Friday, November 07, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 7, 2003

Hello again from all your friends at J-List. Today is Friday, which is usually the day I take my kids to the public bath. However today is Matrix Night, and I'm taking my wife out for dinner and movie. But first, our regularly scheduled update...

Japan is a strongly democratic country, and I've always been impressed with how much a part of life in Japan voting and elections are, especially with older Japanese. Japan uses a parliamentary system that was based on England's, which can be a little confusing to my American mind at times. There are many small and medium sizes political parties in Japan, including the Democratic Party of Japan (Minshuto, the second largest party), the Social Democratic Party (Shaminto, they're headed by Takako Doi, one of the most famous female politicians here), the Japan Communist Party (they favor elimination of the consumption tax), Koumeito (the political party formed by members of the Soka Gakkai religion), and so on. But for almost the entire history of postwar Japan, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (Jiminto), which has strong support in rural prefectures, has had almost complete run of the country, losing power only once in the mid 1990's. An annoying aspect of elections here is that candidates are allowed to drive around in trucks with big loudspeakers on them, thanking everyone within earshot for their support and promising to work hard for their constituents. We're in "election mode" in Japan right now, and I can hear the candidates from outside my window even as I type. It's really quite annoying.

One of the engines that drives Japanese society and makes Japanese people the way they are is called "hito no me" (HEE-toh noh meh), which translates as "the eyes of others." In all that you do in Japan, there is the sense that you're being watched by everyone around you, and that if you stray too far outside the invisible lines of what is acceptable you'll be judged harshly. This tendency to be concerned with how you appear in the eyes of people is a big part of Japanese daily life, and it's part of the reason why Japan can seem a very homogenous place when viewed from the outside. In Japan, you throw your garbage out on set days, and knowing what kind of trash is okay to put out on any given day can require a Master's Degree in Trashology. But if you don't follow the rules and put exactly the right trash out that morning (not, by the way, the night before), you'll suffer the ire of the ever-watching people around you, which subtly causes you to conform in ways that no threat of fine or punishment could. Since most people in Japan are considerably thinner than they are in the States (at 100 kg, I am gargantuan for Japan, and have been asked by Japanese if I was a K-1 fighter), there is always that pressure to conform to the others around me and lose weight--which is a good thing of course. In the U.S., we try to value adversity and individuality, and if we saw someone walking under an umbrella even though it wasn't raining outside, we might chuckle and say that he dances to his own tune. But in Japan there's less chance that doing something that no one else is doing will be viewed in a favorable light.

Related to "hito no me" is the idea of "joshiki," a word which translates to "common sense" but means much more. The Japanese all seem to have a built-in common sense, ideas about the way things work, and they are very much in harmony with each other. It is "joshiki" that all kids will go to school to be taught and brought up as happy citizens of the society, and so there is homeschooling in Japan. Similarly, it is common sense that babies be born in hospitals, and so there is very little in the way of alternate birthing here. An American friend of mine who was pregnant planned on having her baby and going back to work a few months later, but unfortunately, this goes against the "joshiki" rule that mothers should spend the first few years at home with their children before coming back to work, and she found herself blocked at every pass. This "all powerful common sense" that the Japanese seem to possess is always at work in Japan.

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We'll be switching the J-List images server, which delivers J-List product images, to a faster server that will be able to bring up images much more quickly. We plan on making the switch during the weekend. As usual, if you notice any problems with the J-List site, please email us and we'll take care of it right away.

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Monday, November 03, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 3, 2003

Hello again to all J-Listas!

It seems that Japanese people never fail to surprise you. You would think that they'd be horribly offended by slurs like "yellow monkey," which are sometimes used to describe Japanese people, and yet there's a popular rock band in Japan that proudly names itself Yellow Monkey. Similarly, Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto played in a band called the Yellow Magic Orchestra, a name which sounds a little odd to gaijin like me. In 1991, writer Shoko Ieda wrote a novel called Yellow Cab about the strange phenomenon of normally demure Japanese females going to New York and becoming nymphomaniacs when they find themselves suddenly free of Japanese society, and the term came to describe all Japanese females who too loose sexually. You might assume this term would be offensive to the Japanese, but again, you'd be wrong: one of Japan's most famous talent agencies is called Yellow Cab. They handle virtually all the top swimsuit idols in Japan, including Megumi, Harumi Nemoto, Eiko Koike and Eriko Satoh, and all girls who want to be "talents" (a catch-all word that refers to any kind of young swimsuit idol, singer or actor) dream of being scouted by them. Search for "yellow cab" on J-List to see these girls, if you don't know them already.

The Japanese do some things that are very strange to foreigners. One is the way they crouch while waiting for a bus or a train, which is called "yankii-zuwari" or "sitting like a yankee." Basically, they squat very low, somehow managing to put their heels flat on the ground, rather than balancing on their toes. It's very hard for most gaijin to achieve this pose, yet Japanese find it very comfortable, probably because they learn this posture using Japanese toilets, which have no seat (you squat over them). In Japanese usage, a "yankee" (yankii) refers to teenagers who are rebels or "bad kids" -- the kind of teens who refuse to go to school, who smoke, who hang out in game centers. They're similar to the "boso-zoku," the motorcycle gangs who ride around Japan making as much noise as they can. We're not sure why the English word yankee came to refer to the bad seeds among Japan's youth, but one idea comes from the fact that rebelling Japanese often dye their hair blonde (or orange), and maybe it comes from this (foreigners = Americans = blonde hair to the Japanese mind). If you want to see a picture of what yankii-zuwari looks like, Yasu demonstrates it for you here:

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