Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Greetings from J-List July 14, 2004

Hello again from Japan, where buildings have funny names like "Apartment Cream Soda." We apologize for the delay with the mail server -- this is yesterday's update, going out today. The server is fixed so all should be fine in the future.

Whenever you learn a language, you have to deal with the fact that words in one language don't always match up with words on a second one. A simple concept like "cold" in English is covered with two words in Japanese, samui for coldness of the air around you and tsumetai for something that's cold to the touch. Similarly, the word for cold water is mizu, but hot water (o-yu) is a totally different linguistic concept, just as "curb" and "curve" are separate ideas to us but the same to the Japanese. Some Japanese words have complex nuances that make them fun to learn. The English word "heart" has three words in Japanese: shinzo (the part of you that's beating now), haato (the English word heart, which describes the heart shape and is used in songs and advertising to signify affection and gentleness), and kokoro (a word encompassing the philosophical elements of the human heart, similar to "spirit" or "mind"). Another word that can't be translated easily is "love." There are two words for the concept in Japanese: koi, which is young, romantic love and ai, a word for the deeper love between family members, or a husband and wife who have been married many years. A third word for love, ren'ai, is the kanji for koi and ai used to form a compound word similar to the romantic koi. If you ever want to fluster a Japanese person, ask them to define the difference between words like koi and ai in English, then sit back and watch them flounder.

Although you may think of certain foods as sushi, sashimi, tempura and sukiyaki as popular Japanese dishes, the national food of Japan has got to be curry, or as the Japanese call it, curry rice. Curry spread to Britain during the 1700s and from there went all around the world, a gift from the British Empire. In Japan, curry is eaten on steamed white rice, and became popular at the start of the 20th century -- and now it's enjoyed more than any other kind of food. Japanese curry is thicker than the soup-like Indian curry, and many companies here compete to make the best blend of curry to appeal to consumers, making products with names like House The Curry, Vermont Curry, and Java Curry. Although Thai food is quite popular in America, it's not very common here in Japan outside of big cities -- but Indian restaurants are everywhere here.

It's common for bilingual speakers to switch between languages when they know the person they're speaking to will understand either one; this is called "code switching." Sometimes kids do it accidentally, because they haven't learned which words go with which language. When my kids were younger, they often would use English words with the Japanese teachers at their preschool, causing confusion. I remember when my son Kazuki went to the local public bath with me, back when he was two years old or so. He told me that the cold-water bath was "cold-katta." I didn't understand what he meant, but then it hit me: he had mixed the English word cold with the past tense ending in Japanese (-katta). The Japanese for "it was cold" would have been tsumeta-katta. My son is now nine, and is looking forward to spending three weeks in San Diego relearning the English he learned last summer but has since forgotten.

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