Friday, November 14, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 14, 2003

Hello and TGIF from all your friends at J-List!

Hair loss is big business in Japan, and many companies provide services for Japanese who find themselves getting a bit of "bar code hair" on top. National chains like Adelance and Art Nature and Leave 21 use beautiful models like former Race Queen Miho Yoshioka to put a bright and happy face on the hair loss industry. Visit one of their clean locations and they'll use modern technology to investigate the reason your hair is thinning, and advise you on the best course of action (treatment, implants, wigs and so on). In Japan's aging society, treating hair loss is a booming industry, and I've even seen TV commercials advertising to women who experience hair loss in their later years.

Throughout the 1980s and early 90s, American companies struggled with the problem of how to do business in Japan. With its complex distribution systems and tendency to do business through shoukai (personal introductions), Japan was not an easy place for American companies to sell products. All that changed when Toys R Us entered the Japanese market, growing rapidly to 140 stores and changing the way toys were distributed in Japan -- and of course putting many smaller chains out of business in the process. Suddenly, American brands had a way to bring their products into Japan in large numbers, through the Toys R Us system, and dozens of products that would never have taken root in Japan, from Brio trains to Legos to Milton Bradley board games, are now quite popular. J-List has also had to deal with the changes brought about by Toys R Us's affect on the market -- in the seven years we've been in business, we've had several of the distributors we buy products from go bankrupt, forcing us to find other suppliers. Once, while driving in my Mazda Bongo Friendee, I saw a surprising thing: a small toy store that we had shopped at occasionally in the past went out of business, and was replaced by a store selling Buddhist altars and gravestones to elderly Japanese, a sure sign of the changes that are taking place here. As Costco and Walmart increase their interest in the country, Japan is probably in store for more changes.

Part of the reason why Japan can look so strange to outsiders is its tendency for them to do things as a group, something that's rarely done in America, a country that places importance on individuality rather than everyone working in harmony. One example of Japan's moving as a group is "koromo-gae" (koh-roh-mo-GA-eh, lit. "changing clothes"), when you put away your winter clothes and bring out the summer clothes you've got in storage. For Japanese school students, koromo-gae means the day you change from your winter uniform to the cooler summer uniform, or vice-versa in the autumn. For virtually every student in the country, the changeover takes place on June 1 and November 1 -- on those days and only those days, regardless of the actual weather or what part of Japan you live in. The prospect of millions of students changing from warm-weather to cooler-weather clothing on the exact same morning of the same day is vaguely unsettling to Westerners. Because Americans don't have a set day to switch from summer mode to winter mode, we tend to wear short-sleeve shirts fairly deep into autumn, and it's common for Japanese to ask "Aren't you cold?" to us even though it might still be a balmy October day outside

