Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Greetings from J-List September 1, 2004

Hello from Japan, home of feminine products with names like Charmy Body Fit and Supporty.

Japan's birthrate is among the lowest in the world, with about 1.23 children born per couple. Since Japan lacks constant immigration from the outside like America and Europe, the low birthrate is placing some unique strains on society here. Extremely rural parts of the country are becoming practically empty of people, as young Japanese move to cities to work and older Japanese die off. We can see Japan's "famine" of children right here in Gunma Prefecture, where we live: Tomo lives in a small town in the mountains called Omama, population 22,000, where there are almost no children at all. Near his house, there's an elementary school with 35 students -- not 35 students per class or per grade, but 35 students in all six grades. To counter the dire problem of having less and less people every year, provincial Japanese governments are trying hard to make it easy for families to have more kids, giving free health care to every person under the age of 5 and providing subsidies for services like preschool. Some prefectures even offer bonuses for families willing to do an "I-Turn" (a Japanese word for moving from a city to the country, taking the letter I from the Japanese word "inaka" meaning "rural area"). The Nagano Prefectural Government will give anyone who moves to the prefecture and builds a house $10,000, no questions asked. Even in our city, there's a monthly bonus of $300 paid to any family that has three children, with more money available if you have more kids.

Each language is unique, with its own set of interesting features. Romance languages, for example, have nouns that come in male and female genders, which is very different from English, and potentially confusing for English learners of those languages. In Japanese, there are other interesting features. For example, the subject and object are often left off of sentences if the speakers know what is meant. Thus a girl might say to her friend "Iku?" which literally means "Go?" Who is going, and where are they going, and when are they going, are all implied. Also, there's a highly developed system of "keigo" or polite Japanese used in formal and business settings. Often, you choose extra-polite verbs and nouns (called sonkeigo or "honorific language") when talking with, say, a company you do business with, to raise them up to a higher level than you. At the same time, you choose other words when referring either to yourself or your own company to push yourself a lower level (called kenjogo or "humble language"). Many basic verbs such as to eat, to go and so on come in three versions, a normal version, an honorific version and a humble version.

Japanese have many tongue twisters in their language, which are always fun for gaijin to learn, since no one expects us to know things like that. One of the most famous is "Niwa ni wa, niwa niwatori ga iru." This translates to: "Niwa ni wa (in the yard), niwa (two + counter for birds) niwatori (chicken) ga iru (there are)," or, "there are two chickens in the yard." Another fun one is "Tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da." This breaks down as "Tonari no kyaku wa (as for the customer next to me) yoku (a lot of) kaki (oysters) kuu (eat) kyaku da (is a customer who...)", or "The customer sitting next to me is one who eats a lot of oysters." Don't know how to pronounce the Japanese words? Don't worry, here are the two phrases in MP3 format, courtesy of J-List's lovely staff:

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Monday, August 30, 2004

Greetings from J-List August 30, 2004

Hello from Japan, where you order french fries in restaurants by asking for "potato."

Japan's electronics industry is a very competitive place, and companies are always trying to come up with new products to capture market share away from their competitors. Every few months, it seems some company comes up with a new twist on an existing product -- like a refrigerator that emits "minus ions" (negatively charged ions) to make your room feel fresh and clean, rice cookers with revolutionary cooking features, or combination washer/dryers that wash, then dry, your clothes -- a great item to have during Japan's rainy season, when it's too humid to hang clothes up to dry. Companies are always trying to create a new category of product that they can lead in -- Sharp has done this with their new "water oven," which cooks food with steam, removing fat and oils to make food healthier. The area where competition is fiercest is probably the digital camera arena, where all the major electronics companies are constantly releasing new models to keep from getting left behind. The battle for market share is so fierce that sales of a new camera drop off after just 1-2 months, since consumers know a newer model is right around the corner.

Some things in Japan just defy explanation. The green lights on traffic signals are "blue" in Japanese ("ao" not "midori") -- although they're the same color as every other country, the Japanese look at a green light and say it's blue. When you stop at a convenience store, it's common to leave your keys in the car with the engine running -- even if you're driving a tricked-out Nissan Fairlady Z. Confusion can arise from names, too. For some reason, most of the people who live near our house in Japan have the same last name as us -- Yanai -- despite the fact that they're not related to us in any way. Once, in the "kairanban" (a kind of circular newsletter that goes to everyone in our immediate neighborhood; when one family reads it, the put a check by their name and take it to the next house on the list), I noticed that 11 out of 19 families around us were named Yanai, all of them apparently unrelated to each other. We happen to live next door to the mayor of our city, whose last name is also Yanai. About a kilometer away, there's a patch of houses with families whose last names are all Hosoi, but they, too, are not related to each other. Japan can be a mysterious place...

There are a lot of words that the Japanese invent that are fun to learn, and one word in particular most fans of anime learn pretty quickly is "H" (the letter H), which when said with a Japanese accent sounds like "ecchi" (also written "etchi"). Probably created by taking the first letter of a word that means "perverted," the word "H" is basically used as an all-purpose euphemism to describe anything to do with sex. If a person thinks about sex too much, he is "H" (ecchi), and a common euphemism for the sexual act is "ecchi suru" (literally "to do H"). Whatever its origin, the unique letter "H" is a part of Japanese culture and language, be it in anime, manga, television dramas and so on. We've got a wacky new Japanese T-shirt for you today, too: a "Rated H" shirt that is perfect for anyone who is just a little too "H."

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Remember that J-List carries dozens of interesting PC dating-sim games for Windows computers, a unique category of software from Japan. Also known as H games, these story-based love-sims allow to you experience a unique form of Japanese entertainment in its original form, but with the Japanese text translated faithfully into English. Because there are so many amazing games to choose from, there's sure to be something for you. Feel free to email us for recommendations, too!