Saturday, December 27, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 27, 2003

Hello again from all of us at J-List!

Everyone is getting ready for 2003 to wind down. In Japan, one of the year-end traditions is "oh-souji" or Big Cleaning -- cleaning your home from top to bottom so you can get a fresh start on the new year. Today the J-List staff put their other work on hold and gave J-List a thorough cleaning, pulling out all computer wires and wiping away the past year's worth of dust and dirt everywhere. It felt great to take stock of everything while we cleaned, and now everything is spic and span. We're ready for the new year! Japanese also buy new toothbrushes so they can start the year extra fresh and clean.

One of the big changes to take place during the decade-long Japanese recession has been the de-Japanification of several industries as foreign companies innovated their way into Japanese markets. Toys R Us has wrought massive changes in the domestic toy industry here, Mazda is mostly owned by Ford, and Nissan has a gaijin president -- the widely respected Charles Ghosn, who has worked miracles with the formerly-bloated company. One way foreign companies have found success is by actively going against accepted norms in Japan, a place where companies seem to compete by trying to be as similar to other companies in their industry as possible. Starbucks, for example, has done well in Japan by not changing the format that worked for them in the U.S. Here, for example, Starbucks employees greet you informally ("konnichiwa") instead of using the more stiff greeting usually reserved for customers in retail shops ("irasshaimase"). Japanese probably felt odd being greeted in a friendly manner the first time they go into a Starbucks, something that just isn't done here, but after a while it started feeling warm and pleasant to them. Toys R Us also brought the concept of pricing products at 999 yen instead of 1000 yen, which was never done here before they entered the toy market (companies always set prices so that they'd be in nice, even numbers when tax was added).

One unique aspect of Japan are the "love hotels" that pop up here and there throughout the country. Because Japanese young people usually live with their parents into their 20s (or indefinitely, if they're the oldest son or daughter), it can be difficult for couples to find time for privacy. So they go to a love hotel, where they can enjoy "rest" (2 hours of privacy) or "stay" (all night). Formerly known as "motels," which causes some confusion when Japanese go to the U.S. and see motels there, the rooms inside love hotels have everything couples might need -- exotic baths, romantic beds, toothbrushes, even a condom on the pillow (although Tomo says it's dangerous to use this condom, as couples who used the room before might have poked a small hole in it for the next couple, as a joke). Many love hotels are organized around a theme, such as the Queen Elizabeth (a giant hotel that looks like a ship) that happens to sit in the middle of our own city, or rooms that look like the Forbidden City in Beijing. The most famous love hotel in Gunma is called The Rock, and everything in the rooms is based on Alcatraz -- but it's so popular, you have to wait outside for hours to get in. Another popular hotel in Tokyo is a haunted house -- while couples go to their rooms, dozens of scary things jump out at them to scare them. Since couples going to a hotel want privacy, the hotels make sure they never need to see anyone -- at some places, you can check out by phone, and put your money in a tube that will be delivered to the front desk.

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Friday, December 26, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 26, 2003

Hello again from all your friends at J-List!

In my general overview of the Japanese language and collection of advice for anyone interested in learning Japanese, one thing I touch upon is "find what floats your boat"-- to find interests that relate to Japanese which help move you forward a little bit each day. Learning Japanese is incredibly difficult, so you need hobbies and interests related to Japanese in order to succeed. I got a lot out of reading Japanese manga, such as Touch (a famous baseball comic), Fist of the North Star, and Orange Road. Reading manga for enjoyment really helped teach me a lot, and gave me a constant stream of new vocabulary words. I also learned that karaoke was a fun way to learn Japanese, and I memorized several songs to sing at karaoke bars and restaurants in San Diego. Japanese always love it when foreigners sing songs in Japanese, so I got a lot of positive feedback, too. I've seen friends get into Japanese through martial arts, and leaning Japanese by playing RPGs in the original language is another interesting hobby to have. To see my general advice for anyone wanting to learn Japanese, see my personal homepage at .

I remember reading through old Saint Seiya manga, while in college in the 80's, and wondering why they always write the blood type of each character along with their name, age and astrological sign. In Japan, it's believed that you can tell a lot about a person's personality and character traits from his blood type. Type A people are neat, tidy, and plan things meticulously, almost to a fault. Type B are "going my way" (as the Japanese say), meaning that they do their own thing without worrying about the opinions of others, and don't plan things out in advance. They can be messy, and tend to act on impulse (I am type B, and my wife is always commenting on why do some things I do based on my blood type). Type O people have a private world inside their minds, supposedly, and they're quick to become passionate about something, but then change to something else just as easily. Type O people have the ability to lead others. Finally, AB people have "two faces," one that they make in front of some people and another one they keep to themselves. Like the various beliefs that are related to Buddhism (such as, you're not supposed to sleep with your pillow facing north, as this is reserved for the dead before cremation), the Japanese blood type beliefs are hard to get used to at first, but when you live in Japan long enough, you start thinking there might be something to them after all...