It's time for some "koromo-gae" at J-List, too. We're extremely proud of the success of our J-List trademark wacky Japanese T-shirts, and we thank all J-List customers for your support. Because not every part of the world offers T-shirt weather all year around, we've printed the first-ever long-sleeve crewneck and hoody versions of our most popular shirts, the classic "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend." Now you can don these wacky and bizarre message everywhere you go, even in the colder months! All shirts are printed in the U.S. and all sizes are standard U.S. sizes. For customers in other countries, we've got a convenient size chart so you can check the sizes.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, for Hello Kitty fans, we've got a super item for you this Christmas: a "Hello Kitty Dancing Santa" that features Japan's most famous character dancing as she sings Japanese Christmas carols, so cool!
  • We've got other cool Kitty stuff in too, including Kitty Monjayaki (a traditional Japanese food), Kitty Monaka (chocolate in waffle cone) and more
  • For fans of our other Japanese snack foods, we've got fresh stock of the delicious Mont Blanc and Tira Misu Pocky-like snacks, new sugarless gum from Japan, and more
  • If you didn't get enough Domo-kun last update, we've restocked even more cool Domo-kun items, including the popular plush Domo-kun cubes that turn any room into a great Domo-kun shrine
  • Also, some great traditional Japanese green tea in easy-to-prepare tea bags -- just like being in a sushi shop
  • Want something esoteric from Japan? We've got part 2 of the Shows Enamel Signs series, featuring real signs that are incredibly famous to all Japanese, advertising products that have been around for half a century or more
  • Another cool thing from Japan, we've got a series of mysterious phenomenon from around the world, rendered in fun miniature toys
  • For fans of wacky Japanese messages, we've got more wacky Japanese "pin badges" with super cute messages on them
  • We've also got a great deluxe idol magazine featuring super cute and famous idols lke Yuko Ogura, Yumiko Shaku, Nao Nagazawa and more
  • It's getting cold, so you should warm yourself with the popular heating pads that are so popular in Japan -- a pack of 5 large heating pads that last up to 18 hours is just $3.50, a great price
  • Studying Japanese? We've got some handy pocket dictionaries in stock that are great for those with some Japanese
  • For fans of cute things from Japan, we recommend the Ham-Chan cute hamster rocket pencils that are really fun to write with, along with cola-scented gum erasers
  • For fans of Japan's high-end cold cast anime statues, which really take your breath away with their detail and beauty, we have a Guilty Gear X "Millia Rage" figure
  • Do you like funny English? We've got more wacky notebooks with funny English printed on them
  • For fans of our unique anime toys from Japan, we've restocked the popular Bluer Than Indigo figure, the cool Haro robot clock from Gundam, two often-requested items
  • Look for fresh stock of Tsutomu Nihei's popular art book "Blame! and so on"
  • For Shirow Masamune fans, fresh stock of the Ghost in the Shell bilingual comics as well as the last stock of the poster books which are one of the best-selling items at J-List today
  • Finally, for fans of Japan's cool Gothic fashion culture, we've got fresh stock of the Homemade Gothic Lolita, which includes patterns to make the cool-looking clothes in the book
  • Finally, various other cool toy and characters items in time for Christmas, including Jiji pencil cases, Hello Kitty pachinko (cool!), Sanrio Weebles-like egg toys, cute Nyanko Nabe cats, and fresh stock of the popular Hello Kitty USB hub!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First, we've got the new issues of Video Boy and Best Video, two great magazines that are filled with the most famous professional adult video idols in Japan
  • Also, a super erotic magazine featuring Kirari Koizumi and a host of other cute girls in fun cosplay
  • For fans of our discounted $5 magazines, we've got a great volley of products that turned up in our stock room -- so you have the chance to buy these formerly unavailable books and save money too
  • Super cute "campaign girl" (similar to a race queen, they promote products with their sexy bodies) Yuu Misaki looks great in her new hardcover photobook
  • Also, enjoy the very erotic bondage photographs of famous Japanese pro wrestler Takako Inoue in her newest release
  • Super cute swimsuit idols Sayaka Uchida and Sayaka Numajiri appear together in a super-cute double photobook, filled with great kogal style
  • Then we've got fresh stock of several popular photobook items, including Yukari's oh-so-sweet Chance photobook and the dynamite Endless Race Queen photobook
  • Yui Toshiki's full-color Yui Shop series set records for hentai art sales, and now there's a great remix, Yui Shop Mini Black, issued at a great new price
  • We've restocked the popular Chichinoe Plus erotic art book, also
  • For our hentai manga fans, enjoy many great new books, including the erotic Honey Angel Slave by Hashi Cube, Let Me Lick Your Stick by The Mikikazu, and a great new kemono manga by Masaki Kamitou
  • Also, a major restocking of popular hentai manga including Private Teacher Miki, Leave it to Big Breasts, Comic Maker, Capricious of You and many more
  • For our DVD fans, we've got some more great items for you, starting with a new Nao Oikawa's Bukkake Itassho, featuring wacky Japanese late-night television for adults, captured on a great DVD for fans all over the world (region free)
  • Then we've got a new "roshutsu" (outdoor nude) offering from Dogma's Tohjiro, featuring nudity and sex in public places, starring four top-name actresses (region free)
  • There's more "penis study" for fans of "tamakeri" or ball kicking/teasing from Soft on Demand, as inexperienced girls play with a man's testicles for the first time (region free)
  • Also from SOD, enjoy the Super High Class Beautiful Legs Club, featuring erotic women with gorgeous legs, silky stockings, high high heels, and sexy mini-skirts (region free)
  • Finally, we've got two great "Semen Champion Carnival" releases from Moodyz, in which top stars combat each other in teams or individually, trying to earn the Moodyz Cup for Scramble Semen Actress, directed by the father of bukkake, Kazuhiko Matsumoto (region 2).

