Monday, April 12, 2004

Greetings from J-List April 12, 2004

Hello again from all of us at J-List!

It's been said that the construction industry is to Japan what defense is to the U.S. While the U.S. works closely with its defense contractors to ensure the development of military technology, Japan's government has a very close relationship with a variety of contractors who receive billions in contracts each year to build roads, bridges and other projects. Japan spends a massive amount on public works each year, trying to recapture its former economic health: incredibly, Japan spends enough to build the Panama Canal every year. As you can probably imagine, there's plenty of corruption and pork barrel inefficiency, resulting in some very wasteful projects that are an embarrassment to the government. The Tokyo Bay Aqua-line, a massive bridge-and-tunnel that cuts across Tokyo Bay to Chiba Prefecture, cost $7.7 billion to build; the toll to use it is over $40, so most drivers continue to use the old freeways. In Northern Japan, the Shinkansen line was recently extended to Aomori Prefecture, the northernmost point of the main island, despite the fact that this is one of Japan's most sparsely populated regions. Sometimes Japanese public works projects actually benefit us though: about 10 km from our house, there's a large trash incineration facility, with a complex of public swimming pools next to it called Caribbean Beach, featuring a wave pool, water slides and a pool with a fast-moving current, all heated with energy from the incinerator and very cheap to use. A project like this wouldn't be possible without Japan's otherwise questionable New Deal.

One thing about Japan: it's a very seasonal place, with very distinct seasons. Spring is beautiful with its short-lived cherry blossoms, summer is hot and humid with many fun festivals, fall is filled with crisp brown leaves, and winter is cold and frosty. I've met many Japanese who tell me with great pride that, unlike America, Japan has four distinct seasons, and they enjoy every one of them -- apparently these people haven't ventured outside of Southern California. Japan doesn't really have four seasons, actually: it's more like nine, since there are various mini-seasons interspersed with the larger ones, such as Japan's dreary rainy season (mid-May to mid-June), typhoon season (which comes at the end of summer) and super-windy kara-kaze season in December.

When you're learning about Japan through anime or manga, it's always fun to learn some of the small, unimportant details along the way. One is "Ai-Ai Gasa" (lit. Love Love Umbrella), a cute doodle that is drawn by elementary school students, the Japanese equivalent of a boy and a girl carving their initials in a tree surrounded by a heart. In anime, this famous doodle is usually used to imply a romantic relationship between a weak-willed main character and overpowering female, with very amusing results. Supposedly, the idea of a boy and girl walking in the rain under the same umbrella is quite romantic to the Japanese. To see what Love Love Umbrella looks like, click this link (the names under the umbrella are Taro and Hanako, the Japanese equivalents to the names John and Mary):

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