Saturday, July 10, 2004

Greetings from J-List July 10, 2004

Hello again from J-List -- it's time for another slice of life from Japan!

Each country in the world has what the Japanese call kokumin-sei, a kind of "national personality" or a list of traits that most people from that country tend to share. For example, Americans are optimistic almost to fault, believing that virtually any problem can be solved. The Japanese komumin-sei is quite unique, too. In general, Japanese tend to be very peaceful, and go out of their way to avoid conflict with others. They're concerned with the image Japan presents to the world, and some major construction projects such as Japan's first bullet trains were done partially to make foreigners oo and ah when they came for the 1968 Tokyo Olympics. Also, most Japanese tend to be extremely modest, and it can be surprising when Westerners compliment a Japanese on their English ability, only to have them vehemently deny the compliment. In my single days, I traveled all around Japan, hitchhiking or riding trains (there's a cool ticket called Seishun 18 which lets you ride as far as you want for $24, a bargain as long as you don't mind riding the slow local trains). Once, I encountered a boy and his mother while traveling near Hiroshima, and as we talked, the boy was going on and on about how "baka" (stupid) he was, so stupid that he'd never amount to anything. It surprised me to hear anyone talk like this about himself, much less an educated youth from one of the world's richest countries, but I realized later it was a kind of polite self-effacing that didn't mean much. Still, personal modesty is an amazing and sometimes surprising aspect of the Japanese.

The Japanese use quite a lot of English in their daily lives, but not usually for communication: it's more of a decoration, since English always sounds "kakko ii" (cool) to Japanese. Like the Sony Walkman and Swatch watches, English is used in cute ways to appeal to consumers; there are products with names like Charmy Green (a dishwashing soap), Melty Kiss (a delicious chocolate fudge sold in the Winter), Perky Bit (fried chicken nuggets), Cook-Do! (a line of boil-in-bag Chinese meals), and Supporty (support pantyhose). The English word "the" is thrown around quite a lot, too, added to products names and events (Ito Yokado, the largest department store chain here, has an annual sales event called "The Sale"). English can also be found in plentiful amounts on beer cans ("this beer is made with the most quality hops"), camera bags ("with you for the best scenes of your life") and sport utility vehicles ("the Earth is not only for a human").

We've added a new category to the J-List site: Traditional Japanese Items, where we'll be featuring many cool items from Japan with a traditional or cultural flare. We've moved several of the sub-categories out of the "Wacky things from Japan" section into the new Traditional category. From traditional Japanese "geta" shoes to bento boxes, chopsticks and much more, look for some really great items for you in this new category!

For the Saturday update, we've got some excellent products from Japan for you. They include:

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For fans of our 18+ magazines, enjoy the pure angels of Girl's Club, a double-thick magazine for you

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Remember that J-List carries a full line of Japanese snack foods, with many rare cult favorites in stock for you, like Japanese sushi gummi, Black Black caffeine gum, Toppo, and also the delicious and popular Felix the Cat bubble gum, which is famous all the world over. If you check the snack page you may notice that we don't have any Pocky in stock now. The reason for this is that Japan is extremely hot in the summer, and any Pocky we stocked would turn into a big melty block of chocolate. We'll have Pocky back in stock as soon as Japan cools down, and in the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy the 200+ items we still have for you now.

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