Friday, December 12, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 12, 2003

Greetings and salutations from Japan and J-List!

You know what the funniest thing about Japan is? It's the little differences. I mean, they got the same stuff here they got in the U.S., it's just a little different. Want some examples? They got beer in movie theatres and mayonaise for your french fries at some restaurants. They have KFC here, but they don't serve mashed potatoes, and each KFC has a plastic Colonel Sanders outside to greet you. There are other differences too. My daughter is in the Japanese Girl Scouts, and when I took my kids there, we all got ready to enjoy an American treat: s'mores, which are toasted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, for any readers who might know what they are. The Japanese simplify the name to some-more, which sounded to my kids and me like "sanma," a delicious fish that's really good stewed in miso -- so we thought were were going to cook fish, but it turned out to be s'mores instead. They were really good, but for the fact that there are no graham crackers in Japan. So we made them using Saltine crackers instead.

In my single days, I trekked around Japan from Hokkaido to Hiroshima, hitchhiking or using the "seishun 18 ticket," a special train ticket that lets you ride anywhere for about $20, but only using the (slow) local lines -- thus, it takes about 14 hours to get from here to Osaka. I've stayed in youth hostels, which are great places to make friends from all over the world, but I've also stayed in several dozen capsule hotels. A uniquely Japanese experience, capsule hotels are normal hotels where you sleep in a small, long cubbyhole -- long enough to lay down in comfortably but not quite spacious enough to sit up in. The capsules have everything you need -- TVs and radios with alarms, and they're quite cozy, and there's no other way to stay in the middle of a large Japanese city for $30 a night. Another unique kind of budget accomodation I've made use of are "saunas," which are ostensibly public baths with saunas which you can pay to use. They have "resting rooms" where patrons can have a beer and relax, watch some TV, or if it's late, curl up on the floor and sleep until morning. It's quite fun, if you can put up with the snoring of dozens of middle-aged Japanese men. My wife is a mirror image of me: while I was traveling around Japan, she was in the U.S., and she's seen much more of my own country than I have (and vice-versa).

Near our house, we can see the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty, and many other interesting wonders of world. These are pachinko parlors, a major source of entertainment for many Japanese men and women in Japan. An kind of "vertical pinball" which I don't pretend to understand, you basically buy a bucket of balls for $50, then sit for hours trying to hold a controller in just the right position to make most of the balls go into certain holes in the pachinko machine. Since "gambling" is illegal in Japan, except for certain events like horse, boat and bicycle racing, you don't win money if you get more balls than you started out with -- you get valuable prizes which you redeem for cash at a shady building next to the pachinko parlor. Pachinko is quite a competitive business to be in, and operators (who always seem to be getting involved with some crime or another) work very hard to bring in the newest machines in -- with little video screens or cute anime-style characters printed on them, for example. They have interesting names to attract customers, Win or Fever, or one named Al Pacino. Despite the efforts of the pachinko Pachinko has strong underground ties to North Koreans living in Japan. Proceeds from Pachinko are a major source of funding for North Korea, and the drugs that are manufactured in North Korea for sale in Japan often find their way here through the Pachinko networks.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 10, 2003

Hello again from Japan, home of cars with names like Suzuki Joy Pop Every Wagon.

Living for many years away from your home country would change anyone, and living in Japan is no different. For those working as ESL teachers, the long hours of talking with Japanese students of English can lead to embarrassing changes in your own language skills -- you actually end up speaking English too clearly and carefully. Since there are no personal checks in Japan (everything is done with cash or direct bank transfers), gaijin living in Japan lose the ability to write checks when they go home -- it takes me several tries to get one written when I'm in the U.S. Japanese roads generally don't have names, which forces your brain to remember roads spatially, rather than memorize places locations by street names. Also, since the Japanese language uses the katakana writing system to express foreign words, foreigners sometimes lose the connection with how words are spelled in English. The other day, I was enjoying some wine and camembert cheese with my wife, and I realized I had never seen the word camembert written in the Roman alphabet, and had no idea how to spell it. (I had to look it up.) Ditto for fashionable handbag maker Louis Vuitton, which rules the hearts of Japanese consumers -- I'd never seen the company's name written in anything but katakana so I had no idea how to write it. Australian swimming star Ian Thorpe has many fans in Japan, but for the longest time I wondered what a strange name "Ian Soap" was -- I'd only seen his name mentioned on Japanese television, and thus got his name wrong.

