Monday, April 19, 2004

Greetings from J-List April 19, 2004

Hello again from all your friends at J-List!

There are many expats living in Japan from a broad mix of countries -- Peru, South Korea, Brazil, Canada -- and it's fun to make friends with people you might not normally cross paths with if you lived in your home country. I've had fun talking over American politics with friends from Australia, and I've had some interesting conversations with Iranians who frequent the public bath I go to a lot (speaking Japanese with them, since they don't know English and I don't know Farsi). I've also had many Chinese friends over the years, too. There's a secret rivalry between Chinese students of Japanese and "white" gaijin like me, though: we're jealous that they can already read kanji, so it takes them a lot less time to master Japanese than it does for us. When I took level 1 of the Japanese Ability Test (the highest level, required if you want to attend a Japanese university), I was one of a very few blonde heads in the room: most of the other test-takers were from China or other Asian countries. We native English speakers get our revenge, though, as Japanese is peppered with thousands of complex English words like "character designer" and "shutter chance" and "amenity communicator," which are hopelessly difficult for Chinese speakers of Japanese to understand.

Have you ever wondered what all the name suffixes added to the ends of Japanese names mean? Well, I'll tell you. "-san" is the basic name suffix that everyone has probably heard of, and it indicates formality, like adding Mr. or Mrs. to a name in English. Used with the last name usually (e.g. Fujita-san), it can also be added to the first name (Tomo-san) to show some politeness while also showing familiarity. Two other common name suffixes, "-chan" and "-kun," are used when talking to girls and boys (e.g. Rina-chan and Kazuki-kun) who are younger than the speaker, and both indicate a degree of closeness. In Japanese companies or in school settings, there are strict differences between upperclassmen/superiors ("senpai") and underclassmen/juniors ("kohai"). When speaking, underlings will use "-san" and speak with polite verbs when addressing their superiors; those in a superior position tend to use "-kun" and use informal verbs when talking to their juniors, in essence verbally reinforcing the top-down relationship in ways that can't be expressed or comprehended in American English. Some other name prefixes that are used often include "-sensei" (for teachers, doctors, and sometimes politicians); "-senshu" (athletes, e.g. Matsui-senshu, when referring to Hideki Matsui); and "-announcer" (a name suffix for newscasters).

Yes, Japanese naming customs are quite different from the West. Last year, I went to the U.S. with my daughter and Daisuke Furuta, one of our employees here in Japan. My daughter called me aside to ask me why everyone in America called Daisuke by his first name rather than "Furuta-kun." Calling someone by their first name (called "yobisute") is somewhat odd in Japanese, and implies an extremely close relationship, hence my daughter's confusion. Once I called a female student of mine and asked her mother if she was home. I accidentally referred to the student by her first name only, and her mother was immediately on her guard, wondering what kind of relationship this gaijin had with her daughter. (I was innocent, honest.)

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