For the new update, our hardworking staff has posted many new items for you, including:

  • First, now that Christmas is behind us, it's time to think about New Year's, a very important holiday in Japan -- enjoy the authentic Japanese New Year's decorations we've posted today
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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 24, 2003

Well, Christmas is upon us all -- another year older and hopefully wiser. Christmas is a bit different in Japan than it is in the U.S. It's mainly a fun time of year when Japanese have a Christmas Party with friends, complete with firecrackers, Christmas cake and a brightly decorated Christmas tree. No Christmas Party would be complete without a real live gaijin Santa Claus, dressed from head to toe in bright read "Santa wear." This year I was asked to play Santa by my daughter's English school, and I was happy to oblige, handing out gifts to all of them with a ho-ho-ho and being careful not to speak Japanese so as not to break the mood. Besides being a fun time for kids, Christmas in Japan is second only to Valentine's Day as a day for young lovers, and all across Japan tonight, boyfriends and girlfriends will be exchanging gifts. All of Japan's love hotels have been sold out for weeks.

With movies like The Last Samurai, Lost in Translation and Kill Bill, this certainly has been a year for Hollywood to reflect on Japan and its culture, and for a gaijin whose lived a third of his life here, it's been especially interesting. My wife and I went to see The Last Samurai the other night, and I was impressed by the polish and quality of the film. The writers wove together various real historical events into an entertaining fictional story, and they actually made an effort to avoid over-flowery crap words when dealing with the subject. The story of an American who comes to help train soldiers in Meiji Era Japan was completely fictional, but there was a foreigner who had a great effect on the political events of the day. A British diplomat named Ernest Satow, who was one of the top Japanese-bilingual foreigners of his age, was stationed in Japan during the tumultuous years before the Meiji Restoration. Taking an interest in the conflict between the Bakufu (Shogun's government) and regional warriors, he wrote in a letter stating that what the country needed to do was modernize and form a parliamentary constitutional government. His words were translated into Japanese and were widely read, and this became a rallying point for samurai like Saigou Takamori, on who the character in the Last Samurai was based, a close friend of Satow's. Saigou forced the Shogunate to return power to the Emperor and helped form the first Meiji government. He later rebelled against the rapid changes happening in Japan, and when the rebellion failed he committed seppuku. (We do still have some figures of Saigou Takamori and Matthew Perry in stock, if you want something really esoteric to display on your shelf.)

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Greetings from J-List December 22, 2003

Hello again from Japan, home of the Sharp Fappy, the Fax Machine that Makes you Happy.

Judo star Ryoko Tamura, who won the gold medal for judo at the Sydney Olympics, has walked the "virgin road" with -- i.e., she got married to -- baseball star Yoshitomo Tani, in a beautiful ceremony in Paris. Tamura, nicknamed Yarawa-chan after the 1980's judo manga and anime, is the darling of all Japan for her efforts to compete in judo in the world stage. The wedding reception, held on Saturday in Tokyo, was the biggest event in Japan's sports world in years, and the 2000+ member guest list was second only to Japan's end-of-year Kohaku television special in the number of top stars present. Anyone who was anyone was there, from retired sumo wrestler Takanohana to Tokyo Giants legend Shigeo Nagashima to father of modern enka Saburo Kitajima, each giving speeches wishing Yawara-chan all happiness. Japanese weddings are very structured affairs, with "aisatsu" (a long, drawn-out greeting speech) by representatives of the groom and the bride, many speeches or performances by friends, the bride and groom disappearing several times to change into beautiful new clothes, and at the end, a tear-filled speech by the bride to her parents, thanking them for raising her and promising to be happy with her new husband. While Japanese weddings often feature extravagant cakes that are just for show -- they're usually made of plastic -- Yawara-chan's wedding featured a giant cake shaped like the Earth that everyone got to eat.

I like to think back on what Japan was like when I first got here, in 1992. Although the Tokyo land bubble had officially burst two years before, the halo of Japan's long period of rapid economic growth still pervaded the country. Employment was high, and everyone had plenty of money to buy silly things like toilets that wash and dry your butt, complete with remote controls -- why anyone would need a remote control for a toilet seat I can't say, but I've seen them with my own eyes. There was actually too much employment here. I once went into an ice cream shop in Tokyo Disneyland to find no less than eleven employees, wiping down counters and ready to serve me eagerly, although I was the only customer in the store. It was a magical time, when companies could make profits without asking themselves hard questions about how they were serving their customers, and consumers consumed what was placed in front of them without any fuss. Gaijin living in Japan just took it for granted that a meal at McDonald's would cost $2-3 more than it would have cost in the U.S., and paid it.

How things have changed. In the old days, American companies complained about their inability to get a toehold in Japanese domestic market, but in the New Japan, industries from toys (Toys R Us) to beverages (Coca Cola has 90% of the cola market here) seem to march to the beat of U.S. companies. McDonald's Japan found itself in the red for the first time ever, and now works hard to give customers new choices, like the ability to substitute a salad for of french fries, and interesting new foods like shrimp & chicken mcnuggets. Most of the deflation going on in Japan is caused by increases in efficiency and competition as well as the desire by consumers to make smart choices and not pay too much for the things they need. Japanese still save a lot -- the average household has $110,000, usually in cash accounts bearing less than 1% interest -- but younger Japanese have gotten into the habit of going into debt, borrowing from high-interest loan companies like Acom, Lake and Aiful. When businesses in town go under, all too often they're replaced by more automated "cash machines" where anyone can get money from these companies at 30% interest. I don't like seeing these loan sharks put their gaudy signs all over my city, but they're better than some of the alternatives that are also flourishing in the New Japan, including pachinko parlors and men's establishments like pink salons and lingerie pubs.

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