Looking for some really unique gifts to give out this Christmas? J-List stocks over 2500 different unique products from Japan, from bizarre things that you never knew existed to supremely cute items for your home or room, to products for adults, of course. Why not browse J-List's list and see what we have for that special Japanophile on your Christmas list? Note that if ordering items from Japan, SAL shipping should be avoided as it tends to slow down as Christmas draws near.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 12, 2003

Hello again from all of us at J-List!

A bout of colder weather here in Japan has caused us to perform our "bringing out the fan heater" ceremony earlier than usual. Since there's no central heating in Japan, people use small "fan heaters" to heat rooms. A tank full of kerosene is burned to heat the room, while a computer inside the heater controls the flame to keep the room temperature where you want it, and beeps every three hours to remind you to open the windows for ventilation. There are two downsides to heating your home with these Japanese heaters, though. First of all, they can be quite smelly, especially when you accidentally kick your heater when walking past it, causing the unit to turn off and fill your room with partially burned kerosene fumes. Also, the fuel in the removable tank invariably runs out at the most inconvenient times, requiring someone (usually me) to go outside into the shivering air to refill the tank with a small plastic pump, all while trying to keep from getting kerosene all over his hands. You can see a picture of what these heaters look like here: (page is Japanese).

It's not easy for a San Diego boy like me to live in a place like Japan. San Diego is, if you haven't been there in the winter, blessed with warm desert winds that keep the weather quite balmy when the rest of America is shivering with cold. Blessed, or cursed, I should say, since those same Santa Ana winds were to blame for turning huge areas into a tinderbox last month. Gunma Prefecture, right in the center of the main Japanese island of Honshu, is famous for three things that start with K: konnyaku, aka conjac, a very firm gelatinous food made from boiled yam flour; kakaa-denka, particularly strong-willed women like my wife; and kara-kaze, the freezing winds that whip down from the mountains that run through the middle of Japan into the Kanto region, where Gunma and Tokyo are located. Despite the cold, Kanto winters rarely get much snow, which is kind of bummer for me, since if it's going to be cold I'd like some pretty snow for my trouble. To survive winter in Japan, I always wear my "momohiki" (Japanese for long underwear).

Oops -- earthquake! Right in the middle of my update, too. Like California, Japan is earthquake country, and it seems that every third day we're feeling one shaker or another, but the one that just ended seemed to be stronger than most. According to NHK's news site, it was a 6.5 magnitude quake centered somewhere around Izu Peninsula, about 150 km south of here. As with living in California, you just learn to be at peace with the occasional shakes. In 1994 a terrible earthquake in the Kobe/Osaka are killed over 5000 people. Because strong quakes don't usually happen that far south the building codes were much more lenient than the ones for Tokyo.

Because J-List is based in Japan we're able to get many products for our customers that wouldn't otherwise be available. We've loved the wacky character Domo-kun, the spokesmonster for NHK's "BS" (broadcast satellite) channels, ever since he came out, and we carry over 40 really cool products for Domo-kun fans around the world, including plush toys, towels, keychains, and Domo-kun objets d'art for your home. Since Domo-kun items are among the most popular for Christmas, we've stocked up on virtually all items for you, with over 20 items restocked. Enjoy the great items!

J-List sells our original wacky Japanese T-shirts with messages like "I'm Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend." We have so many designs in stock that we're always closing out older ones to make room for new shirts, so don't wait too long to get the shirt or shirts you want. Are you a big guy? If so then you're in luck: several of our closeout shirts are all sold out except for the larger sizes, 2XL and 3XL. Take advantage of the great prices and get a cool shirt, or give them for Christmas!

