Monday, May 24, 2004

Greetings from J-List May 24, 2004

Hello and Happy Monday from all your friends in Japan!

Japan is buzzing about the special summit between Prime Minister Koizumi and North Korean leader Kim Jung Il held on Sunday, regarding the status of the families of former Japanese abducted to North Korea. Mr. Koizumi brought back with him the five children of two couples of Japanese abductees, who were happy to be reunited with their parents even though they don't speak Japanese, but he was unable to make headway regarding the family members of abductee Hitomi Soga. Her husband is Charles Robert Jenkins, an American soldier who defected to North Korea in 1965, and he refused to come to Japan for fear of being handed over to the U.S. military. A quick scan of CNN's website shows me that the issue of the abductees is not on the forefront of the world media, but it's a very important issue to the Japanese -- how would Americans feel if the hostages had been held in Iran for two decades, instead of 444 days? While Koizumi was praised by many for making headway on the long-standing problems with North Korea, he received the standard lambasting by the opposition parties for not accomplishing everything he could have, as well as by family members of the ten abductees who have been reported as dead by North Korea. The information they provided on the fates of the ten abductees is rife with errors, causing many to believe at least some of them may still be alive.

Mongolian Sumo wrestler Asashoryu has done it again, winning his third Sumo tournament in a row with a win against rival Hokutoriki, who had ended his outstanding 35-bout winning streak a few days before. The only current Yokozuna (Grand Champion, the highest of seven ranks in sumo) now that Hawaiian wrestler Musashimaru has retired, Asashoryu is at the top of his game. He has one problem though: he's terrified of earthquakes. There are no earthquakes in his home country of Mongolia, but we get shaken regularly in Japan.

One thing I admire about the Japanese is their single-mindedness and ability to stay focused on a goal. When I married my wife and moved to our city, I noticed a man in a nearby field, spending his Sunday afternoon with his remote controlled helicopter (one of the expensive ones), flying it around the field and landing it -- he's what you'd call an RC otaku. Well, it's been ten years since then, and that man is still in that field every Sunday afternoon, playing with his RC helicopter (sometimes his friends bring various airplanes, too). Over the past decade I've gone through many changes, becoming an informal ambassador of Japanese pop culture to the world, but I really respect that man for his steadfast adherence to his hobby. This Japanese tendency for steadiness can be seen in Japanese TV, with anime staples that have been on the air for decades and thousands and thousands of episodes -- shows like Doraemon (the "robot of cat type" who comes from the future to be with his friend, Nobita-kun) and Sazae-san (which follows the happenings of the Isono family every week, brought to you by the Toshiba Corporation), both running non-stop since 1969. The longest running movie series in history is also from Japan -- "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" ("It's Tough Being a Man") followed the traveling salesman Tora-san year after year, for a total of 48 installments (it's in the Guiness Book), until actor Kiyoshi Atsumi died at age 68.

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