closed out include Hiragana Man, I'm a Strange Foreigner, and the Akira parody shirts, After shirts are gone, we invariably have people asking if they can buy them again -- avoid this by getting your shirt now!

For the special Monday update, we've got some great items for you, starting with:

  • First, Shirow Masamune fans rejoice: we've got our order of the Shirow poster-and-trading-card books in stock, so if you didn't order your copies yet, you can do it now
  • For Domo-kun lovers everywhere, we've got another "really big Domo" for you, a 24 inch tall super-huggable Domo plush pillow that will dominate any room you put him in
  • Also, for fans of Tezuka Osamu, we've got Astro Boy and Jungle Emperor Leo (aka Kimba the White Lion) anime throw pillows -- so cool!
  • My wife and I are fans of Takara's Licca dolls, a cute fashion doll that is the "anti-Barbie" because she's a demure Japanese school girl -- we've got stock of the very cool Kogal Licca doll, one of our favorites
  • Also, see a very cute figure from Yujin's Figure Maniacs series, Lune Cardiff
  • For Totoro fans, we've restocked the best-selling My Neighbor Totoro DVD release, which features both English and Japanese soundtracks and subtitles as well as many extras added by Hayao Miyazaki
  • Also, look for fresh stock of the very detailed PVC statues of Totoro and Laputa, by Cominca
  • For swimsuit idol fans, enjoy the super-cute photobook offering of Asaki Yoshida, as well as fresh stock of Yuko Ogura's delightful photobooks
  • If you love Japanese snacks, we've got some great items for you, including Mitsuya Cider hard candies (these are really good), and Astro Boy hot chocolate
  • Also, by customer request, we've got the delicious cola flavored bubblegum made by Marukawa, a popular gum with Japanophiles all over the world
  • If you remember Speed Racer, we've got a treat for you: the only-sold-in-Japan Speed Racer Hot Wheels car, with great detailing and full Hot Wheels quality
  • For students of Japanese, we recommend the Canon Wordtank electronic dictionaries, which is a superb way to find any Japanese word quickly -- we've restocked the best-selling IDC-310 and IDF-4600 for you
  • We've got some soft all-purpose bags which are great for carrying anything, popular with young Japanese girls in Japan these days
  • For Hello Kitty fans, we've got more Kitty goods you can't find outside of Japan, like a cool contact lens case set, cute Kitty notebooks, the Kitty toy camera and cash register, and more
  • For Blythe fans, we've restocked the Cinnamon Girl and Hollywood Returns doll sets, very stylish and sleek
  • Finally, find more adult length chopsticks, a restocking of bento related items, and more!

For our 18+ customers, we've got some great products for adults. They include:

  • For fans of the excellent Penthouse Japan and Penthouse Special, magazines that feature only Japanese models photographed by Japanese photographers, we have the great new issues in stock for you!
  • Also, additional stock of discounted magazines, starting at just $5 -- check them out!
  • For photobook lovers, don't miss out on Erotic Revolution, the fabulous lingerie photobook by Race Queen Akane Souma
  • Also, we've got the pure and lovely nude of Mirano Matsushita for you, too, a lovely book that we recommend, as well as the delightful pocket photobook of beautiful girls in costume paradise
  • For fans of girls' cat fighting, a growing fetish in Japan, we've got a fun all-cat fight bondage book, featuring pretty girls slugging it out
  • For hentai manga fans, we have some great new books for you, including a tale of petite sexual robots, a great doujinshi anthology, and the excellent Shot Through the Heart by Mujin Comics
  • Also, we've got some dynamite new doujinshi, fresh released at the past Comic Market -- enjoy Gundam Seed, Please Teacher and game girl hentai doujinshi for you, as well as several new CD-ROM collections of hentai images
  • Also, Yasu has made a general restocking of manga and doujinshi, with many items back in stock, including the great works of Fujio Okamoto, Capricious of You, Festival for Lovers, Branded, and the popular "dick girl" books of Behind Moon
  • For yaoi lovers, we've got another very interesting collection of erotic stories, this time with a focus on men who wear glasses
  • Then from Wani, we've got a fabulous art book of gothic hentai art compiled by four talented artists, something that's not to be missed
  • Also, fresh stock of the excellent erotic art books of Satoshi Urushihara
  • If you like our unique adult toy products, which feature products made exclusively for the Japanese market, we've restocked the popular "Japan Rotor" egg-style vibrators, as well as the inflatable Hitomi Hayasaka Love Pillow
  • For our DVD customers, we've got some great new items for you, starting with a new Masterpiece Concentration of the tragic Nozomi Momoi -- celebrate her life with her latest release (region free)
  • Maria Tagaki star is really rising fast -- see Super Star, her great new release from Calen (region free)
  • Explore the world of lesbian kissing and sex in a new release from Soft on Demand, featuring pure lesbian sex with only women (region free)
  • Then enjoy more all-nude volleyball, this time with erotic and experienced "jukujo" or older women, aged 25-30 (region free)
  • Then from Moodyz, enjoy the "G-Style" sex of busty AV gal Yuria Yoshinaga, G cup, whose delightful sex will thrill you (region 2)
  • Then, the lovely Ayana Minami is sacrificed at the altar of Black Bukkake, in a new "Japanese girl vs. big black men" bukkake special (region 2)
  • Finally, look for freshly restocked and price-reduced DVDs, including Nao Oikawa's Bukkake Ittassho in Los Angeles, Amateur Bukkake, lesbian offerings and more!

Remember that J-List carries excellent magazine by our "reserve subscription." This means that you can get great anime, JPOP, fashion and other magazines sent to you as soon as the new issue is out in Japan -- a few days earlier than newsstands receive them here, in fact. We recommend great items like Young Magazine Uppers, a superb manga magazine that features Shirow Masamune's newest posters in special issues as well as great comic art from some of Japan's best manga-ka (manga artists). Payment through any method is fine (credit card, Paypal, check or money order) and you can stop your subscription at any time.