Friday, November 21, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 21, 2003

Hello and Happy Friday from all of us at J-List! We've got a great update for you tonight just in time for the weekend!

One of the most frustrating things about living in Japan is being on a different wavelength from everyone else -- the common pool of "joshiki" (common sense) that all Japanese plug into doesn't seem to work for us foreigners. Japanese change from winter to summer clothes pretty much on the same day, due to the standardization of the educational system on a national level, but foreigners don't know that just because the first of October has come we should suddenly stop wearing T-shirts and start donning sweaters. In Japan, shops are often closed one day during the week, usually Tuesday or Wednesday, but gaijin don't know this -- and it seems we always make a special trip only to find the place we want to shop at closed. Christmas music usually stops around the New Year's Day, but Japanese shops and radio stations often play it all winter long, which is slightly odd to my gaijin mind. Oh well, it's all part of the fun of living in a place like Japan.

One of my favorites from my YBIJTLW list, located on my personal homepage: "You've been in Japan too long when it takes you several seconds of deep thought to recall the first name of the President of the United States." It's true -- you'd be surprised what living in a foreign country can do to your ability to recall seldom-used information, or even remember some English vocabulary words. Try going years without ever hearing or uttering difficult words, like "gynecologist" or "irreplaceable" -- they can be quite difficult to dredge up from the depths of your memory, even if English is your native language. It's especially bad for native English speakers who work as English teachers in Japan, because you can go for months without hearing any English except the simplified speech of your students, which invariably begins to affect your English in a negative way. In the same way that living in a country like India or New Zealand would begin to affect your own spoken English over time, living in Japan can takes its toll, too.

Japan is not, all things considered, the country you should come to if you're disabled in some way. Standards about wheelchair access are haphazard all around the country, with some cities trying to modernize their facilities, especially public places like parks, so that people with disabilities can use them. Some platforms on some train stations have some kind of wheelchair access, but if the station you're going to doesn't have the same access, it's quite difficult to use the train. One of the primary motivating factors for the progress of Japanese society is how their country looks in the eyes of the foreigners who visit or live here, and Japanese are aware that North American and European foreigners tend to look down on Japan's record when it comes to dealing with its disabled citizens. As a general rule, though, many Japanese will tell you that Japan is a small country without much land (Japan has a population density of 335 persons per square km, vs. just 29 in the U.S.), and just can't have the same amount of access that people in wheelchairs enjoy in the U.S. About a kilometer from J-List there's an interesting sports center for disabled people, with facilities for swimming, wheelchair racing, wheelchair basketball, and other activities.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

Greetings from J-List November 17, 2003

Hello again from Japan!

One thing I've learned about the Japanese is that they sometimes go overboard with love of things from America and Europe. There's a word for this -- seiyo suhai shugi, or worship of the West, which describes the tendency of some Japanese to view anything from America and Europe as better than Japan. I was reminded of this when Keanu Reeves came to Japan as part of the promotion of Matrix Revolutions. He was interviewed by several famous Japanese "talents" (television personalities), including Ai Iijima, who has a bit of an interesting past herself (she was the top adult film star of the 1990s until she quit to appear on talk shows). It's impossible to describe how excited all the Japanese talents were about meeting this big star from America -- Ai-chan could hardly breathe. In true Japanese fashion, the Japanese showered their guest with gifts, including a beautiful Japanese shamisen (he played it like an electric guitar).

It goes without saying that beside Keanu Reeves was Natsuko Toda, the Queen of Movie Subtitling in Japan, who never misses the chance to share the limelight of a visiting Hollywood star and interpret Japanese for him. Ms. Toda's translation skills are so much in demand by Hollywood studios that she effectively decides what movies Japanese will see and when. The art of compressing a complex film into two lines of subtitles is a difficult one, and if it's not done well Japanese moviegoers won't understand the story, and ticket sales will suffer. Big-ticket movies like Titanic and Spiderman and The Matrix all make sure to have her on board when releasing a film in Japan. In the case of Lord of the Rings films (the Japanese title for which sounds like "Road of the Ring" to Japanese fans, unfortunately), the choice of Toda for the translations may have been a mistake, because of her lack of familiarity with original works, either the English originals or established Japanese translations. As a result, there are several mis-translations and errors in the Japanese subtitles of the first two movies. You can see Natsuko Toda sitting beside Nicholas Cage in this funny commercial for a Japanese pachinko maker:

There's a wacky thing that Japanese do to money: fold a 1000 yen bill so that Souseki Natsume (the 19th century novelist who adorns the Japanese 1000 yen note) makes sad or happy faces, depending on which way you look at the bill. I'll teach you how it's done so you can amaze your friends with this great Japanese trick. First, take a bill and make an outward fold where each of his eyes are. Make an inward fold through the middle of his face, so that his eyes are higher than his nose (like little mountains). If you look at the bill from above, the face will look sad; from below, and he'll look happy. Virtually all Japanese known this silly trick, and would be surprised if any non-Japanese knew it. Here's an example of what it'll look like when you're done: . If you don't have any Japanese money lying around, it should work pretty much the same with other bills, too. (If you like the way Japanese money looks, we've got some cool Japanese "money choco" in stock today that you should check out.)

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