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

  • First, Japan's tradition of highly detailed anime figures, models and cold-cast statues is wonderful, and we've got two excellent issues of Figure Maniacs, special photobooks that are filled to the brim with incredible pro-painted anime figures
  • Also, Gothic & Lolita Bible is a fabulous encyclopedia of all that's goth in Japan -- we've gotten in back issues for fans who want to experience this fabulous item (each issue comes with a complete sewing pattern inside, too)
  • For fans of Japanese candy toys (aka shokugan or gashapon), small but highly detailed toys that usually come with candy inside the box, we have a special reissue of the best-selling Thunderbirds vehicles from Konami, with limited stock of full sets available
  • Also for fans of meticulous Japanese replica toys, we've restocked the Local Gift Goods, incredibly detailed replicas of the gifts that Japanese people give to one another during the summer (ochuugen) and winter (oseibo) months (full sets are available)
  • Karaoke is a national pasttime of Japanese, and dogs are very popular in Japan too -- so Takara created the super-fun Singing Dog Story toys, doggies that sing real JPOP songs and even harmonize if you put them together!
  • We have the new DVD of the too-cool-to-miss Ghost in the Shell TV series by Shirow Masamune, which features a new box to put your other discs in and a cool ID card holder
  • For fans of our famous Japanese snack foods, we've got some fun items, including Hello Kitty cookies, cute chocolate mini doughnuts and more
  • Look for various restocked snack and gum items, too, like real miso soup, Chocolate Mountain Mushrooms (they're cookies that are fun to eat), Meiji Fran (a luxurious stick snack like Pocky), Koala March (famous cookies that look like koala bears) and so on
  • Also, we've restocked several cool Japan Hot Wheels (like the Speed Racer Mach 5 and Stingray), as well as the Tomica Nissan Skyline, very nice
  • For Blythe fans, we've got fresh stock of the cute Every Blythe vol. 2 small figures
  • Also, we've restocked the popular Panda Z robot figure with pilot -- damn this is cute!
  • Want to learn how to draw manga? We carry all the great English-language How to Draw Manga books for you, and we've just added stock of some popular books that had sold out
  • Aya Matsuura, aka "Ayaya," is the hottest force in the JPOP scene these days, and we've got a dynamite new photobook for her fans
  • We have some cool new straps for your keitai, er, your cellular phone, which happen to match the phone strap on Lucy Liu's phone in Kill Bill
  • We love the Kubrick toys from Medicom Toy, not just because they make wacky figures, but because they're so well designed -- perfect for all collectors. We have a new "military" Kubrick series that's really cool
  • Japanese women are very hygienic, and they regularly trim facial hair such as eyebrows to match the style they want to project -- we've got some of these cool facial hair removers in stock for you
  • Finally, enjoy more wacky Japanese badges with funny messages in English and Japanese, more wacky signs in Japanese, and other cool wacky items from Japan!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • We've got a great new "mook" (a cross between a magazine and a book) dedicated to the lovely Emiru Momose, a sweet and charming girl who will delight you with her first nude appearance
  • Then enjoy the great new "love and eros of street girls magazine" Meets Girl, featuring real sex by erotic Japanese amateurs aged 18-22
  • We've got some great new sexy swimsuit idol photobook items for you, including the lovely new offering by Manami Fuku and the super sexy hardcover photobook of Yuki (Yuuki) Etsuko
  • For hentai manga lovers, we've got some excellent books for you, including Colorful Love by talented erotic illustrator Setsuna, maid fetish in Doki Doki Suru Koto, Sweet Sweet Voice by Hirohito Tokie, and more
  • Also, a major restocking of other popular manga titles, including Beautiful and Talented, various dick girl comics, and the super-cool Ghost in the Shell 1.5
  • For yaoi lovers, we've got the very cool vol. 2 of Gush Mania, too, featuring erotic works by ten yaoi artists
  • We've got some great DVDs for you today, starting with a super 3 hour selection of great sex by new face Marimo Asoh, who has a 100 cm bust and an I cup yet a tiny, slender body (region free)
  • For fans of our new leg fetish DVDs, we've got the dynamite new Leg Moment featuring the slender stocking-clad legs of Miyu Nagase and Meri Sakikawa -- yum (region free)
  • For fans the stylish sexual style we've come to call "girls in Underoos" (because it includes sexy Japanese girls wearing too-small cute underpants), enjoy a great foray into lesbian love from SOD's Chujitsudoh label (region free)
  • The erotic AV star Kay looks great getting fucked every which way from Sunday in a new release for her fans (region free)
  • We're big fans of the dynamite Mirai Hoshizaki and her sizzling sexual style -- enjoy her great new release on the Wanz Factory label (region 2)
  • Finally, we've even more adult DVDs with girls from Romania, Moscow, Vienna, Czech Republic and more, as well as Bukkake Dream Party, Semen Bank and the popular Clothed Female Naked Male series.

