Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Greetings from J-List February 11, 2004

Hello again from all your friends at J-List!

A big change is coming to Japan: the end of gyudon as we know it. One of the most popular fast foods here, gyudon (beef bowl, e.g. steamed beef and onions on white rice) is a staple of Japanese men, because it's cheap and filling. Because of the mad cow scare in the U.S. and subsequent banning of U.S. beef in Japan, all national beef bowl chains such as Yoshinoya have been forced to cease selling their flagship product, trying to coax customers with alternate foods instead, like curry, pork bowl or katsudon (a fried pork cutlet on white rice, with sauce smothered over it). McDonald's Japan is fervently advertising the fact that it uses only Australian beef, appealing to parents who are concerned about the safety of their food.

The Japanese do love to play with the English language in creative ways, often resulting in some bizarre concoctions. The main use of English in Japan is decorative, and English isn't meant to communicate anything meaningful -- thus it's not really an issue if the words on the can of beer you're drinking sound a little funny. The Japanese feel that English is very positive and direct, not vague in meaning like their own language can be. Often, positive English words finds their way into the names of products or companies, like Cook-Do! (instant Chinese food), Farm-Do! (a farm supply retailer), I'll (travel agency), Will (the name of a bishoujo game company, and a car from Toyota), and Fappy ("the fax machine that makes you happy" by Sharp). Just as the Swiss accidentally hit upon the name Swatch for their Swiss watches because the designers didn't speak enough English to know that the word sounded a little strange, the Japanese have used creative English to their advantage, coming up with terms like Re-House (a company that remodels homes), nice middy (a happy, carefree term for a middle-aged woman, designed to make them feel good about their age so they'll travel more), and Toyota's popular small car Fun! Car! Go!

J-List is the only official source for Yulia Nova merchandise outside of Japan, because of our special relationship with the photographer who discovered the beautiful Russian model. We're happy to announce that we've completed a licensing agreement that will allow us to bring Yulia products to fans around the world, and at great prices. The prices of the upcoming U.S. release Yulia Nova DVDs, vol. 1-3, has been lowered to $40, allowing many more fans of Yulia to buy her products and support the creation of future DVDs. If you preordered the DVDs, you'll be getting them at the lower price. If you haven't ordered them yet, why not preorder them now? They're scheduled to ship in March 2004.

For the new update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you, described below. To view all products updated in the past 3 days, click:

  • First, for fans of really excellent anime-style edge art, we've got the fantastic art book of Toshiyuki Tanaka, which will blow your mind
  • For fans of really wacky and excellent Vermillion Pleasure Nights, the late-night Japanese television show which spawned OH! Mikey, we've got the last two volumes, featuring amazing and bizarre short films from Japan's best young directors
  • We've got some great snack items for you today, including Fujiya's Strawberry Shortcake snacks (yum), Chelsea toffees, tasty strawberry-chocolate sticks, and a bizarre new flavor of Shigekix, the super-tart "hard gummy" from Japan
  • Wealso stock many varieties of Japanese chewing gum, and we've restocked these today for you
  • Also back in stock -- many varieties of Japanese "minty" eyedrops, which wake you up and keep you alert all day
  • We've also restocked several popular Japanese treats, including Pocari Sweat powder, Choco Ball Peanuts, and Pretz sticks flavored like traditional Tonkotsu Ramen (a famous food from Kyushu)
  • The Japanese are fond of collecting bizarre erasers of all shapes and sizes -- we've gotten in some funny parody food erasers for you today
  • We love the anime show Please Teacher -- now Kotobukiya has issued a set of "One Coin Figures" of the females from this show, and we've got full sets in stock for you!
  • Look for various manga in stock, too, including the original Please Teacher mangas sets, Chobits bilingual comics vol 1, the really popular Ghost in the Shell bilingual manga and more
  • We'verestocked our traditional Japanese hot springs bath powder, which lets you sample many famous hot springs around Japan
  • Licca-chan is the super cute fashion doll from Takara, the anti-Barbie since she's demure, cute and girlish. We have a limited "Idol Licca" set of three dolls in stock today
  • We carry all the Japan-market Hot Wheels vehicles, and we've restocked several varieties for you, including the Thunderbirds, Stingray and other great cars
  • Finally, check out a giant puffy dice (great for playing giant games of Axis & Allies), more of the popular lighted ear cleaners, healthy masks to keep your germs from spreading, and more!

For our 18+ customers, we've got many new products. To view all new products, click this link:

  • We have the new issue of Dela Beppin, filled with beautiful JAV stars from Japan including Yoko Kumada
  • Thenenjoy the new issue of Yo! featuring fantastic Tokyo girls in love hotels
  • Enjoy the new issue if Hip & Lip, a beautiful hybrid magazine that combines hentai manga and beautiful models in an interesting mix
  • Fans of Japan's photobooks, we've got the beautiful hardcover offering of Kumiko Akiyoshi's beautiful body
  • Thensee the most beautiful bikini idols in Japan in Young Magazine Bikinies, a great photobook featuring the sexiest swimsuit idols in Japan
  • Then we have another treat, a great glossy photobook of Chinatsu Watatsuki, one of my personal faves
  • For hentai manga fans, we've got several new books posted for you, including the elegant Trap by Action Comics, Dynamite Miko by Tenma Comics and more
  • Also, a big restocking of popular books, including the Blue Eyes series, Fetish Doll, Dark Crimson, and several best-selling hermaphrodite themed comics
  • For doujinshi enthusiasts, we've got more authentic doujinshi books from Japan, featuring super H parody of your favorite anime characters
  • AG is the magazine of "art, sex and CG culture," and it's the best source of English-translated 18+ manga in the U.S. -- we've restocked several issues of this popular book, including the last stock we'll be getting of volume 2
  • DVD fans, we've got some great new additions for you, starting with the newest performance by the pure and lovely Akiho Yoshizawa, released by Samantha (region free)
  • For fans of the sly and sexy Ran Asakawa, see her best works from Dogma, in a great compilation disc for you (region free)
  • Explore the world of female self-pleasuring in a new disc from Soft on Demand, a great new Magic Mirror Bus production shot in their go-anywhere studio (region free)
  • From SOD's Deep's label, enjoy the Best Selection of their works of 2003,a whopping 4 hours of material presented for you to peruse (region free)
  • Then from Waap Entertainment, we've got the new Dream Shower release featuring the performance of Miho Suzuki, in a great bukkake work for you (region 2)
  • Finally, restocked DVD titles include Asuka Sawaguchi's popular VIP Shower, Ami Hinata's Semen Club, more Japanese Pro Wrestling for grown-ups and more!

Are you a big guy? Then you're in luck! J-List makes many wacky Japanese T-shirts, and we're always closing out old designs to make room for new shirts. We're down to the last few of several of our close-out T-shirts, and most of the shirts in stock are XXL or XXXL. If you're on the large side, you can take advantage of the big discounts for these close-out items and save.

Remember that J-List stocks virtually every English-language Japanese dating-sim game available, with great games from Peach Princess, G-Collections, Hobibox, and JAST USA. These story-based interactive games allow you to interact with beautiful anime girls in a multi-path game story, and try to win their hearts. If you're interested in these great games but don't know which would be good, feel free to ask us for recommendations!