Japan has plenty of fast food, from U.S. chains like McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken to home-grown outfits like Freshness Burger, First Kitchen and MOS Burger. But the original fast food of Japan is "gyu-don," or beef bowl, basically a bowl of rice with steamed beef and onions on top (it's really good with raw egg, too). Yoshinoya is most popular popular chain of beef bowl restaurants, although there are several others that are serve identical food. Head into any beef bowl restaurant and you'll no doubt see lots of salarymen and male "freeters" (young people who work part-time jobs, freely switching from job to job several times a year) enjoying their beef bowls, but almost never any women. There's some unwritten social rule that says women can't go into beef bowl restaurants in Japan, and it's usually filled with male customers. Japan's beef bowl industry became a symbol for deflation in Japan when they lowered the price of a standard serving from $4.50 to $2.50 two years ago. You can enjoy Yoshinoya in the U.S., too, if you want to try some. Yoshinoya's English website is here:

Do you know what year it is? I often don't. In additional the Western calendar, the Japanese have a unique system of counting years based on the reign of the current emperor. The current era is the 15th year of the Heisei era (Heisei means "peace and prosperity"), when the Emperor Hirohito died and was succeeded by his son, so this year is Heisei 15. Before Heisei was the Showa era (from 1925 to 1988), before that was Taisho, and Meiji, and so on -- Japanese students have to memorize them all. Incidentally, the current Emperor of Japan is 125th in an unbroken line of emperors going back 2000 years. His name is Akihito, but since he's always called "Emperor Heisei" in Japan, it's quite common for Japanese to not know the name of their own emperor (Yasu didn't when I just asked him).

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Monday, December 08, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 8, 2003

Hello again from Japan!

One of the difficulties facing Japan's economic future is the lack of entrepreneurial spirit among Japanese. The numbers bear this out -- the number of Japanese running a business less than 42 months old is just 2%, compared with 12% in China, 14% in Korea, 18% in Thailand and 10% in the U.S. The Japanese government is trying to make it easier for people to start companies, however. In the old days, you needed to have $30,000 cash in the bank to start a "yuugen gaisha" (limited corporation) and $100,000 to form a full "kabushiki gaisha" (stock corporation), requirements which helped young companies gain trust by showing they were fiscally solvent from the beginning. Now, however, you can start a company with just one yen in the bank, a move the Japanese government hopes will get more Japanese to start thinking about starting a new enterprise. (American concepts like limited partnerships and easy-to-declare S-corporations don't exist in Japan at all, unfortunately.) A big part of the problem is probably that Japanese are more group-oriented and are more averse to the risks involved with being an entrepreneur. There are many other reasons why Japanese are less likely to take the plunge and start a company, though: the strained banking and investment system here is not friendly to start-ups, there's very little venture capital system, and if you should have to declare personal bankruptcy, you're forbidden from going overseas for ten years.

The Japanese people are some of the longest-lived in the world, partly because of a stable country with a good medical system. When you get sick in Japan, you usually either go to a large hospital (there are three or four around us here in Isesaki), or to a smaller medical clinic. You must always bring your "hoken-sho" or insurance card, a little booklet that has all the information about your insurance printed inside. There are two systems of medical insurance in Japan: Citizen's Insurance, which is open to everyone including foreigners and self-employed, and Social Insurance, which is arranged through companies. In Citizen's Insurance, you pay monthly premiums and must pay 30% of all medical costs that you incur; if you don't have any other insurance, you're required to join this system by law. With Social Insurance, workers pay monthly premiums that are matched by the companies they work for. This system used to have a deductible of just 10%, making it more popular with company employees, but last year the Japanese government raised the deductible to 30%, too, blurring the lines between the two insurance systems. Japan has free health care for everyone under 5 and over the age of 60, a very enviable situation compared to how things are in the U.S.

Have you ever spoken to a Japanese person and wondered why they make noises of agreement while you're talking? This is aspect of Japanese speech called "aizuchi," basically "agreeing sounds" that speakers make when having a conversation. In Japanese, I could be explaining something that happened to me, and the person I'm speaking to would say things like "ee" (rhymes with way; it means yes), "so" (that's true), and "ne" (a general word of agreement) constantly as I spoke. These agreement words may sound odd in English, but in Japanese they're necessary to show that you're listening attentively to the other person -- not making these noises shows you're not paying attention, and the person you're talking with is likely to stop talking and ask what's wrong. The trouble is when Japanese carry aizuchi into English, and butt into what you're saying with "that's right" and "yes." Aizuchi sounds very strange when done in English.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

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