Remember that J-List stocks three great region-free DVD players that allow you to play DVDs from other regions, such as region 2 DVDs from Japan and Europe. They also support PAL/NTSC conversion and are loaded with spiffy features. We recently reduced our price on these players for people who want to order them for Christmas -- enjoy these three great ways to watch DVDs, which ship out of our San Diego location. Best of all, you can't beat the prices -- start at just $88 for the transportable Lasonic DVB-8092!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 10, 2003

Hello again from all of us at J-List!

It's November in Japan, a time to head out into the mountains to enjoy "koyo," the turning of the leaves in the autumn. Like the week-long season of the sakura in early April, when cherry blossoms transform the country into a breathtaking world of exploding white flowers, autumn here can be a brilliant thing to behold with colors of red and gold. J-List is based in Gunma Prefecture, right in the center of the main Japanese island of Honshu (a city about 30 km from here is the actual geographic center of Japan, and they have "belly button festivals" in the summer there), and we're far enough from the concrete of Tokyo that we can enjoy the "vibrant nature" of Japan all around us. Gunma is nice in the fall, but the most famous place to enjoy the autumn colors is Nikko, a popular tourist destination and the site of Toshogu, a famous temple where shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa's remains are interred. It's a bit too beautiful for its own good though: every weekend tens of thousands of visitors from Tokyo converge on Nikko, turning the peaceful city into a bustling nightmare of cars.

You probably set your clock an hour back at the end of October. Most people grumble about having to remember to set their clocks forward and back in the spring and autumn, this isn't a problem in Japan, the only industrialized country that has not adopted the Daylight Savings Time system. Instead, we have to deal with the other extreme -- by the time I get up in the morning, the sun has been up for at least three hours. It's not that hard to get used to, but all things considered, having that daylight available when you're actually awake and using it is kind of convenient.

For one reason or another, some phrases in English have burned themselves on the collective consciousness of the Japanese, and are quite famous here. When an American named Dr. Clark (universally known as "Clark-hakase" HA-KA-say) went to Sapporo to help establish what would become Sapporo University, he left the following advice to his Japanese hosts: "Boys, be ambitious!" (i.e., strive to achieve excellence in all that you do). These three words are studied by all Japanese, and somehow manage to pop up all over the place in one form or another. (There's a manga and anime called "Boys Be..." that is based on this phrase.) When pop singer Momoe Yamaguchi retired from singing, she sang a song to her fans that went "Thank you for your kindness...thank you for your tenderness" and as a result, virtually all Japanese over 30 know this famous phrase. Speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln ("Government for the people, by the people, and of the people") are studied in school the same way we studied Shakespeare in the U.S., too.

Glico has declared that November 11 is Pocky Day, because of the way 11 11 looks like Pocky snacks. Everyone enjoy some Pocky! We've got plenty in stock for you at J-List.

For the Monday update we have a great bunch of items for you. They include:

  • First, for Final Fantasy X-2 fans, we've got a treat: fresh stock of the cute super deformed FFX2 character keychains from Bandai which had sold out before
  • We have a cool item for fans of traditional Japanese things: special paper that's great for writing love letters to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or anyone
  • We've got some great snack items for you today, starting with a tasty new Melty Kiss taste -- white chocolate and cacao
  • Also, we've gotten other cool items, like a sampler pack of Meiji chocolate, Baby Star chicken ramen, and a popular item, chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • It's "shichi go san" time in Japan right now, when kids aged 7, 5 or 3 get dressed up for special photographs and to go to the Shinto shrine -- we've got more stock of traditional chitose candy that's eaten at this time of year
  • We love Love Hina, and we've got a great series of cute Love Hina figures, great to collect and display
  • We have another cool series of toys from Japan, the Miniature Antique Museum, replicas of classic toys that were played with one hundred or more years ago
  • For Hello Kitty fans, we've got a deluxe rice bowl with chopsticks set that's really cool, as well as various restocked items
  • Also, a treat for Hello Kitty fans: super-warm Kitty Vests that are made of the same super-soft acrylics as our popular Japanese blankets -- these things are really neat
  • For Totoro fans, fresh stock of the cute Totoro stickers, hand made in Japan
  • If you love Domo-kun, we've got some new cute plush toys of Domo's friends, Usajii and Taachan, so cute
  • Want to play with some Japanese money? We've got some cute toy money that's really fun to play with in stock
  • We love all kinds of wacky things from Japan, and what could be more wacky than signs in Japanese? We've gotten in several cool Japanese signs for you
  • Also, we've got some cute Japanese "pin badges" that have bizarre and cute designs on them, with wacky English and Japanese messages
  • Also, we've restocked the "Japanese congratulations envelopes" which are used to give cash gifts at weddings (but you can do anything you like with the envelope)
  • Finally, look for real Japanese wasabi, authentic Japanese abacuses, and more!

