Friday, December 05, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 5, 2003

Hello and Happy Friday from J-List!

Winter is approaching, and days are getting chillier. It's the season when Japanese get ready for wild and fun Christmas parties and quiet, solemn New Years' celebrations -- the opposite of the way it's done U.S. It's also the time of year that drivers prepare for Japan's endless cycle of winter road construction, as local governments hurry to use up their construction budgets before the end of Japan's fiscal year next March. Everywhere I drive for the next three months, I know I'll face constant delays as roads are torn up and put down again, in an eternal cycle of government-sponsored inefficiency. The main problem is a law that dictates that 100% of the taxes collected on cars and gasoline must be used to build more roads, with no exceptions, despite the fact that Japan already has plenty of roads that work just fine. It's a major political issue in Japan, with most of the "old guard" politicians in Japan's ruling Liberal Democrat Party supporting the ongoing wasting of resources because of effective lobbying by Japan's construction companies. Japan spends a whopping $9 billion a year on its roads, an amazing sum considering that the U.S. spends $11 billion yet is 25 times as large (Japan's annual public works expenditures would allow it to build the Panama Canal every year). Yet despite the fact that Japan is so in the red that its credit rating is lower than that of Botswana, this massive waste is allowed to go on, in the name of preserving jobs. The idea that Japan's leaders are so ineffectual that they can't fix this terrible situation makes me grieve for my adopted country.

One word you learn pretty early when studying Japanese is "gaman suru" which means to endure or tolerate something. If a restaurant is too warm, most Japanese will "gaman" or put up with unpleasant situation rather than asking the restaurant staff to turn the heat down. Again and again we see examples of Japanese faced with a problem doing nothing about it, just putting up with the situation, instead of proactively doing something to fix it. This tendency to show extreme patience is considered a virtue here, and it may be in some situations. But my wife and I refuse to join the rest of Japan in putting up with what needs to be changed: whether it's speaking out about the lack of a non-smoking section at a restaurant or tactfully recommending that the soba noodle sauce might taste better if it were chilled rather than served at room temperature, we nearly always speak our minds. It's not easy going against the grain in Japan, and we really stand out sometimes, but we figure it will help Japan in the long run.

Well, Musashimaru, the last Hawaiian sumo wrestler active in Japan's sumo association, has retired, after being plagued for many months by a wrist injury. Musashimaru, 32, was the second wrestler to attain sumo's highest rank of Grand Champion (Yokozuna), and he weighed a massive 522 lb (237 kg) at his highest point. With his retirement, there are no more Americans active in sumo, although there are several Mongolian and one Russian rikishi (the Japanese word for sumo wrestlers). Mongolian wrestler Asashouryu is the only current Grand Champion in sumo right now.

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Monday, December 01, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 1, 2003

Hello again from Japan, home of cars with funny names like the Mitsubishi "That's."

There are many approaches to learning a foreign language -- the Army Method (stress on learning through memorization), the Grammar Translation Method (learning a language by parsing its grammar), the Communicative Method (leaning by speaking and listening in the target language), the Natural approach (trying to replicate the steps that children go through when they learn a language). Another approach is the "get attention" method, which I'll label the Social Feedback Method to give it a proper name. Basically, you learn whatever vocabulary and phrases that will make you the life of the party among your new linguistic group, be it cute ways to begin conversations with attractive Japanese girls or interesting phrases that will amuse Japanese people around you. I have a friend who worked his way across Asia using this method, learning just enough of the local languages to be social and have fun with his hosts, and he swears by it.

It's "shinmai" season in Japan right now, when "new rice" (the rice that was harvested in October) makes its way into the marketplace, and everywhere in Japan, restaurants and stores advertise that they're using delicious, fresh rice in their products. Although annual consumption of rice decreases every year, as the Japanese diet slowly changes, the Japan still eat rice two or three times a day. Rice is so ubiquitous that the word for cooked rice (gohan) is used to refer to any meal, even if it doesn't include rice. Virtually all Japanese cook rice in an electric rice cooker, which allows rice for the whole family to be prepared with the press of a button. Companies like Mitsubishi and Zojirushi complete to bring the best rice cookers to market, with features like automatic timers, inner pots made of copper to simulate the taste of cooking rice a hundred years ago and the ability to bake bread.

The country music of Japan is known as enka, a style of sad traditional music that probably originated in Korea and which is the most popular music in Japan with Japanese over 40 years of age (truck drivers also love it). Enka songs often deal with the more bittersweet aspects of life, drinking alone in a cold bar, pouring your own sake because your wife left you. Sung by both men and women, enka songs capture the sweet pain that we all feel in life. Enka songs often employ tremolo vocals, singing while changing the pitch of your voice (not totally unlike yodeling), to express the emotion of the singer. Because enka songs are the last thing Japanese would expect a gaijin to be able to sing, I always made a point of singing enka whenever I go to karaoke -- it's really fun. Here are some samples of enka if you'd like to hear what it sounds like (Real Player required).

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