For our adult customers, we've got many new 18+ products. They include:

  • First of all, we have the great new Minisuka Deluxe, for all fans of gorgeous Japanese women with long, slender legs wearing "panty stockings" and mini-skirts, photographed from a low angle
  • We've got the new issue of the Top Speed, a magazine that's just overflowing with lovely adult actresses and Race Queens from Japan
  • For fans of Maichy, e.g. Mai Hagiwara, we've got a superb new photobook featuring her excellent nude photographs, fresh, clean and very erotic!
  • Also, the great hardcover nude photobook of Natusmi Mitsu, a sweet new nude idol from Japan
  • Check out the super sexy photobooks of dynamite swimsuit idols Aya Kudo and Chiaki Sato, both amazing to behold
  • Also, we've restocked several sexy idol photobook items too, including items by Yuko Ogura, Harumi Nemoto, Kaori Oguri, Yoko Matsugane
  • Also, more copies of Girl Friends for fans of "Japanese girls in underoos"
  • For hentai manga collectors, we've got some great new books in stock for you, including a collection of stories about erotic nymphomaniac girls by Kyun Comics, the super erotic Dirty Acts - Kegare by artist Hyji, and beautiful erotic artwork of Tomo Hirokawa in Cherry Concerto
  • There are also many restocked manga works, including the erotic Twiny Attraction, Devil x Devil, No Mercy, and
  • Also, a great new manga for yaoi fans by Takashi Kanzaki
  • We've got some great DVD titles for you, starting with the new No Cut!! erotic release of Amu Masaki featuring 3 hours of her great sex for a great price (region free)
  • Maria Takagi is the top adult star in Japan today, and looking at her new Lovers DVD release it's easy to see why -- enjoy her lovely sex with her brand new release (region free)
  • Japan's up-skirt and sexy stocking fetish photography is famous among Japanophiles, and now you can enjoy this great thrill on DVD, with The Chiralism, a great "situation and costume play" release from Shinkosha (region free)
  • The Japanese love to use lubricating lotion during sex to create slippery fun -- we've got a new DVD from SOD's Martian Devil label for fans of this erotic "lotion play" (region free)
  • Then, enjoy Yui Kayama in an erotic fighting ninja DVD in which she transforms into a super-heroine to defend justice for all (region free)
  • Then, the busty and beautiful Maria Yumeno shows you her best hardcore sex ever in a new 3 hour release from Wanz Factory (one of our favorite indies studios in Japan)
  • Finally, look for freshly restocked girls from Russia, Hungary, Germany and France, as well as even more discounted DVDs with free shipping!

J-List sells virtually every Japanese dating-sim game available, with great English-translated games by JAST USA, Peach Princess, G-Collections, Himeya Soft and more. We've recently reduced our prices on three great titles from Peach Princess: X-Change 1 (hilarious sex change comedy), Snow Drop (beautiful erotic love story in a winter wonderland) and Critical Point (intense sci-fi game with elements of classic 80's anime) to just $24.95. Enjoy these great prices on these excellent games! (And if you buy 4 or more games you get another 20% off.)

Remember that J-List has stock of great 2004 calendars right now...but our stock is limited to what we've got on hand as well as the few calendars that haven't come in yet (we're still waiting for delivery on them). If you've got your eye on a very special anime, JPOP, bikini idol, nude or other calendar from Japan this year, we humbly recommend that you buy soon! We'll be making our last calendar order to our distributors towards the end of this week!